Movie Dates with Lyra - 2 (DL)

Apr 24th, 2014
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  2. This story contains diapers, wetting, a human protagonist, a fanfic "writer" that has no idea what he is doing, and ponies performing lewd acts. If you find yourself uncomfortable with anything I listed, I suggest you quickly hit the back button.
  4. 5/23 Went back and corrected a few things. Not all that happy with the Pheonix Wright part of this chapter, might change a few things in that section in the future.
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  7. 2.
  9. “Not so bad? Are you pulling on my hoof, Anon? That movie was, without a doubt, the worst movie of my lifetime!” the librarian replies, louder than usual. If you knew pony facial expressions better, you might have picked up on a little sadness and disappointment, but all you saw was disgust in her expression.
  11. “Hey, C’mon Twilight! It wasn't THAT bad. I mean, I thought it was fun in a campy sort of way,” you suggest to Twilight, defending the movie you once loathed. Thinking about the movie in retrospect, you have learned to appreciate the movie for being so awful that it is actually enjoyable in an ironic way. You also sort of enjoys seeing the average pony’s reaction to the movie as well.
  13. “Anon, with all due respect, have you lost your mind? Even Pinkie Pie hated it and she loves just about every movie! Rainbow Dash was so disturbed by its poor quality that it took me and the girls three hours just to get her to calm down! Rainbow Dash and I waited three years for this movie, Anon. Three years!” Twilight says with emphasis, “I knew it would never be as good as Rainbow Dash was hyping it up to be. But it never crossed my mind that the movie would be so terrible that I would walk out on it with all my best friends! I can honestly say that I have never had a more miserable viewing experience in my entire life! I was so upset that I took the time to make a bulleted list of inconsistencies between the books and the movie, starting with the general plot and moving onto the..,” Twilight rambles on, her mane going a bit frizzy because of her exaggerated body language. Controlling the urge to defend the movie, you decide to stop her.
  15. “-Alright, alright. It was atrocious Twilight. Anyways, I came here to take a look at a few books. You seem busy with your duties so I am just going to browse the library for some good books and let Spike take care of all, the book business,” you explain, Twilight is smiling in approval and trotting back into an adjacent room.
  17. With Twilight finally gone you can begin your search. Remembering something that Twilight said about books being the solution to every problem, you formulated your plan. Before you left last night Bon-Bon told you of a book that will explain Lyra’s enjoyment of diapers. Once you find something that might help, you’ll get Spike to check it out for you without Twilight is aware. Surprisingly, after about ten minutes of searching you come across an old, dusty book with a mare wearing a diaper on the cover. The book appeared to lack a title, but from what you remember Bon-Bon telling you the book was titled: “A guide on AF/DL”. Surprised that Twilight’s library would have such a book, but pleased with your unexpected success, you decide to chalk it up to her insane love affair with books. Having completed step one, it was time to move on to the dragon, quietly organizing a pile of books. You slip the book behind your back.
  19. “Spike, I need you to do me a favor,” you say, leaning on Spike’s table and getting in close for a whisper. “If you do what I say, and promise not to tell a single living soul, I can put in a good word for you with Rarity," you finish, tapping him on the chest, getting the little dragon’s full attention.
  21. “S-sure, what is it Anon?” he asks, looking fully interested in your proposition.
  23. “I need to check out this silly book for a friend, but I need it kept a secret from Twilight. I just don’t want anybody to get involved in my business. I know you’re a real bro and won’t let me down. Do we have a deal?” you ask, trying your best to put on a serious face. Hopefully a young male dragon has the same weak spots as a human.
  25. Spike looks you over, seemingly contemplating the deal before banging his claws against the table. “Deal!” he exclaims, without reservation.
  27. You bring the book out from behind your back and give it to Spike, who rears back when he gets a good look at the book’s cover. Spike's expression was one of irrevocable childhood trauma.
  29. “Uh, Anon. Is there something you aren't telling us that you need to share?” he asks, showing sincere worry.
  31. “What? No! I told you, it’s for a friend. I just need it for 24 hours. Please, don’t tell Twilight or anybody about this. You hook me up with that and I give Rarity a few good words about how good of a friend and guy you are. That’s all,” you finish, saying the last words through the gritted teeth of a forced smile.
  33. Spike looks unsure at first, but then gives you a smile. “No problem Anon, you can trust me!” This somehow that makes you trust him less. It is your only option at this point, though. If only you had a camera phone or a copier.
  35. Spike checks out the book and you head out, giving the kid a final wink. You secure the book under your arm, trying to look as normal as possible, and exit the Golden Oak Library for your home.
  37. As you exit the library the sunlight hits the cover of the old book this allows you to finally see the title, in an old gold colored font on the cover of the book, the title was simply, “A guide on AF/DL.” Now having seen the title you were certain that this was the book Bon Bon mentioned. A new problem revealed itself, in the sunlight the title, which was originally impossible to see, was glaringly obvious to anyone that looked. In your attempt to make sure no one would see you in possession of that book, you covered the title area with your arm and proceeded to leave the library.
  39. A few minutes into your return trip you run across Rainbow Dash lying down on a bench in a park, looking depressed. She is on her back, just staring into the sky with distant eyes. Not missing this opportunity to bring up your new favorite movie, you decide to stop and talk.
  41. “You look like you were hit by a truck, Dash. Still haven't gotten over the awfulness of that Daring Do flick?” you ask with a teasing tone.
  43. “Ugh, I don't even know what a truck is Anon. That movie was nothing but two hours of bad puns, bad movie cliches, terrible characters, and obnoxiously bright lights. It's like the ponies that made it never even read a single book from the Daring Do series! I couldn't even sit through to the end of it. Anon, how did the stupid movie even end? She asks, having kept her sad thousand yard stare into the sky the whole time.
  45. “Pretty much as you would expect, Dash. Turns out Ice-Heart had a bit of a crush on Becky, and the ending scene of the movie is just him playing “She-loves-me, she-loves-me-not” with a rose in his jail cell,” you reply. This seems to have gotten her attention. She turns and looks you in the face with a sad look of pain before her eyes drift to the book in your arms.
  47. “That's just wrong... Say, what’s that book you’ve got in your arms Anon?”, Rainbow Dash asks inquisitively. A long chain of expletives rolls through your head. So much for hiding in plain sight.
  49. “Why did she have to show an interest in books today of all days?” you think to yourself.
  51. “Ooh, this book here... It's just a boring and dry science book. Just a bunch of egghead stuff. Nothing an athletic and cool pony like you would give two cents about. Just um.. Really uncool quantum physics stuff,” you sputter out in a pathetic attempt to lie.
  53. Unfortunately, your blunder results in Rainbow Dash becoming even more interested about the book's contents. “There is totally something cool about that book, isn't there Anon? Just let me take a quick peek,” she proclaims, quickly flying off the bench and looking around your arm from all angles. You try to take the book and pull it close against your chest.
  55. “C’mon, Dash. Be cool about it. It’s for a friend!” you say to try and shake her off.
  57. “Anon, is that the AF/DL Guide?” she asks, looking more puzzled than amused.
  59. “What? How?” you ask, shoving the book under your shirt.
  61. “I’ve got eyes like a hawk Anon.” she says while posing and pointing at her eyes.
  63. “Yes… Look, it’s for Lyra, okay? Just keep that between us. Don’t go around telling every pony in Ponyville or else you will end up really hurt her. Okay?” You say with a serious tone
  65. Rainbow Dash instantly starts laughing. “This is too good! This must be for Lyra, right? I guess this explains why she occasionally wears those lame looking jeans.”
  67. “Laugh all you want, just please do not let this spread all over Ponyville,” you say with your teeth clenched.
  69. “You’re such a goofball sometimes, Anon. I’m not going to tell anypony, I’m not the element of Loyalty for nothing you know,” she says, using this as yet another chance to brag.
  71. “Rainbow Dash is the element of Loyalty!?” you think to yourself. If you recall correctly a griffin once told you that Rainbow Dash dropped her as a friend when a Pinkie party didn’t work out. Also, didn’t she get caught cheating during an Iron pony competition with Applejack?
  73. “If you could keep this all a secret that would be great Rainbow Dash, I don’t want the whole town knowing about her little problem.”
  75. “Don’t worry Anon, I won’t tell a soul,” she says with an obnoxious smile. You walk off after a reluctant thanks. The idea of Lyra’s secret being let out because of your incompetence starts to fill your thoughts. You pull the book away from your shirt and start examining the book from all sides. Just how did Rainbow Dash know what the identity of the book was? You’re almost certain the cover wasn’t showing. Eventually you brush it off, realizing there are more important things on your mind that you need to take care of.
  77. ***
  79. Looking for a safe and secluded spot in the park you come across a large ash tree, and sit down amongst the roots. You immediately see the front cover is faded from age, and the pages are worn from use. Looking at the back you notice it has a book return form that lists all the ponies that have taken out the book recently. Unsurprisingly, you see that the book wasn’t exactly a popular read, with only two names. Looking closely you are able to make out the names on the list: Bon Bon, and... Pinkie Pie!? This catches you off guard, but you are left shrugging, you conclude that what Pinkie Pie does with her spare time is none of your business, and you divert your attention to the contents of the book.
  81. Upon opening the cover the age of the book becomes apparent; its frequent use of archaic slang, talks about pony culture from 30 years ago, and depictions of obsolete technology makes that very clear. On the first page is an illustration of a mare wearing shoulder pads, a mini skirt, leg warmers, and a super bulky diaper. Beside her is a well built Stallion sporting an obnoxious pair of Neon Sunglasses, leather hoof pads, a golden earring/necklace combo, and a jumbo sized diaper. This causes you slam the book shut, and sigh in exasperation. Your first instinct is to run back to the Golden Oak Library and put the book back on its deep dark shelf, hoping no pony will learn of its horrible secrets ever again. But, you think for a moment, this is your only chance to learn the archaic knowledge bound in this book. For your own interest, and your interest in Lyra you endure the forbidden knowledge of the past, and power through the book fueled by your determination.
  83. The authors of the book are listed as Prissy “Pampered” Sweets a Unicorn and Brick “Boulder” Bigflank an Earth pony. Judging by their names, these are the two ponies in the illustration. You read the short author biography included in the book intro. You quickly find out that Brick and Prissy are an unmarried couple that are childhood friends.
  85. It begins with Prissy, a fun loving socialite living in upper-class Manehattan, however, she is still left unsatisfied with her life. She finds her life in the city to be overly stressful and boring, and she writes about the desire for a much simpler, stress-free life. In the end she found the solution to her problem was wearing adult sized diapers in private. Half way through the introduction is another illustration of Prissy looking in a mirror appearing rather sassy. You wouldn’t have been able to figure that out, lucky for you the figure caption removed the guess work. Paying attention to her eyes you notice she is wearing orange Mascara, and purple winged eyeliner covering half of her face. The image left it clear in your mind; this era truly was an abomination.
  87. The book continues with the story of how Brick met Prissy. Brick was a stage actor known for his role as the hero in, “Dashing Mask the musical,” Brick, like Prissy, was very successful in his line of work, but he explained that through it all he felt empty inside, and during his free time he found much more joy acting like the opposite of the persona he made for himself on stage. Because of his role, Brick looked to by fillies to be strong, independent, and righteous. Brick stated that he was tired of constantly being pressured to be a perfect role model for ponies. He described how he met Prissy during an intermission and how they bonded instantly. Brick writes extensively about how he and Prissy got along like two peas in a pod and how they felt complete together; Prissy also wrote about how she instantly fell in love with Brick and felt less stressed because Brick was accepting of her when she revealed that she enjoyed wearing diapers when she was safe at home.
  89. The next chapter covered sex positions the couple deemed effective while both partners were diapered. It covered modified padded pony versions of the classic sex positions you were familiar with. Among them were positions that resembled the butterfly, virginal, scissors, doggy style, missionary, sixty-nine, and the spoon. Brick and Prissy provided a description of each position and a kinky photograph of them performing the position correctly. Dozing off a bit, you begin to imagine Lyra and Bon Bon performing those acts together before realizing that they probably had done just that in the past.
  91. ***
  93. Satisfied with the information you have learned from the book, you decide it’s time to take action. You reason that it’s possible that if Bon Bon took out this book for Lyra, than Lyra may have identified with Prissy. As you recall the Daring Do movie, you begin to realize that Prissy does have a vague resemblance to Becky Stars. Perhaps that’s why Lyra liked her so much.
  95. Heading back into the main part of town, you see Rainbow Dash fly south in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres, probably to help her friend Applejack with something. Now, while you are still very suspicious of Rainbow Dash, you decide it would be better to have a friendly chat with Lyra before pursuing your suspicions.
  97. Arriving at Lyra’s cottage, you proceed to knock on the door. After a few minutes you hear Bon Bon’s voice tell you to come on in. Walking inside the house, you are immediately greeted by the sight of Bon Bon, and a diapered Lyra, who is sitting close together on the couch. This would faze you, if it weren’t for the fact that you were aware that they are in an open relationship. You notice on the table next to them is the Becky doll you purchased for Lyra. The doll had been dressed up so it is wearing a fancy looking diaper with frills. You also notice that there is Taffy heating in their oven. Upon your entering the room, Bon Bon turns her attention to you, and greets you with a warm smile. “Good to see you again, Anon. What book do you have there?” Bon Bon asks.
  99. “I decided to go check out that AF/DL book you talked about last night, although still can’t believe ponies actually followed some of those trends years ago,” you joke.
  101. “Most of us look back at that period and laugh at it, Anon. Just curious, how far did you get through reading it?” Bon Bon asks.
  103. “I only read about a quarter of it, but I think I understand what is going on a little better. Say Lyra, do you identify with this Prissy character?” you respond.
  105. Lyra smiles at this, “Why yes Anon, I actually identify a lot with her; I used to be very embarrassed with my tendency to wet the bed, and it even reached a point where I became very sad,for a long time, but with the help of friends like Bon Bon and that book, I have learned to accept who I am,” Lyra boasts with great enthusiasm as she hugs Bon Bon.
  107. “Glad to hear it. So what have you been up to since we last spoke, Lyra?”
  109. “Oh, me? I’ve just been practicing my music in my spare time and hanging out with Bon Bon.” Lyra says with some tension in her voice.
  111. “I’ve actually never heard you perform, I would love to hear you play sometime,” you say with a broad smile.
  113. “O-oh, I dunno Anon… I tend to keep my music to myself...” Lyra says, pausing awkwardly between each sentence. Lyra must not be comfortable enough with you to let you see her perform yet.
  115. “Alright, but Lyra, you seem a bit tense, is something bothering you?” you plead to Lyra.
  117. “Yeah… It’s funny, I just got this silly idea in my head that somepony found out about my problem and is starting to spread rumors about me… A long time ago ponies used to spread manure about me, and I guess I’m just afraid it will happen again… But, I’m probably just being silly,” Lyra says in an attempt to hide her sorrow.
  119. “Oh, well, I was just in town and I haven’t heard anything.” You need to talk to Rainbow Dash and find out if she will actually be loyal to you ASAP. In an attempt to cheer up Lyra, you continue, “Say, I heard that Almond Hitchcraft’s Birds will be shown tonight, would you like to go see it with me?”
  121. “Oh, that would be so awesome, Anony. So, I’ll see you again tonight!?” Lyra asks, looking into your eyes hopefully.
  123. “Yup, I promise you that I will be back here before the movie starts.”
  125. “Perfect Anony! You are the best special somepony a mare could ask for!” Lyra exclaims, bouncing with joy.
  127. Did she just call you her special somepony? She must really think you are exceptional, ponies usually reserve that title for individuals they really care for.
  129. ***
  131. Happy that you left Lyra in good spirits, you decide it’s time to head into Sweet Apple Acres and give Rainbow Dash a little chat.
  133. Upon noticing you, Rainbow Dash looks at you as guilty as ever. She prepares to open her snout, but you cut her off and speak first. "Dash, I need to talk to you about that book." Dash immediately speaks up, "Anon, I never even saw the book before today." At this point the gears in your mind are meshing with perfect efficiency: what Rainbow Dash just said just doesn’t add up, and things are beginning to make sense. You figure now is the time to test your hypothesis. “No, Rainbow Dash, you are lying.” Upon hearing that she looks visibly shocked. “W-what do you mean, Anon! I never lied to you!” she exclaims, both embarrassed and agitated.
  135. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWunMFukKJ0
  137. You know you have to be careful in what you say next. “Rainbow Dash, when you just told me you never saw that book before today, that would have been impossible, because this morning you clearly told me what the book was.” Rainbow Dash is now hovering a few feet above the ground with a scowl on her face, “So? I told you I have eyes like a hawk! I could see that picture of the mare in an adult diaper from a mile away!” You calmly look at her and retort, “So Rainbow, are your hawk eyes x-ray as well? Because this morning my arm was covering the title, yet you somehow knew the title was ‘The Way to AF/DL.’.” Rainbow Dash snorts at you, “Ha, Anon, don’t you mean ‘The GUIDE to AF/DL’?” You smile triumphantly at her. “Bingo.” Rainbow Dash’s eyes widen in shock as she realizes that she had just doomed herself with her last jeer.
  139. “Dash, this proves that you have, in fact, seen this book before.” Dash’s face goes white; it looks like she is left terrified of your ability to point out contradictions. She remains silent for a moment, and then whispers quietly, “The egghead…” With a bit more confidence, she continues, “Yeah, when I was in Twilight’s Library! I must have picked up the book a while ago when I was looking for the newest “Daring Do”, and I remember the cover and the title from then!”
  141. You realize she’s grasping at straws at this point and counter, “Rainbow Dash, now I know for a fact you never saw that book while it was in the library. You see Dash, the book’s title is written in an odd ink; for some reason, unless it’s hit by a bright light, such as the sun, the book appears titleless.” She looks down in defeat, clearly disappointed in herself.
  143. You look at her broken expression and smile kindly. “Thanks Rainbow Dash, you were a lot of help.” She looks up in surprise as you continue, “I know why you know the title and I can see you are a far more loyal friend than I suspected, sorry I doubted you.”
  145. “The truth of the matter is you’re covering for somepony, and this pony is oblivious to the fact that you know that they had this book in their possession. This pony is Pinkie Pie.” You notice her eyes widen. “Hit the nail on the head, my suspicions were right,” you think to yourself. She stands straight with renewed vigor.
  147. “Oh yeah, Anon, that’s a great idea you have there, but why would I be covering for anypony, let alone Pinkie Pie. I mean, it’s not like you even have any proof she checked out the book.” You smile. As obnoxious as she is, you wish that you could have someone that loyal, to be there for you without you needing to ask. Either way, now you need to end this.
  149. “Sorry Rainbow Dash, but not only do I have proof that Pinkie did check this book out, but I can also prove that it is impossible for you to have defended anypony else but Pinkie.” She doesn’t know what you have, but the color drains from her face nevertheless. “Please Anon, don’t…” This is it! Time to present your evidence and put an end to this once and for all.
  151. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPJE4l6j-hg
  153. Your eyes meet, the fire in your eyes burning, the fear in her’s evident, “Rainbow Dash, here’s my proof: the book return form! It shows that the book has only been checked out twice, and one of those by a Pinkamena Diane Pie. Now, Rainbow Dash, please admit the truth.” Rainbow Dash sighs, knowing that the jig is up. “Alright Anon, I’ll tell you the truth, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.” It all seems kind of odd to you: here’s Rainbow Dash, and she’s fully aware of Lyra’s secret that you’re desperately trying to hide, yet she never used that to force you to stop questioning her. You figure that you can put a bit more faith in Rainbow Dash from here on out, all things considered. “I promise Rainbow Dash, I have no intention of letting either yours or Pinkie’s secret out.”
  155. She seems to calm down, finally. “Yeah Anon, you caught me. A while back, Pinkie and I went to Twilight’s library, so I could return the last Daring Do book I finished and pick up the next in the series. While we were there, I remember Pinkie was interested in this old book, and I couldn’t figure out why at the moment, or figure out what the book was. A few days later, I was going to meet up with Pinkie at Sugarcube Corner. When I got there, I found that same old book sitting next to the window in the kitchen. When I opened it up, it was bookmarked to a section called “Caretakers” or something like that. I flipped through some of the pages and I could tell whatever it was Pinkie was into, it was stuff most ponies would look down on her for. So to tell you the truth Anon, the reason I wanted to help you return the book, and the reason I want to keep quiet about Lyra is because I know the contents of that book could ruin anypony’s reputation.”
  157. You find yourself fairly shocked. Here was the hot shot, quick tempered Pegasus, and not only were her actions sincere, they extend not only to her friends, but even to you and Lyra. “Thank you, Rainbow.” She proceeds to return to the air, that same cocky smile on her face.
  159. Looks like it doesn’t take much to get her back to her old self. “Hey Anon, I have a quick question. What is Lyra up to that you needed to use that book?” If she had asked you that question 5 minutes ago you would have told her to mind her own business, but right now you see someone you can trust in and confide what has been causing you so much stress for all this time.
  161. “You see Rainbow Dash, yesterday Lyra invited me on a date. You know, to that Daring Do movie from last night.” The look of disgust is evident on her face when you mention that movie, but she lets you continue. “Afterward, I found out that Lyra had been wearing and using diapers for a while.
  163. Really, I didn’t know how to deal with it when I first found out, but now I want to understand why she does what she does. Bon Bon told me about this book, the ‘Guide to AF/DL’, to help me better understand what Lyra is going through. Lyra had told me that a long time ago, she had suffered from the rumors other ponies were spreading about her. I just don’t want her secret getting out to anyone, Dash.”
  165. Rainbow Dash laughs; When she sees that doing so agitates you, she replies, “Boy, Anon, that Lyra must be something special to get you to go through all this. Heck, I’d think a lesser pony would have gotten out after finding out about her diapers.”
  167. You look her straight in the eye with a soft expression and reply, “Well, why did you go through all this trouble after finding out about Pinkie’s secret?” This causes Dash to freeze for a moment and smile. “You know Anon, I guess we aren’t so different. I want to protect Pinkie, and you want to protect Lyra.”
  169. That look of determination fills her eyes again. “Okay Anon, I’m ready to help you. This time, not only to keep Pinkie’s secret, but to keep yours and Lyra’s as well, I swear it!.” This time you feel certain you can trust her. She stops for a second, and seems to contemplate something. “Hey Anon, a thought just occurred to me. When you showed me the book return form, I didn’t see your name on it. How did you manage to get your hands on that book?”
  171. “Oh, I um... may have made a deal with Spike to get my hands on it without leaving a record behind,” you say, realizing now that using a baby dragon this way may have been a bit extreme.
  173. Rainbow Dash’s eyes go wide. “Anon, you know how Twilight gets if you mess with her system. Getting that book back without her knowing will be next to impossible.” This thought hadn’t occurred to you. In your attempt to hide Lyra’s secret, you may have made things worse, and now what are you supposed to do?
  175. “Anon.” You look up to see Rainbow looking down at you. “Give me the book; I’ll return it so you can keep Lyra’s secret.” You’re shocked again; at this point you’ve lost track of how many times Rainbow Dash has acted seemingly out of character. “But Dash, what if they catch you?”
  177. “So? I got way more coolness than you can ever hope to achieve, and if I remember correctly, both you and Lyra aren’t the most popular in town. Even if the worst happens, and it won’t, one sonic rainboom later and the whole thing will blow over.”
  179. “Than-” Rainbow Dash flies up to your eye level, furious. “I swear Anon, if you thank me one more time!” You immediately stop yourself and in an instant, she snatches the book away from you and flies in the direction of the Golden Oak Library. Well, it looks like she’s not planning on taking no for an answer. You still feel a bit worried, but you now have a new found faith in Rainbow Dash, and you know that right now, you need to get back to Lyra.
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