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  1. The definition of Islam 
  3. The definition of Islam knows that Islam is a linguistically complete obedience to the order of command and prohibition without objection, and is said to comply with and the love and leave the insurgency and parents to the intransigence of (rules of dogmas-Ghazali 236). The religious meaning as the term, this is the religion which was brought by Muhammad, and the law which the seal of God Almighty in the heavenly messages. Was Muhammad, peace be upon him to notify people about this religion and its provisions and reject the worship of idols and other than worship of God. And Islam is submission to the Creator, and submit to him, and delivering the mind and heart to God's greatness and perfection, and then pander to him obedience and unification of worship and innocence of the trap by the Almighty. The key message underlying the Islam is the Oneness of God Almighty in worship and innocence of polytheism and the worship of everything else. And Islam is not exclusive to people without the people, or people without the people, but is a call out for all mankind in order to achieve justice and equality for all human beings. Islam is based on the on the basis of common humanity and equality between different members of the Muslim community do not differentiate between the weak and the strong and the rich and the poor, honorable and humble them, and does not differentiate Islam among nations and different peoples only a matter of obedience to God and commitment to piety, it is piety is the foundation on which assesses the work of the rights and its commitment to the teachings of Islam. God says in the Quran:
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