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fw late with equip dupe

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  1. fw late with equip dupe
  3. - same child 1 as fw late
  4. - do everything the same up until dmc grotto rba
  5. - in grotto, you also need to rba with empty bottle on c-right(you will get bottle 3, which we need for blue fire), and dupe fish over poe, so fish can be in bottle 1(since we will grab deku nuts for jabu)
  6. - eveything up until zora's domain is the same
  7. - in zora's domain, grab deku nuts then hess up the staircase and go to zora's fountain
  8. - get farore's wind, do weirdclip, enter ice cavern
  9. - after ice cavern, grab the heartpiece at the bottom of the lake
  10. - enter jabu(notice that now since we can use fw to equip swap boomerang as opposed to needing to get nayru's love early, and also being able to use fw inside jabu, jabu as adult is considerably faster than it already was before)
  11. - finish jabu, unfreeze king zora, eyeball frog, play serenade(this is always faster than playing requiem now, because since zora's sapphire cs sets time of day, you are always going to need to play sun's song because it will be early in the night when you get to biggoron)
  12. - get zora's tunic, play sun's song to turn to night time, get frog
  13. - after getting bgs, play an extra sun's song to turn night(this is the sun's song we would play to skip the water medallion cs)
  14. - everything is the same until fire temple
  15. - in fire, you can now use the boomerang strat for darunia(https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpossibleRespectfulSheepOneHand)
  16. - in fire, instead of equipping chus, equip fw(your equips should be bombs, hookshot, fw)
  17. - everything is the same until you get to the first boulder maze(the one where you would weirdshot and hover)
  18. - now, instead of doing the weirdshot and hover, just go through the door that leads you to the room with the fire wall that chases you
  19. - place fw and go back through the door you entered
  20. - get the gold skulltula in bolder maze and key(like we would in the old route) then save warp
  21. - do block skip, get the skull and fw warp
  22. - set fw again in the same room, then finish fire temple normally(do the hess bk skip from the hammer room)
  23. - do forest normally
  24. - to enter water, use this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke4feyrIex0    (we would use bgs, but it works fine, you just jumpslash later)
  25. - in water temple do everything normally until after you kill morpha, then do the fw warp back to fire temple to skip water medallion cs
  26. - pixel shot, get the 2 gold skulltulas and play minuet
  27. - everything is the same now, but equip dupe instead of equip swap for poe bottle
  28. - in child 2, get bugs in bottle 3(bottle 1 will be overwritten with milk when you get it)
  29. - everything is the same until child 2 zora's fountain
  30. - get both skulls in zora's fountain, play nocturne
  31. - do graveyard and botw(instead of fw warp at the end of botw, play prelude)
  32. - everything is the same now and you don't need to go back to fire temple for the last skull at adult 2
  34. notes:
  35. - we have a lot of chus since we don't need to do fire hover anymore. maybe not RBAing chus and going back to doing RBAing at dc would be faster? checkscurty's video on hylian shield as child: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Osvqlu5Xs
  36. - maybe child 2 could be rearranged better. since we don't watch zora's sapphire cs in child 2 anymore, you will get to talon before it turns day and have to wait a few seconds
  37. - you don't need to do jabu as adult, but it is faster. check fig's timing on jabu as adult for fw late: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMqO_pd2sGE
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