Dadonequus Discord (The After Years) Family Business

May 2nd, 2017
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  1. >It was a bright and sunny day
  2. >You were pulling a large and empty cart.
  3. >Well, almost empty. Poking their heads out from the side was your sons.
  4. >Anon Jr. and Illustrious.
  5. >You yourself had your mane slicked back in a way that your father in law, Filthy Rich, had taught you. You also were wearing a suit with a stylish red tie.
  6. >While Anon Jr. was excited, as he always was, to be on this trip. Illustrious just leaned his head down. Bored with the entire thing.
  7. >"Father, tell me again why I have to come along?" He asked with a sigh.
  8. "You have to learn a little responsibility Illustrious. It's going to be our job to pick up today's shipment of cider from Sweet Apple Acres and bring it to the store."
  9. >"Yeah! That's right!" Anon Jr. Let out, more excited than a colt should. "Being responsible is awesome! Especially when Applebloom notices!"
  10. >Illustrious looked to his older brother with a disgusted look "No, you only THINK it's "awesome" because you are infatuated with Miss Bloom."
  11. >"What? No! I'm not Inflatuamatated with her! I just really like h-...erm..I really like being responsible!" Anon Jr. stammered
  12. >"Oh I'm sure. Just like how responsible you are with keeping that picture of her safe under your pillow. Because you're not responsible when it comes to anything else" Illustrious looked at him with a bored, and yet still smug look.
  13. >"Shut up!" Anon Jr. looks to his brother with anger, and raises his hoof to him "You don't know nothen! Don't make me deck you!"
  14. >"Now do you actually know you're using the word "deck" properly or are we going to be playing cards on a boat?" Illustrious just smirked at him
  15. >"That's it! You're going-" Anon Jr. Nearly swung his hoof towards Illustrious. But you had enough time to stop the cart hard enough to bump them both forward.
  16. "Enough! Geez you two. Why do you have to fight over stupid things like that?"
  18. >"But Dad! He was calling me dumb!" Anon Jr. whined.
  19. >"Hrn, I don't think I was ever so blunt. But if that's how you're going to take it. Then who am I to argue?" Illustrious shrugged
  20. >"Why you-GAH!" Anion Jr. is bumped, along with Illustrious when you give the cart another shake.
  21. "I said stop! Junior, you're not going to beat up your brother. It's wrong! And Illustrious? Cut it out before I make your mouth disappear! Understand?"
  22. >"Ok Dad...sorry" Anon Jr. Looked down in shame
  23. >Illustrious however, was more annoyed than anything. "Fine. But I still see no reason to be here. You're not even going to allow me to challenge Scrappy to chess. Instead, you're going to subject me to meaningless labor"
  24. >You sigh. Illustrious was a smart kid. But perhaps it worked against him at times. He always tried to find a logical solution to problems that only benefited him. That's why you were bringing him along.
  25. "Nope. No chess today. And it's not meaningless. This is important work. This is the kind of stuff your grandpa Rich and his family before him used to do."
  26. >"Yes, and that was good for them. But you, Father? You have a horn that allows you to do anything. Why not just use it to make your own FREE cider and bring it to the store? I know there are ways to do it while avoiding the chaos issues it'd cause. It'd save time, money, and there'd be no need for this" Illustrious said as he began to adjust his glasses.
  27. >Dammit...
  28. "Son, we do this because for the farm to make an income. Ponies like us have to buy their product. And since we're the biggest buyer, we're the ones who give the most money to the farm for their excellent apple cider."
  29. >"Mhmm, and I don't want Applebl....The Apple family to be out on the streets! That'd be bad!" Anon Jr. spouts.
  31. >"Ok....then why not just buy their product and then teleport it to the store?" Illustrious asks.
  32. "I used to think like that son. And let me tell you, magic can't solve all your problems and sometimes it's just a wholesome feeling to get the work done with good ole fashioned horse power. Keeps you fit and strong and it keeps relations good with the customers when you pass by with a smile. It's something your grandpa taught me a long time ago"
  33. >"Egh, I suppose.......Still seems mostly pointless." Illustrious sighed as he just looked out into the distance.
  34. "You'll see one day son, trust me."
  35. >Eventually, you reach the farm.
  36. >Already outside, were barrels and barrels of cider. Right by the barn.
  37. >Beside it stood Applebloom. She was an adult now. Her mane was fuller and longer. And she wore a hat similar to her older sister.
  38. >It was no wonder your son had a crush on her.
  39. "Here we are! Sweet Apple Acres!"
  40. >"Howdy fellas! Got the cider ready for ya!"
  41. >Anon Jr. instantly raised his head and immediately looked up the southern beauty. His heart melting as he couldn't look away
  42. "Hey Applebloom. I got some extra help today. I brought Illustrious along."
  43. >You park the cart next to the barrels and stretch
  44. >"Really now? That's nice of him to help out. Much appreciated" Applebloom said with a sweet smile, she didn't even notice that Anon Jr. had zipped from the cart and stopped right in front of her.
  45. >"Heeeey Applebloom! How are you doing today?" Anon Jr. looked up at her with lovestruck eyes.
  46. >"Oh er, heya Junior. You look as ready as ever" Applebloom smiled at him, but she already knew he had a crush on her. So she tried to be nice yet keep a certain distance.
  47. >"I'm always ready for you Applebloom!" Anon Jr. Says as he tries to lean into her.
  48. >"That's really nice. Ah know you'll do fine" Applebloom gives him a gentle pet on the head. Which was usually, and is, enough to make him melt and walk backwards with a satisfied and blushy smirk on his face.
  50. >"Gahehrm...she pet me" Anon Jr. said as he walked back towards you.
  51. "I know she did son. But let's focus on these-"
  52. >But as you turn around. a green colored changeling with a long horn and rather runty body was growling at you.
  53. >You just sighed
  54. "Scrappy, you do realize you're not even in your disguise right now....right?"
  55. >"Huh? Oops!" Scrappy smiled sheepishly and blushed as he leaned back, rubbing the back of his head. He then quickly changed into the same puppy form he always had. And started growling at you again.
  56. >Same ole Scrappy
  57. "Ok, what did I do this time?"
  58. >He stops growling, then taps his chin with his paw as he pondered "Well, I...don't know. But I'm sure you did something that sullied somepony's honor...oh, also!" He looked at you with a smile "Hi!"
  59. >you just looked up and shook your head as you smiled.
  60. "Hello Scrappy."
  61. >While Anon Jr. was still in his stupor. Illustrious hopped out of the cart to greet Scrappy. His smile warm and inviting. "Heya Scrappy!"
  62. >"Illustrious!" Scrappy ran towards him with a happy grin as he looked at him, wagging his tail "Have you come for chess? Oh Oh! Did you bring your dad too so you could see how I destroy him in the honor of the master?"
  63. >Ugh, you just lose all your optimism when he said that. You had never mentioned that to Illustrious...ever.
  64. >"Sorry Scrappy, father has brought me here to help bring the goods to the store. But" Illustrious smirked as he rubbed his chin "How fascinating you'd mention that. I didn't know father was a terrible chess player"
  65. >"Oh, he's really really REALLY bad. Not like you, you play like an old friend I had...and..wait...did you say we can't play?" Scrappy let out a little whine as he looked on with disappointment.
  66. >"Precisely" Illustrious told him.
  67. >Scrappy looked back at you with anger "I knew I was mad at you for something!"
  68. >Oh god...goddammit. Always with something.
  69. "Applebloom...please.."
  71. >"C'mon Scrappy. You know you ain't gotta be a dog anymore. You're family, remember?" Applebloom said as she beckoned to him.
  72. >Scrappy changed back into his reformed and color vibrant form as he looked up to Applebloom with sad eyes as he approached. "B-but Master Applebloom, I-I like being your dog. I-I'm really good at it."
  73. >Poor Scrappy. He may have been a changeling. But his happiest times was being Applebloom's dog and friend. He was also the last changeling to reform after Thorax became king. He just couldn't let Chrysalis go up until the Raptorian incident. And even then. He only gave up on the rest of his evil ways because he felt so ashamed he couldn't protect his queen. And felt he no longer deserved to look like the changeling of old. He opened his heart to the ways of friendship and love to combat the hurt. And he's since become a better changeling for it. Though sometimes, you could swear he never changed.
  74. >Hell, the rest of the Apples found out about him pre reform, but after Thorax. It took Applebloom everything she had to show her family he didn't deserve to be kicked out. It probably would have been easier if he wasn't spouting his devotion for Chrysalis at the time. Twilight however, was the final piece in convincing Applejack. And that itself was not easy for her.
  75. >It took awhile even after for him to be considered family. And while the way he is now would grant him freedom to walk as a changeling. His devotion to Applebloom and his training as a dog has made him only mostly want to be as such. To forever protect his home, his family and friends, and his master.
  76. >Applebloom sighed as she sat down and hugged her doglike friend. "Ah know Scrappy, ah know. And yer the best dog anypony could ever have. And yer a great friend to boot!"
  78. >That just warmed Scrappy's heart as he hugged onto her with more enthusiasm.
  79. >"So no gettin' angry at Anon ok" She looks to you and then whispers back to Scrappy with a smirk"Even if he's being as dumb as he used to be"
  80. >Scrappy saluted and nodded "Yes Master!"
  81. >Applebloom then walked over to you "So Anon, ya sure ya can handle such a tall order?"
  82. "Oh I can pull it. But as for loading it? That's what those two are for. Specially grumpy grump over there."
  83. >you point to Illustrious.
  84. >"Father, don't call me that" Illustrious groans "I still don't understand why we can't use magic."
  85. "I told you, there's nothing to learn from it and it won't build up your muscles. In fact. Applebloom, you mind leaning that barrel down while I set up the ramp?"
  86. >"Sure thing Anon" Applebloom carefully lays down a barrel as she looks to Illustrious "Yer Dad's right ya know. There's a lot of satisfaction in doin' these kinda things yourself. And it'll help ya grow big and strong like mah brother Big Mac. Ya can't just rely on brains alone. What if ya gotta carry somethin' important and it's too heavy for ya?"
  87. >"I...hrn." Illustrious did seem a little stumped on that last part "I suppose there may be times where one would have to carry something heavy. But, it's rare, especially when you have butlers and maids that can do it for you.Plus, I am at the top of my class. My intelligence knows no limits. That's why I know rolling this barrel will be no trouble, therefore proving everypony's statements false."
  88. >you smirked at your son as you tapped at the ramp.
  89. "Really now? So you can get it up this ramp?"
  91. >"Indeed I can father. All I need to do is gain momentum on the barrel and it'll be as easy as rudimentary math. Just watch as I demonstrate"
  92. >Illustrious confidently went behind a barrel. He knew that all he had to do was get it going and then pick up enough speed and momentum to get it up the ramp.
  93. >The problem was that he actually didn't have the strength to get it rolling fast enough.
  94. >"Hrn?" Illustrious was confused. And his confusion made you smirk.
  95. >He started to try harder, but he just couldn't do it.
  96. >"Impossible. It shouldn't take that much force to get a barrel to roll" He went back to struggling. getting frustrated as you laugh and put your hoof on him gently to get his attention.
  97. "That's the problem. You can't put out enough force to push the barrel son. You never EVER do anything to get your muscles moving."
  98. >"But, it shouldn't matter that much. I should be able to exert enough force to move this barrel." This, Illustrious was sure of.
  99. "You ever pushed a barrel full of cider before?"
  100. >"" Illustrious ears began to droop as it started to sink in "Surely my strength can't be that bad"
  101. "We'll see. Hey Junior, why don't you get this barrel on the cart for your little brother."
  102. >"Sure thing Dad! But first!" Anon Jr. took the opportunity to rush up to Applebloom and turn his cheek to her "How about a kiss to help get me really focused!"
  103. >Applebloom nearly lost it, she held in her giggles as she just raised her hoof and pressed it lightly on his cheek as she made a smoochy sound.
  104. >"OH YEAH! NOW WE'RE TALKIN'!" Anon Jr. Said as he rushed to the barrel, and with ease, gets it up the ramp.
  106. >He may have been a little portlier than you were. But he also was a LOT stronger and was pretty quick to boot when motivated. As an earth pony should.
  107. >"......." Watching his brother succeed where he failed was rather soul crushing for Illustrious. If it was one thing he really cared about. It was keeping ahead of everyone. So to lose here to something so simple killed his motivation.
  108. >You just moved to Illustrious's side as Anon Jr. went to loading up the cart while constantly calling to Applebloom to watch him work.
  109. "See what I mean? You may be smart. But you also gotta be tough or else you won't be able to protect anypony. It'll also make you look like a wuss if you can't even push a barrel. You're smart. Imagine having to carry a bunch of books at once along with your notes and falling to the ground face first because it was just a tad too heavy. Pretty bad huh?"
  110. >"Y-yes..I...never considered that. I know as a scientist or scholar. Carrying around equipment and books does require some strength. I-I guess I figured I met the requirements for it" Illustrious sighed as he looked at the barrels with a frown. "But if even AJ can move those barrels and I can't? am I supposed to even carry a mass of books around?"
  111. "And that's why I brought you here son. To learn a little thing about hard work and maintaining your body like your brother does. Magic can't solve or fix everything. And if you rely on it too much. Then you become weak and brittle. Even a lot of unicorns do that and get some kind of training in."
  113. >"I see...I apologize father. To you and to AJ, I always considered him a brute of sorts. But, watching him work. It's awe-inspiring. He does it to impress a mare who can never love him. It's impressive" Illustrious was really amazed "Is he like this with mother too?"
  114. "You bet, Junior loves to please your mother. Anything heavy she has to bring in? He'll be the first to take it from her hooves."
  115. >"I see..." Illustrious felt terrible. He, like his siblings. Loved his mother to no end. And to be useless to her like that. It hurt him so "Perhaps, I am the one who is useless"
  116. >You whap the back of his head
  117. >"Ow! OWW!" He nearly falls over "What was that for?!"
  118. "For being an idiot. You're great in your own way Illustrious. You've come up with ideas that's helped your siblings and your mother out plenty of times. So don't be dumb. I'm just showing you that it's not so bad to strong and even more social. That way you can not only do more for them, but for yourself too"
  119. >Illustrious went silent as he thought on it. Watching his brother work as he pondered.
  120. >Then he nodded when he came to the conclusion he wanted. "I think I understand now, father. The importance of menial work. I do not want to end up as weak as a baby foal. Unable to work or protect anypony. Just you wait. By morning's end, I shall get at least one barrel up into that cart!"
  121. "Atta boy! You go get em Illustrious. Make me proud"
  122. >And he nodded with a confident smile as he went to work. Mostly with failure.
  123. >Applebloom, with Scrappy at her side, joined you as she watched the two foals work. "That was pretty good work Anon"
  124. "Yeah, I guess so. But I know this won't be enough. I just want him to grow into a happy and sociable pony"
  125. >"Ahh c'mon Anon, ya can't force that kind of thing either ya know? Remember when you were a foal? You were so dopy or angry sometimes that all ya did was be difficult and "High and Mighty"" Applebloom giggled "Remember?"
  126. >Ugh...course you did
  127. "Yeah, yeah. I remember."
  129. >You say as you watch Anon Jr. offer Illustrious his services. Switching to helping him by having every barrel pushed on the cart with both their efforts. Illustrious was alright with that after an initial protest. Feeling that if he got help now, maybe it'd help him be able to push up barrels at a later date. He even thanked Anon Jr. without insulting him. A very good sight indeed.
  130. >"Don't worry Anon, yer doin' alright ah think. Specially with Crown Jewel, she's such a sweetheart" Applebloom says with a warm smile as she nudges you
  131. >"Oh yes! I like Crown Jewel too! I like it how she smiles and hugs me whenever I give her a ride!" Scrappy says, beaming a smile just from the thought.
  132. "Yeah, I guess I'm doing ok. Still, one thing REALLY bothers me about Illustrious"
  133. >You sigh
  134. >Applebloom just looked at you, confused as to what you could have meant "What's that?"
  135. "His head. I only tapped him and he nearly got knocked out."
  136. >Applebloom looked at you as if you were a madman "Ya serious? That's what's botherin' you?"
  137. "I mean, it is right now. You gotta have a strong head, you know? I know my own head is so tough that without it being that strong, I would have ended up in the ground a long time ago"
  138. >Applebloom just shook her head at how baffling your thoughts were "Yer head is so tough it's a wonder any idea gets out of there at all"
  139. >G-guh
  140. "Applebloom"
  141. >Applebloom frowned as she gave you a gentle hug "Oh c'mon, ahm just kiddin'. Oh, hey Anon. ya don't mind saying hi to Jewel for me, do ya?"
  142. >"Oh, me too, me too!" Scrappy hops about
  143. "I will, promise"
  144. >It took awhile. But with Junior's help. Illustrious was able to get a barrel up onto the cart. And while it didn't really fix his usual views on his brother. It did give him better respect for him.And for you? Welp, you just sort of got out of loading your cart through child labor. huzzah!
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