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  1. [1:20:28 PM] Lusts: So, I see ZilianOP has lied about being crippled.
  2. [1:31:12 PM] Purple Gurple: Do you know the full story?
  3. [1:31:26 PM] Purple Gurple: Or do you know what happened on the clip and what everyone else is saying?
  4. [1:31:56 PM] Purple Gurple: Maybe you should TALK to him before jumping to conclusions. Funny how I'm the only one who had his back when I had no clue what was going on. Figures as much though
  5. [1:32:04 PM] Lusts: I woke up to this news this morning and have been going around getting the stories from everyone, reviewing the videos and had to contact twitch.
  6. [1:32:34 PM] Purple Gurple: I saw and heard what everyone else did. Yet, I never once jumped to the conclusion that he was faking it. Oh, and now I get to deal with a law suit :)
  7. [1:33:28 PM] Purple Gurple: Yes he's a fucking cipple. No, he doesn't want to be a cripple for the rest of his life. He told me he's been working on physical therepy and wanted to suprise me once he could actually gain the length in his legs to walk like a human being
  8. [1:33:48 PM] Purple Gurple: If you look in the video you can see that clearly there is something wrong with him, he can't stand up straight nor can he walk right
  9. [1:34:03 PM] Purple Gurple: Oh and also he took for ever to get his booty up
  10. [1:34:23 PM] Purple Gurple: And it took him a long time to get somewhere it would have taken me to do in 10 seconds
  11. [1:34:43 PM] Purple Gurple: Maybe you should talk to a person before you jump to conclusions about what all the trolls are saying
  12. [1:34:59 PM] Purple Gurple: If I were him, I wouldn't want to be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life.
  13. [1:37:07 PM] Purple Gurple: There are like 5 people that stuck by his side, and shared their stories with me. One person was stoked about his progression and told me about their friend with a spinal diease. He was able to stand up by locking his knee
  14. [1:37:49 PM] Purple Gurple: I woudn't expect you to understand though. Because you're just another troll that didn't want to ask him personally what happened. :)
  15. [1:38:27 PM] Lusts: Listen Bre. I'm the owner of a network where my worries are what's best for my streamers. When negativity hits my front door step that couple possibly effect the futures of my streamers, it becomes my responsibility. I have to take care of things. Zilian was an amazing streamer, and will always be. He had awesome content. The fact that you said he got up weirdly.. I get up like that sometimes when sitting for long hours in my chair. I have lower back muscle pain. Not being crippled. Also, he got up in one fluid motion. I WILL be discussing this issue with Zilian none the less, but I've heard the stories, I've heard what both you and Zilian had both said about the situation. I heard all the back peddling. I've been going all over twitch.tv with the admins, with people who knew Zilian.
  16. [1:39:11 PM] Lusts: And I asked for an explaination. You calling me a 'troll' and acting a bit immature about it instead of just discussing it with me as an adult is showing a lot to me right now.
  17. [1:39:18 PM] Purple Gurple: You heard what Zilian had to say about the situation? When?
  18. [1:39:37 PM] Purple Gurple: People who knew Zilian rofl
  19. [1:39:41 PM] Purple Gurple: Nobody knew us
  20. [1:39:43 PM] Purple Gurple: Nobody
  21. [1:39:48 PM] Purple Gurple: Nobody knows jack shit about me
  22. [1:40:06 PM] Purple Gurple: There are so many things that the internet thinks they know about me. Do not say that people 'know' us
  23. [1:40:11 PM] Purple Gurple: Because clearly they don't.
  24. [1:43:10 PM] Lusts: Well, clearly you aren't up to dicussing things like an adult. I'm not going to continue with this further.
  25. [1:43:18 PM] Purple Gurple: Okay sorry,  maybe that wasn't the best thing to say then. You're not being a troll. Nobody actually knows my side of the story about this though.
  26. [1:43:39 PM] Purple Gurple: Everyone is pinning things on me that I didn't even know, or do. The audio in all those clips has been altered.
  27. [1:43:48 PM] Lusts: I'm not pinning anything on you.
  28. [1:43:50 PM] Purple Gurple: There is jibberish that is said by me, that I don't even know what says
  29. [1:43:56 PM] Lusts: I said "I see Zilian lied about being crippled"
  30. [1:44:03 PM] Lusts: Nothing in that line, pinned anything on you.
  31. [1:44:04 PM] Purple Gurple: Before I'm all like "Oh  my god!"
  32. [1:44:18 PM] Purple Gurple: I was telling a story about Rocky and peeing, because mumble was talking about not likeing me
  33. [1:45:07 PM] Purple Gurple: Okay well he didn't lie, he is paralyized
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