Alone Amongst the Wolves

Aug 20th, 2017
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  1. >"Are you SURE you'll be alright with here by yourself?"
  2. >Be Anon
  3. >New "exchange" student for Canterlot High School
  4. >After a magical mishap that involved Twiggles, Pinko Pee, a rain cloud, two rubber chickens and a demon god, you had found yourself in a land of horse-people
  5. >They weren't quite horses, but they weren't people-people either
  6. >Twiggles had offered to bring you back to Equestria, but you had politely declined
  7. >No more magical mishaps for you
  8. >And no fucking horses headbutting your junk when you weren't paying attention
  9. >You'd much rather just stay here and pretend to be a teenager while you lived the easy life pawning gold bits for cold, hard cash
  10. >Unfortunately, things were never that easy
  11. >At that moment, you were sitting in a mostly empty library
  12. >Your buddies, Thunderlane, Caramel, Bulk, Flash, and Norman were crowded around your table, looking at you with varying degrees of worry
  13. >When you had first gotten to this school, these men had immediately taken you under their wing
  14. >It was apparently very dangerous for a guy to be alone in this school from what you had been told
  15. >If you weren't careful you'd get dragged into an empty room and not heard from for a couple of hours
  16. >So, most guys around here that didn't have a girlfriend--or girlfriends in most cases--tended to stick together in groups pretty much for the entire school day
  17. >And you meant stick together too
  18. >None of these guys let you out of their sight
  19. >You were apparently the first new guy that had come to this school in nearly three years
  20. >And, on your first day, you had made a "horrible" mistake
  21. >At the time you hadn't thought it was that big of a deal
  22. >All you did was make an offhand comment about how good looking pretty much all of the women were here
  23. >And you hadn't been lying either
  24. >Even the girls that your guy friends thought were "fugly" would have been fucking lookers back home, and the pretty girls here?
  25. >Whoo...
  27. >If you weren't an autist that couldn't speak to women if his life depended on it you would have gotten some of THAT
  28. >They were like super models
  29. >More beautiful than super models
  30. >Literally some of the most beautiful creatures that you had ever seen in your life
  31. >And as just stated, you hadn't though saying such a thing would be all that big of a deal
  32. >You hadn't even said it all that loud either, and from what you remembered there wasn't a girl in the vicinity
  33. >But there must have been one or two because someone heard
  34. >Someone heard and they began to spread the news around
  35. >Blood was in shark infested water now
  36. >Or so your friends had said
  37. >You had been here for nearly a month, and from what you've seen not a single girl had given you a second glance
  38. >Exactly like when you had gone to high school back on Earth
  39. >You appreciated their concern, they were all a bunch of really great guys, but maybe a little hyperbole was in play here
  40. >More than a little, if you were guessing
  41. "I'm telling you guys I'll be fine," you said, not looking up from your book. "Now get going. I wanna finish this last chapter and put this book into the return bin."
  42. >"Why don't you just come with us and finish the book, Anon?" Caramel said
  43. >"Yeah, come on. We'll go to that coffee place and you can finish it there," Thunderlane said, beckoning you to stand up
  44. >You didn't move an inch, instead licking your thumb and turning the page
  45. "I really kind of just want to sit here by myself for a while, fellas," you said. "I appreciate the thought, but there's no need to wait up for me."
  46. >The guys looked around the library warily, as if they expected someone to hop out of the shadows
  47. >"I don't think that's a good idea, Anon," Norman said
  48. "And I think you're all being silly," you retorted. "Come on. It's a Friday afternoon. The place is empty. No one's gonna sneak in here and "steal" me."
  49. >Caramel chewed on his lip
  50. >"I don't know, Anon... I really don't think this is a good idea..."
  52. >Lifting your gaze from your book
  53. "Come on, guys. I know I'm new here but you can give me a LITTLE credit, huh?" you said with a smile. "I'll be fine. Now get out of here and go drink all of your frapo crapos or whatever you guys drink."
  54. >That got a few laughs from the guys, but you could tell that it was a bit forced
  55. >Still though, it was better than nothing
  56. >"...Fine, we'll go," Thunderlane said. "But if something happens make sure to call us alright? We'll come racing back and help you."
  57. >"And don't forget that rape whistle I gave you," Bulk said, tugging at the bottom of his shirt. "You still have it around your neck right?"
  58. >Reaching down your shirt, you showed him the little neon green whistle that he had gotten you the first week of being in this school
  59. "I never leave home without it. Now get outta here you crazy kids. I got reading to do."
  60. >Though it looked like they honestly didn't want to, the guys slowly made their way toward the exit
  61. >Flash was the last to leave, chewing on his lip as he looked at you one last time before he disappeared through the door
  62. >You casually looked around the room
  63. >With your friends now gone the room was completely empty
  64. >There was just you, your nerd-ass book, and silence
  65. >A smile came to your face at the thought
  66. >Kicking up your feet onto the table, you leaned back and looked down at your book
  67. >It was the fourth or fifth book in a series
  68. >The series was pretty alright
  69. >A mixture between LOTR and Warhammer, but with girls
  70. >The halfling equivalents in the books were more like greedy little tax-dodger jews, so that was pretty funny
  71. >There was also this horse that the halflings painted blue after a party, so it was pretty alright with you
  72. >6.7/10
  73. >Would read again in a few years once you forget about most of the plot
  74. >As what usually happened when you were immersed, everything else around you fell by the wayside
  75. >There was just you, these little jew hobbits, and the world they lived in
  77. >Some part of you heard some shuffling to your left, and a few tables in front of you, but you ignored it
  78. >Probably just the librarian sorting her books or whatever she did right after school...
  79. >There was also some hushed whispers, but you ignored that too
  80. >The halflings were running away from a set of fire demons
  81. >The demons were fast, and the halflings were burdened with all of the gold that they had just stolen
  82. >In front of the halflings was a cliff, and at the bottom it is was a fast moving, dangerous river filled with water spirits
  83. >You pressed the book closer to your face, reading just a little faster
  84. >What there the little jews gonna do?
  85. >Were they gonna jump, or would they try to talk their way out of it?
  86. >Last time they tried to talk their way out of it made you laugh for about ten minutes, so that wouldn'--
  87. >A hand on your shoulder brought you out of your thoughts
  88. >Hello there...
  89. >Before you could lift your head up and see who was touching you, another hand found itself on your other shoulder
  90. >Both hands clamped down on you with considerable force
  91. >There was a grunt behind you, and before you knew what was happening your chair was being dragged backwards
  92. "Hey!"
  93. >The second your feet slide off the table you flailed, expecting to land flat on your back
  94. >Fortunately, whoever was scooting your chair back only moved it a foot or two from the table before setting you safely back down
  95. >There was a flash of red and gold
  96. >A weight settled in your lap, and your vision was invaded by sun-touched skin
  97. >You blinked owlishly, slowly looking up at the face of a Ms. Sunset Shimmer
  98. >Aka one of the prettier girls in school
  99. >Aka a drop dead gorgeous creature that no doubt had the ability to turn even the hardest core faggots straight
  100. >There was a blush on Sunset's face, as well as the biggest, more predatory grin that you had ever seen
  101. >The bacon-hair beauty was straddling you, her thick, powerful thighs pinning your legs to the the chair
  103. >Her arms were also around your neck, holding you firmly in place
  104. >The girl also seemed to have her brick-red dress shirt partially unbuttoned, so that you could see her completely uncovered tits
  105. >Her perky, large, amazing, fantastic, mouthwatering, jaw dropping, boner-inducing, perfectly-sized areolae-d tits
  106. >"Hiya, handsome. Is this seat taken?" the girl playfully asked, grinding herself in your lap
  107. >Your body jerked at the very foreign sensation of female contact
  108. >A blush exploded across your face
  109. >Palms became sweaty, and you had the very sudden urge to go home and cook copious amounts of pasta
  110. >Opening your mouth, you tried to speak
  111. "Fjbksjkh?"
  112. >Sunset giggled, her blues eyes dancing
  113. >"What's the matter, big guy? Cat got your tongue?" she asked, leaning down to rub her nose against yours
  114. >You shied away, accidentally dropping your book
  115. >This just gave Sunset the ability to press more of her perfect body against you
  116. >Your eyes snapped down to her breast, which were so close that you could have leaned forward and inch buried your nose into paradise
  117. >"I see that those mean old guys finally left you alone for a second," Sunset said, tucking a bit of hair behind your ear. "That's great. Ever since I saw you I've wanted to... get to know you better~"
  118. >The girl grinded herself into your lap
  119. >You sucked in air through your teeth, blushing just a little bit harder
  120. >Sunset giggled a little harder as she pressed her forehead against yours
  121. >"I mean, what girl wouldn't want to get a know such a cutie like you? Especially since every single girl at your old school was stupid enough not to snatch you up when they had the chance."
  122. >You twitched as you felt soft lips brush against your temple
  123. >You twitched again when you felt a kiss on your cheek
  124. >It was quick and very light, but you fucking felt it
  126. >"There's not a lot of stupid girls here, Anon," Sunset said, reaching into your shirt and undoing the knot that tied the rape whistle around your neck. "In fact, not only are most of us really smart, but we're really nice too. Especially to cute guys like yourself~"
  127. >Pulling your rape whistle out of your shirt, Sunset tossed it over her shoulder
  128. >As she did that, you were able to get a baring of your surroundings
  129. >Before the library had been empty
  130. >Now it was nearly filled to the brim with women
  131. >Dozens of them
  132. >Some wearing skirts so high that you could see panties
  133. >Some partially topless like Sunset
  134. >All of them staring at you like you were a piece of kobe beef
  135. >As you looked around, Sunset let out another giggle
  136. >You felt two small, tender hands grab yours, lifting them up and pressing them against something
  137. >Something firm and soft
  138. >And... And...
  139. >You looked down to see that you now had to handfuls of tits
  140. >Tits that were still do bountiful that they were spilling around your hands
  141. >Your blush crept down to your neck and, sputtering, you quickly let go of her ta-tas, slapping your hands against your sides
  142. >Sunset's smile only grew
  143. >"Aw, don't you like my boobs?" she asked, bouncing her chest in your face. "You look like you like them."
  144. >She grinded in your lap, biting her lower lip
  145. >"You FEEL like you like them too. Hmm~ cute and BIG too. Oh you're gonna be FUN~!"
  146. >Sunset puckered her lips, leaning down
  147. >Despite yourself, your lips puckered as well
  148. >This was going to be it
  149. >You were going to kiss a very, very pretty girl
  150. >Your first kiss
  151. >And it was gonna be fucking awesom--
  152. >"ANON!"
  153. >Sunset quickly pulled away, looking behind her
  154. >Dazed and confused, you leaned over to see what all the commotion was about
  155. You saw Caramel and the boys charging through the crowd of girls
  156. >In their hands were various weapons
  157. >Chalk cleaners, rulers, a pool noodle for some reason
  158. >It looks like Bulk was waving around a taser and Caramel had a can of pepper spray
  160. >Not a single one of them looked very happy
  161. >In fact, they looked more than ready to use their "weapons"
  162. >"SUNSET! YOU GET AWAY FROM ANON RIGHT NOW!" Caramel shouted
  163. >Sunset frowned
  164. >"Dammit," she muttered
  165. >She looked down at you, cracking a smile when she saw the look on your face
  166. >"Don't worry cutie, I'll get you next time~," she said, giving you a quick peck on the lips as she reached around and gave your ass a grope.
  167. >"SUNSET!"
  168. >Sunset rolled out of your lap, dodging chalk cleaners, books, and whatever else the guys could grab and running toward the other exit in the library
  169. >Seeing that the hunt was over, the other girls quickly started to scatter as well
  170. >By the time that Caramel and the guys had gotten to you the library was once again empty
  171. >The only trace any of the girls was Sunset's peachy, vanilla-y scent and a wet spot on your groin
  172. >"Anon, are you alright? Did they hurt you?" Thunderlane asked, grabbing you buy the shoulders and giving you a good shaking. "Do you need us to call someone? Do you feel raped?"
  173. >Letting out a puff of air, you looked down at your groin
  174. >You were hard
  175. >VERY hard
  176. >Painfully so
  177. >After noticing that fact, you looked up at your friends
  178. "Not raped," you said, your voice sounding very small to your ears. "Blue balled, yeah, but not raped."
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