CONTEST: Remember Myrskaa! Propaganda Poster

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  1. Hey, folks!
  3. Fanfest fast approaches!
  5. We don't know what exactly CCP has in store for us, but we do know that the ARG they have planned will involve the Kyonoke outbreak! The largest and most desperate of the quarantine zones is without a doubt the Myrskaa city cordon, which now resembles something from 28 Days Later or the Division, with millions dead and tens of millions more who may yet die.
  7. As is only appropriate, we're thinking we need something to memorialize the city lost to Kyonoke!
  9. First place prize currently stands at 8 PLEX, and I'll be printing out the posters to hang around the Harpa whereever they'll let me!
  11. Second place will receive a 4 PLEX prize, but if it's fantastic enough might receive a bonus and may also be printed and posted at the Harpa!
  13. Third place will receive a consolation prize of 1 PLEX.
  15. All placing entries and honorable mentions will win a Quafe Vexor skin. :D
  17. The rub: because Fanfest fast approaches, we've only got two weeks to spare, to ensure time for printing, packing, and hauling to Iceland! The contest closes at midnight, a second after 23:59:59hrs UTC on the 29th of March.
  19. Please send submissions to yours truly, Makoto Priano, via evemail, share via Twitter at @makotopriano, or other such service.
  21. Cheers,
  22. Makoto
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