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  1. Been having trouble installing True OS on my Laptop.
  3. I have a toshiba satellite L855-S5405.
  4. I put a 256 gig Samsung ssd hard drive in the computer
  5. 4 gig's of ram
  6. Atheros nic
  7. ZFS filesystem installed
  9. I don't get any internet connection through the Lan or through wifi. I'am guessing it's the Atheros Nic but it seems that at least I should get an internet connection through the Lan.
  10. By the way the wifi and lan were both working before I installed TrueOS. At the end of the installation I rebooted but didn't see or understand when to remove the usb installation drive??
  11. I don't belive the computer has at any point been able to connect to the lan or the internet.
  13. Peter Calderon
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