Amazon Football

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  1. The young women were waiting, laughing and talking and jeering as though they had been planning their own strategy. As soon as the ball was snapped, several of them picked up dirt and threw it into their opponents’ faces.
  3. Once again, Wash and Jake went to the ground. Josh had centered the ball but dodged the dirt that came at him. A large maiden started for him, but Josh ducked under her arms, striking her in the stomach with his shoulder. He heard, with satisfaction, the whoosh as she fell to the ground.
  5. As soon as he got the ball, Dave started to his right. Several warriors were running to cut him off, but he got behind Reb and Gaelan, who ran with determination in front of him. “Cut ’em down, guys,” he yelled.
  7. The first tackler was Ettore. She attempted to strike Reb across the eye. He simply launched himself in the air and caught her across the knees. She fell to the ground with a thump, as if she had been cut down with a scythe. She did not get up at once.
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