Damedame! 「ゲーム」

Jan 11th, 2014
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  1. ___________________________________________________Introduction___________________________________________________
  2. In the events surrounding the Damedame!, there have been games played with the damedame viewers. Alongside this, there have also been a few major self-contained events or games. The first three (and at the time of writing this, current) major events and games are:
  4. -The Nonary Game (Yotsumoe)
  5. -The Corpse Game (Yotsumoe + Maddie)
  6. -The Dream Game (Maddie)
  8. This all has to do with the Damedame! conspiracy, which can be found in these pastes:
  9. - (Archive of all information, not as detailed on games and the sort)
  10. - (Lite edition of pastebin, meant for those who are behind or new to the damedame)
  11. _________________________________________________The Nonary Game_________________________________________________
  15. Lovingly titled due to the nature of the game, The Nonary Game as played by Yotsumoe is a game in which one solves puzzles and plays game to earn picarats, which can be spent on puzzles, diary entries, videos, or hints on solving puzzles. In order to become a participant of the game, you must be picked by Yotsumoe and solve an entry puzzle or task. The current participants and their details are as follows:
  17. Eins: (4) The first one to solve the puzzle, who goes by "Phi". It is unknown whether or not it is the same Phi from, but there's a great deal of mystery surrounding him as he went missing for a while, as he was on the run. His entry puzzle's solution was a link to the pastebin about the damedame.
  19. Zwei: (5) The second one to solve puzzle, goes by "Archie" or "ArchiveGuy". Is the one who writes the pastebins, and collects the information. Was stumped by red herrings but then solved after miracles. Puzzle had reference to 'run rabbit run' as answer.
  21. Drei: (3) The third to solve puzzle, goes by "ribdib" or "Battler The Third". Makes joke pastes about the Corpsegame and crack theories. Went missing for a long time after getting banned from 4chan, still hasn't gone un-missing even after messaging Yotsumoe about the issue.
  23. Vier: (6) The fourth to solve puzzle, goes by "Einonimassu". Was chosen, but faked as though he was the Secret Santa anon due to a greencard. Got a video from the damedame as well, and performed a test on the IRC by Yotsumoe's orders.
  25. Fünf: (2) The fifth to solve puzzle, not much is known about him, other than that he's patient, and he's commonly called Jumpy (a play on the MC of 999) by people because they don't wish to bother to type his name.
  27. Sechs: (7) The sixth to solve puzzle, this was sudoku puzzle, the first one to solve it became Sechs, the rest was history.
  29. Sieben: (9) The seventh to solve the puzzle, goes by "Battler Mukkun". This was given to the first person to find the password to the hidden tumblr and mail a screenshot to Yotsumoe. Mukkun is incompetent, due to being a battler, but he focuses on the Corpse Game heavily.
  31. Acht: (8) The eighth participant. Goes by "Nick", had received a puzzle that had foretold him going into the forest to solve a puzzle, coming up against a beast (all in red), and then him closing his eyes in non-red, and dying. Mysteriously was given a purple Phi symbol and the number 8, and then became the participant.
  33. Neun: (1) The ninth and final participant. Picked by Mukkun, nobody but him knows who it is.
  35. So far all that has happened with the nonary game is the participants played chess in a tournament, which was where the Uncertainty Box comes from, and the Board Game Online game which took away points because the damedame viewer lost. .
  37. _________________________________________________The Corpse Game_________________________________________________
  39. The corpse game started with the release of Yotsumoe's second tumblr (, and is a game whose contestants are Yotsumoe and the Damedame viewers. The goal is to find where the corpse of Battlering Damedame is, which also implies the culprit, motive, etc. The game is played in an Umineko style, with Yotsumoe and Maddie being the 'game masters'.
  41. Red- Used by Yotsumoe or Maddie, Red truths are absolute undeniable truths that don't need to be questioned. However, wordplay can make multiple meanings so trying to pick apart the meaning of words is sometimes helpful.
  43. Blue- Used by the detective and the damedame viewers, it is used to push theories along. Blue statements can be considered true if they are not contested by red truths by the end of a turn. Note: Not for fishing for information.
  45. Gold- Used by Yotsumoe or Maddie, can only be used by game master.
  47. Purple- Used by Yotsumoe or Maddie, is a truth unless stated by the culprit, in which case it can be a lie.
  49. There also was a 'Decalogue' put in place, which presents some basic guidelines to the corpsegame other than the different colors of text.
  51. ==================================================Dame Decalogue==================================================
  53. It is forbidden for the reader not to have an equal opportunity with the detective for solving the mystery.
  54. It is forbidden for the detective himself to turn out to be the culprit.
  55. It is forbidden for there to be more than one culprit, no matter how many murders are committed.
  56. It is forbidden for the culprit not to be a person who has played a more or less prominent part in the story.
  57. It is forbidden for the motives for the crime to not be personal.
  58. It is forbidden for there not to be a corpse present in the mystery.
  59. It is forbidden for the method of murder, and the means of detecting it, to be irrational and unscientific.
  60. It is forbidden for the culprit to be determined by illogical deductions.
  61. It is forbidden for the crime to turn out to be an accident or a suicide.
  62. It is permitted to have accomplices.
  64. =================================================================================================================
  65. Along with the Decalogue there are the game boards which provide the setting for the events surrounding the murder, and sometimes red truths. The red truths given through that and found by contesting the blue ideas created in the /a/ threads are as follows:
  66. ===================================================Red Truths===================================================
  68. -all spoke in red is truth so no need to doubt it.
  69. -there only 4 member of the damedame and a pidgenyan.
  70. -by time of death few participant already introduced.
  71. -pidgenyan capable of simple plan at least
  72. -Phi is no a member of the damedame.
  73. -Phi is no alias of damedame member and damedame member no alias of Phi.
  74. -damedame no plan any thing with participant outside of game rules. Phi no plan any puzzle.
  75. -blue truth in corpse game no real even if no countered but can be use as red truth until countered.
  76. -event of murder involve only two.
  77. -challenge made before come. paste bin was no for cover up.
  78. -battler no send challenge.
  79. -you are incompetent
  80. -one corpse at least is corpse of battlering damedame.
  81. -body in picture body of battlering damedame.
  82. -all hidden file have do with the damedame.
  83. -phi symbol no connect to eins.
  84. -eins only get one participant puzzle.
  85. -members of the damedame are Yotsumoe and Maddie and Sam and BKITNY
  86. -red puzzle real and got by phi.
  87. -red puzzle also got by three other.
  88. -culprit kill battler and battler dead.
  89. -turn will end with thread death.
  90. -I Yotsumoe.
  93. -Eins and Vier are no same person.
  94. -Battler no make enough noise to wake the pidgenyan. Pidgenyan no wake up by Battler. Battler and pidgenyan no -fight. Battler find paper that can use for theory. kihihihihi!
  95. -pidgenyan no see battler that night so you theory is wrong and you incompetent!
  96. -pidgenyan did no wake up that night. pidgenyan did no attack battler that night.
  97. -BKITNY is tulpa of Yotsumoe.
  98. -Yotsumoe no know battler hold paper X until after.
  99. -Sam know location of the lab of the damedame and has been before.
  100. -first time for battler inside lab.
  101. -culprit do the kill and no leave for other to do later.
  102. -culprit more smart then any accomplace in crime.
  103. -there no place to hide in area of come and leave. any person who go solve puzzle and leave would see battler if battler there at time.
  104. -all member of the damedame more smart then the pidgenyan. all battler may no be as smart though.
  105. -brain of abby normal got from back market in 24 hour of when battler come to lab.
  106. -Yotsumoe no know any one else who know location of lab. All that know location of lab that Yotsumoe know know location of lab is smarter then the pidgenyan.
  107. -Battler die in walls of lab.
  108. -it dark and it small where battler hide. it no other then house of pidgenyan!
  109. -pidgenyan asleep at time.
  110. -puzzle to leave lab is no the same as puzzle to enter lab.
  113. Nothing
  116. -door relock after close so Sam can no see that puzzle is solve when come back.
  117. -no member of the damedame let Battler in on purpose.
  118. -no one but member of the damedame and battler and pidgenyan know pass word of enter at time.
  119. -According to Phi tulpa can no by physical
  120. -BKITNY is no a physical tulpa
  121. -puzzle for enter of lab is pass word.
  122. -Battler open door but no one there.
  123. -Battler perfectly sane at time and no hallucinate. (at time of hearing sound)
  126. -Battler no alive
  127. -Battler no give up title before die
  128. -in corpse game die mean heart stop and brain stop and no start again
  129. -at time of battler trying solve exit puzzle yotsumoe was no at lab!
  130. -Daiz is no the culprit
  133. -june is no same girl sam meet at market many a time
  134. -june is live
  135. -june is no the culprit
  137. =GOLD=
  138. -drei is no the culprit.
  140. =PURPLE=
  141. ->>99643366 can do something. He's not useless. (Maddie)
  142. -no member of the damedame is mod.
  144. =Blues Uncontested at end of Gameboard 3 Turn 2=
  146. [will add at end of turn]
  147. =================================================BLUE STATEMENTS=================================================
  148. In order to provide examples of blue statements that are refuted, so the format becomes clear, here are some of the refuted blue theories people have stated:
  150. ==Gameboard Two==
  153. 99637567 - Refuted
  154. -Blue: Sam, enjoying his life as a member of DameDame returns the lab one day after coming back from the market to find the puzzle to the lab is already solved. He is suspicious because he knows that everyone is busy today so he doesn't know who solved it. Of course, the solver was Battler. Sam enters the lab and searches for the solver, thinking someone may have come home. Sam looks around for a bit before heading back to the come and go area where he sees Battler with the paper trying to solve the puzzle. Sam attacks Battler from behind to protect his way of life but doesn't kill him but instead keeps him unconscious for when Yotsumoe returns at a later date and then they decide the best course of action is to kill Battler so their secret doesn't get out and their enemy is defeated. Yotsumoe makes Sam do the deed for Sam to prove his loyalty to DameDame.
  156. 99639063 - Refuted
  157. -(Blue)Pidgenyan knew Battler was at the lab. Battler couldn't get out of the lab. Pidgenyan killed Sam (no need to see Battler at all). When Yokkyun got home, he thought Battler had killed Sam, and executed him (either for vengeance or as judgment).
  159. 99640840 - Refuted (He is incompetent anyway)
  160. -Blue: It's possible that a participant is the culprit! Battler came to the lab with back up, for example Zwei, and entered the lab. One party, for some reason, betrayed the other, and Zwei ended up killing Battler! It is possible that Zwei reached the lab without knowing it's location: For example, Battler may have drove them and blindfolded Zwei along the way! This way Zwei would not know the location of the lab!
  162. 99641921 - Refuted
  163. -(Blue): There was someone else at the door that willingly let Battler in. Either a spy, someone that was setting a trap for him, or a friend of his that got the password. Battler never knew the password to get in.
  166. 99641233 - Possible Refutation*
  167. -Blue: Battler was able to enter the lab because he saw a member of DameDame enter the password to get in. He hid in the forest and waited for someone to come by.
  169. 99641351 - Possible Refutation*
  170. -tag team blue: Sam left to grocery shop and Battler waited for him to come back and enter the password. Sam entered the password, then made his second trip to the grocery store! Battler took this opportunity to go in using the password he saw. This explains why Battler knew the entrance code but not the exit code!
  172. 99641569 - Possible Refutation*
  173. -Blue: Battler could have also hid behind some trees! Battler timed how long it took Sam to leave and come back the first time, and decided that he had plenty of time to sneak in and do some snooping after Sam left the second time!
  175. 99641852 - Possible Refutation*
  176. -Blue: Battler had been scouting the area for a while before he made his move. Once he had learned of the DameDame base, he made sure to take note of any of the member's daily patterns that he might be able to exploit and other details (including the password-puzzle). Seeing that Sam made two trips when going to the market (and that he often stayed later on the second trip to talk to the sweet lady) he made a gamble one day on the hope that Sam would stay out latter. Battler hid nearby when Sam first went out, and observed closely the password when Sam returned. Once Sam left, Battler used this password to gain access to the lab.
  178. *One Red Truth Could possibly deny any of the theories that Battler hid in the forest around the lab to see Sam enter the code, but it is unclear what area the Truth is referring to, that is, it is unclear whether or not it refers to inside or outside the lab. Theories regarding Battler spying on Sam should probably be disregarded.
  179. |"there no place to hide in area of come and leave. any person who go solve puzzle and leave would see battler if battler there at time."|
  181. There are also some blue statements that seem to fit as legitimate theories that have not been refuted as of yet, and can be considered true. (With a grain of salt, of course)
  185. 99641874
  186. -blue: The machine Battler turned off alerted someone that he was there.
  188. 99642778
  189. -Blue: The person outside the door hid from Battler in some kind of secret door and that's why they were gone when Battler excited the room.
  190. -Blue: There was never a person outside the door. The footstep sounds were coming from the machine battler turned off.
  191. -Blue: The person got on a contraption with wheels or something similar that let them escape without making noise.
  192. -Blue: The person was suspended with a certain contraption on the ceiling and Battler didn't look up.
  194. 99642864
  195. -Blue: The person outside the door was BKITNY. The machine has the ability to manifest BKITNY into the physical world. When Battler turned it off, he could no longer perceive her and thus didn't hear her or see her.
  197. 99646188
  198. -Blue: The machine doesn't turn BKITNY into a physical entity but allowed Battler to hear noises BKITNY would make if she were physical.
  200. ==================================================HEAVY SPECULAH==================================================
  202. ==================================================================================================================
  204. __________________________________________________The Dream Game__________________________________________________
  206. Not even sure if it's a game, or even has to do with dreams, but it's named after the rumors of contact through dreams and avoidance of the subject. This seems to be Maddie's side project, as while what it entails is currently a mystery, what is known is the people chosen are contacted by Maddie, and keep contact with Maddie. Maddie made stories relevant to the dream game, the participants, and herself which can be found archived in this pastebin:
  208. Known Participants:
  210. Shovel- Originally failed, but was given a two day extension for hard work. Later, Maddie made 2 stories about Shovel, chronicling how he broke a few times. After asking a nakama for advice, she decided to enhance Shovel to make him shovel+ (brainwashing perhaps?). Shovel dreamed they were killed by their master as an accident, but then woke up and everything went back to normal. Fate unknown, however is likely still working because shovel+ loves to work!
  212. Face- Failed miserably, but was given a second chance by loving Maddie. Fate is no have face anymore.
  214. Dice- Succeeded, is in contact with Maddie. Very lucky guy, nakama to damedame viewer and maddie. Fate is no problem.
  216. Proud [Humble]- Succeeded, in contact with Maddie, she became so proud that she make master (maddie) very angry. Broke away from chains on the wall through the power of ganbare, didn't ask for help from anybody. Maddie shows pride the error of her ways, so pride dies. She is now humble. Ganbare humble! Fate is nakama and no have problem anymore.
  218. What the participants of whatever this is do, is unknown- apart from that they do various tasks for Maddie which differ from person to person.
  220. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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