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  1. "Miss, those are the prisoners. What's the danger with them?" Gu Mingyuan asked. Right now, she was feeling conflicted. On one hand, she felt that Bai Liluo was not joking. But on the other hand, she felt that the people from the Blood Devouring Hall weren't a threat at all. Otherwise, why would the Blood Devouring Hall Captain not resist when she had just tortured his grandson? Unless there was some sort of conspiracy. "Prisoners? Did you imprison the monsters? " Bai Liluo asked. "Monster?" However, after she said those words, the crowd realized that something was wrong. It was very possible that Bai Liluo was not referring to the people from the Blood Devouring Hall. After all, although those people were dangerous, they were not monsters. At the very least, they were not as dangerous as Bai Liluo had described them to be. "Sister Hedong, is the thing you're talking about in that person's body?" Chu Feng pointed to the direction of the prison cell and asked. And the person that Chu Feng was referring to was the grandson of the Blood Devouring Hall's Captain. "That person? I can only feel the monster and not the human. " Bai Liluo said. Hearing that, Chu Feng understood, as a World Bizarre Item, she had a special sensitivity. However, her perception was only limited to special existences, while a normal Kung Fu Trainer would not be able to sense them. And where Blood Devouring Hall's people were locked up was the Enchantment. That Enchantment could indeed block their senses. However, even though the Enchantment blocked them, Bai Liluo's reaction towards the people from the Blood Devouring Hall was not able to stop Bai Liluo from sensing that special existence. "Forget it, let me take a closer look." As Bai Liluo spoke, the look in his eyes started to change, and at the same time he looked at the Enchantment door once again. However, after Bai Liluo's gaze changed, both Chu Feng and Master Liang Qiu's expression changed. "This girl?" Chu Feng was alright, but Master Liang Qiu's eyes were filled with shock. At this moment, both Chu Feng and Master Liang Qiu could feel that Bai Liluo was using a special observation skill. That was the technique of the Enchantment, and through the method Bai Liluo used, Chu Feng and Master Liang Qiu could feel that Bai Liluo's current Jieling Art was the Dragon-level. This was an existence at the same level as Master Liang Qiu. As a result, after Bai Liluo used this tactic, the Enchantment Formation that sealed off his sense immediately became useless. At this time, the situation inside the cell was clearly seen by Bai Liluo. "Little brother Chu Feng." "Did you feel it too?" After observing for a while, Bai Liluo's gaze landed on Chu Feng. "Sister Hedong, is that thing in that man's head?" Chu Feng asked. "Yes, that's the one." Bai Liluo said. Hearing these words, Chu Feng's heart was unavoidably filled with lingering fear. The monster that Bai Liluo was talking about was the poison within the body of the grandson of the Blood Devouring Hall's Captain. Previously, Chu Feng had interacted with that monster before. Although Chu Feng had also felt how strange that thing was, he had not realized how dangerous it was. Fortunately Bai Liluo had come. Otherwise, no one would have discovered that there was such a dangerous thing lurking within its Chu Heavenly Clan. "Chu Feng, what's going on?" At this time, Gu Mingyuan, Chu Heavenly Clan and the others all looked at Chu Feng with curious expressions. Although Chu Feng understood what was going on, the others were still confused. Seeing that, Chu Feng explained the situation to them. "There's actually a monster inside the grandson's body?" Hearing everything, everyone was surprised. And the most unexpected was Gu Mingyuan, after all, she had just tortured the grandson of the Blood Devouring Hall's Captain. Moreover, the grandson of the Blood Devouring Hall's Captain was caught by Gu Mingyuan. "Miss, is that thing difficult to deal with?" Gu Mingyuan asked. "Not sure. He's still asleep. Only after he wakes up can he confirm his strength." I can feel that thing is very dangerous, even more vicious than the Black Hair Specters. If it wakes up, we won't be able to deal with it. Bai Liluo said. "Hiss —" After hearing these words, even Chu Feng could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. Bai Liluo's words, were even more vicious than the Black Hair Specters's, and had already proven just how dangerous that thing was. After all, the Black Hair Specters had just massacred the entire Tantai Heavenly Clan. An existence that was even more vicious than the Black Hair Specters, one could imagine what kind of thing he or she would do. "Miss, is that monster staying in that person's body?" Gu Mingyuan asked again. "More or less." Bai Liluo said. "Then if the host is killed, will it die?" Gu Mingyuan asked again. "Kill? It's best if you don't anger him, otherwise the host's emotions will affect the monster. " Bai Liluo said. "This …" Hearing this, Chu Feng, Chu Xuanzhengfa and Master Liang Qiu all subconsciously glanced at Gu Mingyuan. And facing the gazes of Chu Feng and the others, Gu Mingyuan also felt a little awkward. After all, what she had just done was no longer as simple as provoking him. It could be said that Gu Mingyuan's actions just now were extremely dangerous. "Then we can only let him go." After Chu Feng finished speaking, he looked at Chu Heavenly Clan: "Lord Family Chief, is it possible?" "Let it go." Chu Heavenly Clan nodded. With regards to this decision, no one else, not even Gu Mingyuan. Logically speaking, the people from the Blood Devouring Hall should not have come with good intentions. Letting them live was already the greatest forgiveness, and letting them go was impossible. However, they could only let go because of the monster. After all, they could not anger the grandson of the Blood Devouring Hall's Captain. Even though the grandson of the Blood Devouring Hall's Captain was only a monster's host body, Bai Liluo had said that if he angered the host, it would also affect the monster. Thus, killing them was impossible. He could only let them go. After making their decision, Chu Feng and the others had really let them go. Naturally, the experts of the Blood Devouring Hall and the Captain, as well as the grandson of the Blood Devouring Hall were all gone. Of course, they couldn't just let them go like this. Chu Feng and the others played a big part on purpose. had spent a lot of effort to make the Blood Devouring Hall Captain and the others think that he was the one who had promised them a chance to live. Furthermore, before he let go of her, Chu Feng had raised a condition. That was, after releasing them, he would let the Blood Devouring Hall Captain bring his subordinates and grandson away from the Ancestral Martial Starfield, and never come back. Furthermore, even if they were in another star field, they were not allowed to recklessly kill innocent people. Blood Devouring Hall's Captain and Blood Devouring Hall's people did not think that they would still be able to leave this place alive. Thus, he agreed to this condition without any hesitation. Furthermore, they were not pretending. Instead, they were very serious, and even agreed with expressions of gratefulness and guilt. As for who the Blood Devouring Hall's Captain were, both Chu Feng and Gu Mingyuan had a little understanding of them. Although he was a sinner whose hands were stained with the blood of many innocents, from another perspective, he was also a loyal person. So since he agreed, Chu Feng felt that he would probably be able to do it. Just like that, the Captain of the Blood Devouring Hall, his subordinates and his grandson left the Chu Heavenly Clan. However, when the Blood Devouring Hall Captain left, Chu Feng became extremely worried. "Chu Feng, what did you talk about with the Blood Devouring Hall Captain?" Gu Mingyuan asked. They all knew that Chu Feng and the Captain of the Blood Devouring Hall had secretly talked about some matters. And the reason why Chu Feng was so worried right now, must be because of that matter. "I seem to know where that monster came from." Chu Feng said. "Huh?" Hearing this, everyone's minds were shaken. Actually, they also wanted to know where that monster had come from. However, looking at Chu Feng's reaction, this origin, seemed to not be simple at all. Most likely, it was related to their fate. PS: The outbreak did not happen as scheduled. Bees are very sorry, but we wish everyone a happy Lantern Festival.
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