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  1. I was at @2.2 negative profits before the bug , when I came back today after the re-set I was at @-5.2.
  3.  When I came to the site with my 5 btc deposit, it was +40~ profit for the website and I had 0~ investment profit.  
  4. Ignoring all figures in between, the website dropped a total of -100~ bitcoins. Half of which I won myself.  That means I would have only been invested for approx. 1/2 of the 100 btc lost. Meaning I was only invested for 50 of the 100 lost. This would put my investment around -2.5~ which I noticed roughly before the site went down.
  5.  Using the before and after numbers and ignoring everything inbetween, there is NO WAY my invested could have dropped to -5.2 because I NEVER had close to 10% of the bankroll for the approx net of 50-60 coins that were lost while I was invested. I think this extra -3btc that appeared on my investment was wrongly charged to me and rather should have been spread across the other 95% of investors in the BR because I was gambling for 50 the 100 lost, yet the bug counted me as invested against myself even though I had divested and gambled.
  6. The only way this could be explained is if the bug me being invested for my own 50 btc of wins at the same time.
  7. What I'm saying is that my investment losses should only be roughly half of what they were.
  8. Its goes completely against all math that I lost -5.2~ btc during the website losing of 50 (because 50 of the 100 lost were my wins)
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