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  1. История
  2. Учитель: Hello, kids. Today we are going to speak about the history of Canada. Who has made a presentation?
  3. Ученик: Me.
  4. Учитель: Show it then.
  6. География
  7. Учитель: Hello, today I’m going to tell you about Canada’s geography. Let me show you a presentation.
  9. Нацсимволы
  10. Учитель: Hello. On last lessen I asked *имя ученика* to make a presentation about Canada’s national symbols. Have you done it?
  11. Ученик: Yes.
  12. Учитель: Let’s watch it.
  14. Факты
  15. Учитель: Kids, what do you know about Canada?
  16. Ученик 1: Its history
  17. Ученик 2: Its geography
  18. Ученик 3: Its national symbols
  19. Учитель: You know a lot, but let me tell you some interesting facts about the country.
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