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  1. command:
  2.   kit-create: '&aCreated the kit {kit} &ausing your inventory. Use the other kit commands
  3.     to finalize the kit!'
  4.   kit-update: '&aThe kit {kit} &ahas been updated using your inventory!'
  5.   kit-enable: '&aThe kit {kit} &a has been {state}!'
  6.   kit-perm: '&aThe kit {kit} &a {state} requires a permission to unlock'
  7.   kit-fall: '&aFall damage has been {state} in the kit {kit}!'
  8.   kit-pvp: '&aPVP damage has been {state} in the kit {kit}!'
  9.   kit-regen: '&aHealth Regeneration has been {state} in the kit {kit}!'
  10.   kit-soup: '&aSoup PVP has been {state} in the kit {kit}!'
  11.   kit-icon: '&aThe kit icon is now {icon}'
  12.   kit-locked-icon: '&aThe kit icon when it is locked is now {icon}'
  13.   kit-listno: '&cThere are not kits to display'
  14.   kit-listheader: '&6Kit Filename&b/&ePosition&b/&aStatus'
  15.   kit-listheader2: '&9==============================================='
  16.   kit-list: '&6{filename}&b/&e{position}&b/&a{status}'
  17.   kit-load: '&aLoaded the kit named &e{kit} &ato your inventory!'
  18.   kit-loadmsg: '&aUse the &e/sw kitupdate &a command to save any changes you make!'
  19.   kit-loreerror: '&c<number> must be an integer between 1 and 16 or "locked"!'
  20.   kit-lore: '&aLine &e{line} lore has been set in kit {kit}'
  21.   kit-name: '&aThe kit is now name {kit}'
  22.   kit-position: '&aThe kits position is now {position}'
  23.   no-kit: '&cCould not find a kit named &e{kit}!'
  24.   stats-cleared: '&a{player} stats were cleared!'
  25.   must-be-online: '&cThe player must be online to use that command!'
  26.   reload: '&aSkyWars has been reloaded!'
  27.   player-not-found: '&cSkyWars could not find a player by that name!'
  28.   spawnset: '&aSkyWars spawn set at your current location!'
  29.   setstat: '&a{player} {stat} was set to {amount} in SkyWars!'
  30.   must-be-int: '&cStat value must be a integer!'
  31.   invalid-effect: '&cThat is not a valid effect!'
  32.   invalid-color: '&cThat is not a valid color!'
  33.   invalid-sound: '&cThat is not a valid sound!'
  34.   chestadd: '&cAdded the item(s) in your {method} to {type} chests at {percent} percent'
  35.   stat-types: '&cStat type must be wins, losses, kills, deaths, elo, xp, pareffect,
  36.     proeffect, glasscolor, killsound, or winsound'
  37. kit:
  38.   vote-random: '&7Random'
  39.   rand-lore: '&e¡Elije un kit al azar!'
  40.   vote-nokit: '&1No Kit'
  41.   nokit-lore: '&cPuros huesos!'
  42. taunt:
  43.   prefix: '&5TAUNT: &b<{player}>'
  44. event:
  45.   announce: '&7¡Evento &c{event} &7Iniciara en &b{time}!'
  46.   crateInv: '&bSkyWars Crate'
  47. maps:
  48.   created: '&bMap {mapname} has been Created!'
  49.   creator: '&bThe creator for map {mapname} has been set to {creator}!'
  50.   deleted: '&bMap {mapname} has been Deleted!'
  51.   listHeader: '&L&5======================MAPS======================'
  52.   listResult: '&F{filename} - {displayname}: {status}'
  53.   minplayer: '&bThe minimum number of players for map {mapname} has been set to {min}!'
  54.   name: '&bThe display name for map {mapname} has been set to {displayname}!'
  55.   refreshed: '&bMap data has been reloaded!'
  56.   registered: '&bMap {mapname} has been successfully registered!'
  57.   unregistered: '&bMap {mapname} has been successfully unregistered!'
  58.   saved: '&bMap {mapname} has been Saved!'
  59.   register-reminder: '&bReregister the map to have your changes updated!'
  60.   changename: '&bEnter the new display name in chat, including color codes'
  61.   changecreator: '&bEnter the new creator in chat, including color codes'
  62.   addSpawn: '&bSpawn #{num} added to map {mapname}'
  63.   addDeathSpawn: '&bDeathMatch Spawn #{num} added to map {mapname}'
  64.   spawnRemoved: '&bSpawn #{num} removed from  {mapname}'
  65.   deathSpawnRemoved: '&bDeathMatch Spawn #{num} removed from  {mapname}'
  66.   specSpawn: '&bSpecator Spawn set to your location for {mapname}'
  67.   addChest: '&bChest added to map {mapname}'
  68.   removeChest: '&bChest removed from map {mapname}'
  69. party:
  70.   memberbusy: '&7¡Tu party no pudo unirse a una partida porque el jugador &a{player} &7esta ocupado!'
  71.   disbanded: '&7¡&a{leader} &7ha borrado la party &e{partyname}&7!'
  72.   joined: '&7¡&a{player} &7Se ha unido a la party!'
  73.   declined: '&7¡&a{player} &7se ha negado a unirse a tu party!'
  74.   left: '&7¡&c{player} &7Se ha salido de la party!'
  75.   invite: '&7¡&a{leader} &7Te ha invitado a unirte a su party, usa &e"/swparty accept" &7para unirte!'
  76.   invited: '&7¡Has invitado a &a{player} &7a unirse a tu party!'
  77.   pendingInvite: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ya tiene una invitacion pendiente!'
  78.   couldnotfind: '&7¡No se pudo encontrar al jugador &c{player}&7!'
  79.   alreadyinparty: '&7¡Ya estas en una party!'
  80.   noinvite: '&7¡Actualmente no tienes una invitacion pendiente!'
  81.   youjoined: '&7¡Te has unido a la party &b{partyname}&7!'
  82.   youdeclined: '&7¡Has rechazado la invitacion a la party &b{partyname}&7!'
  83.   partyisfull-nojoin: '&7¡No puedes unirte a esa fiesta, se encuentra llena!'
  84.   create: '&7¡Has creado la party &a{partyname}&7!'
  85.   notinaparty: '&7¡No puedes hacer eso. No estas en una party!'
  86.   mustbepartyleader: '&7Debes ser el Dueño de la party para hacer eso!'
  87.   onlyleader: '&7¡Solo el Dueño de la party puede unirse a los juegos!'
  88.   youlefttheparty: '&7¡Te has retirado de la party &a{partyname}&7!'
  89.   rename: '&7¡Ahora el nombre de tu party es &e{partyname}&7!'
  90.   info1: '&fNombre: &b{partyname}'
  91.   info2: '&fDueño: &a{leader}'
  92.   info3: '&fMiembros: &e{members}'
  93. error:
  94.   map-min-be-int: '&cEl valor mínimo debe ser un número entero!'
  95.   map-name: '&cLos nombres para mostrar deben tener más de 1 carácter!'
  96.   map-creator: '&cLos nombres de los creadores deben tener más de 1 carácter!'
  97.   map-exists: '&cYa hay un mapa con ese nombre!'
  98.   map-world-exists: '&cThere is already a world loaded with that name. Cannot create
  99.     new map!'
  100.   map-does-not-exist: '&cThere is no map by that name!'
  101.   map-not-editing: '&cYou must be in a editable map to use this command!'
  102.   map-fail-load: '&cSkyWars could not load that map!'
  103.   map-not-registered: '&cSkyWars could not register that map!'
  104.   map-register-is-it-saved: '&cSkyWars could not register that map! Is it saved?'
  105.   map-register-not-exist: '&cSkyWars could not register that map! Is does not exist!'
  106.   map-not-in-edit: '&cThat map is not currently being edited! Make sure you used the
  107.     correct name for saving!'
  108.   cmd-no-perm: '&c¡No tienes permisos para usar ese Comando!'
  109.   must-be-player: '&cThat command can only be run by a player!'
  110.   signs-no-perm: '&cYou do not have permission to place SkyWars signs!'
  111.   spectate-playing: '&c¡No puedes Espectear mientras juegas SkyWars!'
  112.   spectate-notatthistime: '&c¡No puedes Espectear en este momento!'
  113.   spectate-no-longer-avail: '&c¡Esa partida ya ha terminado!'
  114.   spectate-cancelled: '&c¡Teletransportacion cancelada!'
  115.   could-not-join: '&c¡No se pudo encontrar un juego de skywars para unir!'
  116.   could-not-join2: '&c¡No se pudo unir a ese juego en este momento!'
  117.   cooldown: '&cNo puedes usar tu Taunt para otro &e{timeleft}!'
  118.   chestpercent: '&c¡[Porcentage] debe ser un número entero entre 1 y 100!'
  119.   position: '&c¡[Posicion] debe ser un número entero entre 0 y 35!'
  120.   chesttype: '&4[chesttype] must be either "basic", "normal", "op", or "crate"'
  121.   chestmethod: '&4[method] must be either "hand" or "inv"'
  122.   schematicsInUse: '&4Map commands are disabled when using schematics!'
  123.   nospawn: '&4Spawn must be set to create or edit maps!'
  124.   nopermission: '&c¡Tu no tienes permisos para abrir el menu de Votacion!!'
  125. game:
  126.   command-disabled-spec: '&4That command is disabled while Spectating!'
  127.   command-disabled: '&4That command is disabled during SkyWars matches!'
  128.   votekit: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha votado por KIT: &e{kit}!'
  129.   votechest: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha votado por COFRE: &e{chest}!'
  130.   votetime: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha votado por TIEMPO: &e{time}'
  131.   votehealth: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha votado por VIDA: &e{health}'
  132.   voteweather: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha votado por LLUVIA: &e{weather}'
  133.   votemodifier: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha votado por MODIFICAR: &e{mod}'
  134.   broadcast-win: '&7¡&a{player1} &7Ha ganado en el mapa &e{map}!'
  135.   won: '&7¡Has ganado &a{score} &7en el mapa &e{map}!'
  136.   lost: '&7¡Has perdido &a{score} &7en el mapa &e{map}!'
  137.   left-the-game: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha salido de la partida!'
  138.   joined-the-game: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha entrado a la partida!'
  139.   unlock-kit: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha desbloqueado el kit &b{kit}!'
  140.   select-kit: '&7¡Has seleccionado el KIT &e{kit}!'
  141.   scoreboard-title: '&a{mapname}'
  142.   vote-display: '&7VOTOS: &e{number}'
  143.   win-actionbar: '&7GANADO: &b+{xp} XP'
  144.   kill-actionbar: '&7ASESINATOS: &b&3+{xp} XP'
  145.   death:
  146.     quit-while-tagged: '&7¡&a{player} &7intento escaparse pero fue asesinado por &c{killer}!'
  147.     explosion: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha sido volado en pedazos!'
  148.     drowning: '&7¡&a{player} &7Nado con los peces!'
  149.     fire: '&7¡&a{player}&7 Se quemo hasta quedar crujiente 7u7!'
  150.     pvp: '&¡&a{player} &7Ha sido totalmente destruido por &e{killer}!'
  151.     falling-block: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha sido aplastado xD!'
  152.     lava: '&7¡&a{player}&7 Intento nadar en lava xD!'
  153.     projectile: '&7¡&a{player} &7Fue fusilado por &e{killer}! &a{killer_score}'
  154.     suffocation: '&7¡&a{player}&7 Tuvo problemas para respirar!'
  155.     void: '&7¡&a{player} &7Ha sido desaparecido por el avismo infinito :v!'
  156.     general: '&7¡&a{player}&7 Fue asesinado!'
  157.     killer-section: '&7Con la ayuda de &e{killer}!'
  158. signs:
  159.   offline: TERMINADO
  160.   joinable: ESPERANDO
  161.   playing: EN PROGRESO
  162.   ending: REINICIANDO
  163.   line1: '&8&lSKYWARS'
  164.   line2: '&b&n{mapname}'
  165.   line3: '&1{matchstate}'
  166.   line4: '&8{playercount}/{maxplayers}'
  167.   added: '&aSkyWars sign successfully added!'
  168.   no-map: '&cThere is no map with that name!'
  169.   remove: '&aSkyWars sign successfully removed!'
  170.   addedleader: '&aSkyWars Leaderboard sign successfully added!'
  171.   invalidPulla-type: '&cThat is not a valid leaderboard type'
  172.   invalid-range: '&cThat position is outside of your leaderboard range. Check your
  173.     configuration.'
  174. spectate:
  175.   starting: '&a¡Teletransportando a la partida como espectador!'
  176.   startmessage: '&a¡Ahora eres un espectaor. Preciona E para abrir el menu!'
  177.   startmessage2: '&7¡Usa el comando &e&n/spawn &7para salir del modo espectador!'
  178.   exititemname: '&eSALIR ESPECTADOR'
  179.   exititemlore: '&b¡Click para salir del modo Espectador!'
  180.   playeritemlore: '&7¡Click para teletransportarte al jugador &b{player}!'
  181.   stayinarena: '&c¡Porfavor, mantente dentre del BounceWars Arena!'
  182. menu:
  183.   usetaunt-menu-title: '&7¡Menu &bTaunt!'
  184.   usetaunt-settaunt: '&7¡Haga click para establecer su Taunt!'
  185.   purchase-taunt: '&7¡Has comprado un Taunt &b{item} &7por &a${cost}!'
  186.   usetaunt-playermsg: '&a¡Tu Taunt ha sido cambiado a &e{taunt}!'
  187.   usecolor-menu-title: '&e&lCOLOR DE CRISTAL'
  188.   options-menu-title: '&e&lOPCIONES'
  189.   usecolor-setcolor: '&a¡Click para seleccionar ese color!'
  190.   purchase-glass: '&7¡Has comprado el Color &b{item} &7por &a${cost}!'
  191.   usecolor-playermsg: '&7¡Tu color de cristal ha sido cambiado a &b{color}!'
  192.   useeffect-menu-title: '&e&lPARTICULAS'
  193.   useeffect-seteffect: '&a¡Click para seleccionar esa particula!'
  194.   purchase-effect: '&7¡Has comprado la particula &b{item} &7por &a${cost}!'
  195.   useeffect-playermsg: '&7¡Tu particula ha sido cambiada a &b{effect}!'
  196.   useprojeffect-menu-title: '&e&lPROJECTILES'
  197.   useprojeffect-seteffect: '&a¡Click para seleccionar ese efecto de projectil!'
  198.   purchase-projeffect: '&7¡Has comprado el projectil &b{item} &7por &a${cost}!'
  199.   useprojeffect-playermsg: '&7¡Tu projectil ha sido cambiado a &b{effect}!'
  200.   usekill-menu-title: '&e&lSONIDO DE ASESINATOS'
  201.   usekill-setsound: '&a¡Click para seleccionar ese Sonido de Asesinato!'
  202.   purchase-killsound: '&7¡Gas comprado el sonido de kills &b{item} &7por &a${cost}!'
  203.   usekill-playermsg: '&7¡Tu sonido de asesinato ha sido cambiado a &b{sound}!'
  204.   usewin-menu-title: '&e&lSONIDO DE VICTORIA'
  205.   usewin-setsound: '&a¡Click para seleccionar ese Sonido de Victoria!'
  206.   purchase-winsound: '&7¡Has comprado el sonido de victoria &b{item} &7por &a${cost}!'
  207.   usewin-playermsg: '&7¡Tu sonido de victoria ha sido cambiado a &b{sound}!'
  208.   no-use: '&7¡Se desbloquea en el nivel &a{level}!'
  209.   cost: '&7¡Costo para desbloquear: &e{cost}'
  210.   joingame-menu-title: '&c¡Entrar a una Partida!'
  211.   spectategame-menu-title: '&a¡Menu de espectador!'
  212.   kit-section-mnenu: '&b&lSELECCIONA UN KIT'
  213.   kit-voting-menu: '&b&lVOTA POR KIT'
  214.   chest-voting-menu: '&a&lVOTA POR EL TIPO DE COFRE'
  215.   time-voting-menu: '&a&lVOTA POR EL TIEMPO EN EL JUEGO'
  216.   health-voting-menu: '&a&lVOTA POR LOS CORAZONES EN LA PARTIDA'
  217.   weather-voting-menu: '&A&LVOTA POR EL TIPO DE LLUVIA'
  218.   modifier-voting-menu: '&A&LVOTA POR MODIFICAR'
  219.   insufficientfunds: '&7¡No dispones del dinero necesario para comprar esa Opcion!'
  220. titles:
  221.   warmup-title: '&a{time}'
  222.   warmup-subtitle: '&a¡Preparate para empezar!'
  223.   start-title: '&a{map}'
  224.   start-subtitle: '&b¡Creado por {designer}!'
  225.   endgame-title-won: '&e&lVICTORIA'
  226.   endgame-subtitle-won: '&b¡Inclina a tus espectadores!'
  227. items:
  228.   click-to-open: '&e¡Haga click derecho para abrir!'
  229.   lclick-to-open: '&e¡Haga click izquierdo para abrir!'
  230.   lclick-to-exit: '&e¡Haga click izquierdo para salir!'
  231.   click-to-exit: '&e¡Haga click derecho para salir!'
  232.   click-to-vote: '&e¡Click para votar!'
  233.   no-perm: '&b¡RANGO DE COMPRA PARA DESBLOQUEAR!'
  234.   kit-vote-item: '&b¡MENU DE KITS!'
  235.   kit-select-item: '&b¡MENU PARA SELECCIONAR KIT!'
  236.   voting-item: '&b¡MENU DE VOTACION!'
  237.   exit-menu-item: '&bSALIR'
  238.   next-page-item: '&bSIGUIENTE'
  239.   prev-page-item: '&bVISUALIZAR'
  240.   exit-door-item: '&bSALIR DE LA PARTIDA'
  241.   chest-item: '&bVOTAR POR TIPO DE COFRE'
  242.   chest-random: '&bRANDOM'
  243.   chest-basic: '&bBASICO'
  244.   chest-normal: '&bNORMAL'
  245.   chest-op: '&bSOBRECARGADO'
  246.   chest-scavenger: '&bBASURA'
  247.   health-item: '&bVOTAR POR CORAZONES EN LA PARTIDA'
  248.   health-random: '&bRANDOM'
  249.   health-five: '&b5 CORAZONES'
  250.   health-ten: '&b10 CORAZONES'
  251.   health-fifteen: '&b15 CORAZONES'
  252.   health-twenty: '&b20 CORAZONES'
  253.   time-item: '&bVOTAR POR EL TIEMPO'
  254.   time-random: '&bRANDOM'
  255.   time-dawn: '&bAMANECER'
  256.   time-noon: '&bMEDIODIA'
  257.   time-dusk: '&bNOCHE'
  258.   time-midnight: '&bMEDIANOCHE'
  259.   weather-item: '&bVOTAR POR LA LLUVIA'
  260.   weather-random: '&bRANDOM'
  261.   weather-sunny: '&bSOLEADO'
  262.   weather-rain: '&bLLUVIA'
  263.   weather-storm: '&bTORMENTA'
  264.   weather-snow: '&bNIEVE'
  265.   modifier-item: '&bVOTAR POR MODIFICACIONES'
  266.   modifier-random: '&bRANDOM'
  267.   modifier-speed: '&bVELOCIDAD'
  268.   modifier-jump: '&bSALTO'
  269.   modifier-strength: '&bFUERZA'
  270.   modifier-none: '&bNINGUNO'
  271.   joinmenu: '&bMENU DE PARTIDA'
  272.   spectatemenu: '&bMENU ESPECTADOR'
  273.   skywars-options: '&bOPCIONES SKYWARS'
  274.   particle-effect-sel: '&bPARTICULAS'
  275.   projectile-effect-sel: '&bPROJECTILES'
  276.   killsound-sel: '&bSONIDO DE ASESINATOS'
  277.   winsound-sel: '&bSONIDO DE VICTORIA'
  278.   glass-sel: '&bCOLOR DE CRISTAL'
  279.   taunt-sel: '&bSELECCIONAR TAUNT'
  280. timer:
  281.   game-timer: '&7¡La muerte subita comienza en &b{time}!'
  282.   wait-timer: '&7¡La partida comienza en: &b{time}!'
  283.   minutes: minutos
  284.   minute: minuto
  285.   seconds: segundos
  286.   second: segundo
  287. stats:
  288.   header: '&9>>>&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&9<<<'
  289.   name: '&7Nombre: &a{player}'
  290.   elo: '&7Elo: &c{elo}'
  291.   win-loss: '&7Victorias y Derrotas: &a{wins}&8/&c{losses}'
  292.   kill-death: '&7Asesinatos y Muertes: &a{kills}&8/&c{deaths}'
  293.   xp: '&7XP: &a{xp}'
  294.   not-ready: '&7Todavía obteniendo datos del jugador..'
  295. scoreboards:
  296.   waitboard:
  297.     line1: '&e&lSkyWars'
  298.     line2: '&7Mapa:'
  299.     line3: '&a{mapname}'
  300.     line4: ''
  301.     line5: '&7Jugadores:'
  302.     line6: '&a{players}&8/&e{maxplayers}'
  303.     line7: ''
  304.     line8: '&7Cofre: &a{chestvote}'
  305.     line9: ''
  306.     line10: '&7Tiempo: &a{timevote}'
  307.     line11: ''
  308.     line12: '&7Lluvia: &a{weathervote}'
  309.     line13: ''
  310.     line14: '&7Modifi: &a{modifiervote}'
  311.     line15: ''
  312.     line16: '&7Vida: &a{healthvote}'
  313.   playboard:
  314.     line1: '&e&lSkyWars'
  315.     line2: '&7Mapa:'
  316.     line3: '&a{mapname}'
  317.     line4: ''
  318.     line5: '&7Jugadores:'
  319.     line6: '&a{players}&8/&e{maxplayers}'
  320.     line7: ''
  321.     line8: '&7Tiempo de Partida:'
  322.     line9: '&a{time}'
  323.     line10: remove
  324.     line11: remove
  325.     line12: remove
  326.     line13: remove
  327.     line14: remove
  328.     line15: remove
  329.     line16: remove
  330.   endboard:
  331.     line1: '&e&lSkyWars'
  332.     line2: '&7Mapa:'
  333.     line3: '&a{mapname}'
  334.     line4: ''
  335.     line5: '&7GANADOR:'
  336.     line6: '&e{winner}'
  337.     line7: ''
  338.     line8: '&7Se reinicia en:'
  339.     line9: '&a{restarttime}'
  340.     line10: remove
  341.     line11: remove
  342.     line12: remove
  343.     line13: remove
  344.     line14: remove
  345.     line15: remove
  346.     line16: remove
  347.   lobbyboard:
  348.     line1: '&e&lESTADISTICAS SKYWARS'
  349.     line2: ''
  350.     line3: '&7ELO:'
  351.     line4: '&a{elo}'
  352.     line5: ''
  353.     line6: '&7Victorias/Derrotas:'
  354.     line7: '&a{wins} &8/ &c{losses} --- {winloss}'
  355.     line8: ''
  356.     line9: '&7Asesinatos/Muertes:'
  357.     line10: '&a{kills} / &c{deaths} --- {killdeath}'
  358.     line11: ''
  359.     line12: '&7XP'
  360.     line13: '&a{xp}'
  361.     line14: ''
  362.     line15: remove
  363.     line16: remove
  364. leaderboard:
  365.   header: '&9>>>&3==&1==&3== &5Leaderboard &1==&3==&1==&9<<<'
  366.   header2: '&b#Rango &aNombre: &eElo &eVictorias/&4Derrotas &eAsesinatos/&4Muertes &eXP'
  367.   no-data: '&cNo players found'
  368.   player-data: '&b#{rank} &a{player}: &d{elo} &e{wins}/&4{losses} &e{kills}/&4{deaths}
  369.     &e{xp}'
  370.   footer: '&9>>>&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&9<<<'
  371.   updating: '&4The leaderboard is currently being updated. Try again later!'
  372.   invalidtype: '&4Leaderboard [stat] must be either: {validtypes}'
  373.   invalidformat: '&Holographic leaderboard [format] must be either: {validtypes}'
  374.   signformats:
  375.     elo:
  376.       line1: '&b&l{position}'
  377.       line2: '&7{name}'
  378.       line3: '&c{type}'
  379.       line4: '&e{elo}'
  380.     wins:
  381.       line1: '&b&l{position}'
  382.       line2: '&7{name}'
  383.       line3: '&c{type}'
  384.       line4: '&e{wins}'
  385.     kills:
  386.       line1: '&b&l{position}'
  387.       line2: '&7{name}'
  388.       line3: '&c{type}'
  389.       line4: '&e{kills}'
  390.     xp:
  391.       line1: '&b&l{position}'
  392.       line2: '&7{name}'
  393.       line3: '&c{type}'
  394.       line4: '&e{xp}'
  395.     losses:
  396.       line1: '&b&l{position}'
  397.       line2: '&7{name}'
  398.       line3: '&c{type}'
  399.       line4: '&e{losses}'
  400.     deaths:
  401.       line1: '&b&l{position}'
  402.       line2: '&7{name}'
  403.       line3: '&c{type}'
  404.       line4: '&e{deaths}'
  405. helpList:
  406.   header: '&7-------------------[&aSkyWars&7]-------------------'
  407.   footer: '&7-----------------------------------------------------'
  408.   sw:
  409.     header1: '&7----------------[&aComandos ADMIN&7]----------------'
  410.     header2: '&7----------------[&aPlayer Commands&7]----------------'
  411.     updatetop: '&a/sw updatetop &e - &2Forces a leaderboard update'
  412.     chestadd: '&a/sw chestadd &e[chesttype] [method] [percentage] &e- &2Adds item(s)
  413.       in hand/inventory to the chesttype with the assigned percentage'
  414.     start: '&a/sw start &e- &2Force starts a skywars match'
  415.     setstat: '&a/sw setstat &e[playername] [stat] [value] &e- &2Set a players stat
  416.       value'
  417.     setspawn: '&a/sw setspawn &e- &2Sets the spawn at your current location'
  418.     reload: '&a/sw reload &e- &2Reloads SkyWars'
  419.     clearstats: '&a/sw clearstats &e[playername] &e- &2Clears a SkyWars players stats'
  420.     join: '&a/sw join &8- &7¡Entrar a una partida!'
  421.     quit: '&a/sw quit &8- &7¡Salir de una partida!'
  422.     stats: '&a/sw stats &e(Jugador) &8- &7¡Mirar estadisticas de un jugador!'
  423.     top: '&a/sw top [stat] &8- &2¡Mirar la tabla de clasificacion!'
  424.     glass: '&a/sw glass &8- &7¡Abrir el menu para seleccionar el color de cristal!'
  425.     winsound: '&a/sw winsound &8- &7¡Abrir el menu para seleccionar el sonido de victoria!'
  426.     killsound: '&a/sw killsound &8 &7¡Abrir el menu para seleccionar el sonido de asesinatos!'
  427.     taunt: '&a/sw taunt &8- &7¡Abrir menu de Taunt!'
  428.     projectile: '&a/sw projectile &8- &7¡Abrir menu para seleccionar el projectil!'
  429.     particle: '&a/sw particle &8- &7¡Abrir menu para seleccionar Particula!'
  430.     hologram: '&a/sw hologram [stat] [format] &e- &2Creates a leaderboard hologram
  431.       at your eye location.'
  432.     holoremove: '&a/sw holoremove &e- &2Removes the closest hologram leaderboard.'
  433.   swmap:
  434.     header1: '&7-----------------[&aMap Commands&7]-----------------'
  435.     create: '&a/swmap create &e[mapname] &e- &2Creates a map named &e[mapname]'
  436.     creator: '&a/swmap creator &e[mapname] [creator] &e- &2Sets the [creator] for
  437.       the map named [mapname]'
  438.     delete: '&a/swmap delete &e[mapname] &e- &2Deletes the map named &e[mapname]'
  439.     edit: '&a/swmap edit &e[mapname] &e- &2Opens a map named &e[mapname] &2for editing'
  440.     list: '&a/swmap list    &e- &2Lists available maps'
  441.     minimum: '&a/swmap min &e[mapname] [min] &e- &2Sets the minimum number of players
  442.       for the map named [mapname]'
  443.     name: '&a/swmap name &e[mapname] [name] &e- &2Sets the display name for the map
  444.       named [mapname]'
  445.     refresh: '&a/swmap refresh &e- &2Reloads the maps data file.'
  446.     register: '&a/swmap register &e[mapname] &e- &2Registers a map named &e[mapname]'
  447.     unregister: '&a/swmap unregister &e[mapname] &e- &2Unregisters a map named &e[mapname]'
  448.     save: '&a/swmap save &e[mapname] &e- &2Saves a open map named &e[mapname]'
  449.     arenas: '&a/swmap arenas &e- &2Opens the Arenas GUI'
  450.     spawn: '&a/swmap spawn [type] &e- &2Sets a spawn point for a arena. Type can be
  451.       player, spec, or deathmatch'
  452.   swkit:
  453.     header1: '&7-----------------[&aKit Commands&7]-----------------'
  454.     create: '&a/swkit create &e[kitname] &e- &2Create a kit using the items in your
  455.       inventory'
  456.     enable: '&a/swkit enable &e[kitname] &e- &2Toggles whether the kit is enabled
  457.       or disabled'
  458.     icon: '&a/swkit icon &e[kitname] &e- &2Sets the icon for the kit to the itemstack
  459.       in your hand'
  460.     lockicon: '&a/swkit lockicon &e[kitname] &e- &2Sets the locked icon for the kit
  461.       to the itemstack in your hand'
  462.     perm: '&a/swkit perm &e[kitname] &e- &2Toggles whether a permission is needed
  463.       to unlock the kit'
  464.     list: '&a/swkit list &e- &2Lists all kits'
  465.     load: '&a/swkit load &e[kitname] &e- &2Clears your inventory and loads the kit
  466.       into your inventory'
  467.     lore: '&a/swkit lore &e[kitname] [number] [lore] &e- &2Used to set up to 16 lines
  468.       of lore and locked lore. <number> can be between 1 and 16 or the string "locked"'
  469.     name: '&a/swkit name &e[kitname] [displayname] &e- &2Sets the display name for
  470.       the kit. Can include color codes'
  471.     position: '&a/swkit position &e[kitname] [position] &e- &2Sets the icon position
  472.       within the kit menu'
  473.     update: '&a/swkit update &e[kitname] &e- &2Updates the kit <kitname> with your
  474.       current inventory'
  475.   swparty:
  476.     header1: '&7-----------------[&aParty Commands&7]-----------------'
  477.     accept: '&a/swparty accept &8- &7¡Aceptar la invitacion a una party!'
  478.     decline: '&a/swparty decline &8- &7¡Rechazar la invitacion a una party!'
  479.     create: '&a/swparty create &e(NombreParty) &8- &7¡Crear una party!'
  480.     disband: '&a/swparty disband &8- &7¡Eliminar tu party!'
  481.     invite: '&a/swparty invite &e(Jugador) &8- &7¡Invitar a una persona a tu party!'
  482.     leave: '&a/swparty leave &8- &7¡Salirte de una party!'
  483.     name: '&a/swparty name &e(NuevoNombre) &8- &7¡Cambiale el nombre a tu party!'
  484.     info: '&a/swparty info &8- &7¡Ver la informacion de tu party!'
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