Final Fantasy IV US 1.1 Magical Damage Summary

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  1. This is a draft. I may not update it further.
  3. 1) Determine whether to use wisdom or will as the magic stat. White magic spells
  4.    use will. Everything else uses wisdom.
  5. 2) Set the accuracy to the spell's base accuracy + magic // 2.
  6. 3) If the actor has the darkness status, divide accuracy by two.
  7. 4) If the actor is in slot zero, multiply accuracy by 5/4. If this overflows,
  8.    the high byte will be lost.
  9. 5) If the spell is a hit/miss spell, set the number of attempts to 1. Otherwise,
  10.    set the number of attempts equal to magic // 4 + 1.
  11. 6) Determine the number of hits using that accuracy and number of attempts.
  12. 7) If the spell is being cast by an item, set the number of hits to eight.
  14. Loop through the targets:
  15. 1) If the target has Wall, select a random target on the other side that isn't
  16.    swoon or stone. Use that target's stats for all calculations.
  17. 2) For most spells, the spell power listed in the bytes is multiplied by four.
  18.    Call spells are instead multiplied by eight. This value is the per-hit
  19.    attack power.
  20. 3) If a party member is casting a spell against another party member, set the
  21.    defense value to zero. Otherwise, it's set to the target's magic defense base.
  22. 4) Set the evade accuracy to the target's evade value.
  23. 5) If the target has the darkness status, divide their evade accuracy by two.
  24. 6) IF the ACTOR is in slot zero (either party or monster), multiply the target's
  25.    evade by 5/4. Yes, this is silly. If this overflows, the high byte is lost.
  26. 7) The number of evade attempts is the target's magic defense multiplier.
  27. 8) If the spell is a hit/miss spell, cap the evade attempts at 1.
  28. 9) If the target is a toad or is charging (Yang's Power), set the number of
  29.    evade attempts to zero.
  30. 10) If the target is a monster and has a magic defense base of 255, set their
  31.     evade accuracy and attempts to 99.
  32. 11) Calculate the number of evades.
  33. 12) If a party member is casting against another party member, there is no
  34.     evade, so load the number of hits. Otherwise, load the number of hits minus
  35.     the number of evades. If the target is a boss and the spell is boss immune,
  36.     assume zero hits. This is the total number of hits.
  37. 13) If there were no successful hits, it's mostly a failure except for certain
  38.     monster spells, where the number of hits will be set to 1. OTherwise, this
  39.     target is missed.
  40. 14) If a monster is being targeted by something other than itself and if monsters
  41.     are invincible, cancel the successful hit unless the spell is the Crystal.
  42. 15) If a summon spell (either Call or Grimoire) and the spell is not Asura and is
  43.     trying to target a party member, set the hits to zero.
  44. 16) Dispatch to the spell effect handler.
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