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  1. Username: offensive
  2. Character Name: Samuel Arceneaux
  3. Character Race/Ethnicity: French - American
  4. Character Age: 31 y/o
  5. Character Faction Status: N/A
  6. Character Money: $31,000
  7. Character Net Worth: $63,000
  8. Character Backstory: Samuel Arceneaux was born to Maurice Arceneaux, a French emigré to Haiti working for the administration at the time as an advisor and economic specialist, and Jennifer Cox, an environmentalist and NGO worker in the area. Samuel had a pampered beginning but he soon was swallowed by the streets of Port-au-Prince, where he'd often go outside the gated safety of the homes for the more rich and pampered Haitians. Samuel grew up moving between gangs and gaining connections as a young teenager, often times acting uncouth with the (few) privileged children he did grow up with. Often getting caught up in the deplorable conditions of Haiti and growing up with the kids that could barely afford the food in their stomach, Samuel started buying guns and ammunition young to arm the kids he was a delinquent with -- he had the connections and charisma from a young age. Eventually, how parents caught on and it fell off from there. As if by divine intervention, his life was flipped upside down as Haiti suffered a violent coup that would bring its administration down. Forced to flee due to his father's status as a government worker, Samuel settled in New Orleans for some time. When there, he got a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulane using programs associated with the US Armed Forces to pay for his education. Following up his enlistment, Samuel served two tours of duty with the 82nd Airborne as a 12B Combat Engineer. Following his service, Samuel did not seek to go to the PMCs as people usually did and instead drifted from construction firm to construction firm, which he still does to this day, mostly doing lance engineering work. Samuel has long moved from the Cajun south and moved to Gananda, following the growth trend of the bustling city.
  10. Recently, Samuel has finished his first illegal sale of an untraceable firearm within the United States, walking away with an extra $800 in his pocket
  11. Character Equipment: A rather old double barrel 12 gauge shotgun and a M4C2 handgun. (Both legally owned, he is licensed for concealed carry.)
  12. Character Personal Items: Nothing worth mentioning.
  13. Character Abilities: He is trained in combat applications, has seen combat, is an experienced engineer of varying types and practices, has experience in the criminal underworld, and is a generally charismatic man. He knows English, French, Haitian Creole, Spanish, and some Mandarin.
  14. Character Place of Residence: A-48-10
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