Fire Emblem Heroes 05-02-17 update "Strongest" messages.

May 2nd, 2017
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  1. MID_ARUM_STRONGEST: Good timing. I've been meaning to\ntalk to you about something,\n$Nu.$k$pMy grandfather refused to let me\never leave my home, Ram\nVillage.$k$pSo I don't know much about\nthe world.$k$pSince you summoned me here, I've\nmet many different people. So\nmany...surprises.$k$pWhen it comes to you, I feel a bond\ndifferent than the one I have with\nmy friends.$k$pI'm...relieved? ease? Really,\nI've only felt this way with one\nother person.$k$pIt's more than just you showing me\nall of these new things—much\nbigger than that, really.$k$pThis might sound sappy, but I'll say\nit anyway. Meeting you was like the\ndawn of something new. Thanks.
  3. MID_CREA_STRONGEST: Ah, there you are, my fine friend\n$Nu!$k$pI was just thinking how nice it\nwould be to see your face.\nWhy, you ask?$k$pI suppose I've taken a liking to\nyou. Is there something so very\nstrange about that?$k$pYes? No? Perhaps? Well, let's\nthrow caution to the wind. It's\nundeniable we have a bond.$k$pIt's quite mysterious, and perhaps\neven fate. But I hope you don't\nmisunderstand.$k$pMy heart's fondest affections are\nreserved for Alm— Oh! Please\nforget I said that.$k$pStill, here is what I meant to say.\nYou have somehow become\nvery dear to me. That is all.
  5. MID_EFI_STRONGEST: Oh! Well, it's you, isn't it,\n$Nu$k$pMy eyes light up every time I turn a\ncorner around here, hoping that\nI'll see you-know-who.$k$pAnd, you know? You're not Alm,\nbut you don't have to be.\nAt least, not anymore.$k$pFunny how people can be so\nstuck on someone...that they\ndon't see what's right there.$k$pI know you'd think I'm the last\none to ever say something\nlike that. But it's true.$k$pI have proof. See? I'm working on\na good-luck charm for you. Thought\nof you with every stitch.$k$pDoes it look good? Do you like it?\nI hope so. You mean a lot to me,\nso I really want it to be great!
  7. MID_IKE_STRONGEST: Back when my father was teaching\nme how to use a sword, I was\nbarely more than a boy.$k$pEvery training battle was more\nfrustrating than the last. I...I just\nstruggled with it constantly.$k$pThen he died.$k$pI had to protect my sister, the\nGreil Mercenaries, everyone that\nhe was all on me.$k$pBut I was told to use what I'd\nbeen given. If I did, then great\nthings would happen.$k$pThat really stuck with me. Now\nhere I am, fighting in battles\nwith real Heroes.$k$pAnd I'm battling enemies that are\nsometimes stronger than I am.\nDo I really have a place here?$k$pBut you hired me—rolled the dice\nthat I might help you do great\nthings here.$k$pSo...right. Let's just cut this short\nthere. You believed in me, so I'm\nglad to give my all for you.
  9. MID_LUKA_STRONGEST: What perfect timing you have,\n$Nu.$k$pI was ready for a break from\nthe usual routine. Chat with me\na moment, won't you?$k$pI've noticed that you and I both are\nwalking a similar path here.$k$pWe are both Heroes, are we not?\nBoth of us, summoned here.$k$pAnd both, constrained by the habits\nand patterns of that place, only to\nwake a bit upon landing here.$k$pStill, one can't regret the past,\nties that bind and all. We must\ncarry on.$k$pDon't you agree? Ha! Well, perhaps\nI overspoke.$k$pOr is it that we too deeply\nsympathize—and there is really\nno need for much ado?$k$pIn any case, I'm glad to be with\nyou. Right here, right now.
  11. MID_MIST_STRONGEST: Oh, $Nu!$k$pYou caught me in the middle of\nworking on laundry. It's something\nthat really helps me relax.$k$pYou know I'm not that comfortable\nbeing in the middle of battles, but\nI do like helping everyone.$k$pI've come to love being here with so\nmany people. You must have seen\nthat I was nervous at first.$k$pSome of the Heroes seemed a bit\nintimidating! But I knew I could\ntrust you from the very start.$k$pI don't really know why, but I knew it\nfrom the second I saw you. Anyway,\nI've been glad to work hard for you.$k$pSo, right... What was my point? Oh,\nyes. Thanks! And you can count on\nme to keep doing my best!
  13. MID_SENERIO_STRONGEST: ...and yes, that concludes my\nanalysis of the abilities of Heroes\nfrom other worlds.$k$pAs you can now fully understand,\nthey would make dangerous foes\nif they weren't our allies.$k$pAnd furthermore... Excuse me?\nI sense your attention drifting\naway, $Nu.$k$pFor goodness sake, you are\nsometimes so vexing to me that\nI can hardly—$k$pOh, never mind. But you shouldn't\nget the wrong idea.$k$pI don't care a whit about anything\nbut getting back home. Being here\nis only temporary for me.$k$pOh, you wonder why I haven't\nleft of my own accord then?!\nIt's because$k$pI mean, it's because staying lets\nme sneak into other worlds and\nlearn our enemies' secrets.$k$pThat's useful to me. But if I can\ncontinue to be useful to you...?$k$pThen I am happy to say that we\ncan consider it mutually\nbeneficial.
  15. MID_TIAMAT_STRONGEST: Today I'd like to show you what\nit's like to wield an axe,\n$Nu.$k$pFirst lesson! Make sure you swing\nthe axe so the axe doesn't swing\nyou.$k$pNow, give my axe a try. Good,\nbut set your hips so it makes a\nbase that will not sway.$k$pOh? Ready to stop so soon?\nWorking such training into your\nbones and blood could save you.$k$pBut I suppose that's my job, and\nI'm glad that you've summoned\nme into this world to do it.$k$pIt's long been my desire to fight\nwith pride, saving people, with no\nregard for money or honor.$k$pHow lucky I am to have found a\nfriend in you.$k$pSo, if you wish it, I'll protect your\nlife, as one of your truest friends,\nfor as long as you'll have me.
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