[MP] Marital Problems thing from December '15

Apr 2nd, 2016
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  1. Tried marital problems with a green about forgiveness. There are like three MP stories that don't end with blind rage.
  3. I want to make it clear that cheaters are the worst kind of people in the world. They have NO excuse. More so, I lose all respect for someone who takes back a cheater. The only reason Anon forgave Twilight was because polygamy is standard in this story's Equestria and she had no idea that what she was doing was hurting Anon. If it had been any other reason, then this story would have taken a MUCH different route.
  6. >You are Anon, Prince of Friendship.
  7. >Well, Co-Prince of Friendship.
  8. >Twilight Sparkle, your wife of five years, is cheating on you.
  9. >You'd known her before she grew her wings, and she still cheated on you.
  10. >When you caught her fucking some stallion, she just rattled off some ancient Equestrian rules at you, all while riding his cock like this was fucking Sunday morning tea.
  11. >Some bullshit about being royalty granting her certain privileges, you don't know.
  12. >You weren't giving your full attention to her speech.
  13. >You were too busy NURSING A BROKEN HEART
  14. >crawlinginmyskin.bmp
  15. >So it's been probably a month since this event, and you're no longer living in the castle.
  16. >What's worse is that nopony seems to have any sympathy for you.
  17. >This is just... a THING that a pony can do.
  18. >They told you to suck it up and, if you didn't like it, find a new mare.
  19. >You know what? The worst part isn't that Twilight took on another stallion.
  20. >That's still one of the worst things she could have done, but she did even BETTER.
  21. >She doesn't even care that you're upset about this.
  22. >She doesn't even FUCKING CARE that you're feeling betrayal and anger and sorrow like you've never felt before.
  23. >She doesn't give a damn about your feelings.
  24. >She probably never did.
  25. >"Hey, Nonny, how're you hanging?"
  26. >Pinkie Pie is the only one who's treating you like a PERSON right now.
  27. >She might not understand why you're so upset, but at least she acknowledges that you're in pain.
  28. >That's more than your beloved wife ever did for you.
  29. >She's respected your wishes to stay hidden, and hasn't told anypony that you're staying with her.
  30. "Same as ever, Pinkie."
  31. >She trots over to you and deposits a stack of mail onto your lap.
  32. >You aren't sure how she managed to speak so clearly with the mail in her mouth, but you've learned not to question Pinkie Pie.
  33. >"Lemme know if you need a cheering up, okay Nonny?"
  34. >You smile and wave her off.
  35. "Sure thing, Pinks."
  37. >Let's see here.
  38. >A few useless letters and coupons... and three letters from the cunt and her newest sex toy.
  39. >You open the first one. It's dated the day after you left the castle.
  41. Dear Prince Anonymous,
  43. Anon, this is ridiculous. Come back home and talk to Time Turner and I like an adult, okay? Spend the night doing whatever it is you need to do to get this out of your system, and then come back home. We need to go over our schedules so that you and Turner get an equal amount of time with me.
  45. Yours,
  46. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship
  48. >Cunt.
  49. >Let's see what else she has to say.
  50. >This one is dated a week after the first one.
  52. Dear Anonymous,
  54. Where are you? I'm getting worried about you. You have duties to perform as a prince of friendship, and Time Turner just doesn't have the head for all this kind of stuff. Look, you've made your point; you're upset with me. I understand that things are different in the human world, but you have to accept that you aren't there any more. Just come home soon, okay?
  56. Hope to see you soon,
  57. Twilight Sparkle
  59. >Still a cunt.
  60. >Next and final one: dated... three days ago.
  61. >Ponyville has terrible mail service.
  63. Nonny,
  65. Nonny, please come home. I'm sorry I took in Time Turner, but he's gone now. Is that what you wanted? We won't ever have to see him again, just PLEASE PLEASE come home. I've been asking around town, and nopony's seen you in more than a month. I don't know where you are and that scares me. I know I messed up, but I'm still your Twilight and I still love you, and I know that you still love me too. I'll admit that I don't understand why you're so upset, but I'm willing to listen if you just PLEASE come back home! Was it because I didn't ask you first? Did you just not like Time Turner? Was it because I made him co-prince? Did you think having another colt around meant that I loved you less? Anonymous, I'm willing to listen. Please come back to me.
  67. All my love,
  69. Twily
  71. >Fuck this.
  72. >She feels sad that you're not there?
  73. >She got rid of Mister Big Cock to appease you?
  74. >Fuck her and fuck her castle.
  75. >You'll wait for one more letter before you do anything.
  76. >Her last letter really makes it seem like she didn't know how badly cheating on you with Doc Brown would hurt you.
  77. >Like you said, nopony seems to think this is some big deal.
  78. >But for now, she can agonize over losing you.
  79. >Let her feel what you felt.
  80. >You gigantic fucking faggot.
  81. >Papa 'Nonny didn't raise no queer-fag, so you're not about to run back to that cunt and act like nothing ever happened.
  82. >You guess you'll just have to wait anoth-
  83. >Suddenly, brightness.
  84. >"Nonny!"
  85. >Before you can react, you've been tackled by a familiar-sounding cheating slut.
  86. >"Oh Celestia, Nonny, I'm so happy to see you! I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!"
  87. >Acting on instinct, you wrap your arms around her soft body.
  88. >She settles into your lap as though she were made to sit there.
  89. >Just like she always has.
  90. >She's wrapping her hooves around your torso and she's squeezing you as hard as she can, as though scared that you'll disappear if she lets go.
  91. >And she might even be right.
  92. >With her face buried in the crook of your neck, you can feel her chest heaving with sobs and her tears soaking into your shirt.
  93. >"Please tell me what I did wrong. I'll never do it again, I promise! Just explain to me what I did wrong, please."
  94. >She looks up at you, and she looks terrible.
  95. >Her eyes are bloodshot and her mane looks like it hasn't been washed in days.
  96. >"Don't go away again, Nonny. Please don't do that to me again. I love you so, SO much, and I never meant to hurt you."
  97. >She plants her face into your chest, and you can feel her breathing in your scent.
  98. >"Please let me make this right again...."
  99. >Decisions decisions.....
  101. >You know, you thought that you'd feel angrier.
  102. >Just a few minutes ago you felt like you could melt steel with your rage.
  103. >It was easy to feel simple one-dimensional anger when you'd been isolated from all the people involved in this affair for an entire month.
  104. >But now that you have a remorseful Twilight in your arms, crying and begging you to give her one more chance, you find that your anger has abandoned you.
  105. >In its' place is emptiness.
  106. >Not even sorrow
  107. >You feel tired.
  108. "Twilight, do you remember the first time you told me that you loved me?"
  109. >Twilight sniffles and nods into your chest.
  110. >"W-we were at th-the library, and w-we were reading a book togeh-together."
  111. >She looks up at you and smiles at the memory.
  112. >"I was sitting in y-your lap, and you were cuddling m-me from behind. I felt s-so safe and happy, and I just knew thu-that you were the one."
  113. >She returns her head to its' former resting place on your chest, only this time it feels more like she's snuggling into you.
  114. >"I told you that I l-loved you, and I meant it."
  115. >You sigh and hold her close.
  116. "Then why did you cheat on me with Time Turner? Wasn't I good enough for you? What did I do wrong?"
  117. >Your insecurities finally break loose out of the wall you'd buried them behind, and you can feel tears soaking into Twilight's mane.
  118. "H-how am I supposed tuh-to trust anything y-you say now? If you l-loved me so much, then wh-why did you throw m-me away?"
  119. >"No! No, no, no, Anonymous, I didn't throw you away! I could never stop loving you, Nonny. You're my best friend and the most important person that I have in my life."
  120. >She looks up into your eyes and she is PLEADING with you.
  121. >"You told me that human culture is different than pony culture, but clearly I didn't understand just how different it was. Please tell me what I did wrong so that I can fix it."
  122. >She sniffles pitifully.
  123. >"I love you, Anon. I don't want to lose you."
  125. "Humans mate for life, Twilight."
  126. >Twilight gasps.
  127. "That means that we find one partner, and stick with them for as long as we can. When you took on Time Turner, you basically threw everything we've ever had back into my face. It's among the most insulting things you can do to a human. It means that you don't love me any more."
  128. >She moans in realization and rubs her face back and forth across her chest.
  129. >"Oh Celestia, no, no no...."
  130. >She tightens her grip on you in her anxiety.
  131. >"Anon, that isn't it at all! I don't feel that way, I really don't! I... taking another partner doesn't mean that I don't love you any more, Anon. It's just that polygamy is really common here. It's seen as a normal part of a relationship."
  132. "Well, it means a lot to me."
  133. >"I know that now, Anon. I never meant to hurt you; not once. I promise that I'll never take on another partner ever again, okay? Just come back to me."
  134. >Her entire demeanour changes in a heartbeat. She's gone from anxious and clingy to defeated.
  135. >She's let go of you, and just sits in your lap.
  136. >You think she's finally feeling the gravity of her actions.
  137. >"I didn't mean for this to happen."
  138. >You wrap your arms around her limp body.
  139. "I know you didn't, Twilight."
  141. >You are Anon, and you feel defeated.
  142. >The part of you that wanted to hold onto your anger and let it consume you is screaming at you, desperately trying to relight the fury inside of you.
  143. >But that part of you is slowly growing fainter and fainter.
  144. >What Twilight says makes sense.
  145. >She really didn't know that her actions would hurt you.
  146. >Not only that, but you never bothered to figure out how pony relationships worked. You should have figured that an entire different culture would have an entirely different... well, EVERYTHING.
  147. >This never should have happened, but it did.
  148. "I should have said something to you. I didn't know that ponies did relationships differently than humans did."
  149. >Twilight hugs you gently.
  150. >"I should have said something too. I didn't think of you when I picked up Time Turner, even though I knew that our cultures are different in many ways."
  151. >She looks up at you, and you can see hope in her eyes.
  152. >"Do you forgive me? Can you EVER forgive me?"
  153. >What is there to forgive? She didn't even know what she did was hurtful.
  154. >She even got rid of Time Turner when she saw how including him was ruining your relationship.
  155. "I forgive you, Twilight. I still love you."
  157. >Good End.
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