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is this just on my end, or is this a non-issue? j.w.

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Dec 15th, 2019
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  1. ~minder-folden@ Although that keyboard is mighty neat... ~00.20.10
  2. beginning sync from %kids on ~dirdev to %base
  3. sync succeeded from %kids on ~dirdev to %base
  4. sync succeeded from %base on ~norbet-sommud to %home
  5. [%vane %a /~norbet-sommud/home/~2019.12.16..00.21.58..33e0/sys/vane/ames ~hilfus-tobtyp]
  6. beginning sync from %kids on ~dirdev to %base
  7. ~palfun-foslup@ ~somlus kinesis is good, but i've heard it's not very ~00.22.01
  8. programmable
  9. sync succeeded from %base on ~norbet-sommud to %kids
  10. ~palfun-foslup@ should've gotten a gergo ~00.22.05
  11. ~palfun-foslup/ ~00.22.06
  12. ; ~dev not responding still trying
  13. ~somlus-savlev@ I went with one with two sets of angled keys, and it ~00.22.20
  14. totally helped my hand discomfort. This is taking it
  15. to the next level. We'll see will report back. I
  16. have other issues with my hands / forearms from lots
  17. of repetitive use with work.
  18. [%mailbox-kick i=%~.mailbox t=[i=~.~dopzod t=/urbit-help]]
  19. %chat-hook-resubscribe
  20. ; ~dev is ok
  21. --------[8.120]
  22. ~somlus-savlev@ Holy crap ~palfun that's amazing. ~00.22.35
  23. ~palfun-foslup@ fwiw going split keyboard/ortho with vertical mouse ~00.22.52
  24. fixed most of my carpal tunnel issues
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