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  1. KARMA
  2. - could alternately call it experience (EXP) or notoriety (heck, those would probably be better because they don't have the connotation of positive/negative that karma does)
  3. - totally on a per-character basis rather than per member
  4. - basically a measure of how long a character's been around, how much they've done, and how well-known they are
  5. - several ways to gain it, but you can't lose or spend it, you just keep accruing it as you do things on the site
  6. - serves as a prerequisite to certain major IC actions; a character has to have such-and-such high karma to found a pack or have pups
  7. - i made all these numbers up on the spot and they're totally liable to change
  11. 100 words of post = 1 k OR 2 k per post
  12. finished short thread (one page) = 5 k
  13. finished medium thread (goes onto second page) = 10 k
  14. finished long thread (goes onto third page) = 15 k
  15. lost a fight = 5 k
  16. won a fight = 10 k
  17. joined a pack = 10 k
  18. completed a hunt = 10 k
  19. participated in an event = depends on the event
  21. active onsite for 1 month (you get this every month you're active, so it adds up) = 5 k
  23. these two require K to do, but i think it makes sense for them to also give K so i put them down. these are one time only per character
  24. became a pack leader = 20 k
  25. became a parent = 20 k
  30. explore/create a new sub-territory (one time only): 50 k
  31. found a pack / become a leader: 100 k (we could slice this in half until we get a few packs up)
  32. have a small litter (1-2 pups): 100 k
  33. have a large litter (3-4 pups): 150 k
  34. have a second litter (randomized number of pups, 1-4): 200 k
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