Fire Emblem Heroes 03-30-17 update "Strongest" messages.

Mar 31st, 2017
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  1. MID_CAMILLA_SPRING01_STRONGEST: Did you want to celebrate the\nspring festival with me today,\n$Nu?$k$pDelighted to oblige. Shall I pop\nsome rabbit ears on your head?\nRest your head in my lap?$k$pNo one relaxes better than I do.\nBack in my world, we lounge all day\nin public baths. Or at least I do.$k$pOh, wouldn't it just be the icing on\nthe cake to luxuriate in such\nsteaming-hot water right now?$k$pHmm? That has nothing to do\nwith this festival? Well, leave it\nto you to stay on task.$k$pGreat Hero of another world, you\nhave outmaneuvered me. I was\nhoping we'd get a holiday together.$k$pI love to get away from it all with\nmembers of my family—and I do\nconsider you family.$k$pThat means I'll also protect you as\nI would a brother or sister, even if\nyou are my superior here.$k$pStill, if you ever grow weary and\nneed to get some sleep, remember\nmy lap is forever yours.
  3. MID_CHROM_SPRING01_STRONGEST: Ah, if it isn't $Nu!$k$pI just finished painting some\nspring-festival eggs. Not bad, if\nI say so myself. Take a look.$k$pWhat? Curious what all that\nlettering is? It's written in the\nlanguage of Ylisse.$k$pIt's a bit of a poem, I guess, that\nsays how much I value your\npresence here.$k$pAnd see? On this side, I've painted\na picture of you. Good likeness,\ndon't you think?$k$pWhat, it isn't? Well, I tried, and at\nleast now you know that I truly\ndo value our strong bond.$k$pNow, may we spend many spring\nfestivals together and...I promise\nto work on my painting skills.
  5. MID_LUCINA_SPRING01_STRONGEST: I imagine that you could only be\ncurious about spring-festival\noutfits, $Nu.$k$pWe have many kinds of these\nfestival costumes in Ylisse.$k$pOne was an egg—cracked on one\nside. Another was a shirt that\nshowed my bunny ears!$k$pPeople even go around swinging\ncarrot weapons!$k$pI'm sure that our bond would\nstrengthen if we both dressed up\nto enjoy such festivities!$k$pOh...not interested? I see. I was\nonly thinking that if our bond\nwas as strong as possible...$k$pWell, then that would be enough\nfor me if I go back home.\nI'd like to remember you forever.$k$pSorry to get melancholy. Anyway,\neven if we don't go hopping down\nthe trail together in costumes...$k$pI know our bond is strong as it is,\nand I hope you'll have me stay\nhere and help you as long as I can.
  7. MID_MARKS_SPRING01_STRONGEST: I have hidden an egg for you to\nfind, $Nu.$k$pNow, try your best to locate\nthe— What? You think it's in the\nhand behind my back?$k$pHmm. You are correct. I should\nhave known that I couldn't outwit\nyou, Summoner.$k$pMaybe you will be impressed by\nhow I painted this egg. On this\nside is the symbol of Nohr.$k$pBeside it is the symbol of the\nOrder of Heroes.$k$pThus, this egg represents our\nfriendship, created in the spring\nand strengthened in battle.$k$pNow, you should be careful\nwith this egg, taking great care\nnever to break it.$k$pOther painted eggs may be made\nto be rolled through grass in\nfestival games...$k$pBut not this one.
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