Fallout: Beyond Equestria 189: Black Rose (Part 7)

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  1. [2016-07-27 13:14:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-07-27 13:14:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3
  3. [2016-07-27 13:14:22] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  4. [2016-07-27 13:15:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Eighty-Nine: Black Rose (Part 7)
  5. [2016-07-27 13:15:26] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- Session Begins ---
  6. [2016-07-27 13:17:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The hatchlings grow agitated as the Shadowbolt draws closer to the first dragon cave visible on the border of the Dragonlands.
  7. [2016-07-27 13:17:47] <Mare-Do-Well> 3As of yet, no actual Dragons have been spotted.
  8. [2016-07-27 13:20:44] * Noble_Heart stands at the prow of the ship, looking out into the dragon lands. "We wonder if there are any dragons remaining here at all. They were rare even before the war, after all."
  9. [2016-07-27 13:22:52] * Golden_Dream mutters, "Well, I hope so. Or else we're gonna have t' keep these fellas warm and fed in th' middle of a warzone."
  10. [2016-07-27 13:23:44] <Mare-Do-Well> 3One of the Stripeless asks Shatara, "Continue deeper in?  Or will you try the first cave?"
  11. [2016-07-27 13:28:12] * Golden_Dream pops out and looks for signs of life by the cave. "We could always check it out. Doubt th' first cave by th' Zebra lands wouldn't be someone friendly. Or at least, dealwithable."
  12. [2016-07-27 13:32:25] * Noble_Heart looks down towards Golden_Dream, "It might be that the dragons furthest from the heart of their lands are those whom the others find undesirable to have around." She taps her chin. "We admit to ignorance on the nature of draconic rulership."
  13. [2016-07-27 13:32:45] * Mitzi looks out at the mountains with a touch of longing. Land high up was still better than no land on the airship
  14. [2016-07-27 14:02:52] <Mare-Do-Well> 3From the air, the cave is marked by the sight of neither living creatures nor dead ones.  No bones little the area nearby.  However, Golden_Dream does spot symbols carved into some of the larger stones in a vague parameter around the cave.
  15. [2016-07-27 14:03:56] * Golden_Dream points at the symbols. "Hey, let's go investigate them symbols. Maybe one of us'll know what they mean close up."
  16. [2016-07-27 14:05:55] * Noble_Heart nods her head, "Probably a good place to start."
  17. [2016-07-27 14:06:08] * Mitzi shrugs. "Uh can't read ponee squiggles, so Uh dun tink Uh cud read dragon uns."
  18. [2016-07-27 14:06:45] * Bookwright excitedly sorts out some charcoal and loose paper to do rubbings with. "And if none of us can read it, I can take a copy of it back with us to someone who can."
  19. [2016-07-27 14:06:47] * Mitzi looks to Hunter. "Can yu?"
  20. [2016-07-27 14:13:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Hunter looks at Mitzi questioningly.  Then glances furtively in the direction of the cave.
  21. [2016-07-27 14:14:37] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The /Shadowbolt/ draws close enough to make anchor.
  22. [2016-07-27 14:15:02] * Mitzi ponders how to interpret that. She looks st Hunter as she points to the cave. "Yu know dat place? Yu scared uv eet? Yu like eet?"
  23. [2016-07-27 14:15:26] * Noble_Heart looks down towards the dragons and frowns. "It is odd that they react to this place. Perhaps it is some kind of dragon magic? Or perhaps it simply smells like dragons..."
  24. [2016-07-27 14:15:52] * Shatara tries to get a good look at the suspicious squiggles
  25. [2016-07-27 14:17:29] * Golden_Dream glances at the hatchlings. "Their instincts are tellin' 'em that this is a bad place t' be. I ain't about ignorin' omens."
  26. [2016-07-27 14:24:16] * Golden_Dream drops anchor and proceeds to attempt to hop down. "I ain't about losin' a trailhead, either."
  27. [2016-07-27 14:24:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3On Mitzi's prompting, Hunter scrambles down, runs to the edge of the ship, and hisses at the cave.
  28. [2016-07-27 14:25:21] * Noble_Heart descends to the grounds below, to get a better look at the weird squiggles.
  29. [2016-07-27 14:29:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3As Noble_Heart reaches the ground, she feels a familiar wrongness, like nails on the chalkboard of her being.  It is faint, but persistent.
  30. [2016-07-27 14:29:16] <Mare-Do-Well> 3And it is familiar.
  31. [2016-07-27 14:29:56] * Noble_Heart looks up and around, ruffling her feathers. "Something is wrong here." She bristles slightly as she looks towards the cave. "We should not enter."
  32. [2016-07-27 14:31:23] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Noble_Heart can hear sounds of something moving inside the cave.  Heavy footsteps approaching the entrance.  Something inside has been roused.
  33. [2016-07-27 14:31:53] * Noble_Heart spreads wings and moves towards the air, back towards the ship. "Shatara! Move the ship away from the cave! Hurry!"
  34. [2016-07-27 14:32:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The dragon hatchlings are all paying attention to the cave now.  More or less.  Some considerably more than others.  Hunter perhaps most of all.
  35. [2016-07-27 14:32:54] * Shatara opens up the throttles, balls to the walls.
  36. [2016-07-27 14:37:20] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The /Shadowbolt/ begins to move, picking up speed.  Below, a creature that is mostly a dragon lumbers out of the entrance.  Amethyst scales and ruby-spined, the dragon is covered in black vines that thread in and out of its body, covering him like veins, with bulges of oily pustules and black flowers.  The creature stares up at the ship and roars.
  37. [2016-07-27 14:38:09] * Mitzi gasps and slips Hunter behind her. "Wut eez dat?!"
  38. [2016-07-27 14:38:40] * Noble_Heart shudders and swallows nervously, digging a forehoof at the deck of the ship. "We believe it is a side-effect of the Black Rose. Perhaps a bit more literal than We would have expected."
  39. [2016-07-27 14:39:27] * CopyCat had hesitated on the deck of the /Shadowbolt/, not immediately wanting to join Noble_Heart when she descended, and she is /very/ glad that she waited when the... Filth-Dragon emerged from the cave. "Eeeeeeeeep!!"
  40. [2016-07-27 14:43:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Staring at the creature, Golden_Dream notes a strong resemblance in the shape and form of the black flowers to the punga back home.
  41. [2016-07-27 14:45:29] <Mare-Do-Well> 3She recalls how attributes of several exotic and potentially dangerous plants from the Zebra Lands, as well as Joke, were combined by Solaris to create the punga.  This, she can imagine, is either one of them, or a mutation of that original plant.
  42. [2016-07-27 14:48:29] * Shatara tilts his head. "Wasn't Black Rose shot at Roam, though?"
  43. [2016-07-27 14:49:20] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "Roam was allied with the dragons at the time though. The Raptors were designed to fight dragons." She swallows nervously. "This one might have been in the area around Roam when the spell was fired..."
  44. [2016-07-27 14:50:55] * Golden_Dream curses loudly. "Celestia damn it, make th' thing go faster! We don't have time t' die!"
  45. [2016-07-27 14:51:08] * Golden_Dream hops on the anchor and holds on for dear life.
  46. [2016-07-27 14:51:58] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Stripeless react with horror to the sight below.  The translator turns to Shatara, speaking in griffin.  "It is the Black Plague of the Anulus Mortis!"
  47. [2016-07-27 14:52:41] * Mitzi looks to the non-stripey stripey ponies. "Yu know wut dat is?" She gives Hunter a concerned look. "Duz eet spread?"
  48. [2016-07-27 14:53:43] * Get_Lost "it should mean something like donut of doom"
  49. [2016-07-27 14:54:25] * CopyCat grabs onto something and flaps her wings absurdly, trying to give the /Shadowbolt/ additional speed. "I hope we're still hard to see!"
  50. [2016-07-27 14:58:34] <Mare-Do-Well> 3As the /Shadowbolt/ puts distance between itself and the creature, the dragon hatchlings all settle down.  Hunter wanders back towards Mitzi, making hungry noises.
  51. [2016-07-27 14:58:56] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The creature does not seem inclined to follow.\
  52. [2016-07-27 15:00:29] * Mitzi strokes Hunter's crest of scales gently
  53. [2016-07-27 15:00:55] * Get_Lost looks down "we should look in a different grave?"
  54. [2016-07-27 15:02:07] * Bookwright is deflated that he didn't get to copy some runes. "I guess."
  55. [2016-07-27 15:02:55] * CopyCat settles down as it becomes clear the dragon isn't following, her wing-beats gradually slowing. Breathing a sigh of relief, she turns to the Stripeless crew and asks in zebra, "C-can you tell us more about the Black Plague?"
  56. [2016-07-27 15:06:31] * Shatara metalgears. "Black Plauge of Anulus Mortis?!"
  57. [2016-07-27 15:08:05] * Golden_Dream shouts out, "CAN SOMEPONY GET ME OFF TH' DAMN ANCHOR?"
  58. [2016-07-27 15:08:43] * Mitzi starts hauling it up with her powerful paws.
  59. [2016-07-27 15:08:56] * Get_Lost thinks "why? don't you like anchors? they can be very useful"
  60. [2016-07-27 15:09:03] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Stripeless translator nods to Shatara, looking terrified.  "That is why airships are needed to travel in and out of Roam.  The Anulus Mortis is brimming with the Black Plague."
  61. [2016-07-27 15:11:29] * CopyCat 's ears perk up, then she trots across the ship and peers over the railing to Golden_Dream still hanging onto the anchor for dear life. "Oh! Sorry Golden_Dream, I thought you'd want to climb up yourself. Would you like a helping hoof?"
  62. [2016-07-27 15:13:19] * Shatara tries very very hard not to make a lewd pun. This is srs. "I...see. And that's from the megaspell impact..?"
  63. [2016-07-27 15:13:31] * CopyCat 's offer to help is significantly less helpful with Mitzi already pulling up the anchor with Golden_Dream on it. But it was the thought that counts!
  64. [2016-07-27 15:14:46] * Golden_Dream is clinging like a horse that only has only hooves to grip things with. And when she gets on, she flumps over and gasps in great gouts of air for dear life. "Thank... Thank y' Mitzi. Yer' a good hellhound."
  65. [2016-07-27 15:15:09] * Mitzi smiles, then look to Hunter. "Eet seems he's hungry."
  66. [2016-07-27 15:16:32] * Noble_Heart looks down at the dragon as they depart, ruffling her feathers more. "The air there was poisoned. The ground as well. Like the skies above Roam." She shakes her head. This would be trickier than expected, it seemed.
  67. [2016-07-27 15:19:21] * Golden_Dream rubs her eyes. "Well, then we avoid any cave that's got them symbols on 'em."
  68. [2016-07-27 15:20:38] * Mitzi looks to Noble_Heart with worry. "Eez... eez eet catcheen?" She glances at Hunter
  69. [2016-07-27 15:21:32] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Stripeless nods to Shatara.  "The fall of Old Roam.  The Equestrian megaspell killed every living creature with a heart.  But there was much life in the gardens of Old Roam, and in the fields around the city, that had no heart to stop."
  70. [2016-07-27 15:21:51] * Noble_Heart frowns and ruffles her feathers. "We have no idea. We have never encountered a heart attack megaspell before. Nor should We wish to do so again."
  71. [2016-07-27 15:24:16] * Golden_Dream has an altogether disturbing thought.
  72. [2016-07-27 15:24:31] * Golden_Dream "... Does heart attack radiation exist?"
  73. [2016-07-27 15:24:46] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"One such plant," the Stripless tells Shatara, "Grew to feed on the invisible black radiation that filled the city.  Another spread amongst the corpses, taking root in the bodies and brains of the dead..."{
  74. [2016-07-27 15:25:57] * Shatara shudders, eyes widening. "Plant zombies..." in plain pony.
  75. [2016-07-27 15:26:47] * Mitzi frowns, but tilts her head curiously. "Eef eet's invisible, how yu know eet's Black?"
  76. [2016-07-27 15:26:55] * Get_Lost frowns "it's wrong... plant should fight zombies... not create them"
  77. [2016-07-27 15:28:48] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"The plants use their hosts, living or dead, to spread.  To get near enough to infect with spores.  The Black Plague."  The Stripeless shudders along with Shatara.  "Their spores carry the radiation of the Anulus Mortis with them."
  78. [2016-07-27 15:29:25] * Golden_Dream raises a hoof. "If it's invisible, how d'y' know it's black?" She just sit on that question. "... Right, nevermind. Doesn't matter. This place needs Punga."
  79. [2016-07-27 15:30:36] * Bookwright "This place needs twenty thousand tons of weedkiller is what it needs."
  80. [2016-07-27 15:30:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"The plants that ate the black radiation devoured all that was within the city, until it reached the Anulus Mortis.  There, the other plant, now an army of shambling, infected dead, warred against the first and destroyed it.
  81. [2016-07-27 15:31:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Within the city, there was no radiation.  The plant which fed on it died off.  New Roam is safe."
  82. [2016-07-27 15:31:43] * Get_Lost is thinking
  83. [2016-07-27 15:32:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The Stripeless looks at Shatara, "But it is encircled by the Anulus Mortis.  None go in and out unless they fly high enough to avoid the radiation and the plague."
  84. [2016-07-27 15:33:18] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The zebra stares back in the direction of the cave and its creature.  "That dragon did not fly high enough.  Now, its very breath spreads the spores of its murderer."
  85. [2016-07-27 15:33:47] * Bookwright "Shatara can you please fly us faster thankyou?"
  86. [2016-07-27 15:34:03] * Noble_Heart looks to Golden_Dream. "Yes. Heart attack radiation exists. We have felt it. It claws at you, like... Well, like claws, We suppose." She shakes her head. "It is black because it stains the -world- black. We have seen it. The great black stain around Roam."
  87. [2016-07-27 15:35:40] * Golden_Dream exhales gravely. "Right." She then realized that these dragons might be the only purebred dragons /left/. "... Fffffuck."
  88. [2016-07-27 15:37:40] * Bookwright idly wonders if sufficient cyberization could make one at least resistant to this radiation.
  89. [2016-07-27 15:38:06] * Get_Lost is still thinking "it spreads easily... mh... if we find some sort of viral antidote, it should spread as fast as that..."
  90. [2016-07-27 15:41:01] * Noble_Heart ruffles her feathers. "The radiation is horrific. It would choke even Us. We cannot imagine how awful it must be for a normal pony or zebra to travel through."
  91. [2016-07-27 15:43:49] * Mitzi ponders a moment. "How eez dis plant kill uh dragun, eef draguns breathe fire und plants burn easy."
  92. [2016-07-27 15:44:36] <Shatara> "I'm guessing the radiation did that part, and the plants infested the corpse."
  93. [2016-07-27 15:47:32] * Mitzi nods, thinking she understood
  94. [2016-07-27 15:55:07] * Golden_Dream points out a direction. "Right then. Next cave, maybe that'll be th' one. Keep an eye out fer' symbols."
  95. [2016-07-27 15:56:15] * CopyCat nods. "I wonder if those symbols came before the dragon's demise and infestation, or after... and if after who made them?"
  96. [2016-07-27 15:59:28] <Bookwright> "Without knowing what they say, we're just guessing..."
  97. [2016-07-27 16:01:08] <Mare-Do-Well> 3It takes some time to find the next sign of habitation: a cluster of caves a good hour's flight deeper into the Dragonlands.  This time, there is no doubt as to the occupancy, as two huge, adult dragons are sunning themselves on the rocks while a quartet of teenage dragons behave like teenagers in the lava flow the runs between.
  98. [2016-07-27 16:03:21] * Get_Lost smiles "those look slightly less troublesome!"
  99. [2016-07-27 16:03:47] <Shatara> "Well, this looks promising, hopefully they'll at least talk to us."
  100. [2016-07-27 16:04:13] * Golden_Dream straps on her shotgun, and slides down the anchor again. "Copycat, do yer' thing."
  101. [2016-07-27 16:08:28] * CopyCat starts to do as Golden_Dream asks but then stops as she has a thought. A few moments later she wriggles out of her Crystal Barding to become as naked as a pony is naturally. "Sure thing, Golden_Dream! I just had to make sure they wouldn't look at me the same way Shatara looks at things wrapped in bacon."
  102. [2016-07-27 16:08:57] * Shatara tries very hard not to imagine CopyCat wrapped in bacon.
  103. [2016-07-27 16:10:59] * Noble_Heart spreads her wings and descends around the anchor line to stay close to Golden Dream. She had hopes the dragons would be... Well, at least not actively hostile."
  104. [2016-07-27 16:13:35] <Mitzi> Hunter looks at the armor like bacon, because he was hungry. Mitzi looks to Golden_Dream. "Yu got anyteen left tu feed him?"
  105. [2016-07-27 16:14:23] * Golden_Dream looks at Mitzi. "Depends. How much do y' like th' idea of him eatin' food with alcohol in?"
  106. [2016-07-27 16:15:47] * Mitzi ponders. "Draguns eat gems und meat... wud eet be harmful?"
  107. [2016-07-27 16:16:27] * CopyCat takes off in all her bacon-y glory (no, bad griffin!) and flies just past the deck to be over Noble_Heart and the anchor line. "Would you and Hunter like to join us on the ground, Mitzi?"
  108. [2016-07-27 16:18:31] * Mitzi nods to CopyCat, "Eef Uh stay on dis ship much longer uh might be sick. Dey might have fud fer Hunter also."
  109. [2016-07-27 16:20:21] * Bookwright "They're dragons. I'm more worried about them not having food we could eat."
  110. [2016-07-27 16:20:45] * Bookwright grimaces. "Actually, no. I'm more worried about how all these baby dragons are gonna get fed."
  111. [2016-07-27 16:29:48] * CopyCat smiles at Mitzi and offers, "Would you like a lift down or do you prefer to slide down the rope like Golden_Dream?"
  112. [2016-07-27 16:30:20] * Mitzi nods, "Uh'll slide, Uh dun like flyeen een da ship. Dueen eet without ship eez crazee."
  113. [2016-07-27 16:31:46] * Shatara tries not to add an apple to the mouth and a carrot to the no, bad griffin!
  114. [2016-07-27 16:32:04] * Golden_Dream is already down the rope. "What was that?"
  115. [2016-07-27 16:32:44] * Noble_Heart sets hooves upon the ground once the anchor is properly landed. Looking up towards the dragons then frowning briefly. "It occurs to Us that they probably do not speak Equestrian. Though they perhaps speak Zebra, if they were alive before the war..."
  116. [2016-07-27 16:33:14] * Mitzi slides down after Golden_Dream, gently cradling Hunter
  117. [2016-07-27 16:36:30] * CopyCat lands delicately beside Noble_Heart and folds up her wings. "Shall I make an introduction?" she asks.
  118. [2016-07-27 16:38:31] * Bookwright fails to stick the landing and ends up in an inglorious heap.
  119. [2016-07-27 16:39:02] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The teenage dragons notice the arrivals and greet them with curiosity and thrown rocks.  Fortunately, their aim is not particularly good, and they only seem interested in harassing rather than causing harm.  They also shout.  While everything they say is in draconic, it's not hard to get the general idea.
  120. [2016-07-27 16:39:55] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The adult dragons look to each other, then down at the new arrivals in lazy half-interest.  One of them rolls her eyes at the antics of the children.
  121. [2016-07-27 16:42:22] * Get_Lost follows th others "looks like they are at least willing to listen?"
  122. [2016-07-27 16:44:33] * Bookwright "We could tell them we killed the mother of balefire. That ought to get their attention."
  123. [2016-07-27 16:45:40] * Golden_Dream pats Bookie on the back while in said inglorious heap. "I got this." She steps up. "Um. Is there an orphanage around here?"
  124. [2016-07-27 16:46:51] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The adult dragons seem passively interested; the teenagers seem obnoxious...
  125. [2016-07-27 16:47:25] * Noble_Heart snrks at Golden_Dream's attempts at an inquisition. SOmething somewhat uncharacteristic, but it's such a straightforward and improbable question, after all. "We are uncertain if they know her by that name. And We did not think to ask what her -actual- name was..." She looks up towards the airship. "We wonder if Xero knows it..."
  126. [2016-07-27 16:47:37] * Mitzi is unphased by any rocks that hit her.
  127. [2016-07-27 16:48:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Then one of the adults spots Hunter.  With a rumbled word, the two adult dragons focus attention on the group of Equestrians.  One of them snaps at the teenagers, who shut up and stop throwing things sulkily.
  128. [2016-07-27 16:51:03] * Get_Lost "sooooo.... we have some mean of translation or we try parlay?"
  129. [2016-07-27 16:51:12] * Golden_Dream looks around. "'Cause, uh. We found like. Two or three hundred of these little folk we need t' deposit somewhere safe while we go kill th' Changeling what is leading and eating th' Zebras now."
  130. [2016-07-27 16:51:40] * CopyCat approaches a little closer to the two sunbathing adults and smiles warmly. Spreading her wings, she bows, sweeping one wing in front of her the way a biped would sweep their arm when bowing. "Hello there!" she greets, in Equestrian and then in Zebra, just in case. "We are travellers from Equestria and seek the majestic dragons of this land. My name is CopyCat." She looks up from her bow, after having said
  131. [2016-07-27 16:51:41] * CopyCat everything in both languages. "How do you do?"
  132. [2016-07-27 16:53:05] <Mare-Do-Well> 3One of the dragons reaches into the air with a claw the size of Mitzi and scribbles a burning rune in the air.  Then stares down at the ponies and hellhound.  Finally, "We have no use for more children.  Go to the Dragon Lord.  She will determine if your hatchling can stay."
  133. [2016-07-27 16:55:59] * Noble_Heart glances towards the others curiously. "Dragon Lord?" This could be more problematic than expected. But at least it was a direction to move in!
  134. [2016-07-27 16:56:39] * Mitzi looks back at Noble_Heart. "Maybe eets dere Alpha."
  135. [2016-07-27 16:57:22] * Golden_Dream leg pumps. "As m' friend would say, awesome. Can y' point us in th' right direction?"
  136. [2016-07-27 16:57:26] <Shatara> "Does sound important. Hopefully she'll have advice even if she can't take the lot."
  137. [2016-07-27 17:03:32] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"If you seek the Dragon Lord, you must travel to..."  the adult dragons look at each other, and there is the sense of an unbreathed sigh.  "...the flamecano in the heart of the Sea of Pain."
  138. [2016-07-27 17:04:38] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The other dragon, whose voice is far more high-pitched that seems appropriate to such a large and majestic creature, adds, "It's just past Skull Mountain, beyond the Scarlet Pools.  You can't miss it."
  139. [2016-07-27 17:05:37] * CopyCat smiles gratefully. "Thank you so much for you help," she says, before one of her eyebrows raised up all on it's own. "Flame...cano?"
  140. [2016-07-27 17:05:49] * Get_Lost "well, that was really nice. thank you!"
  141. [2016-07-27 17:06:00] * Mitzi looks impressed. "Dere society must be very tough tu survive all dat."
  142. [2016-07-27 17:06:34] * Bookwright "Sounds like a regional term for a volcano."
  143. [2016-07-27 17:10:21] * Golden_Dream lowers her head. It might've looked like she was in despair at such intimidating titles of places. In actuality, it sounded like some of the things Southern would come up with when they played pretend, and she was trying to laugh without giving it away.
  144. [2016-07-27 17:13:23] * Golden_Dream clops her hooves together, and puts on the most solemn face. "Right." She noted. "Thank you for your time. We will be out of yer' spines shortly."
  145. [2016-07-27 17:15:46] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly at that, looking up at the dragons. "We appreciate your help. We do not suppose you happen to have a map, by any chance?" It seemed unlikely, but it never hurt to ask.
  146. [2016-07-27 17:25:36] * Golden_Dream hops on top of Noble_Heart. "C'mon, back to th' ship. We got seas of brimstone and molten pitch t' cross."
  147. [2016-07-27 17:26:02] * CopyCat bows again towards the dragons. "Thank you for your time, you have been most helpful."
  148. [2016-07-27 17:27:41] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and nods her head, spreading her wings and heading skyward once more.
  149. [2016-07-27 17:29:16] * Mitzi can't decide if she wants to go back up to the ship, or follow on the ground, potentially digging into a hotspot
  151. [2016-07-27 17:37:28] * Bookwright eyes Get_Lost. "Ya think? Let's start with 'if the dragon lord doesn't kill us outright on sight' and go up from there."
  152. [2016-07-27 17:44:44] * Get_Lost smiles "the dragon devil didn't.... and she tried veryu herd. i have a good feeling about this"
  153. [2016-07-27 17:45:19] * Golden_Dream gets back to the ship, and then sits at the helm. "Alright, let's try t' get up there. I'll keep m' good eye on it."
  154. [2016-07-27 17:49:01] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
  155. [2016-07-27 17:49:07] <Mare-Do-Well> 3XP: +2000
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