Russian Roulette | Form

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  1. F O R M
  3. ⌜r u s s i a n r o u l e t t e⌟
  4. Username:
  5. Password:
  6. Message to me?:
  8. ⌜c o o k i e j a r⌟
  10. Name: (plus your hangul name)
  11.   ⇝ Other Name: (if you have)
  12.   ⇝ Nickname: (atlease 3 and up)
  13.   ⇝ Stage Name: (please make a unique one, its fine if you use your character's name)
  14.   ⇝ Code Name: (see on the slot)
  15. Age: (based on the liner in slot chapter)
  16. Birthdate: (birth year on the slot)
  17. Signs:
  18.   ⇝ Zodiac Sign:
  19.   ⇝ Chinese Zodiac Sign:
  21. ⌜p o w e r u p⌟
  23. Blood Type: (indicate if it's positive or negative)
  24. Birthplace:
  25. Hometown:
  26. Nationality:
  27. Ethnicity: (Asian is not an ethnicity)
  29. ⌜b a d b o y⌟
  31. Background: (on the slots, but you can also add other info other than what is in the slot area)
  32. Personality: (on the slots, but you can add another kind of personality to your character. paragraph form please)
  33. How She Became A Spy: (on the slots, but it's fine if you add some other details)
  34. Role/Task: (on the slot)
  35. Likes: (min. of 5, and why she like that.paragraph form please)
  36. Dislikes: (min of 4, and why she hates that. paragraph form also)
  37. Facts: (min. of 5 and max. of 10, please don't link your character to any kpop idols)
  38. Habit & Hobbies: (max. of 3)
  39. Code: (on the slots, also that will be your password so you can vomment on the af)
  41. ⌜b o s s ⌟
  43. Face Claims: (highly appreciated if you use any of the suggestions that i suggest, it's ok if you don't use anyone of them)
  44.   ⇝ Back-up face claims:
  45.   ⇝ Another back-up face claims:
  46. Love Interest: (pick any one ok! you can only choose the two nct member i picked for your slot)
  47. Plot of your love story: (just answer the following question below this section)
  48.   ⇝ How the both of you meet:
  49.   ⇝ Your First Impression to him: (your impression to him at the very first time you guys meet)
  50.   ⇝ His First Impression to you: (his impression when he meet you)
  51.   ⇝ Relationship status:
  52. Member: (just answer the questions below, please base your answer to their personalities)
  53.   ⇝ Your Best-friend: (pick only one, indicate it's slot and why you pick her)
  54.   ⇝ Member you hate at first: (pick only one, indicate it's slot and why you hate her)
  55.   ⇝ Your Roomie: (pick only one, indicate it's slot and why you pick her)
  57.  ⌜b a b y d o n t s t o p⌟
  59. Idol: (just answer the questions down below)
  60.   ⇝ Idol Crush:
  61.   ⇝ Role Models:
  62. Skill: (another skill aside from singing, dancing and rapping)
  63. Desire Weapon:
  65. ⌜c h a i n⌟
  67. Password: (pm me this, the clue is in the rules)
  68. Message to your future group mates:
  70. Note from me: I'm sorry this form is pretty long.
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