Pomeg Glitch : Battle Pyramid Hunting

Aug 12th, 2015
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  1. ~~ Dual Pyramid Hunting ~~
  5. Linked video :
  7. Required / Useful links :
  8. -Obtain any Pokemon/Item/Move tutorial :
  9. (Use the pastebin, it has been updated)
  10. -Pomeg Glitch Data Corruption Précautions :
  11. -Pyramid Hunting method with Safari mode only :
  12. -Representative picture of the hunting method :
  13. -Battle Pyramid Encounter Slots :
  14. -Battle Pyramid Pickup Slots :
  15. -Safari Zone mechanics and shinyhunting data :
  16. /!\ Updated the Pokeblock throw srategy
  17. (The only missing part if for Pokemon with a catch rate of 15 and 0 for Battle Pyramid, as it needs to be reupdated too)
  19. 0) Requirements
  20. - in-game traded Seedot (Rustoboro, Tarsal required)
  21. - in-game traded Plusle (Fortree, Volbeat required)
  22. - Pomeg Berries, Hp Up, Fluffy Tails, Revive, Full Restore, some Balls
  23. - A team to perform Pomeg Glitch
  24. - Macho Brace
  25. - HP Up, Protein, Carbon, Iron
  27. Items for Battle Pyramid : (Have at least 1 exemplary of these in your Bag. Some are required, others are optional.)
  28. - Master Ball
  29. - Full Restore
  30. - Max Revive
  31. - Revival Herb
  32. - Ether / Max Ether / Elixir / Max Elixir (one of them)
  33. - Smoke Ball
  34. - Leftovers
  36. - White Flute
  37. - Black Flute
  38. - Other Balls (you can get Safari Ball with Pomeg Glitch)
  41. 1) Obtain an Instant Pomeg Glitch Pokémon from Seedot with a Double Corruption. (See,
  42. (Be careful, you can easily freeze the game by moving this Glitch Pokemon, so save and try different ways of moving it until you are able to put everyone in the right place. (If the screen becomes too messy, close and reopen the PC to refresh it))
  43. Clone it using Battle Tower cloning glitch and keep a copy in safety. (You can't clone it using a Cloning Glitch Pokémon)
  45. 2) Get the required items and put them in your Bag.
  46. Prepare a team for Battle Pyramid, and store it into the PC. (You can make it after the glitch, it's not directly needed.)
  47. Catch a Pokemon with Sweet Scent, and store it into the PC.
  48. Empty Boxes 1 and 2 as well as Day-care (for the usual Pomeg Glitch protection).
  49. Save.
  51. 3) Make a team with :
  52. - Instant Pomeg Glitch Pokemon (will be sacrificed)
  53. - Pokemon to sacrifice
  54. It is important to have 2 Pokemon in your party.
  56. 4) Go to Slateport, enter the Fan Club, and talk to the journalist.
  57. The game will read and store the species name of 0x96B4, which overwrites a part of Party Pokemon data, putting an empty slot in first party slot, which allows Pomeg Glitch to be performed by opening the party. (This is called Instant Pomeg Glitch.)
  58. If you look at your party in the PC or withdraw a Pokemon, you'll lose this empty slot. Thus, don't do it for now.
  60. 5) Go to Lilycove. Use a Super/Max Repel and go to Safari Zone. Save.
  61. /!\ It is important to save here /!\ You'll have to reset on the following steps to get the right corruption.
  62. If you have a wild battle, use a Fluffy Tail to escape safely.
  64. 6) Enter Safari Zone.
  65. Open party and hold Up for 15 seconds. (no more, no less)
  66. Then, push B to close party.
  67. If you hold Up too long, you'll corrupt Bag items data and lose Tm/Berry pouches. If you hold Up for too short, you won't be able to corrupt the value you'll need to corrupt.
  69. 7) Walk left until the guard goes offscreen, keep walking left for 3-4 steps, and walk back towards the entrance.
  70. If the guard disappeared, it worked. (1-3/32 chances to work)
  71. Else, you have to retry step 6. You can retry it 2-3 more times directly, or reset for each attempt.
  73. 8) Now that the guard disappeared, take the door to exit Safari Zone.
  74. Say NO to the NPC to be able to exit the Safari house with Safari mode.
  75. Now, you're in Safari Mode. If you use Fly/Teleport, you'll exit Safari mode, so you'll have to walk for a bit.
  76. You also have a limited amount of steps before being called back, so don't do unecessary steps as much as possible.
  78. 9) Walk back to Lilycove and use the Ferry to get to Battle Frontier.
  79. Go at Battle Pyramid. (go right then up, it will be shorter than up then right)
  81. 10) Open the PC and withdraw 2 Pokemon as well as the Sweet Scent Pokemon.
  82. Talk to the NPC to enter Battle Pyramid.
  84. 11) Once in the Pyramid, use Sweet Scent and Safari Balls to catch 3 wild Pokemon.
  85. You can use Pokeblock to greatly help in the capture if you have some of them.
  87. 12) Open your Party, select a Pokemon, give him an item from Battle Bad, then take it back.
  88. Opening the Battle Bag prevents the game from freezing during the next step.
  90. 13) Close Party, open your Bag, and give a Bag item you want into your Battle Bag to a party Pokemon.
  91. With Safari mode into Battle Pyramid, if you haven't opened the Battle Bag before doing something into your Bag (give/use an item), the game will freeze when you'll exit it.
  93. 13.1) You are now trapped in a loop made of two screens : Party and Battle Bag.
  95. Once you're into the party sceen, the game will try to give to the Pokemon you'll select the item you've given on step 13.
  96. Once you give an item or hit Quit, you'll go into Battle Bag.
  98. Once you're into Battle Bag, the item you'll select will be given to a certain Pokemon, or will become the next item the game will try to give to party Pokemon.
  99. Once you select an item or hit "Close Bag", the game opens the Party.
  100. If you hit "Close Bag", you'll go back to Party with the menu of the previously selected Pokemon open.
  102. 14) This loop is really useful even if it's hard to describe it completely.
  104. Give the desired item to the 5 remaining Pokemon in your Party, while always hitting "Close Bag" in Battle Bag.
  105. Give that item again to the Party Pokemon who knows Sweet Scent. This will send an exemplary of this item into the Battle Bag, and the 6 Pokemon in your party will hold it.
  107. You're now trapped into an infinite loop, with 7 exemplaries of the item you want into your Battle Bag.
  109. 15) In Battle Bag, hit "Close Bag" again and use Sweet Scent from the Pokemon menu.
  110. This will trigger a wild battle and break the loop.
  112. 16) Flee. Open your party and deposit every held item. The Battle Bag now contains 7 exemplaries of the desired item.
  114. 17) Repeat steps 12 to 16 with all the items you want to have into your Battle Bag.
  115. !! Beware !!
  116. You can't have more than 7 exemplaries of these items, as once they are into your Battle Bag, the game will take out these items from Battle Bag to give them to your party Pokemon. (whereas when they aren't in Battle Bag, the game only gives them to your party Pokemon, which creates new exemplaries of that item)
  117. The Battle Bag has only 10 slots, so don't try putting a plethorra of items inside. (You'll be able to toss them on a further step)
  118. You also don't need to have 7 exemplaries of items like Smoke Ball or Leftovers, so you can go to step 15 with only 2-3 party Pokemon holding the item.
  120. I would really havel like to let you have 60 Master Balls so that you can throw 3 of them during every Battle Pyramid round in order to be able to catch and get a random shiny you would see, but having 7 of them it already great.
  122. 18) Once all the items you want are deposited into the Battle Bag, exit Safari mode with the start menu or by depleting the Safari Steps/Balls.
  123. ! Do not exit Battle Pyramid by losing or forfeiting a Trainer Battle !
  125. 19) /!\ Save /!\
  126. Now, your Battle Bag is ready. You can prepare a team to climb Battle Pyramid in order to reach the floor where you want to hunt, and get back to the Pyramid.
  127. You'll have all the items you stored in the Battle Bag, and keep them until you reach the desired floor (unless you lose).
  128. But with things like Smoke Ball, Black Flute, and certain Glitch Moves, things will be easier.
  130. Once you attain the floor of your choice, catch 3 Pokemon with Master Balls, and you'll be able to start hunting there without any issue.
  131. If you get a Shiny, he will be sent to your PC, and you'll get it if you lose/forfeit/win. (! Don't forget to save after that as the Pyramid's save won't keep the Pokemon. !)
  134. !! Beware !!
  135. For this hunt, you have 4 options to be abel to make encounters until you meet a shiny :
  136. - Leave the console turned on until the end of the search.
  138. - Once you want to end your hunting session, reset, then use 2 Glitch Pokemon to activate the Pyramid winning streak, in order to keep the Battle Bag and the round you're at.
  139. This requires you to sacrifice your Tms and Berry pouches, as well as your Trainer Name, unfortunately. It also takes a bit of time to use these 2 Glitch Pokemon, but that was the best strategy I had before I discovered this whole new pyramid hunting method.
  141. - Once you want to end your hunting session, complete the round, and complete 19 more rounds.
  142. When you'll take back your Pyramid climbing, you'll have the same Encounter slots again.
  143. (ex : I'm on round 3 floor 2. I complete round 3. Then, I complete rounds 4 to 22. When I'll enter the Pyramid again, I'll be on round 23.)
  144. This is because there are only 20 encounter slots variants in Battle Pyramid.
  146. - Once you want to end your hunting session, reset.
  147. Then, redo this tutorial to refill your Battle Bag again.
  148. Since you already have clones of Glitch Pokemon 0x96B4, you'll be able to directly start from Slateport's journalist.
  149. And the steps to have a good Battle Bag don't take that much time.
  150. Compared to the third option where you complete 19 rounds, this one will be generally faster (unless you want to hunt on rounds 17 to 20)
  151. You can also prepare your Battle Bag for both Lv 50 and Free Lv,and with 7 Master Balls, you can catch 3 Pokemon twice, which means that you can hunt on 2 different floors twice before having to redo the procedure to make new Battle Bags again.
  154. Battle Pyramid tips :
  155. -Use Glitch Move 0x0439 (in 4th slot) to turn every battle into a wild battle, and combine it with Smoke Ball to be able to easily end every battle in Battle Pyramid.
  156. -!! This won't work with the Pyramid Leader !! You have to beat him to keep your Pyramid streak, so either prepare Pokemon to kill his (since he always has the same team), or use Glitch Move 0x4066 to OHKO all his Pokemon.
  158. -It is also wise to take the floor items, and you can even use one Pokemon with Pickup in order to increase the amount of healing items you have. They will be really useful for the capture of the Shiny in the case you don't want to use a Master Ball.
  160. -The catching team will depend on the Pokemon you'll want to hunt, as the dangers vary from Pokemon to Pokemon.
  161. They are mainly statuses, Double-Edge, and Selfdestruct/Explosion (no Whirlwind/Roar/Curse/..).
  162. They also oftenly have very offensive moves of different types, so moves like Spore, Substitute, that lower speed, that lower accuracy, will be your friends.
  163. Don't forget Trick + Leftovers to set up an infinite Battle (that will allow you to use all your Balls), as wild Pyramid Pokemon have few PPs, and you'll waste a good amount of them to weaken them and heal yourself.
  164. You could use a Glitch Pokemon with Mystik Guard and a Glitch Type + Substitute in order to avoid any form of damage, but I personally wanted to make a team without Glitch Pokemon, so I don't have any good Pokemon ID for this.
  166. -Fleeing mechanics are different.
  167. You won't have 100% chance to flee even with a high speed Pokemon, and Run Away doesn't work.
  168. So Smoke Ball is a complete savior here.
  171. Here is the team I made for now :
  172. --Starine @ Smoke Ball, Illuminate
  173. 252 HP, 125 Def, 124 Speed, +Speed Nature
  174. Icy Wind - Flash - Glitch Move 0x0439 & Skill Swap / Glitch Move 0x4066 & Flamethrower/Skill Swap
  175. (Glitch Move + Smoke Ball to flee from wild and trainer battles. Icy Wind and Flash to decrease speed and accuracy.
  176. Skill Swap to remove special abilities preventing stat drops or sleep.
  177. 124 Speed Evs + 31 Speed IVs + Timid to have 326 Speed and be faster than a 31 Speev IVs Timid Lv 100 Crobat. (even though I doubt he can take an Icy Wind critical hit)
  178. The combo OHKO Glitch Move 0x4066 + Flamethrower/Skill Swap can wipe out every Pokemon, as the ones that have Sturdy/Shedinja are all weak to fire)
  180. --Breloom @ Leftovers
  181. 252 HP, 184 Speed, +Speed Nature
  182. Substitute - Mud Slap - Spore - False Swipe
  183. (Mud Slap for accuracy. Spore + Substitute combo to put the enemy asleep and avoid bad damage. Substitute to avoid Effect Spore to trigger on contact moves. Speed EVs, IVs, and Nature to have 244 Speed and be faster than a 31 Speev IVs Timid Lv 100 Crobat with -1 Speed.)
  185. --Smeargle @ Leftovers
  186. 252 HP, 150 Speed, +Speed Nature
  187. Substitute - Trick - Spore - Scary Face / Smokescreen
  189. (Scary Face / Smokescreen for Speed or accuracy. Probably Scary Face to cover Pokemon that would take too much damage on Icy Wind.
  190. Used as an auxiliary in case Breloom falls KO. (or in case the opponent has a contact Move)
  191. Spore + Substitute to be safe from statuses and bad damage.
  192. Trick + Leftovers to make an infinite Battle.
  193. Speed IVs, EVS, and Nature to have 245 Speed and be faster than a 31 Speev IVs Timid Lv 100 Crobat with -1 Speed.)
  196. By Metarkrai.
  198. Thanks to Glitchcity and MaitreArmand for teaching me certain mechanics related to shinyhunting / Pomeg Glitch.
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