Feb 1st, 2014
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  1. >Name: Smooth Flow
  2. >Gender: Seemingly male
  3. >Race: Goo Pony
  4. >Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  6. >Class: Dark Knight (Knight+Rogue)
  7. >Talent: Fluid Motion (+1 Melee)
  8. >Skills: Weapon Flurry (cross class)
  9. Goo (race)
  10. Aqueous (extra race)
  11. Grapple (1)
  12. Escape Artist (2)
  13. Cleave (weapon)
  14. Dual Wielding (weapon/cross class)
  15. Suppress (HQ)
  16. Dream of Strength (HQ)
  17. Vision of Grandeur (HQ)
  18. This is How a Drill Works! (HQ)
  19. You Are (Not) Alone (HQ)
  20. Impale (HQ)
  21. Tackle (HQ)
  23. >Inventory: Dirty red raincoat
  24. Torn and tattered red wide-brimmed hat
  25. Black and white scarf
  26. Claymore (great)
  27. Bottle of fresh water
  28. Thread & needle
  29. Canteen (HQ)
  30. Whetting stone (HQ)
  31. Schlangenschwert (HQ)
  32. Inheritance of the Brother (HQ)
  33. Maitreya Tsurugi (HQ)
  34. Glove of the Cloudsmith (HQ)
  35. Bow of the Stormking (HQ)
  38. >Description: Flow is a common mercenary, with one discerning characteristic, his purple, slime-like appearance. Seeing as how he's a goo pony, he's mostly seen with his raincoat and hat on to reduce visibility from others. His attitude mostly consists of passiveness. Because of this, he often does not care what the objectives of the jobs he takes are, and often takes said jobs because he's bored, and tends to see jobs through to the end, even if they're botched or end up in set-ups. Despite his passiveness, he is a positive thinker, and can be enthusiastic if he's engaged with his team, often providing witticisms and snarky comments to lighten the mood. Since he doesn't talk to others very often, he is very dense when it comes to social interactions, not grasping some of the finer details of conversation, and as a result, he tends to openly speak his mind a lot. Ever since his first contact, and all subsequent encounters, he's come to like talking to others, but since he spends his time in forests and deserts, he never makes any meaningful relationships, making him very lonely, and giving him incentive to start searching some kind of close friend.
  40. >Hw: 5/5 (11/5 HQ)
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