[RGRE] Hearts and Hooves: Thirsty Flowers

Mar 23rd, 2020
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  1. >>35122163
  2. >You are Anon, and it is about 1 PM on Hearts and Hooves.
  3. >Basically, it's Equestria's version of Valentine's Day.
  4. >Pink hearts everywhere, romantic meals reserved at restaurants, and lovely-dovey couples (and groups) being sickeningly sweet in public.
  5. >No public place is safe from adorable ponies nuzzling each other and exchanging chaste kisses as they look furtively around as though afraid of getting caught.
  6. >And just like Valentine's day, there's heart-shaped boxes of candy and chocolate everywhere.
  7. >And also just like Valentine's day, there's a bunch of lonely individuals who don't have a date.
  8. >...which also includes you.
  9. >To be fair, you've only been here a few months and a good chunk of the town still neighs in surprise when they spot you.
  10. >Adorable.
  11. >Anyway, you decided to spend Valentine's day the same way you did back on Earth.
  12. >Which is to say, you're treating it like any other day.
  13. >...what, did you think the answer was "getting black-out drunk b/c all alone"?
  14. >C'mon, give yourself SOME credit.
  15. >You are currently wandering the streets, not having very much to do.
  16. >The stores are closed, except for romantic get-aways and places to eat, so it's either going for a walk or spending time inside as you wait to go to bed.
  17. >You're not really thinking of much, and so your feet have aimlessly end up bringing you in the direction of the Flower Sister's flower shop.
  18. >Just before you turn the corner, you hear a few feminine voices from up ahead.
  19. >"I can't believe he stood me up..."
  20. >Hmmm... you think that one is Roseluck.
  21. >>"Tell me about it, sister. I had a nice lunch reservation and everything."
  22. >And that's Lily - you can tell by the nervous little lilt her voice always seems to have.
  23. >>>"Pfft! At least you cunts managed to get dates. What, did you trick the stallions or something?"
  24. >Aaaaaand that leaves-
  25. >"Buck off, Daisy. If I wanted to listen to a mare whine, I'd go join Sparkle in her yearly 'get black-out drunk b/c all alone' party."
  26. >-Daisy. If it weren't for the name, it would be from that husky undertone that only she of the three seems to have.
  27. >Maybe you should go see what they're up to - they don't normally get afraid of you, unlike SOME ponies.
  28. >...which is frankly a bit strange, since they're so easily spooked compared to most ponies in Ponyville.
  29. >Go figure.
  30. >>>"You didn't answer the question, Roseluck." grouses Daisy.
  31. >>"Fillies, please! I know we might not be drowning in dick right now, but at least we have each other." pleads Lily, trying to raise the mood a bit.
  32. >>>"Lily, I overheard Colgate and Lyra talking about how half the town thinks we're all one part of an incestuous dyke-herd. Having each other isn't that grand of a thing today."
  33. >There's a pointed silence, and you stop walking just before you turn the corner.
  34. >You think this might be a bad time to interrupt, so you'll just wait for a minute or two before you go talk to them.
  35. >"...okay, I'm going to see if the Red Lamp district is operational this early. Who wants to join me?" asks Roseluck
  36. >>>"Me!"
  37. >>"You two are terrible! I'm going to go for a walk, and when I get back you had better still be here."
  38. >Welp, that's your cue; seems like they're about to go their separate ways.
  39. >You turn the corner, and-
  40. "Oof!"
  41. >>"Hey!"
  42. >You and a pink pony collide and collapse onto the ground.
  43. >You land on your back, and the mare lays splayed out on your chest.
  44. >Her weight is enough to make you feel cozy, like you're under a weighted blanket, but not so much that it's crushing.
  45. >Likewise, her body heat feels nice against your skin, and her plush fur reminds you of how your cat used to nap in your lap back on Earth.
  46. >>"Oh! Anon?"
  47. >Lily's eyes are wide with shock, and she wriggles around against your chest.
  48. >Her hooves flail in an attempt to gain purchase on the ground they cannot reach.
  49. >>"I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!"
  50. >Well, it's partially your fault, since you waited so long to approach them to talk.
  51. "It's fine, Lily - neither was I. Here, let's get you up."
  52. >You brace yourself against the ground and sit up, depositing the mare squarely onto your lap.
  53. >Lily lets out a quiet "oomf!" as her rump makes contact with your folded legs, and she instinctively wraps her hooves around your torso to steady herself.
  54. >Likewise, you reflexively place a hand against the small of her back to keep her from falling off.
  55. >And here you are: sitting in the street with a plush pink pony in your p-lap.
  56. >Lily's staring up into your eyes with embarrassment and slight wonder, seeing as how this is the closest she's ever been to you.
  57. >Certainly, she's the first pony to have been sat in your lap.
  58. >She wriggles a bit in place, and you wait for her to scramble to her hooves.
  59. >Only, that never happens.
  60. >"Lily?!"
  61. >>>"Lily, is something wrong?!"
  62. >Lured in by the sound of their sister shouting, Roseluck and Daisy come galloping around the corner, nearly barreling into you.
  63. >Roseluck looks embarrassed, but curious.
  64. >"...Lils? What in the world are you doing in Anon's lap?"
  65. >Daisy, on the other hand, is glancing between you and Lily with a rather lecherous grin on her face.
  66. >>>"You two look comfy." she says with a wriggle of her eyebrows
  67. > mean, she's right.
  68. >This is actually pretty nice.
  69. >Lily apparently has gotten her wits back, because she's now blushing and stammering up a storm.
  70. >Still hasn't let go of you, though.
  71. >>"Oh my goodness! A-Anon, I'm so sorry for this! This is so inappropriate!"
  72. >She whips her head back and forth, staring at her two sisters.
  73. >>"I-I-I should make this up to you somehow!"
  74. >Silly ponies, impromptu cuddling sessions don't need apologies.
  75. "Seriously, don't worry about it. It was an accid-"
  76. >"Actually," interrupts Roseluck, a grin spreading on her face, "Lily's right. Are you doing anything today, Anon?"
  77. "Well, not really. Bu-"
  78. >"Well then, would you let us take you out to lunch?"
  79. >...lunch DOES sound nice.
  80. >"It would make us feel so much better for knocking you over and sitting in your lap."
  81. >Lily nods frantically, looking relieved that you aren't going to be mad at her.
  82. >>"Yeah! Yes, Anon, please let me apologize to you properly, m-m'lord!"
  83. >Oh, god, Lily's ADORABLE.
  84. >Daisy stalks around to your side and nuzzles your shoulder.
  85. >>>"Maybe lunch isn't enough, colt," she purrs, "Maybe dinner should be thrown into the mix."
  86. >She and Roseluck exchange a l-lewd glance.
  87. >>>"Maybe we'll have to get creative."
  88. >A grin slowly grows on your face, and you absent-mindedly begin to scratch behind Lily's ear.
  89. >[spoiler]She squeaks, and her back leg starts kicking.[/spoiler]
  90. >"Uh-huh. What sort of mare just knocks over a nice colt like Anon and doesn't at LEAST take him out for lunch to make up for it? I'd like to think our mothers raised us better than that."
  91. >Daisy nods.
  92. >>>"That's right. It's just plain disrespectful. And papa always said that we should respect stallions."
  93. >You know what?
  94. >You have nothing going on the rest of the day.
  95. >Maybe getting lucky on Equestrian Valentine's Day is on the menu for you.
  96. "That sounds great to me, you three."
  97. ---
  98. >You are Anon.
  99. >It is several hours later.
  100. >Lunch was had at the place Lily had a reservation at (conveniently, restaurants assume that ponies in relationships belong to a herd, and tables by default have 4+ chairs), and then the four of you went back to their place.
  101. >It... did not end the way you were expecting it to.
  102. >>"I got the blankets, Anon!"
  103. >Lily picks the blankets back up into her mouth and starts walking backwards, dragging it behind her like a dog with a too-big toy.
  104. >"Ah hi'got t'h 'illowsh!"
  105. >Roseluck gallops into the room with a big, plushy pillow in her mouth.
  106. >As soon as she spits it onto the ground, she bounds out of the room and grabs another one.
  107. >>>"Sh'acks!"
  108. >Daisy makes her appearance, holding a big bag of pretzels in her mouth, looking excited.
  109. >Within minutes, a blanket/pillow pile is set up in the middle of their living-room.
  110. >Going along with their insistence, you lay down in the center of the pile.
  111. >The lights are turned off, the curtains are shut, the horse-TV is turned on to a movie channel, and the three of them all pile on top of you.
  112. >Honestly?
  113. >Not the route you thought this evening was going to take.
  114. >But you're actually okay with this.
  115. >It's nice cuddling with ponies, and you're rapidly on the way to calling them your friends.
  116. >Overall, you can't complain.
  117. >You thought you were going to get laid, sure, but this is just as nice in its own way.
  118. >[spoiler]Oh god, you're going to die a horse-virgin, aren't you?[/spoiler]
  119. >Lily has taken your lap (or rather, your groin area), and Roseluck and Daisy are draped across your chest from your left and right side.
  120. >Roseluck excitedly drums her hooves against your chest, and Daisy nuzzles the side of your face.
  121. >"I hope you're ready for cuddle night, Anon!" chirps Roseluck happily.
  122. >>"This is my favourite movie!" exclaims Lily, wriggling mirthfully in your lap.
  123. >>>"This isn't just a snuggle fort," whispers Daisy as she nuzzles the other side of your face, "It's also gonna be a fuggle fort."
  124. >Daisy drags her tongue across your cheek, making you shiver.
  125. >>>"Get comfy on that pillow, Anon, 'cuz you're gonna be moaning our names into it by the end of the evening."
  126. >And then Daisy settles down to watch the film, head tucked under your chin.
  127. >You absent-mindedly start stroking Roseluck and Daisy's fur, and hope that Lily won't notice the way you're starting to poke her with your p-
  128. >>"Oh!"
  129. >Lily throws a surprised look at you over her shoulder.
  130. >>"What is... o-oh..."
  131. >Lily giggles headily and wriggles a bit more, a nervous smile forms on her face.
  132. >>"I m-mean, if you really want to, m'lord..."
  133. >Roseluck giggles and kisses your chin.
  134. >[spoiler]...then again, maybe your horse-virginity isn't as well-protected as you thought it was.[/spoiler]
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