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  2. +drastically buffed and changed most item crashes
  3. +alatered Powered Cannon primary fire: Now it's a spiraling bola shot
  4. +altered Powered cannon secondary attack: Now it's a heavy cannonball that has a delayed explosion with darts
  5. +altered Power Sword attack: now inflicts as an AOE cleave spray on hit
  6. +Buffed Hatchet and POW Hatchet damage and travel speed
  7. +added new HUD icons for the sword, powered sword, and arm cannon
  8. +changed POW lance behaviour, now quickly gains speed as it travels
  9. +changed POW torch behaviour, now drops fireballs on direct hit that bounce around
  10. +added new sword sprites for standard and powered forms, as well as the thrown sword
  11. +added the Red Wyvern Cacodemon replacement
  12. +added the Mage Gunner Arachnotron replacement
  13. +added knife throwing tricks for the thief
  14. +added homing bone attack for the Chaos Revenant
  15. +added new visual effects for scatter shot, POW lance, and max charge shot
  16. +added audio cue for subshot failures
  17. +added audio and visual cues for when lifedrain is in effect with powered arm cannon
  18. +edited how power sword throw behaves, doesn't start homing until after a set time limit
  19. +added Xdeath for living armors
  20. +Lowered the melee speed of Imp Skirmishers
  21. +slightly raised Steel Duke spikeball damage
  22. +doubled the length of arcane chicken and mystic wine buffs (will be replaced with a new effect in the future)
  23. +slightly buffed dagger item crash
  24. +Lowered damage of imp skirmisher projectiles
  25. +lowered Steel Duke HP by 10
  26. +buffed POW Lances
  27. +slightly buffed scattershot damage
  28. +added a chain clinking sound for the grappler, little more feedback now
  29. =Lowered chaos revenant particle count
  30. =Made POW status for Dagger shoot two daggers instead of one, it's essentially the same thing
  31. =Made armor amulet and POW Giver an instant use item rather than an inventory based item
  32. =Retooled the warding shield, no longer provides full invuln but instead properly blocks projectiles in front of you. DOES NOT BLOCK MELEE THOUGH. So better continue juking fools in melee. No longer hold to block anymore either, now tapping shield raises the shield up for a set time before lowering, tapping altfire again will cause you to throw it
  33. =Changed out Cluster Missile and Scatter Shot sound effects for more appropriately retro sounds
  34. =Made efforts to make Imp skirmisher bones fly a little more randomly
  35. -lessened lifespan of thrown sword
  36. -torch flames no longer rip bosses
  37. -recalling the sword after throwing it costs more mana
  38. -Raised eartshaker bomb mana cost by 20 points
  39. -raised cluster missile mana cost by 10 points
  40. -slightly nerfed max charge shot explosion radius
  41. -Nerfed POW'd earthshaker bomb pull and explode radius
  42. -nerfed earthshaker bomb radius
  43. -Players now start with no subweapon, and no subshot. Better get hunting
  44. -slightly lowered hatchet fire rate
  45. -lowered torch fire rate
  46. -nerfed hatchet bounce count
  47. -removed porta chests and porta cubes (More items will be coming in the future to replace them)
  48. -altered some ammo gem spawns, ammo should be slightly more scarce
  49. -Lowered Golden Skeleton's pain chance
  50. -Made Lord Blaz a little shorter
  51. -removed ability to charge the sword, sword throwing is now the powered sword's zoom function, this makes standard sword combos a little more fluid
  52. -raised standard spikeball mystic energy cost
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