Ohoyodo Akashi [untypeset]

Sep 19th, 2016
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  1. Ohoyodo Akashi (おほよどあかし )Translation
  2. From
  4. >[Inbanuma Naval District]
  5. Panel 1
  6. >TTK(?): Today we're going to be doing fleet exercises! All kinds of Fleet Exercsies!
  7. >TTK(?): From day to night, exercise until you puke!
  8. Panel 2
  9. >TTK(?): Today's lunch is curry and rice!
  10. >TTK(?): whether you choose to eat the Large, Special or Huge portions, please make sure to eat it all!
  11. Panel 3:
  12. >TTK(?): Today, I want to
  13. >TTK(?): XXX with everyone <3
  14. Panel 4:
  15. >Maya: Today
  16. >Maya: is really annoying, so let's just rest--
  17. >Michishio: The Admiral's being led by the nose by the secretary ship.
  18. >Goya: Dechi.
  19. >Fubuki: Are you serious?!
  21. >Ooyodo: Admiral~
  22. >Ooyodo: Admiral?
  23. >Ooyodo: Admiral?!
  24. >Ooyodo: That's odd, where did he run off to?
  25. >Fubuki: what are you looking for?
  26. >Fubuki: Eh? Ah, isn't the secretary ship for today Akashi-san? I saw them together just now....
  27. >Ooyodo: With Akashi?
  28. >Ooyodo: Akashi! Pardon
  29. >Akashi: Hm--?
  30. >Akashi: Ooyodo!! Ehh--what is it?
  31. >Ooyodo: Admiral?!
  33. >Ikazuchi: Uwahh--
  34. >Inazuma: So cute
  35. >Bep: She's eating | she's eating--
  36. >Inazuma: Isuzu-chan's grown really big!
  37. >Nagato: It's almost time to eat.
  38. >Nagato: Throw and whole thing on the grill and it'll be a real feast.
  41. >Nagato: Ah | sorry
  42. >[Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh]
  43. >[Nagato; Please don't cry]
  44. >Nagato: I was joking | just~a joke~ | Don't you guys love pork chops?!
  47. >Maruyu: Kiso-san, why does it rain?
  48. >Kiso: Rain, huh....I wonder.
  49. >Kiso: Rain, looking at it
  50. >Kiso: Isn't it something like crying?
  51. >Whether you're unhappy, happy, hurting, or having fun, don't tears flow?
  52. >Kiso: Perhaps it's something like that?
  53. >Maruyu: Although I don't really get it, that was so cool that i'm shaking...
  55. >TTK(?): I've fallen in love with dismantlement
  56. >TTK(?): Work is good
  57. >TTK(?): How about it, Ooyodo-kun, want to take a bath together?
  58. >Ooyodo: This is sexual harrassment.
  59. >[Ooyodo: to mix him up with work gloves...]
  60. >Ooyodo: Akashi, you'd better make sure the Admiral's all clean!
  61. >[Akashi: Eh, this isn't bad either.]
  62. >Ooyodo: Ad-
  63. >Ooyodo: ADMIRAL?!
  65. >[Rub]
  66. >[rub rub rub]
  67. >[rub]
  68. >Mutsu: Ara ara.
  69. >Mutsu: Ara ara! Nagato's actuallying sunscreen!
  70. >[A little happy]
  71. >Mutsu: WHat, so she can be a girl after all!
  72. >Nagato: Ah, Mutsu, you caught me in an embarassing moment.
  73. >Mutsu: No no!
  74. >Mutsu: That's nonsense: for a girl this should be something natural! Please go on, go on!
  75. >Nagato: Apparently, this helps protect against UV rays, so it's some kind of protective equipment for urban warfare.
  76. >Nagato: Ahaha, it doesn't seem like it could stop shells, but we'll find out in a bit. Mutsu, do you want some too?
  77. >Mutsu: Mm...
  79. >Eugen: [Gulp]
  80. >[Jiggle]
  81. >[watery sounds]
  82. >[Puddingdding]
  83. >[scared]
  84. >Nagato: Ahhh--...
  85. >[Heartbeats]
  86. >Eugen: Noooooooooooo
  87. >Nagato: What is it?
  88. >Eugen: Ehh?
  90. >Akagi: Reppuu are just too hard to make.
  91. >[munch munch]
  92. >Kaga: Even if it's just a Shiden Kai II, you're going to get scolded if you keep eating them like that.
  93. >Akagi: Even though we give it 4 tries daily...could it be that it can't be made?
  94. >Laga: We're not trying enough, that's why.
  95. >Kaga: But you really will be scolded if you're making them to eat.
  96. >AKagi: Ah, it's out! It's another Shiden Kai II!
  97. >[drool]
  98. >Kaga: I told you, if you keep eating them you'er going to be scolded!
  99. >Kaga: Also, fairy-san is Kai Shiden!
  100. >[Kai: It's bad news][for the sleeves.]
  101. >Kaga: The UC version!
  102. >Akagi: Its morale seems to be high as well.
  104. >Yukikaze: Yamashiro-san, this is for you!
  105. >Yukikaze: I hope it brings you good luck!
  106. >Yamashiro: Even though Yukikaze managed to find it...
  107. >Yamashiro: If this kind of thing could bring good fortune, then my life wouldn't be this miserable.
  108. >Yamashiro: Well, what is fortune? | Don't I already have onee-sama? >
  109. Yamashiro: That's enough fortune for me...
  110. >Yamashiro: Onee-sama...
  111. >Yamashiro: Onee-sama, Yamashiro has always pined for onee-sama.
  112. >Yamashiro: DOes Onee-sama feel the same about me?
  113. >Yamashiro: Does Onee-sama love me? | or hate?
  114. >Yamashiro: Love?
  115. >Yamashiro: Or Ha...
  116. >Yamashiro: Ha....ha...
  117. >Remaining CLover Leaf: Hate
  118. >[Yamashiro: Yukikaze...Yukikaze, you've set me up!]
  120. >Suzuya: It doesn't really suit me, does it.
  121. >Kumano: It's a little too brazen.
  122. >Suzuya: Ah, Nagato-san, rather than waste it, do you want this?
  123. >Nagato: Can I?
  124. >Suzuya/Kumano: Nagato-san's pretty mature-looking, so it suits her way better--
  125. >[Mutsu: Ara!]
  126. >Mutsu: Ara ara ara!
  127. >Mutsu: Nagato's interested in lipstick! [she is a girl after all!]
  128. >[Mutsu: Ara ara!]
  129. >Nagato: Suzuya...
  130. >Nagato: I can't blame her, she's not familiar with battleship main gun calibers. | but I will accept this.
  131. >Nagato: This dye shell.
  132. >Mutsu: Nagato, I will teach you how to use that lipstick.
  134. >Ooyodo: Amidral--?
  135. >Ooyodo: where did she run off to again?
  136. >[Akagi: food....]
  137. >Houshou: Everyone, food is ready!
  138. >Ooyodo: ADMIRAL!!
  139. >TTK(?): It burns.
  140. >Ooyodo: Please don't use the admiral to hold onto the hotpot!
  141. >Houshou: Oops
  142. >Maya: Just put it down here.
  143. >Maya: Oh man, it looks really good.
  144. >TTK(?): It burns.
  145. >Ooyodo: ADMIRAL?!
  146. >Maya: Sorry, I mixed it up with the coaster/pot mat.
  147. >Ooyodo: Are you guys insane?!
  148. >Maya: Ahh--Yukikaze spilled her soup.
  149. >Yukikaze: Ah | Uwaaaaahhhh
  150. >Houshou: Are you okay, Yukikaze-san? Are you burnt? We can clean it up right away.
  151. >Ooyodo: ADMIRAL!!
  152. >TTK(?): It really burns.
  154. Panel 1
  155. >Ooyodo: Admiral, please get a little angry sometimes.
  156. >TTK(?): Ahahaha | this is just getting close to them, just a little skinship!
  157. Panel 2
  158. >TTK(?): Plus, Ooyodo-kun,
  159. >TTK(?): Compared to me, it's because of your work that everything runs so smoothly!
  160. Panel 3
  161. >TTK(?): Just a word of thanks isn't enough, I'm thinking of taking you as my wife!
  162. >Ooyodo: Hold on
  163. >Ooyodo: What are you saying--
  164. Panel 4
  165. >Ooyodo: Please don't do this.
  166. >Ooyodo: You're going to make people think you're serious.
  167. Outside
  168. >Ooyodo: Isn't that right?
  169. >Ooyodo: FUbuki-san?
  170. >[shock]
  171. [End]
  173. [Ooyodo-san's day]
  174. >Ooyodo: Admiral, are you there?
  175. >Ooyodo: I'm coming in.
  177. >Akashi: You'er finally here. | I am the Admiral's temporary replacement, Akashi.
  178. >Akashi: Pleased to meet you.
  179. >Akashi: Ah, wait
  180. >Akashi: Hold on~!!
  182. >Ooyodo: Then...
  183. >Ooyodo: Where is the admiral, and what part of it was your doing, AKashi?
  184. >Akashi: Admiral, I've made some tea for you.
  185. >TTK: How thoughtful of you, AKashi, thank you.
  186. >[Akashi: Uwahh, did he notice?]
  187. >TTK: Hm?
  188. >TTK: It's good, did you change the tea leaves?
  189. >Akashi: This time I added some specailly made
  190. >Akashi: Rainbow spotted mushrooms.
  191. >Akashi: Well since the admiral is currently incapable of leaving the bathroom, I figured I'd play Admiral for a bit :)
  192. >Ooyodo: Akashi, you're really scary.
  194. >[Ooyodo: Kyuubi? Incubator?]
  195. >Akashi: You guys
  196. >Akashi: Make a contract with me to go to Orel.
  197. >Goya: Akashi-san, what are you talking about dechi?
  198. >Iku: We're sick of Orel--!
  199. >Imuya: Where's the Admiral?
  200. >Akashi: For some reason, I have some dismantlement tools in my hand.
  201. >[Reign of Terror]
  202. >[Subs: \\We're setting off!//]
  204. >Akashi: Musashi-san!
  205. >Akashi: Nagato-san!
  206. >Akashi: And Akagi-san!
  207. >Akashi: This is a request from your one-day temporary admiral, me! Please gloriously assault the new waters!
  208. >Nagato: Just leave it to us!
  209. >Nagato: It's been forever since we've sortied, it's time to show off!
  210. >[Akashi: Thanks~<3]
  211. >[Ooyodo: Ahhhhhh~ The supplies and fuel, how should I arrange this?!]
  213. >Ooyodo: AKashi....
  214. >Ooyodo: Why are you doing this while the Admiral is gone?!
  215. >Ooyodo: are you trying to make trouble for me, the secretary ship?
  216. >Akashi: Ooyodo....
  217. >Akashi: Do it again! | The glasses push!
  218. >Ooyodo: Eh.... L-like this...?
  219. >Akashi: Just like that! You really look like a glasses character!
  220. >Ooyodo: Th....thanks...?
  222. >Ooyodo: this rate I'll just be another player in Akashi's orchestra.
  223. >[Ooyodo: sigh...
  224. ] >Akashi: SOrry, Ooyodo.
  225. >Akashi: Since Secretary ship work seemed really hurried these days | I was wondering what i Could do to help.
  226. >[Akashi: So I tried doing the Admiral's job.]
  227. >Akashi: Plus | As long as Ooyodo is by my side, I'm happy. It's just that....
  228. >Ooyodo: AKashi...
  230. >Akashi: I kind of also want to see the kind of Ooyodo that breaks rules with the Admiral...stuff like that...
  231. >[Ooyodo: Admiral?]
  232. >[Ooyodo: What are these clothes about?]
  233. >Ooyodo: I don't do that kidn of thing?!
  234. >Meanwhile, the forgotten Admiral
  235. >Is still stuck in the bathroom.
  236. >[TTK: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Akashi, that fucker!!]
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