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Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Extremely comfy theme park sim series from 1999. Good mix of scenario and sandbox play, and open to modding from RCT2 onward.
  3. "There's so many games in the series, where do I start?"
  4. >RCT1 (Steam and GoG, OG Xbox)
  5. Has the best scenarios and scenario-based gameplay of the series. Quickly becoming redundant as OpenRCT allows you to import the RCT1 scenarios and play them in a much better engine. A great game though, and definitely worth playing. Pick it up for the scenarios, stay for the comfy. Can be a nightmare to get working on some operating systems.
  7. >RCT2 (Steam and GoG) (Android, Mac and Linux Openrct ports available)
  8. With OpenRCT having now reverse engineered the entire game from x86 Assembly, vanilla RCT2 is entirely obselete (but still required to use OpenRCT). New features include: Custom resolution, co-op multiplayer, unlocked framerate and a cheats menu for sandbox players. Thanks to this it is by far the most modernised and feature-rich game in the series, and the best place to start. (If you want to play vanilla, go with RCT1 first for the scenarios imo). Remember to import your RCT1 scenarios! You can set the RCT1 directory in the settings.
  10. Vanilla RCT2 added new track pieces, the ability to create buildings with wall and roof scenery, modability and a scenario creator. This is generally agreed to come at the cost of fewer scenarios, many of which were rushed. RCT2 was more geared towards sandbox players. The expansion packs are terrible, the objects they add are poorly rendered and don't fit with the base game's art direction
  12. >RCT3 (Steam, GoG, 3DS)
  13. Was incredible and innovative for its time, but aged like complete shit. The first game to be fully 3d, and has a huge shift in tone and atmosphere compared to the first two. The gameplay here is pretty good, actually, but it runs like crap, everything looks cartoony and is in every single way outclassed by its spiritual successor Planet Coaster. The expansion packs are absolutely incredible, allowing you to build water parks and animal enclosures respectively, with a ton of new rides and scenery. The 3DS port is somewhat impressive, but extremely limited in park size, ride count etc, just get Classic if you want portable RCT.
  15. >RCT Classic (Android, IOS, Steam)
  16. A mobile port of RCT1 and 2 which has all the scenarios from both games in one, with a couple of extra minor features. Excellent way to play on the go, and supports custom objects by importing them through RCT2 saves that you email to yourself. Is incompatible with trainers and other tools made for vanilla RCT2. Don't buy the Steam version, its way cheaper to grab RCT1 and 2 separately and use OpenRCT. RCT1 scenarios are recreated within RCT2's engine, so they are missing the original walls and roofs in favor of using rct2 scenery. The gameplay remains mostly the same, but they look a bit different due to limitations.
  18. >RCT World (Steam)
  19. Atari's latest attempt at being relevant. Completely outclassed by Planet Coaster and an overall shitty, rushed game. It's playable, but there's just no point.
  21. >RCT4Mobile and RCT Touch (Android, IOS)
  22. Absolute abomination cashgrabs that you should never expose yourself to. RCT4Mobile is an extremely shitty microtransaction riddled Farmville clone, RCT Touch is an extremely shitty RCT World mobile port. Don't even bother looking them up.
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  24. How should I play the RCT1 scenarios?
  26. Personally, I recommend getting RCT2 and RCT1 then downloading OpenRCT. With some setup you can tell it to import RCT1's scenarios directly and there will be no missing content with essentially no drawbacks, and it won't cost you anything extra. You can use the RCT2 demo with OpenRCT and all the time restrictions are lifted. ( RCT1 however has its own charm, and how you play is ultimately up to you. The pros and cons of playing the scenarios in the original game are:
  28. + You can charge for the entrance and for each individual ride. Its unrealistic as hell, but it does make the game easier in what some would say is a good way. The entrance price means a little less worrying about micromanaging/minmaxing your ride prices
  29. + Specific ride elements can be researched. You'll generally start a game without access to things like corkscrews unless you put money into them. Its fun.
  30. + Simplified coaster types that are more balanced. RCT 1 overall has less to choose from, but every ride has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The ride research makes for more refined gameplay because of this. RCT2 splits some rides into two separate ones for realism (Steel Mini becoming the Junior and Mini coasters, etc), but the end result is that the mini coaster is fucking terrible for making money and the junior coaster can't do steep hills, etc etc.
  31. + Different scenery system with a unique and simple charm. You create walls and rooves by using the landscaping tool and painting the ground with wall and roof textures. You can customise the type of support on paths and there are more path options. Its very easy to get the hang of, and really comfy. Makes sandbox play really difficult, but there are dedicated RCT1 players. RCT's system is considerably more versatile... when you add custom objects and/or turn off collision checks, and has a much higher skill floor. It takes longer to learn, but its very rewarding.
  33. - Guest AI can only really handle single tile wide paths. They just kinda wander around wide paths aimlessly.
  34. - Less track pieces available. RCT2 offers more for layouts. Notably the banked sloped turns.
  35. - Rough compatibility. Many people cannot get RCT1 working on Win10 and up.
  36. - Limited resolution. It takes some getting used to.
  37. - Extremely annoying popup when you try and build track through scenery (including trees). No quick removal tool so you have to manually remove it all with right clicks)
  38. - Its piss-easy most of the time once you learn how the game works (by the time you finish the vanilla scenarios, you should have it all down pat) because of the entrance/ride pricing thing.
  39. - Huge lack of QoL which was mostly introduced in OpenRCT. Its hard to go back.
  40. - The way buildings work really does have its drawbacks, and some people will dislike it.
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  44. >Downloads for custom content including /vr/ creations
  46. >/vr/ Collabs
  48. OpenRCT
  50. >RCT1 scenarios recreated in RCT2 by Crappage, as accurately as possible given the game differences. Make sure to grab these if you don't have RCT1 to import the scenarios from. Absolutely astounding work, everything down to the ride research order has been remade.
  52. >RCT Mart archive (now defunct, one of the largest rct communities. RIP)
  54. >Excellent realistic custom tracked rides by X123M3-256
  56. >Also excellent tracked rides by SpaceK
  60. Want to get custom scenery and rides en masse? Head to NEdesigns below, browse around and download some parks. RCT2 automatically imports from the save. If you're playing vanilla and get an error trapper, that's normal, just open it up again and it should work fine.
  62. >New Element Designs (Largest RCT1&2 community)
  64. >RCTGo (Mainly RCT3 and NoLimits, but also RCT2)
  66. >RCT Subreddit (It comes with all the crap reddit has, but it is one of the few active communities left
  70. >RCT1 Manual
  72. >Duerklink's in depth game guides (Warning: will make the game extremely easy)
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