Stand Up To A Bully

Nov 6th, 2013
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  1. 10 Ways To Stop A Bully
  3. #1, I honestly don't know how emphasize this enough, But tell an adult! No kidding, You may not think it will help, and that it will just make things worse. That's what I thought at first... But you know what, You don't need them bringing you down everyday... Nor do you need to feel bad about yourself. Everyone should just be able to be themselves. If you simply are being threatened to not tell a adult, take it to another level perhaps And get some higher authority. Or maybe you don't know how you could tell your teacher without suspicion, here’s some outstanding ways to tell your teacher/ adult;
  4. -Write a note! Better yet, you could put that note in a envelope an we can call it lunch money ;).
  5. -Try contacting them online. Who doesn't have a online blog these days? Email here.
  6. -Maybe you can call the school...
  7. -Send her a text! It may sound a weird, but it will truly work to a grand extent.
  8. -Stay after class.
  9. -Come to school early, No one would know why/ when you got the school.
  11. #2. Don't become the bully yourself. All a bully sees in themselves is strength... You gotta be stronger and braver than them! Show them you can deal with their rudeness. Being a better person than them will just irritate them. Most of the time they are just jealous anyways. ;)
  13. #3. Always have in your mind that you will never see those insignificant people after high school. Life is too great to have such big worries. If you feel alone at times, try joining a favorite sport. Or maybe your not a big sports person, you could find a hobby you really enjoy! Also know that clubs are still available to join. You don't need to care about what everyone else thinks, really you don't even have to care about them at all, but just know to be nice and respectful to everyone around you! Be a better person, and know they will get no where if they keep up what they are doing. All you truly need is one friend that will stick by your side, even through the worst times! If you don't have a true friend, you could find one. They don't have to be perfect, because no one is perfect. (We all have great ability’s & strengths in different areas) Possibly that lonely kid in the back of your class, that never talks, just wants a friend that will always be there for him/ her. Literally, friends are one of the greatest things to have in life. If you are still getting no where, Join a social club online!
  15. #4. Stand up for yourself in a polite manor. Instead of listening to the persons 'put-downs' everyday, and going through so much... Stand up, And tell the bully that what they are doing is completely wrong and that they are going to get no where in life. Though, if they try to pick out a physical fight, don't feel obligated to fight physically nor should you verbally. But simply deny the fighting sequence. But you have to know, if they do go after you, you gotta do - what you gotta do and fight back to protect yourself. Even if you don't stand a chance, still protect your emotional, mental, and physical feelings. Otherwise they will drain you.
  17. #5. Avoid the Bully as much as possible. If you know where he/ she stays and hangs out, stay away from that area. Don't make it obvious that you are avoiding them though. Keep a maintained subtitle.
  19. #6. Change yourself. It may be a difficult task, but it is most definitely worth going far. There might be something the bully might not totally agree about with you. Try to change the disagreements. Maybe they tease you because of some activities you participate in... The best thing to do is get adult help or stand up for yourself. And let them know that not everything they do is something you would wanna do too. You shouldn't feel bad about the things you do to have some fun just because others don't like it.
  21. #7. Research about bullying. Also know that you are not alone in this world and that there are many others other there that are going through the same thing. You will be able to have a better grasp on what to do at such harsh times.
  23. #8. Don't show the bully that they are really bothering you. If you already showed your feelings before, just act like you just don't care anymore. If they act you why your acting different, try to make them feel a bit sorrow. Tell them that your used to it now.
  25. #9. Bullies need a taste! Backfiring is a excellent option available. Respond with some of the following responses:
  26. -”What's wrong with you?”
  27. -”That's it?”
  28. -”Is that all you're going to say?”
  29. -”Wow, your really slow.”
  30. ...Be sure to laugh after, but don't be any more aggressive/ meaner back than they are to you. It could start a even bigger conflict than before.
  32. #10. Get a group of friends or anti-bullies. Have people stick around you and let others know what someone is doing wrong to others. The Bully themselves will not want to come near you if you are with your group. Especially if your group is larger than theirs.
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