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Damac1214 Mar 8th, 2012 83 Never
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  1. [15:28] <Damac1214> I read that article "The Visible problems with Invisible children"
  2. [15:28] <Damac1214> Now I kind of regret making that WR Forum
  3. [15:28] <@Pound_Cake> it's fine
  4. [15:28] <@Pound_Cake> it's one of those things which looks fine and dandy at first
  5. [15:28] <@Pound_Cake> but when you think about it
  6. [15:28] <@Pound_Cake> it's nothing special
  7. [15:28] <@Pound_Cake> Kony is just another bad guy
  8. [15:28] <@Pound_Cake> might even be dead by now
  9. [15:28] <Damac1214> I mean he's a bad person and all
  10. [15:29] <Damac1214> that much is obvious
  11. [15:29] <+Xd1358> the internet - hating one guy at the time
  12. [15:29] <@Pound_Cake> there are many, many more Konies in the area
  13. [15:29] == Aperture_Science [~Aperture_@] has joined #CODWiki
  14. [15:29] <Damac1214> but theres so many other problems in the world, plus what I read in the article
  15. [15:30] <+Xd1358> I want to sleep but I have school stuff to do
  16. [15:30] <+Xd1358> :<
  17. [15:30] <@Pound_Cake> im surprised no one cares about Zimbabwe any more
  18. [15:30] <@Pound_Cake> it's not like Mugabe has vanished
  19. [15:30] <@Pound_Cake> he's still there
  20. [15:30] <Damac1214> idk, part of me says still do something small, like a blog or something
  21. [15:30] <Damac1214> but nothing else
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