Abenad (Mortal Souls)

Jun 26th, 2015
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  1. Abenad, Male Cervitaur(Deer/Minotaur) Tracker 5/6
  2. ---Skills
  3. --Marksman Shot: recharge 3, requires ranged weapon, weapon; autocrits (any success is critical), benefits from Trick Ammo
  4. --Custom Job: Passive, your weapon, regardless of type, also counts as Ranged, and your basic attacks benefit from Trick Ammo
  5. --Trick Ammo Instant Automatic, recharge 1; Adds an additional effect to a skill that can benefit from it (Marksman Shot, Custom Job, Repeating Fire or Barrage). This effect can be any of the following ,but they all share the same recharge.
  6. -Silence: On hit, the enemy cannot cast a spell next two turns
  7. -Knockout: On hit, the enemy is unable to counterattack next turn, and is considered helpless, but does not lose a wound. He instantly and automatically gets up on the turn after that.
  8. -Split: Hits 2 targets at once
  9. --Reflex Shot: Requires ranged weapon, recharge 1; this attack can be used while helpless. Otherwise, deals double damage as well as suffers double counterattack damage.
  10. Immortal Soul Skills
  11. --Whirlwind: Recharge 4, Weapon; Keep rolling until you fail. Every success hits all nearby foes
  12. --Big Game Hunter: +1 to all rolls against big, scary or otherwise particularly remarkable foes. Once said foe is near death, you may roll to finish it off instantly, even if it isn't helpless
  13. ---Racials
  14. War Stomp
  15. Antlers
  16. Dextrous
  17. Strong
  18. ---Talent
  19. Golden Eyes of the Eagle: +1 to Ranged Attacks and Perception
  20. ---Inventory
  21. Knapsack
  22. Arrows
  23. Enchanted Fine Velvet Clothing
  24. Jewelry
  25. Moneybag(23C, 21S, 7G)
  26. Utility Knife (Not-weapon)
  27. Tin of Taffy
  28. Bird Mask
  29. Compass
  30. Camping Supplies x2
  31. 15 Feet of Rope
  32. Bag of Holding
  34. White Curse (Ranged) A wooden longbow painted white with leafy ornamentation carved into the surface. From this bow came the arrow that had cursed and transformed Abenad into his current state. It has no inherent magical properties that Abenad is able to harness. The string is currently snapped, and the bow is therefore unusable.
  36. Umbral Precision (Single/Ranged, +1 to Marksman Shot) An ebony crossbow taken from the automaton Coronus, who had harassed the party with long-range shots in Ortague before falling to them in combat. The dark wood reminds Abenad of the darkness that filled his vision whenever he was forced to return to his cursed sleep.
  38. Tooth and Nail (Single or Dual) A longsword and steel dirk Abenad looted during his travels. He is skilled enough to use them creatively in combat, though he truly wishes to use them as weapons in an honorable duel. Since Abenad is left-handed, he wields Nail in his right hand as a mirror of the standard technique.
  40. Switch Blade (Single) An unbreakable wooden sword purchased from the merchant Clean Slate. Due to its reduced combat utility, Abenad does not use it often, but hopes to eventually hold open a door or something with it, instead.
  42. Silver Pendant with Green Emerald Inset
  44. Sundering Hammer
  46. A long polearm with a carven whalebone handle, typical of the Sentinels of Ibergal. The sharp wedge on the end makes it ideal for piercing through armor.
  48. When the Sentinels disbanded, Tanari was the one to travel farthest, crossing the great eastern sea and establishing an offshoot of her order in Rin. This was short-lived, however, and as the centuries passed the world forgot she ever existed.
  50. Abenad refers to it as the Whalebone Hammer, as a testament to his ignorance of its history and his admiration of the craftwork..
  52. Great weapon, +2 on Cleave rolls, crit acts as per Blast. Preferred enemies are heavily armored foes.
  54. ---Description
  55. Abenad is a 6 foot tall creature with the head and antlers of a deer, the torso of a furred man, and the legs of a bull. His coat is coarse and wild, primarily brown with streaks of white and grey. His eyes are yellow and piercing, his mouth full of sharp teeth. He has a tuft of white fur on his chest, but usually keeps it hidden under his clothes.
  57. He wears a long sleeved shirt and pants both made of maroon velvet, with long underwear made of white cotton. The collar of his shirt is wide and frilled, looking like a lace sunset. The white cuffs of his shirt go halfway up to his elbow, and the shoulders are puffed up. He wears a cape over his shoulders that goes down to his knees, behind which he keeps his knapsack. He owns a gold necklace with a large jewel around his neck, though he will probably remove it if traveling by himself or in the woods. The same goes for the many jeweled rings he may wear on his clawed fingers. He wears a plain brown leather belt around his waist. His pants go down to his knees, the white cuffs going up only a couple inches.
  59. ---Backstory
  60. Abenad could remember little before he was pierced by the arrow, nothing more than a beautiful maiden that had slipped from the grasp he had tried to hold her so tightly and cruelly with, and into the hooves of a creature that was once hideous, but had taken Abenad's own handsome form so that his body may match his beautiful personality, while Abenad was now cursed with the form of a hideous beast. As an arrow pierced his side, he fell asleep, with the vision of the two lovers ascending into the heavens as his eyes closed.
  62. Time passed, and the isolated castle he had fallen asleep in was grown over with ivy and plantlife, surrounding the beast in his sleep. He would fade in and out from time to time, as he would see the changing of the seasons, the rain or snow falling on his face, the world changing around him in a way he could only glance at in the time between long dreams, now reduced to nothing but the barest wanderings in gaseous wastelands, with no events of the day to change into thoughts at night.
  64. Until one day, he finally awoke, his eyes open. Pulling off the vines that had grown from his body, he found the arrow had grown into a tree, with the arrowhead being the seed planted in his body. After painfully removing it from his body, he found the statue of a god of love, which had shot him in the first place. The bow was still in prime condition, even though the statue was now crumbled and smooth from untold eras of wear. Taking the bow for himself, the beast would travel into the land, unsure of what things would be like now, and how they had changed since he had been cast into sleep.
  66. ---Character
  67. Abenad can be rude and cruel when in a group, but when alone with just one companion, his attitude is more polite and tender. He hates social situations and crowds, even going into a restaurant or tavern, and will often show his more vulnerable side to ask someone to bring him food while he eats outside. If he is unable to have food brought to him, he will partake in the local wildlife instead. When talking with others, he will regularly cover his face to spare others from looking at his face or eyes. In combat, he will distance himself from main combat to provide support.
  72. Notes
  74. -Soulcrafting Knowledge Location
  75. According to the book, the Soul Forge, also known as the Heart of Jevel, was a source of tremendous magical power created by Prince Kether VII, one of the former Administrators in the city. The Heart not only amplified the magic of the city, but created a form of magic known as Soulcrafting, in which a powerful being's soul was sacrificed in the Heart to form a wondrous object derived from the memories of the soul's owner. A variant on this new magical technique was used to create the Memory Plinths stationed around Jevel.
  76. The book also says something about Kether having destroyed part of himself to create the Heart in the first place, but it doesn't elaborate on this.
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