100% Hot take

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  1. You have to wonder about those who do Any% if they even enjoy the game. Why do they rush past all the content. It's like they don't even want to savor all the game has to offer. Sad! If you ask me there's no skill in speedrunning a game while skipping all the content. Why not 'speedrun' the game even faster by not playing it. How embarrassing would it be if you were around your friends house and they were playing Yoshi's Island and you say to them you are one of the best in the world at the game you played it 1000 hours. And then they ask you to play a minigame and you say "what's that". You think girls appreciate rushing right through? For the distinguished speedrunner, it will always be the 100% category. No less is enough. Couldn't be any more arbitrary running through the game skipping all the shit the developers intended on you to collect and interact with. When you get to the end and the credits roll, how can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing all those fine people spent their time developing all that good content for you to proudly run past all of it. For shame. I believe speedrunning 100% is the superior speedrun. And that Any%ers are mistaken. But I don't judge. People can speedrun however they want. That means I'm humble as well which means I win. -Beskhu3epnm
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