KTEST - 07/02/2017

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  1. 07/02/2017 - KTEST Live Maintenance (Kupole Server)
  3. ▣ Updates
  5. 【Changes】
  7. Quest:
  8. Quests in the following 25 Maps have been improved:
  9. Delmore Hamlet
  10. Delmore Manor
  11. Delmore Outskirts
  12. Greene Manor
  13. Shaton Farm
  14. Shaton Reservoir
  15. Dina Bee Farm
  16. Vilna Forest
  17. Uskis Arable Land
  18. Spring Light Woods 
  19. Glade Hillroad
  20. Viltis Forest  
  21. Laukyme Swamp
  22. Tyla Monastery
  23. Mesafasla
  24. Stogas Plateau
  25. Thaumas Trail
  26. Salvia Forest
  27. Sekta Forest
  28. Rasvoy Lake
  29. Ouaas Memorial
  30. Maven Abbey
  31. Khonot Forest
  32. Khamadon Forest
  33. Taniel I Memorial
  34. Emmet Forest
  35. Pystis Forest
  36. Syla Forest
  39. Sound:
  40. Skill sounds have been added to the monster 'Nabu'
  41. Sound effects have been added to the 'Laima's Prophecy Tome (1)' and ‘Demon Treaty’ Quests.
  42. Bokor's Effigy Skill Voice Volume has been adjusted.
  43. Sounds have been added to the Mishekan Forest Map.
  44. Kugheri Sommi, Kugheri Numani, Kugheri Zabbi Monster's death sounds have been changed.
  45. Sound effects have been added to the 'Finding a Cure for the Epidemic (1)' Quest storyline.
  46. Sound effects have been added to the 'Nobreer Demonic Plague' Quest.
  49. 【Skill】
  50. Thaumaturge:
  51.     - Swell Body:
  52.         - Swell Body's Skill Description will be changed.
  53.         *(CURRENT) Enlarge the size of your target. The affected target will have doubled its maximum health. Experience gain and drop rates will also be doubled.
  55.         *(NEW) Enlarge the size of your target. The affected target will have doubled its maximum health.Experience gained will be doubled, and the number of items dropped will be doubled.
  58. 【Item】
  60. The Droprate for some items have been lowered:
  61. Kiak Leather Gloves
  62. Skaetis Spear
  63. Skaetis Crossbow
  64. Valgar Plate Gauntlets
  65. Valgar Plate Boots
  66. Razna Leather Gloves
  67. Marone Gloves
  68. Blue Orb: Groll
  69. Red Orb: Groll
  71. 【Package Item】
  73. ▣ Bug Fixes
  75. 【Skill Fixes】
  76. Peltasta:
  77.     Umbo Blow:Stun :
  78.         - Fixed issue where this attribute didn't apply in PVP.
  80. Highlander:
  81.     Cartar Stroke: Collision Damage :
  82.         - Fixed issue where this attribute didn't apply in PVP.
  84. Linker:
  85.     Lifeline:
  86.         - Fixed issue where the skills effect was still maintained after the buff had worn off.
  88. Sorcerer:
  89.     Riding :
  90.         - Fixed issue with monster skills not casting whilst the sorcerer moves after using this ability.
  91.         - Fixed issue when the Monster was attacked whilst traveling, the Summon would stop moving for a brief amount of time.
  93. Appraiser:
  94.     Blindside:
  95.         - Fixed issue where the target affected was not showing the debuff icon of this effect.
  97. Druid:
  98.     Transform:
  99.         - Fixed issue where hitting a monster after transforming rendered your character immovable.
  101. 【Guild】
  102. Fixed issue with the Mage Tower Guild Mission not paying out rewards when completed.
  105. 【Quest】
  106. Nobody Expects the Inquisition (1) - Fixed bug where you could talk to the priest master without having to go to klaipeda.
  108. 【Monster】
  109. Cronewt - Fixed issue where the monster wasn't dropping Cronewt Leather
  110. Cronewt Poisoned Needler - Fixed issue where the monster wasn't dropping Cronewt Leather
  111. Cronewt Magician - Fixed issue where the monster wasn't dropping Cronewt Leather
  113. 【Items】
  114. Pazritas Cannon - Fixed mismatched item icon and weapon models.
  115. Monster Cards - Fixed the issue when re-collecting monster cards dropped via dying on 4-star maps would cause the monster card to become lv 1 again.
  116. Ricecake Soups - Fixed an error that occured with the tradable counter when using this item in instance dungeons/missions.
  117. Timed Items - Fixed issue where this was not linkable to the chat window.
  119. 【Graphic & UI】
  120. Fixed companion name clipping in the lodge.
  121. Fixed issue with armbands not being visible with the Hanbok Costumes.
  122. (TN) - The Rest of the Bug Fixes mentioned below were applied to the Live Servers already on 02/02/2017 :
  124. Fixed screen resolutions that would occur when viewing the Appraisal item tool-tips.
  125. Fixed the issue when switching to Shinobi costume after wearing a highlander circle 3 costume caused the characters legs to pierce through the costume when running.
  126. Fixed some clipping issues that would occur with the Miko costume when performing attack motions.
  127. Fixed issue with hairstyles clipping with the Wizard's Christmas Costume.
  128. Fixed issues with overlapping that would be caused when wizards cast Reflect Shield
  130. Source Post:
  131. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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