Aug 1st, 2017
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  1. Squeezer:
  2. The Squeezer main is a new type of
  3. semi-auto shooter where one
  4. trigger pull equals one ink shot! Holding down [ZR] won't provide a
  5. steady stream of ink, but spamming
  6. the trigger will give you rapid fire
  7. with a damage output you'll dig! Set up a Splash Wall to protect
  8. your team, then head for the front
  9. lines! The semi-auto style is a
  10. great way to control your ink use. Put even far-off foes on notice
  11. with the Sting Ray special! If you've
  12. got confidence in your aim, give this
  13. single-shot set a try!
  15. Foil Squeezer:
  16. We took a Squeezer, slapped the
  17. manufacturer's logo on it, and the
  18. Foil Squeezer was born. BOOM! The main weapon has the action
  19. of the original Squeezer, but it now
  20. comes with Splat Bombs. So flush
  21. 'em out, then take careful aim! Blow up the front lines with the
  22. Bubble Blower special, then charge
  23. in with your team and take out
  24. the opposition! It's a fairly aggressive set, but the
  25. main weapon requires steady aim,
  26. making it suited for veteran
  27. battlers.
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