Amazing New World - 28

Aug 30th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Characters in this chapter:

Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
Kim Mijung (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Jun Sook (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee
Nasori (Bh*) Employee Single
Juwan (Sugar) Assistant Manager Single (?)
[N/A] (Bun) Employee Married

(*Blonde => BH, she wasn't blonde in the first place so I don't know why I named her like this before lol..)

Chapter - 28

Conference Room Bh x Mc

Bh keeps thinking how it's the last scene before the video leak and becomes impatient.. Mc is at the end of the presentation and don't click on the remote control to show the next scene but suddenly cough loudly.. He can't finish the presentation and asks Blonde to end it at his place giving her the remote control while smiling.
She looks at him acting all worried saying how it wasn't on the script and it's not her turn.. The audience becomes impatient too and wonders if there is a problem with the broadcast, some guys say how it's such an amateur work..

She drops her act and takes the remote control thinking how she was worried to be accused of scheming against them if she was the one who pressed the remote control in the first place, so she arranged the presentation in sort of Mc was the one who would leak the video of Fmc.. But.. She's making an evil smile thinking how it's much more pleasing to end those dirty bastards with her own hands..

She presses the button of the remote control and the next scene appears on the giant screen.. The public is shocked by what was shown.. There is a lot of loud moans echoing in the room.. On the screen there is a censored video of Bh x Sugar having sex.. Bh whole body is shaking hearing the familiar voice, she slowly turns her head to look at what his played..


Conference Room Bh x Mc x Fmc

The audience is still shocked by the image played on the giant screen, there is some people wondering if it's right to show something like this and if it was what they meant by 'Sexual Education'.
Bh is horrified when she understands she was the one being played by Mc, she takes his laptop and smashes it against the desk hoping to stop the show, while screaming like a madman.
The public doesn't understand why Bh did this, Mc and Fmc are both satisfied with what just happened. Fmc raises a bit her voice catching the attention of the audience, she says how it seems to have an issue with the equipment. She calls the end of the first lesson and asks them to go back to work. There is still some voices of protest asking for an explanation and some others begins to talk about the two person shown on the video, Mc picks up the microphone and turns it off..

The room is now empty apart Fmc, Bh and Mc.. Bh body keeps trembling, she has two tears running down her cheeks, she screams at Mc saying how she'll kill him.. She runs toward Mc shouting again how she'll kill the both of them, Fmc walks slowly toward them while Bh jumps on Mc.
Bh keeps shouting at them asking why did they do that to her and how did they got the video, she says how she knows they're both killer and how she'll call the police and report them. Mc is still looking at her pretty calmly then he raises his hand and bitch-slaps her. He puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her how she can't report them anymore because she'll stay with them right here. Fmc denies this saying how it's not in her habit to watch people doing this kind of stuff and starts to leave the room. Bh is startled by what she just said and worriedly asks her what she means by 'doing this kind of thing'. Fmc stops, gives her a
last glance before leaving the room without answering her.

Bh is a bit worried now that she's alone with Mc, she tries to act strong asking him if he wants to blackmail her with this video, she asks him who he thinks he's then she crushes his foot with her heel saying how he signed his death sentence.. She runs toward the exit composing the police numbers with her cellphone, he catches her before she can call the cops and grabs her by her hair.

He snatches her phone and asks her if she really thinks he only had a sex video of her in his hand, he tells her to report them if she wants but she has to be prepared because if she does it all the dirty deeds she had done in the past will come to light. She's surprised hearing that..

Office Fmc x Bun x Sugar

Sugar is too tired to work saying how it's hard today.. The workers who left the conference room are all talking about what just happened and someone says how she's sure it was Bh on the video, another one says how she is in trouble now and how it's normal to do this kind of things nowadays (Iffy here but not really important) back to the first one asking why Bh censored her own video.
Sugar is wondering about the atmosphere in the office right now and feels like something happened.. Bun comes by and asks Sugar if he assisted at the Sexual Education conference (This time it's named 'Sexual Violence Training' which sounds weird too..) and says how it was crazy, Sugar tells her how he was just here taking a nap. She says how something strange happened during the conference and a video was shown at the end and Nasori (Bh) seemed extremely horrified seeing the video and went crazy..
Sugar is worried and asks her where Bh is right now, Bun ponders for a moment then tells him how she might still be there..

Sugar is walking at a steady pace in the corridor heading toward the auditorium, then he bumps into Fmc. She stands in front of him blocking his way and asks him where he's going. He asks her if she saw Nasori somewhere, Fmc looks away asking him why he didn't call her when he was 'suddenly sick' right before the presentation and now he's showing himself in front of her and has the nerve to ask her something before even apologizing, she finishes her sentence by telling him to leave early today because he's 'sick'. Sugar doesn't understand what she meant by that and asks her why should he leave early.

Conference Room Bh x Mc

Mc is pressing Bh against the desk, her body is bent at 90° while Mc is standing behind her.. Mc whispers in her ear how if she was a little more cooperative he would have explained it to her more kindly.. She's still crying while Mc keeps talking saying how right now she's making a despaired expression and it will hurt her face.. He says how it's not that bad because the only way to keep a shitty / dirty woman like her quiet is to treat her badly, he picks up some cable and ties up her hands with it.
He lifts her skirt making her shout, he enjoys the view and tears off her stocking revealing her red thong. He looks at her with a slight smile, she stares at him worried about what will happen next..

To be continued..
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