Uber Jason - Speed 7

Jul 16th, 2020
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  1. Their magnetic boots clamped on the steel surface of the infotainment gallery. Twenty feet beyond, a Prevac passive played on a nanotech swarm, her doubling as a wraparound sliver screen, sixty feet tall.
  3. The gallery featured an old-fashioned movie theater, tier upon tier of red plush velvet seats carrying dozens- hundred- of corpses. Having reached rigor mortis, some sat with huge grins engraved on their faces. An alter audience. Overly alert, even. Oddly familiar imagery flashed up on the screen: a naked, bloody girl, scrambling through a dark, dense green forest. Following the girl, a maniac in a white mask. Wanting, wishing to make her dead.
  5. The maniac closed on the girl. With monstrous concentrated force, he speared her against a tree. She slumped. Her pretty mouth spurted blood. A diagonal rip divided the screen. A huge machete blade tore through, followed by a colossal figure: half man, half cyborg. The creature stood immobile in front of the ripped screen, as though suddenly frozen. Behind him, the scene had switched. A campfire. A counselor telling ghost stories; horror stories, about a boy who drowned, about a monster who could not be killed. The creature cricked its head, slowly, deliberately summing up the prey.
  7. "What the fu-" Thomas managed.
  9. But it was too late. As fast as the words left his mouth, the five soldiers at his side exploded, a thick rainbow spray of blood and intestinal sludge.
  11. "Oh fuck me," Thomas muttered softly. "I should have brought a cigar."
  13. Through flickering eyelashes, he saw the bright crisscrossed blade lines arranged against his flesh like a cookie-cutter.
  15. Then he fell to pieces.
  17. Jason X: Death Moon page 45-47
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