shimsham prompt thingy (AnonxPanties + preggo) maybe?

Jun 1st, 2017
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  1. >Start by Anonymous'es
  2. >>anon, what the hell are you doing in my apartment!?
  4. >>the same thing I do every night Shimmy, masturbate into your panties
  5. yes, even the ones you wear at night
  7. >>You will never cum inside Shimmy's panties
  8. >>She will never wear them to bed that night
  9. >>She will never go to the doctor after a few weeks of feeling strange
  10. >>She will never find out she's pregnant despite never having sex
  11. >>You will never unknowingly give her your babies
  13. >She'll never decide to keep it because abortion is death penalty in Small horse land
  14. >She'll never get suspicious of you when you start getting overprotective of her and her soon to be child
  15. >You'll never spill spaghettis, telling that you're like that with every pregnant women you know
  16. >LoE happens
  17. >She'll never find out the truth by simply bumping into you, reading your mind when your hand would find hers to stop her from falling down
  18. >You'll never blink, wondering why the fuck is the mother of your kid's eyes glowing white
  19. >She'll never simply stare at you, her mind trying to process all these informations
  20. >And the feelings you have for her. And her panties
  21. >Swn blush, telling you everything's okay, but not revealing you that she knows
  22. >Not yet
  23. >swn start plotting to get you to confess
  24. >By 'telling' you that she just bought new panties, super sexy panties
  25. >That gives her a great ass
  26. >swn patiently wait in her bed past midnight, awake
  27. >swn gasp when she hears the door opening and you entering, using the duplicate key you got from blackmailing Rainbowcunt
  28. >ywn start searching the drawers, like you did many times before, to find your new preys
  29. >swn fake her stretching, still 'asleep', pushing the covers aside and slowly turning to show you her new laced panties, as well as the perfect cheeks surrounding it.
  30. >and her slightly swollen belly
  31. >with your kid still growing inside
  32. >unf
  33. >ywn start pondering for a minute, but the lust being much too strong for your brain to stop you
  34. >ywn find yourself in your boxers, slowly climbing up on the bed
  35. >ywn try to carefully remove her panties
  36. >swn grab your head and pull you against her, her legs locking your hips in place, against her
  37. >ywn try to get away, her trying to shush you and you muttering retarded excuses
  38. >ywn give up
  39. >ywn tell her that you're sorry
  40. >swn tell you that it's okay
  41. >swn tell you that you need to take responsibility
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