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  1. Good afternoon all,
  3. We wanted to keep you up to date with the going ons within the alliance and our plans moving forward.
  5. After this weekend the Alliance will be merging with another, we have discussed this for awhile now and feel this is the right step in order to strengthen our alliance and move us forward as an alliance. We wont be discussing who we are
  6. merging with until a later date, but they will be coming to us and we will remain under the WP alliance.
  8. So what does this mean for our current members?
  10. Unfortunately we will need to make room within the alliance for our new members (don't have exact numbers just yet) to join.  Over the past week and in the coming days we are keeping track on a number of things to help us decide who aint pulling there weight:
  12. - Activity: Participation in rally's, war, alliance chat and overall being helpful.  An alliance needs an active player base to continue growing and pushing into the new zones as the kingdom gets older.
  14. - Power: A key thing to a alliance is strong members, an alliance is only as strong as its weakest member. Over the past week I have been updating a spreadsheet to see who is growing and who isn't, we will carry on updating this and again
  15. look at who isn't going to make the cut.
  17. We are looking at BOTH things mentioned and not just focusing on one, so if you have a low power but your extremely active we will take both into account.
  20. What happens to those who don't make the cut?
  22. - We will mail you and ask you to join an alliance which will be under our protection and give you a chance to grow and come back to the main alliance.  This is a normal occurrence on RoK and is one which we will begin to adopt. We still
  23. need to iron some things out such as which alliance, territory etc but we will be doing this over the next few days.
  27. We would like to ask all members to keep this information to them selfs and if you have any questions or concerns you can mail any rank 4 who will be happy to help.
  29. I also would like to remind you we are still keeping track up until the final day. No decisions have been made on who will be asked to go to our academy yet.
  32. Yours faithfully,
  34. Jay
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