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  1. /* Making Coffee in a French Press
  2. Because that's the only way I know how to make coffee
  3. and you will also notice that I rely entirely on the "fill" lines of all of my coffee making appliances and have no idea how to measure these things.
  4. By Emily */
  6. //Go to kitchen
  7. //Pick up electric kettle
  8. //Walk to sink with kettle
  9. //Open the lid of the kettle
  10. //Put kettle under faucet with opening of kettle lined up with the faucet
  11. //Turn on water
  12. //Once water is at the max line, shut off the water
  13. //Close the lid of the kettle
  14. //Put the kettle on it's electric station base (what is this called?)
  15. //Turn on the kettle
  16. //Pick up coffee grinder
  17. //Take off coffee grinder's lid
  18. //Put down coffee grinder's lid on counter
  19. //Put down coffee grinder on counter next to lid
  20. //Pick up bag of coffee beans
  21. //Open bag of coffee beans
  22. //Pour coffee beans into grinder until fill line is reached
  23. //Close bag of coffee beans
  24. //Put down bag of coffee beans on counter behind grinder
  25. //Pick up coffee grinder lid
  26. //Put coffee grinder lid on coffee grinder
  27. //Hold button on coffee grinder for 10 sec.
  28. //Take off coffee grinder's lid
  29. //Put down coffee grinder's lid on counter
  30. //Pick up french press
  31. //Take lid off french press
  32. //Pick up coffee grinder
  33. //Pour ground coffee beans into french press
  34. //If water has finished boiling, proceed
  35. //If water is not finished boiling, look at puppies on Instagram while waiting
  36. //Once water is finished boiling, pick up kettle
  37. //Pour water into french press until fill line
  38. //Pick up lid of french press
  39. //Put lid of french press on top of french press
  40. //Wait 7 minutes, and look at puppies on Instagram
  41. //Push on french press plunger until it reaches the bottom
  42. //Get coffee mug
  43. //Pick up french press
  44. //Pour coffee into coffee mug
  45. //Wait for coffee to cool
  46. //Drink coffee
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