Zuikaku LN Volume 1 Part 4 - The Meaning of Luck (Part 2)

Apr 18th, 2015
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  1. >鶴翼之絆 第三章 幸運的意義(下)
  2. >The Bond's of the Crane's Wings, Part 4 - The Meaning of Luck (Part 2)
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  8. 盛夏的陽光,從敞開的窗戶照進鎮守府辦公室。
  9. >The midsummer's sun streamed through the wide-open window into the the Naval District Office.
  10. 包圍鎮守府的群樹蟬鳴四溢,擺在房間角落的電風扇則吹送著熱風。這個國家的夏天,就跟我們熟知的夏天一樣,非常悶熱。
  11. >The trees surrounding the Naval District hummed with the "SZAZAKARAIIIISUUUUU*" of ten thousand cicadas as the fan in the corner valiantly pushed along the hot air. This nation's summer is just like the summer we (and we as in subhuman suicide-driven nip drones) know, it's fucking hot.
  12. 來到鎮守府一個月後的某天下午,提督將我找來這裏。
  13. >The Admiral brought me here about a month after I had come to this Naval District, on a certain afternoon.
  14. 「關于你想確認的那件事,報告已經出來了,翔鶴。」
  15. >"Regarding the Confirmation you wanted, Shoukaku, the report has arrived."
  16. 在我眼前的提督,一手拿著原先攤在桌上的文件,歎息似地輕聲說道:
  17. >The Admiral sat in front of me, hand lying on a document spread over the desk, speaking with a sigh.
  18. 「你的推測得到了證實。你的中彈率比其他航母高出一截,即使將『運氣』考慮進去,這數字依然會讓人這麽想。換句話說……」
  19. >"Your theory has been validated by the evidence. You indeed sustain significantly more hits than other carriers--even if we consider 'Luck', this is still the case. In other words..."
  20. 「身爲『不幸艦』的因果纏著我──沒錯吧?」
  21. >"I am still constrained by the title of 'The Unlucky Ship'--correct?"
  22. 我出聲打斷了提督。因爲從提督的立場來看,這些話應該相當難以啓齒吧。
  23. >I cut through the Admiral with my own voice--from an Admiral's standpoint, these words were probably hard to say.
  24. 「……就算這麽判斷也不足爲奇吧。」
  25. >"...This kind of judgement certainly isn't surprising."
  26. 一如預期,提督以遺憾的口氣回答。我一如往常地露出微笑,告訴他「請別在意」。
  27. >As predicted, the Admiral responded apologetically. I smiled mildly at him as always, telling him not to take it to heart.
  28. 我早已有所覺悟。
  29. >I had long since come to terms iwth this.
  30. 打從以艦娘身分重生的那一刻起,就已如此。
  31. >From the moment I was born as a shipgirl, it had been like this.
  32. 因爲我就跟部分艦娘一樣,對于「那場戰爭」的記憶非常鮮明。
  33. >It was because I, like some of the shipgirls, had clear memories of "That War."
  34. 身爲艦娘的我,即使背負著與那段記憶相同的因果,也沒什麽好不可思議。
  35. >It was not altogether surprising that would have to bear results and a legacy as a shipgirl identical to those memories.
  36. 在提督身旁聽我們報告的秘書艦鳳翔姊,神情也顯得很複雜。
  37. >Listening to the report at the Admiral's side, secretary-ship Houshou-nee bore a complicated expression.
  38. 「可是,這樣你會……」
  39. >"But, this way you'll..."
  40. 提督的聲音聽起來很心痛。我搖搖頭。
  41. >There was clear sorrow in the Admiral's voice. I shook my head.
  42. 「沒關系。更何況,我有我的願望。」
  43. >"It's not a problem. After all, I have my own hopes."
  44. 「願望?」
  45. >"Hopes?"
  46. 「我想避免其他人因爲我而不幸──僅此而已。」
  47. >"I wish to avoid bringing my misfortune onto others--that and that only."
  48. 「…………」
  49. >"........"
  50. 「我自己怎樣都無所謂。不管受多少傷、嘗到多少次敗北都無妨。可是,我希望不會有人因此犧牲。我身爲艦娘的願望,僅此而已。」
  51. >"What happens to me is unimportant. No matter how many wounds I sustain, how many times I have to retreat, I don't mind. But I do not wish to lose anyone on account of this. This is my sole wish as a shipgirl."
  52. 「你很介意自己在你們口中那場『馬裏亞納海戰』的下場嗎?」
  53. >"Are you worried about your demise in that 'Battle of the Marianas' you speak of?"
  54. 「那種事,即使想忘也忘不掉。」
  55. >"I wouldn't be able to forget something like that even if I tried."
  56. 我以自嘲的口氣回答。即使到了現在,我依舊偶爾會在夢裏看見當時的景象。
  57. >I spoke with a hint of self-mockery. Even now, I occasionally dream of what happened then.
  58. 收容攻擊隊途中突然遭逢魚雷。命中帶來沖擊。由于柴油槽漏出的燃料引發誘爆,導致自己身上起火燃燒。人們不是烈火焚身、就是遭海水吞噬,一個個命喪黃泉──很不幸地,我將這一切記得清清楚楚。
  59. >It had been a torpedo, striking while the air groups were being refueled. A diesel leak triggered an explosion that lit me on fire. Those who did not burn were swallowed by the waves, life after life vanishing before me--unfortunately, I remembered all that with perfect clarity.
  60. 死亡人數高達乘員的四分之三──一千五百人以上。在目前的標准航母艦娘中,這幾乎是最淒慘的數字。
  61. >Nearly three out of four crewmen had died--some fifteen hundred. Among the Standard Carriers, this was one of the most tragic of figures.
  62. 可能就是因爲這樣也說不定。
  63. >Perhaps that was why.
  64. 或許,是因爲擔心日後壯烈犧牲的新型航母大鳳與妹妹瑞鶴也說不定。
  65. >Or perhaps it was my lingering worry for new model carrier Taihou and my sister Zuikaku, both of whom would subsequently perish in the line of duty, that caused it.
  66. 我不想再次害別人不幸。我希望,這次可以保護好重要的東西。
  67. >I do not want to bring misfortune on anyone again. I hope that this time I can protect what is important to me.
  68. 即使我跟「那場戰爭」一樣,命中注定要葬身海底。
  69. >Even if it means repeating my fate in 'That War' and ending my days at the bottom of the sea.
  70. 只要能讓自己的犧牲有意義就無妨。
  71. >As long as my death has meaning, has value.
  72. 「與其提這種事,不如早點將瑞鶴──我那位在『那場戰爭』中,以『幸運航母』之姿贏得許多戰功的妹妹招來鎮守府。」
  73. >"With that in mind, why don't we hurry to bring Zuikaku--my sister, the one renowned in 'That War' as the illustrious 'Lucky Carrier' to the Naval District?"
  74. 我保持臉上的微笑,以堅定的語氣對提督說道。
  75. >I maintained my smile as I spoke with firm words.
  76. 「那孩子應該也跟我一樣,背負著『幸運航母』的因果才對。只要她成長爲主力標准航母,必定能爲鎮守府帶來很大的幫助。」
  77. >"That child should be the same as me, bearing the legacy of 'the Lucky Carrier'. As long as she becomes a main fleet standard carrier, she will be of great assistance to this naval district."
  78. 于是,我抱著決心告訴提督:
  79. >And so, clutching conviction to heart, I told the Admiral,
  80. 「在那之前,由我來保護瑞鶴。即使得用身體當她的盾牌,我也一定……」
  81. >"And before that happens, leave it to me to protected Zuikaku. Even if I have to be her shield, I will definitely..."
  82. 因爲,如果我身上背負著因果,那麽我應該就能和那場戰爭一樣,將接近她的災厄吸引到我這裏來才對。
  83. >If I bear the legacy of that war, after all, I ought to be the one to draw the enemy to me when she is in danger, just like back then.
  84. ◇◇◇
  86. 翔鶴因爲深植體內的心病蘇醒後,呆愣了好一會兒。
  87. >Awoken by past worries, Shoukaku lay in a daze.
  88. 她知道自己在哪裏──鋪在鎮守府自己房間的棉被上。和煦的冬陽從窗外射入,寒風晃得樹林嘈雜不休。
  89. >She knew where she was--in her room in the naval district, on her futon. The Warm winter sun peeked through the window as the frigid wind shook the forest restlessly.
  90. 但是,她不明白自己爲什麽會在這裏。
  91. >But she did not understand why she was here.
  92. 「記得我在沖之島近海的戰鬥中,爲了保護瑞鶴……」
  93. >"If I recall correctly, I was in the waters around Okinoshima, and in order to protect ZUikaku..."
  94. 她回想起朝自己與瑞鶴突進的衆多魚雷軌迹。
  95. >She recalled the torpedo wakes as they rushed at her and Zuikaku.
  96. 當時自己雖然擔任旗艦,注意力卻被四艘戰艦的聯合炮擊吸走,因此沒注意到驅逐艦接近,讓他們得以放出致命的魚雷。如果就那樣什麽也不做,自己和瑞鶴都將遭到複數魚雷命中,必定會大破──如果運氣差一點,甚至可能會被擊沈。
  97. >Though she had been the flagship at the time, her attention had been drawn by the four battleships, and so the destroyers had managed to close in unnoticed and release their deadly payload. If she had done nothing, both she and Zuikaku would have been stricken by multiple torpedoes with doubtlessly heavy and (with some bad luck) potentially fatal damage.
  98. 正因爲如此,自己才擋在瑞鶴跟魚雷之間,向原本爲了第二波攻擊而集合到一半的艦載機下令,要它們攻擊魚雷。
  99. >It was exactly because of that she had instructed the half-formed 2nd air group to intervene from their location between Zuikaku and the incoming torpedos and block what they could.
  100. 盡管也能一邊攻擊一邊進行瑞鶴在奧廖爾海域戰鬥時那樣的回避運動,但這麽一來會分散注意力,有可能導致精准攻擊落空。
  101. >Given, she could have attempted to both direct her planes and evade as Zuikaku in the Orel Sea--but this would divide her attention and potentially prevent her from accomplishing either objective.
  102. 大鳳在馬裏亞納海戰遭到雷擊時,就有一架彗星艦轟去沖撞魚雷,舍命攔阻攻擊。盡管最後失敗了,大鳳也因爲這發魚雷而沈沒,但自己一定能重現並成功──她是因爲這麽想才會采取行動。
  103. >When Taihou came under torpedo attack during the battle of the Marianas, one of the Suisei had rammed a torpedo, sacrificing his life to block the attack. While he failed and Taihou was ultimately sunk by that torpedo spread, she could definitely succeed--and it was for this reason that she acted as she did.
  104. (可是,當時我放出的機體只有十來架,要阻止全部的魚雷未免太少了點。所以我才抱著承受雷擊的覺悟……)
  105. >(However, I only released some ten or so planes--a little too few for all those torpedos. That's why I came to terms with taking a few torps....)
  106. 翔鶴看向自己穿著浴衣的身體。或許該說幸運吧,她身上看不見任何傷口。從窗外是冬季景色看來,沖之島近海的那場戰鬥似乎沒過多久。
  107. >Shoukaku looked at her bathrobed body. Perhaps she was lucky after all--her body bore not a single wound. From the wintry scene outside, it seemed as if little time had passed since the battle in the Okinoshima waters.
  108. 突然間,不安如同海嘯般湧來。
  109. >Out of nowhere, a wave of unease struck her.
  110. (我還活著代表……)
  111. >(My survival means...)
  112. 自己是「不幸艦」。要是這項因果終于轉向提督或其他艦娘了呢?要是瑞鶴的幸運抵擋不了──
  113. >She was the "unlucky ship." What if this legacy had targeted the Admiral or the other shipgirls? If Zuikaku's luck was an insufficient defense--
  114. 她反刍起過去對提督立下的誓言。
  115. >Her oath to the Admiral flashed through her mind.
  116. 「……!瑞──」
  117. >".....! Zui--"
  118. 「翔鶴姊!」
  119. >"Shoukaku-nee!"
  120. 拉門突然開啓。驅逐艦雪風正要踏進房間──卻像驚覺到什麽似地停住不動。
  121. >The doors slammed open as destroyer Yukikaze stepped into the room--and then stopped, as if transfixed with shock.
  122. 「非、非常抱歉!翔鶴姊明明還在睡……!」
  123. >"I-I'm really sorry! Shoukaku-nee was still sleeping....!"
  124. 「沒關系,因爲我正要起床……」
  125. >That's fine, I was just about to get up."
  126. 翔鶴爲了讓雪風安心而露出微笑,就像她爲了不讓瑞鶴擔心所表現的那樣。
  127. >Shoukaku smiled to calm Yukikaze, as she did to reassure Zuikaku.
  128. 「所以呢,出了什麽事嗎?」
  129. >"Well then, what happened?"
  130. 「是的,瑞鶴姊她──」
  131. >"Yes, Zuikaku-onee, she--"
  132. 「瑞鶴?瑞鶴她沒事吧……?」
  133. >"Zuikaku? Is Zuikaku alright...?"
  134. 翔鶴推開棉被起身。
  135. >Shoukaku bolted up, shoving her covers aside.
  136. 雪風將視線從翔鶴身上移開,用充滿歉意的口吻說道:
  137. >Yukikaze's gaze turned from Shoukaku elsewhere as she spoke with a voice of apology.
  138. 「她沒事,不過……」
  139. >"She's fine, but...."
  141. 2
  142. >2.
  143. 「開什麽玩笑!」
  144. >"Do you think this is some kind of joke?!"
  145. 瑞鶴怒吼。
  146. >Zuikaku shouted in rage.
  147. 地點是鎮守府辦公室。瑞鶴昨天才跟受傷的同伴們一同歸來。
  148. >The location was the Naval District office. Zuikaku had only just returned yesterday with her wounded comrades.
  149. 眼前,數分鍾前把自己叫來的提督坐在辦公桌後。他身旁沒有秘書艦,也沒找其他艦娘到場,而是單獨與瑞鶴對峙。
  150. >Having called her over, the Admiral now sat behind the desk in front of her. No secretary ship stood by his side, and no other shipgirls were present--a one-on-one standoff.
  151. 瑞鶴單手拍桌,滿臉怒容地再度大叫:
  152. >Zuikaku slammed a hand on the table, her expression filled with rage as she bellowed.
  153. 「要我再次攻擊沖之島近海的泊地?而且又是跟翔鶴姊一起──你到底在想什麽啊!那裏有……」
  154. >"You want me to attack Okinoshima again? And with Shoukaku-nee too--what the hell is wrong with you? There's--"
  155. 「那裏有以四艘RU級戰艦爲核心的深海棲艦主力艦隊,前所未有地強大。」
  156. >"--A main fleet built around four Ru-classes garrisoned there, a force stronger than anything we have faced."
  157. 提督就像替瑞鶴補充一般,以毫無感情的聲音說道。
  158. >As if to complete Zuikaku's thought, the Admiral interjected with an emotionless tone.
  159. 「而且那四艘RU級之中,還有一艘是從未確認過的新種──那場戰鬥後,我們命名爲『旗標型』。」
  160. >"And among those four Ru-classes, there is a new model--after that battle, we have named it the 'Flagship Type.'"
  161. 「既然你都知道……!」
  162. >"Well then if you already know....!"
  163. 「此外,那四艘還采取了以連續炮擊讓水柱包圍我方,進而妨礙瞄准的新戰術──管制炮擊戰。想來他們裝備了最新型的雷達吧。」
  164. >"Moreover, those four battleships are attempting a new tactic, trying to surround us with water pillars by firing in series and trying to obscure our line of sight--Suppression Shelling, essentially. I assume that means they are equipped with the newest Radars."
  165. 提督以堅定的口吻說下去。他的語氣令瑞鶴無法插嘴。
  166. >The Admiral spoke in a firm tone that proscribed any interruption.
  167. 「射程也與長門型戰艦同等或更遠,若是一般戰艦必然會被先發制人。而進了夜戰,射擊精准度的差異或許會更明顯。」
  168. >"Range seemed equivalent to that of the Nagato-class...if they were normal Battleships they'd went straight for the kill. In night battle, the disparity in accuracy may well become even more pronounced."
  169. 「……!」
  170. >".....!"
  171. 「正因爲如此,我們只能將希望賭在你們航母的打擊力上。若是航母的艦載機,就能從可怕的管制炮擊射程之外,對那四艘進行視距外攻擊。目前,鎮守府與工廠正爲了確保這次出擊的資材和裝備奔走。」
  172. >"It's exactly because of this that we are betting our hopes on the power of you carriers. Carrier planes can strike from beyond their fearsome firing range and attack those four battleships from beyond the horizon. Currently, the Naval District and Factory is operating at full capacity, stockpiling resources and equipment for this sortie."
  173. 從頭到尾,提督都以冷靜的口氣說話。
  174. >From beginning to end, the Admiral spoke with icy calm.
  175. 「這大概是上天給我們的最後一次機會。根據偵察結果,在沖之島泊地附近的警戒部隊動作頻繁,活動範圍逐漸朝本土擴大。知道這意味著什麽嗎?」
  176. >"This may well be the last chance given to us. Reconnaissance shows that enemy patrols have increased in both activity and patrol radius. Do you know what that means?"
  177. 瑞鶴感覺背脊竄過一絲寒意。
  178. >Zuikaku felt a chill travel down her spine.
  179. 「那支主力准備朝本土移動……?」
  180. >"That the main fleet is preparing to make their move against home base...?"
  181. 「也可能是以這座鎮守府爲目標。如果,深海棲艦不是『那場戰爭』裏衆多沈沒艦艇的怨念,而是沈沒艦娘的末路,那麽就算敵方已經掌握鎮守府的地點也不足爲奇。」
  182. >"It's possible that this Naval District is their target. If, by any chance, the Abyssals are not the regrets of 'That War' but the fate of shipgirls who have sank, it would not be surprising if they knew the location of this Naval District."
  183. 瑞鶴表情嚴峻。即使有這種可能性,她也不想聽到人家當面說出口。
  184. >Zuikaku's expression was bleak--while it was certainly possible, she would rather have left it unsaid.
  185. 「……正因爲如此,我才想派你們五航戰姊妹出擊。幸運的是,你們在那場戰鬥中損傷輕微。一航戰與二航戰的標准航母直到現在還沒完全恢複,短期內都無法出動;而長門與陸奧那樣的戰艦也一樣。目前,能跟他們對等戰鬥的只有你們。」
  186. >"...and it is precisely due to this that I plan to dispatch you sisters of the 5thCarDiv. Thankfully, you only sustained minor damage. 1stCarDiv and 2ndCarDiv's standard carriers have yet to fully recover--they are unlikely to be capable of sortieing in the near future; the same goes for Mutsu and the other Battleships. Currently, the only ship that can take them on are you two."
  187. 「……或許你是想用理論說服我,但實際上完全不是這樣。」
  188. >" can tray to convince me with your arguments, but the reality is nothing like that."
  189. 瑞鶴握緊了放在桌上的拳頭,忿忿地瞪著提督。
  190. >Zuikaku tightly gripped the desk as she glared at the Admiral.
  191. 「爲什麽你會認爲我們能跟那種怪物對等地戰鬥?我跟翔鶴姊之所以能夠活著回來……」
  192. >"Why do you believe that I could take on monsters like those? Shoukaku-nee and my survival and return...."
  193. 她在說話的同時,腦中回想起依然十分鮮明的沖之島戰役情景。
  194. >As she spoke, her recollection of the Battle at Okinoshima floated into her mind.
  195. ◇◇◇
  197. 「翔鶴姊──!」
  198. >"Shoukaku-nee--!"
  199. 就在瑞鶴大叫的那一刻,翔鶴周圍發生了多處爆炸與因此而生的水柱,瞬間遮住了翔鶴的身影。
  200. >Even as Zuikaku cried out her warning, Shoukaku was engulfed in multiple water spouts, briefly shielding her from view.
  201. 發生什麽事顯而易見──翔鶴以頭上的艦載機攻擊魚雷群,同時爲了不讓瑞鶴被無法相消的魚雷所傷,而用自己的身體當盾牌。就如戰鬥前她自己說出口的決心一樣。
  202. >What happened was obvious--Shoukaku had used the carrier planes above her to target the torpedo spread, simultaneously using her body to shield Zuikaku from the remaining torpedos. Just like she had resolved to do before the battle.
  203. 「啊、啊……」
  204. >"A,ah...."
  205. 瑞鶴震驚得說不出話,只是盯著翔鶴周圍那些水柱接連崩塌的景象。一如預期,翔鶴無法解決所有的魚雷,有數發自左右穿過──然而,瑞鶴毫發無傷。
  206. >Zuikaku shook wordlessly, simply staring as the curtain of geysers receded. As expected, Shoukaku could not have stopped all the torpedos; several shot past on either side of her--even so, Zuikaku was completely unharmed.
  207. (怎麽會、怎麽會……!)
  208. >( can this be...!)
  209. 瑞鶴感到絕望逐漸染遍心靈。這麽一來,等于是自己害翔鶴沈沒──自己就如同「幸運航母」這個名字一樣,犧牲「不幸艦」換取自己的生存。
  210. >Zuikaku felt the hopelessness seeping through her spirit. As it was, she may as well have been the one that had sank Shoukaku--living up to the name of the 'lucky carrier', she had sacrificed the 'unlucky ship' for her own survival.
  211. (我根本不希望這樣!我只不過是想爲了拯救這個世界而戰……!)
  212. >(I never asked for this! I just wanted to fight to save this world....!)
  213. 水柱緩緩崩落。不過,瑞鶴在裏面看見一個隨著水柱崩潰而倒下的人影。
  214. >The pillars of water slowly collapsed--revealing to Zuikaku a figure collapsed like the geysers around her.
  215. 「翔鶴姊!」
  216. >"Shoukaku-nee!"
  217. 瑞鶴急忙沖過去,抱住倒在水上的翔鶴。
  218. >Zuikaku hurried rushed over as she lifted Shoukaku from where she lay on the water's surface.
  219. 翔鶴遍體鱗傷,裝備悉數遭到破壞,艦載機也一架不剩。但她還活著──翔鶴曾說過,艦娘只要沒死就會浮在水面上。
  220. >Shoukaku's body was covered in wounds, her equipment virtually destroyed--it seemed not a single carrier plane had survived. But she was alive--Shoukaku had once said that shipgirls would float, as long as they remained alive.
  221. (太好了!不過,爲什麽……?)
  222. >(Thank god! But, why...?)
  223. 在泫然欲泣的同時,瑞鶴內心卻也感到疑惑。即使艦載機減少了襲擊翔鶴的魚雷數量,憑翔鶴的耐久力應該撐不住才對。但是,翔鶴勉強活了下來──
  224. >Even as she cried tears of joy, Zuikaku felt a smidgen of unease. Even if Shoukaku carrier planes had managed to reduce the torpedos coming at her, the remainder should have been more than enough to finish her in her current state. And yet, Shoukaku had managed to just barely hold on.
  225. 緊接著,頭上有數架艦載機低空掠過。那是兩翼裝有浮筒的水上機,並非自己和翔鶴放出的機體。
  226. >Presently, several carrier planes flew over at low altitude. These planes bore floats--they weren't Shoukaku's, at any rate.
  227. 看來是這批水上機編隊跟著翔鶴的攻擊隊攻擊魚雷,才讓翔鶴得以活下來。
  228. >It seemed like this seaplane team had joined Shoukaku in attacking the torpedos, saving her life in the process.
  229. (水上機?該不會……?)
  230. >(Seaplanes? It can't be...?)
  231. 『──沒事吧,五航戰姊妹?』
  232. >"--are you alright, 5thCarDiv Sisters?"
  233. 耳邊傳來的聲音是──無線通訊。聲音的主人則是──
  234. >The voice in her ear--a radio transmission. And that voice belonged to--"
  235. 「伊勢姊?」
  236. >"Ise-onee?"
  237. 這是來自航空戰艦伊勢的通訊。瑞鶴吃驚地看著伊勢與日向。
  238. >This transmission came from Aviation Battleship Ise. Zuikaku gaped at Ise and Hyuuga, astonished.
  239. 伊勢與日向在衆多水柱的包圍下,回避四艘RU級戰艦的連續炮擊。
  240. >Ise and Hyuuga evaded the continued fire from the four Ru-classes and the pillars of water surrounding them.
  241. 兩人承受了數發直擊彈與衆多極近距離彈而遍體鱗傷,相當于裝甲的防護罩也瀕臨崩潰,但她們沒有停下腳步,不斷地回避炮彈。盡管她們的動作很符合自己戰艦的身分,絕對說不上敏捷──卻靠著「在敵方開炮後才動作」避開瞄准。
  242. >Both had sustained several direct hits and several near misses and the wounds to prove it--their protective barriers were also in tatters. But they continued moving as they evaded shell after shell. While they moved as sluggishly as their status as battleships implied, they moved spryly, dodging only after the enemy had fired.
  243. (這麽說來,恩加諾角時也是……!)
  244. >(So even at Cape Engano....!)
  245. 瑞鶴在屏息的同時,想起了自己在「那場戰爭」最後看見的一景。
  246. >Breathless, Zuikaku remembered the last scenes she had witnessed of "That War."
  247. 自己沈沒的恩加諾角海戰,是對己方來說的最後一場艦隊決戰──雷伊泰灣海戰中的機動部隊戰。伊勢與日向在那場戰鬥中負責護衛以自己爲首的四艘航母,進行嚴苛的防空戰。
  248. >The Battle of Engano where she sank had been the last decisive battle for her side--the carrier battle of the Leyte Gulf. Ise and Hyuuga had been responsible for the protection of four carriers, led by Zuikaku, committing themselves to a harrowing anti-air battle.
  249. 結果這場戰鬥以日本方的大敗收場,己方的四艘航母也全數遭到擊沈,但伊勢與日向靠著巧妙的回避運動躲開了敵機的波狀攻擊,漂亮地在原先以爲會全滅的海戰中存活。看來變成艦娘的兩人,也繼承了這種不像戰艦的靈活。
  250. >The battle had ended in disaster for the Japanese--all four carriers were lost. But Ise and Hyuuga had managed to shrewdly evade the enemy planes' waves of attacks, surviving a battle from which no survivors were expected. Watching these two shipgirls now, it seemed as if they had inherited that agility, so unlike those of battleships.
  251. 伊勢急切的聲音再度響起。
  252. >Ise's voice rose urgently.
  253. 『──翔鶴沒事吧?現在開始撤退。我們四航戰負責殿後,你們五航戰姊妹盡快脫離這片海域!』
  254. >"--is Shoukaku fine? We're falling back now--we of the 4thCarDiv will form the rearguard, you 5thCarDiv sisters hurry up and scram!"
  255. 「在這種狀況下脫離……?」
  256. >"To leave in this situation....?"
  257. 「剛才收到了提督的命令!反正已經掌握了敵軍主力的真面目,既然戰況不利,那也只能撤退了……!」
  258. >"We just received orders from the Admiral! We've finally managed to unmask the enemy Main Fleet's true face--given how the battle is going, we have no option but to retreat...!"
  259. 瑞鶴發現自己血壓上升的速度比安心感來得快。
  260. >Zuikaku found that her blood was rising far faster than her relief.
  261. (這麽一來,我們不就只是爲了掌握敵主力的真面目……!)
  262. >(Doesn't that mean that we were sent just to scout out the enemy's composition...!?)
  263. 從某方面來看─這是個順應戰況的合理判斷──然而,她根本無法接受。
  264. >From a certain point of view, this was a reasonable judgement and choice--even so, she could not accept it.
  265. 『──憑我們四航戰的耐久力與回避能力,就算同時應付那四艘,應該也能爭取足夠的時間──動作快!』
  266. >"--We of the 4thCarDiv's durability and evasion is more than enough, if it's just buying time against those four Battleships--now hurry up!"
  267. 「可、可是,這麽一來你們……」
  268. >"B-but, if that happens you'll..."
  269. 『──別小看四航戰!對吧,日向!』
  270. >"Don't look underestimate the 4thCarDiv! Right, Hyuuga!"
  271. 『──是啊。就讓他們看看航空戰艦真正的力量!瑞鶴,我們之後一定會跟上──所以快逃!』
  272. >"That's right. Let them witness the true power of the Aviation Battleships! Zuikaku, we'll definitely catch up with you--get going!"
  273. 兩人就像要鼓舞自己般喊道。
  274. >The two bellowed, as if to reassure themselves.
  275. 同時,遠方也傳來別的炮聲──重巡摩耶、鳥海正在和剛才發射魚雷的敵驅逐艦交戰。
  276. >At the same time, gunfire echoed in the distance--Maya and Choukai were engaging the Destroyers that had just launched the torpedo spread.
  277. 瑞鶴咽下口水。現在,敵軍應該將注意力都放在別的地方──
  278. >Zuikaku gulped. Currently, the enemy was completely focused elsewhere--
  279. 思緒混亂的瑞鶴,看向遍體鱗傷的翔鶴──她臉上浮現難受的表情,彷佛在忍耐痛楚。如果自己不逃,翔鶴可能會被擊沈。
  280. >In her confusion, Zuikaku saw the wounded Shoukaku as an expression of anguish appeared across her face--it seemed she was trying to endure the pain. If she didn't escape, Shoukaku might sink.
  281. 「……對不起……!」
  282. >"....sorry.....!"
  283. 瑞鶴抱起翔鶴,開始後退。
  284. >Zuikaku lifted Shoukaku up as she started her retreat.
  286. ◇◇◇
  288. 「之所以能活著回來,是因爲伊勢姊和日向姊當了我們的盾牌。」
  289. >"The only reason we survived was because Ise-nee and Hyuuga-nee acted as our shields."
  290. 瑞鶴低下頭,懊悔地訴說這段事實。
  291. >Zuikaku lowered her head with her remorseful admission.
  292. 「不過在我們撤退之後,她們倆都是以大破狀態回歸,摩耶、鳥海、翔鶴姊也一樣……光靠我們已經無能爲力……」
  293. >"But after we made it out, those two returned with severe damage. Maya, Choukai and Shoukaku-nee were the same...that was the limit of our power."
  294. 「我們的高層認定,身爲『幸運航母』的你參加才會有勝算。」
  295. >"Our Higher-Ups believe that you, as the 'Lucky Carrier,' are needed in the fleet for us to have any chance of victory."
  296. 「……!」
  297. >"....!"
  298. 瑞鶴再度瞪向提督。提督則是冷靜地接受。
  299. >Zuikaku glared once more at the Admiral, who took it in calmly.
  300. 「我想翔鶴應該對你提過,你身爲『幸運航母』,擁有掌握最佳命運的力量。正因爲如此,我們才得到了最後的機會。」
  301. >"I'm sure Shoukaku has told you before of your ability as the 'Lucky Carrier' to grasp the most fortunate result. It's because of this status that we were given this last chance."
  302. 「『幸運航母』、『幸運航母』……大家到底把我當成什麽東西了!」
  303. >"'Lucky Carrier' this, 'Lucky Carrier' everyone just treating me as an object to carry around?!"
  304. 瑞鶴探出身子,再度怒吼。某種難以忍受的東西湧上心頭。
  305. >Zuikaku leaned forwards as she shouted in rage. Something that she had been struggling to endure had finally boiled over.
  306. 「掌握最佳命運的力量?我根本沒依賴什麽幸運,只是全力以赴而已!不要隨便把這種角色安在我頭上!」
  307. >"The power to grasp the most fortunate outcome? I never trusted your fucking luck, I just did my best! Don't just foist a role on me like that!"
  308. 「你的解釋沒有問題。只不過爲了拯救這個世界,我們需要你的力量。實際上,你也的確在那場戰鬥中發現敵人的真面目,並且成功帶著中彈的翔鶴逃離戰場。從戰力差距考量,可以說是奇迹般的成果。」
  309. >"I have no objection with your explanation. But we need your power to save the world. The fact is that you managed to unveil the enemy's true face and successfully escaped with a wounded Shoukaku from the battle. Given your comparative combat ability, this result may as well be a miracle."
  310. 「那麽,我是因爲這樣才被招來這裏的嗎?這麽一來,我不就像是引發奇迹的手段嗎!居然爲了這種理由讓翔鶴姊和其他艦娘犧牲,這種事太沒道理了!」
  311. >"So I was called here just for that, then? So I'm just a bloody lucky charm you carry around so the miracles come falling? Sacrificing Shoukaku-nee and the other shipgirls for some crap like that--this is a little too unreasonable!"
  312. 「…………」
  313. ".........."
  314. 「說我們──說艦娘不是戰爭道具的人,不就是提督你嗎!」
  315. >"The one who said that shipgirls aren't tools of war, wasn't that you, Admiral?"
  316. 「要這麽說也行──而這是打贏戰爭必須做出的犧牲。」
  317. >"That's fine as well--this is a war, and sacrifices must sometimes be made."
  318. 「……!」
  319. >"........."
  320. 「我們非得靠自己的手開拓自己的命運不可。」
  321. >"We must grab our fates with our own hands."
  322. 氣急攻心的瑞鶴忍不住舉起短弓。當然,她沒放出搭在上頭的箭矢──艦載機。可是,只要稍微一動手指,飛機立刻就會沖向提督。
  323. >Nearly gasping in rage, Zuikaku couldn't stop herself from raising her shortbow. Of course, she didn't loose the carrier plane at the arrow's tip--but just a twitch of the finger, and the plane would immediately shoot at the Admiral.
  324. 提督並未有所動作,而是在眼中凝聚了足以對抗瑞鶴怒火的堅強意志,緊盯瑞鶴。
  325. >The Admiral didn't move, but gazed back evenly with a resolve that stood up to Zuikaku's rage.
  326. 盡管氣得咬牙切齒,瑞鶴依然沒有下手──她下不了手。
  327. >In spite of her teeth-grinding rage, Zuikaku didn't shoot--she couldn't shoot.
  328. 「瑞鶴,住手!」
  329. >"Zuikaku, stop!"
  330. 背後傳來說話聲──瑞鶴吃驚地轉過頭去,發現打開辦公室門的翔鶴盯著自己。從她肩膀顫抖的樣子看,似乎是全力沖來這裏。
  331. >A voice from behind her--Zuikaku turned around with shock to see Shoukaku staring at her, having thrown the office doors open. From the heaving of her shoulders, it appeared that she had rushed over as fast as she could.
  332. 「翔鶴姊……」
  333. >"Shoukaku-nee..."
  334. 瑞鶴輕聲說道。因爲保護自己而受傷的翔鶴回來了。她腦中閃過安心、喜悅、愧疚──以及對于翔鶴決心的複雜思緒。
  335. >Zuikaku spoke gently. Shoukaku, who had been wounded protecting her, had returned. Joy, elation and guilt flashed through her mind--along with complicated feelings about Shoukaku's resolve.
  336. 但是,翔鶴無言地接近瑞鶴,搶下瑞鶴舉起的短弓──然後以右手給了她一巴掌。
  337. >However, Shoukaku approached Zuikaku soundlessly, snatching Zuikaku's shortbow--and then raising her right arm in a broad slap.
  338. 「……!」
  339. >"....!"
  340. 「向提督道歉。」
  341. >"Apologize to the Admiral,"
  342. 翔鶴以嚴厲口吻對按著臉發愣的瑞鶴說道。
  343. >Shoukaku said severely to Zuikaku, who touched her face in a daze.
  344. 「快道歉!」
  345. >"Apologize, now!"
  346. 「……!翔鶴姊不也騙了我嗎!」
  347. >"....! Didn't you lie to me too, Shoukaku-nee?!"
  348. 瑞鶴反射性地大喊,將那場戰鬥後累積的郁悶一口氣全吐出來。
  349. >Shoukaku roared back reflexively, expelling all the regrets and depression that had followed that last battle in a single breath.
  350. 不能再說下去,再說下去一定會傷到翔鶴姊──另一個自己拚命地這麽表示。但瑞鶴無法停止,停不下來。
  351. >Don't say any more--saying any more would hurt Shoukaku-nee, another Zuikaku cautioned desperately. But Zuikaku wouldn't stop, couldn't stop.
  352. 「什麽『絕不會再次沈沒』嘛。說這種謊讓我安心,卻想犧牲自己保護我……放棄抵抗『不幸艦』命運的人,明明是翔鶴姊你吧!」
  353. >"'I won't sink again' my ass. Tossing out lies to reassure me and then try to sacrifice yourself for me...that's just like Dinosaurs! The one giving up against the title of 'the Unlucky Ship' is clearly you, Shoukaku-nee!"
  354. 「瑞鶴……」
  355. >"Shoukaku..."
  356. 「我不想當引發奇迹的手段、也不想當戰爭的道具、更不想當翔鶴姊犧牲的理由!」
  357. >"I don't want to be a lucky charm or a weapon of war--and I sure as hell don't want to be a reason for Shoukaku-nee to sacrifice herself!"
  358. 瑞鶴轉身跑開。她穿過沒關的門,奔上走廊。
  359. >Zuikaku turned and ran, through the open door into the hall.
  360. 「等一下,瑞鶴!」
  361. >"Hold on, Zuikaku!"
  362. 盡管背後傳來姊姊試圖留住自己的聲音,但瑞鶴並未停下腳步。
  363. >Though her elder sister's remonstrances reached her, Zuikaku did not stop running.
  364. ◇◇◇
  366. 翔鶴沒有追趕瑞鶴。
  367. >Shoukaku did not run after Zuikaku.
  368. 不,她沒辦法追。
  369. >No, she couldn't run after her.
  370. 一來她不認爲現在的瑞鶴能聽進自己的話,二來自己對瑞鶴說謊也是事實。而且就像瑞鶴說的,自己選擇接受身爲「不幸艦」的命運,並試著在這種情況下盡力而爲。
  371. >Firstly, it was unlikely that Zuikaku in her current state would listen to her words. Secondly, she had lied, as Zuikaku ahd said. And as Zuikaku had said, she had chosen to accept her status as 'the Unlucky Ship' and do her best under the circumstances.
  372. (可是,我只能這樣……)
  373. >(But that's all I can do...)
  374. 得到「不幸艦」稱號的「那場戰爭」之經曆。這項因果所帶來的高中彈率。明明戰技應該已經有足夠的水准,攻擊的命中率卻不怎麽高。這些事光靠自己一個人根本無能爲力。
  375. >Those experiences in "That War" culminating in the title of "The Unlucky Ship;" the high hit sustenance rate that had come with that title; that low hit rate, even though the experience and skill was clearly there--that was just how things were---she couldn't do anything about it.
  376. 「謝了,翔鶴──雖然我很想這麽說,不過你已經沒事了嗎?」
  377. >"Thank you, Shoukaku--though I want to say that, are you alright now?"
  378. 松了口氣的提督出聲詢問。翔鶴端正姿勢,低頭回答。
  379. >The Admiral inquired as he let loose a sigh of relaxation. Shoukaku stood up straight, responding with head lowered.
  380. 「是的,托您的福──還有,讓您奉陪妹妹的任性,實在是非常抱歉。」
  381. >"Yes, thanks to you. My apologies for letting you witness my willfusl sister's display."
  382. 「別在意。那種有精神的樣子才像你妹妹。」
  383. >"Don't worry about it. That kind of spirit is what your sister ought to have."
  384. 提督若無其事地回答。對他而言,瑞鶴的反應似乎算得上意料中事。
  385. >The Admiral responded as if it were nothing. It seemed like he had expected Zuikaku's response.
  386. 翔鶴點點頭,以慎重的口吻詢問:
  387. >Shoukaku nodded slightly as she spoke with a careful tone:
  388. 「我大致上聽雪風說了。而且,剛才的對話也佐證了我的猜測──上次和這次都一樣,五航戰出擊是因爲想仰賴瑞鶴『幸運航母』之力的高層要求,並非提督的本意對吧?」
  389. >"I've heard the gist of it from Yukikaze. Moreover, that exchange confirmed a guess of mine--deploying the 5thCarDiv to use Zuikaku's power of the 'Lucky Carrier' was the request of the higher-ups and not the Admiral, correct?"
  390. 提督無言地看著瑞鶴,一臉不高興的表情。
  391. >The Admiral said nothing as he gazed at Shoukaku, his face clearly displeased.
  392. (說中了呢……)
  393. >(I was right, huh...)
  394. 翔鶴忍住不歎氣。提督是基于怎樣的政治立場統率鎮守府,這點從到目前爲止的任務就看得出來。而且,他的立場並不穩固。
  395. >Shoukaku held back her sigh. The Admiral had come to lead the Naval District due to political backing--this had been obvious from the missions up until now. Moreover, his political base was far from solid.
  396. 自己與瑞鶴所參加的上一次出擊,應該也包含了提督「雖然難以殲滅敵方主力,但至少也要掌握他們的陣容」的意圖在內才對。關于這部分,也能從艦隊裏編有戰艦中回避能力最優秀的伊勢與日向看出來。
  397. >The intent of Shoukaku and Zuikaku's last sortie had probably been to "grasp their formation, even if you can't wipe out the main fleet." That intent could be seen in the choice of sortieing Ise and Hyuuga, both veterans skilled in evasion.
  398. 而且,如果主要目的是這樣,不必派自己和瑞鶴同行。反過來說,即使有「幸運航母」之力加持,投入菜鳥瑞鶴也會帶來很大的風險。
  399. >Moreover, if this had been the primary goal, there was no need to send her and Zuikaku. Indeed, throwing in a rookie such as Zuikaku was still very risky, "Lucky Carrier" or not.
  400. 盡管如此,卻依舊強行這麽做──只能認爲是上頭給了壓力。
  401. >Pushing forwards in spite of all this--it had to be pressure from the higher-ups.
  402. (即使是受到上頭要求才出擊,提督仍舊以艦隊指揮官的身分扛起與我們相關的全責,同時也堅決要讓責任歸屬明確。他之所以沒說出口,大概是因爲這樣吧……)
  403. >(Even if it was only to satisfy the demands of the higher-ups, the Admiral still took full responsibility of everything related to us as our commander while resolving to maintain clear accountability. That's probably why he didn't say anything...)
  404. 恐怕,提督是從艦娘們口中有關「那場戰爭」的記憶裏頭,意識到一連串慘劇都是來自「責任歸屬不明確」吧。
  405. >Perhaps the Admiral had gleaned from the shipgirl's recollections of "That War" that a string of disasters had resulted from poor accountability.
  406. 更何況,對于一邊與深海棲艦戰鬥,一邊在鎮守府過著和平生活的艦娘們來說,沒必要明白提督與高層之間的政治關系。就某種意義上,這也可以說是在保護艦娘們的心。
  407. >After all, there was no need for a bunch of shipgirls balancing a war with the abyssals with daily life at the Naval District to understand the Admiral's political position regarding his higher ups. In a certain sense, this was also an attempt to protect the hearts of the shipgirls.
  408. 至少,眼前的提督打算基于這個信念作戰。
  409. >At the very least, this was what the Admiral had in mind when he fought.
  410. 之所以刻意嚴厲地對待瑞鶴,或許也是爲了讓瑞鶴發泄前一次戰鬥累積的疑問和郁悶,好讓她能整理自己的心情。
  411. >Perhaps he had dealt so severely with Zuikaku so that Zuikaku could vent all the suspicions and questions remaining from the previous battle and allow her to confront her feelings.
  412. (這個人還是一樣難懂呢……)
  413. >(What a difficult man to understand.)
  414. 翔鶴難過地蹙眉,隨即再度忍住歎息,將另一件自己認定的事說出口:
  415. >Shoukaku frowned discontentedly as she suppressed a sigh before voicing another one of her convictions.
  416. 「可是提督。我所認識的提督,應該不是會重蹈覆轍的人才對。」
  417. >"However, Admiral. The Admiral I know wouldn't repeat this kind of thing."
  418. 「…………」
  419. >".........."
  420. 「而且,這回是在明白沖之島近海主力陣容後才出擊──代表您有什麽計策吧?」
  421. >"Plus, this time around we're not deploying until we've completely grasped the Okinoshima Garrison Fleet's formation--I presume you have a plan then?"
  422. 翔鶴試探性地看向提督,提督則對她露出能夠震懾人心的微笑。
  423. >As Shoukaku watched inquisitively, the Admiral broke into a chilling grin.
  425. 3
  426. >3
  427. 「……居然在這種時候一個人窩起來消沈,你也太大牌了吧。」
  428. >"...aren't you a little full of yourself, moping alone here at a time like this?"
  429. 在有如要包圍鎮守府鄰近海岸線般延伸的水泥堤防上,飛鷹傻眼地質疑。
  430. >Standing on the seawall that snaked around the naval district shoreline, Hiyou inquired with an expression of confusion.
  431. 她腳邊是抱膝坐在地上的瑞鶴。由于瑞鶴將臉埋在兩腿之間,因此看不見表情。
  432. >At her feet Zuikaku crouched slavically, her face and expression concealed by her legs.
  433. 鎮守府辦公室的爭執過後,瑞鶴就這麽沖出鎮守府,一路跑到這裏來。至少在這裏應該能有獨處的時間──她本來是這麽認爲。
  434. >After the argument in the naval district office, Zuikaku had run here from the naval district. At least there would be some time for solitude here--or so she had thought.
  435. 很遺憾,這種想法似乎太淺薄了。瑞鶴坐到堤防上沒多久,飛鷹就從背後向她搭話。搞不好,飛鷹是受到鎮守府裏的某人所托才追來。
  436. >Unfortunately, her hopes proved naive. Zuikaku had only been here for a short time before Hiyou had started talking behind her. More likely than not, Hiyou had been sent by a certain someone in the naval district.
  437. (話是這麽說,但發生那種事以後,我實在沒臉回鎮守府啊……)
  438. >(After that debacle, I don't have the face to return to the naval district...)
  439. 盡管感覺到飛鷹走近自己身旁,瑞鶴依舊十分消沈。
  440. >Though she felt Hiyou come closer to her, Zuikaku's depression was not assuaged.
  441. (我明明只是想以艦娘的身分努力,可是……)
  442. >(I just wanted to work hard as a shipgirl, but....)
  443. 剛才爭執時瑞鶴對提督與翔鶴所說的話,全都是毫無虛假的心聲。用裝備指著提督或許太過火了點,但她不認爲自己有說錯什麽。
  444. >Not a single word Zuikaku had said to Shoukaku and the Admiral had been dishonest or untrue. Given, aiming her equipment at the admiral was a little overdone, but Zuikaku did not feel that she had said anything wrong.
  445. 不過另一方面,她也強烈地感到後悔。
  446. >Even so, a strong sense of regret lingered
  447. (我對翔鶴姊說得太過分了……)
  448. >(I spoke out of line with Shoukaku-nee...)
  449. 少女坐立難安,兩手的指甲陷進肉裏。
  450. >Undecided between standing uncomfortably and sitting uncomfortably, the young woman dug her thumbnails into herself.
  451. (翔鶴姊明明只是想保護我……明明只是有了讓她這麽想也不奇怪的經曆……)
  452. >(Shoukaku-nee clearly just wanted to protect me...she clearly just went through a situation that made her think as she did...)
  453. 翔鶴並未跨越「那場戰爭」的創傷。甚至剛好相反,非常強烈地意識到了這些──正因爲如此,她才會不惜犧牲自己也要保護瑞鶴。
  454. >Shoukaku had not escaped the wounds of "That War." Indeed, it was the very opposite--she was one of the ones to remember it the most vividly. And it was due to those experiences that she so selflessly tried to protect Zuikaku.
  455. 翔鶴因爲是「不幸艦」所以中彈率高,自己是「幸運航母」所以能替己方帶來好運──如果要將這個邏輯當成法則利用,沒有比翔鶴更適合的「負責受害艦」了。
  456. >Shoukaku is the "unlucky ship," so she is hit more; Zuikaku is the "lucky carrier," so she brings her side good luck--if this theory becomes a rule, there would be no ship better suited to be "the ship in charge of being hit" than Shoukaku.
  457. 而且,如果自己真的有掌握最佳命運的力量,對于准備跟深海棲艦長期抗戰的鎮守府而言,這是個合理的判斷──
  458. >Moreover, if she truly possessed the power to grasp the best possible result, it was not illogical for the Naval District to prepare for a long war with the abyssals--
  459. (可是,我討厭這種作法……)
  460. >(But I hate this kind of thinking....)
  461. 對瑞鶴來說,翔鶴是獨一無二的姊姊。她無法忍受翔鶴不斷地爲了自己受傷。
  462. >To Zuikaku, Shoukaku was an irreplaceable sister, one which she could not bear to harm for her sake.
  463. (更何況,我還是個菜鳥,就算突然要我背負什麽「掌握最佳命運的力量」,也只會不知所措啊……)
  464. >(Nevermind that I'm still a rookie. Even if I were given some responsibility like "grabbing the best possible result", I'd have not a clue how to do it...)
  465. 最糟糕的情況下─還會爲了引發沒什麽可能的奇迹,導致自己以外的艦娘全部犧牲──她甚至在心裏想像了這樣的未來。
  466. >In the worst case scenario, no miracle would be triggered at all, and all the shipgirls with her except for herself would perish--it was certainly a possibility that Zuikaku considered.
  467. (該怎麽辦才好……?)
  468. >(what should I do...?)
  469. 「喂,你有聽到人家在說話嗎?」
  470. >"Oy, are you listening to me?"
  471. 背後再度響起飛鷹的聲音。但是,瑞鶴提不起勁回答。
  472. >Hiyou spoke again from behind her, but Zuikaku wasn't interested in answering.
  473. 沈默持續了數十秒──接著飛鷹歎了口氣。她在瑞鶴身旁坐下,望著海面開了口:
  474. >The silence persisted nearly a minute more--finally, Hiyou sighed. Sitting down next to Zuikaku, she started speaking, her gaze directed at the sea.
  475. 「我已經聽說了。而且,『你或許擁有某種力量』這點,我隱約有注意到。」
  476. >"I heard about it. And I'm also aware of that 'you may have a certain ability' crap too."
  477. 「…………」
  478. >".........."
  479. 「畢竟我身旁有隼鷹在嘛。那孩子在『那場戰爭』裏戰功彪炳,還能活到最後……雖然沒到你那種程度,不過憑那些經曆就算喊她『幸運航母』同樣不爲過。實際上,她在這場戰事裏的中彈率也比我低……老實說,我很嫉妒。」
  480. >"I've always had Junyou by me, after all. That girl was an accomplished veteran in 'That War', and survived until the end...though it's not to your degree, it would not be unreasonable to call her a 'lucky carrier' as well. In reality, her hit sustenance rate in this war is indeed tell you the truth, I'm quite jealous."
  481. 「…………」
  482. >"........"
  483. 「所以,我能明白翔鶴的心情,也稍微了解你的心情。隼鷹總是很體諒拘泥于戰鬥方式的我……雖然跟不想讓我覺得自卑有關,但隼鷹大概也不願去想『自己很幸運』這點吧。如果在意什麽幸運啦命運啦因果啦之類的東西,我們就沒辦法對等地和同伴相處了。」
  484. >"That's why I can understand Shoukaku's feelings, and your feelings to some extent. Junyou has always been forgiving of me, constrained as I am by tactics...while it is in part to prevent me from feeling inferior, I suspect Junyou simply doesn't want to consider the idea that 'she is lucky.' If we were always aware of our own fortunes, their results and that kind of business, we'd simply be incapable of getting along with our comrades."
  485. 現在的自己正是這樣──把臉埋在腿上的瑞鶴這麽想。至于隼鷹的事,從她關心飛鷹這點就看得出來。
  486. >She felt the same right now--that was what Zuikaku thought, her face hidden in her legs. In regards to Junyou's situation, her concern for Hiyou had already made that self-evident.
  487. 然而,飛鷹稍做停頓後,便以嚴肅的口氣告訴瑞鶴:
  488. >And yet after a pause, Hiyou spoke up again, with a harsher voice.
  489. 「可是,隼鷹從來沒有對自己的遭遇絕望過。她不會拿『命運』或『早已注定』當藉口放棄。」
  490. >"But Junyou has never given up due to her situation. She had never used 'luck' or 'it was pre-ordained' as a pretext to give up."
  491. 「……!」
  492. >".......!"
  493. 飛鷹第一次對瑞鶴說出這種近似斥責的話語──令她全身僵硬。
  494. >Hiyou had never rebuked Zuikaku like this before, and Zuikaku froze.
  495. 「我也一樣啊。我是不如標准航母的輕型航母,在『那場戰爭』也沒什麽好看的經曆……但那又怎麽樣。我啊,打算用我的方法度過這場戰爭,怎麽能屈服在什麽命運、因果之下。像那種東西,我就用這只閃閃發亮的右手顛覆它們!」
  496. >"I am the same. I am a light carrier who cannot compare with standard carriers, and I accomplished little worth mentioning in 'That War'....but so what? How can I bend my knee to luck and fate? Stuff like that, I'll toss them aside with this shining hand of mine!"
  497. 飛鷹以陰陽道之力讓拿著石頭的右手發光,就如她所說的一樣。不知是不是有某種類似氣勢的東西高漲,飛鷹周圍的大氣微微搖晃。
  498. >Hiyou's right hand, rock in hand, glowed with her magical onmyodo powers or some shit. With what may or may not have been sheer willpower, the air around Hiyou began to tremble.
  499. 「飛鷹……」
  500. >"Hiyou...."
  501. 瑞鶴緩緩擡頭。在她眼前,飛鷹拿著手邊的石頭站起身來。
  502. >Zuikaku looked up slowly. In front of her, Hiyou stood up, clutching the stone in her hand.
  503. 飛鷹依舊盯著海面。然而那雙紫色的眼眸,似乎蘊含了飛鷹的覺悟。
  504. >Hiyou stared at the seaside as before. And yet the gaze that emanated from those purple eyes seemed to imbibe Hiyou's resolution.
  505. (這麽說來,提督也說過同樣的話呢……)
  506. >(In other words, the Admiral basically said the same thing...)
  507. 自己的命運就該自己開拓──在翔鶴抵達辦公室前,提督曾對自己這麽說過。
  508. >One should decide her own fate--the Admiral had said this to her, back before Shoukaku had reached the office.
  509. 仔細想想,那句話或許並不是用來表達提督與這世界人們的信念,而是用來開導逐漸受到「那場戰爭」因果束縛的自己、還有已經完全受困其中的翔鶴。
  510. >Thinking carefully, that phrase may have been the expression not of the Admiral and this world's faith, but that of a hope that could guide both Zuikaku, gradually fettered by the results of "That War," and Shoukaku, long since subjugated by them.
  511. 更別說自己身爲「幸運航母」,是個有可能擁有「掌握最佳命運之力」的艦娘,說不定能靠自己的手斬斷這種因果。盡管這似乎是種充滿矛盾的想法,但自己是這麽想的──
  512. >Furthermore, she was the "Lucky Carrier," the shipgirl that carryied the power to "Grasp the best possible result"--perhaps she could end her connection to that past with her own hands. Given, this was an inherently contradictory train of thought, but this was a thought--
  513. (自己是否真的有掌握最佳命運的力量,什麽又是最佳的未來,我並不曉得……)
  514. >(Whether I truly grasp the power to grasp the most fortunate result and what the best possible result, I don't know...)
  515. 飛鷹的黑發與紅裙隨著海風飄揚,但她依舊用堅定的目光盯著海洋──看著她的側臉,瑞鶴有了個念頭。
  516. >Hiyou's dark hair and red dress fluttered in the wind, but she resolutely stared out towards the sea as before--seeing her face, Zuikaku was struck with a thought.
  517. (可是,能決定怎麽使用這種力量的人只有我……如果使用得當,或許也能成爲拯救大家的力量。當然,翔鶴姊的心也不例外……)
  518. >(But the only one who can decide whether and how to use this power is I...if I use it right, perhaps it can be the power that saves everyone. Of course, Shoukaku-nee's heart is no exception...)
  519. 就算自己真的是「幸運航母」,也不必完全否定這種力量。
  520. >Even if she was the "Lucky Carrier," there was no need to truly confirm or deny this power.
  521. 如果不想讓別人爲了保護自己而犧牲,只要用自己的力量解決困難就好。如果不想當引發奇迹的手段、不想當戰爭的道具,同樣也只要靠自己的力量改變就好。
  522. >The only way to avoid others sacrificing themselves for her was to use her power to solve those problems. If she didn't want to be a lucky charm or a weapon, what she needed to do was, again, to change herself, with her own power.
  523. 當然,瑞鶴不曉得具體的方法,也不曉得是否真的能拯救翔鶴的心。搞不好,自己跟翔鶴的羁絆會因此斷絕也說不定──對于這點,瑞鶴強烈地感到不安與恐懼。
  524. >Of course, Zuikaku knew neither the specifics nor whether she could actually save Shoukaku's heart. Hell, the fetters binding herself with Shoukaku may well be broken--on this point, Zuikaku felt both fear and unease.
  525. 可是,如果像之前那樣全力以赴,或許能開出一條路。畢竟「幸運航母」應該不是浪得虛名才對──
  526. >But perhaps there would be a way, as long as she gave it her all as before. After all, the title of 'the lucky carrier' shouldn't be an empty title--
  527. 「你的眼睛似乎終于又有了光彩呢……去吧!」
  528. >"The sparkle seems to have returned to your eyes...go!"
  529. 飛鷹露出調侃的微笑後,將發光右手拿著的石頭丟向海面。或許是因爲附加了陰陽道的力量吧,石頭劃破低空後,在海面持續地彈跳前進,不知不覺消失在浪與浪之間。
  530. >Cracking into a slightly teasing grin, Hiyou hurled the stone in her right hand towards the sea. Perhaps it had something to do with Hiyou's magical Onmyoudou powers, but the stone continued to skip off the water's surface until it was lost in the waves.
  531. 「漂亮♪」
  532. >"Fucking beautiful,"
  533. 飛鷹得意地說道。接著,她重新看向瑞鶴。
  534. >Hiyou remarked cheerfully. She turned again towards Zuikaku.
  535. 「真是的,這樣子可是會丟五航戰……更正,新生一航戰的臉呢。我們可是中途島海戰後負責支撐機動部隊的主力,你得振作點才行。」
  536. >"Really now, at this rate you're going to befoul the name of the 5thCarD...rather, the new 1stCarDiv. We were the ones propping up the Main Fleet Carrier Task Force after Midway; get it together."
  537. 瑞鶴苦笑著搔搔臉頰。
  538. >Zuikaku scratched her cheek with a crooked grin.
  539. 「啊哈哈,有很多原因啦……」
  540. >"Ahaha, well, there were a lot of reasons..."
  541. 盡管心情勉強整理好了,但「沖之島近海的敵軍主力擋在我方眼前」這點依舊沒變。
  542. >Though she had patched up her feelings, the "Okinoshima Main Garrison Fleet blocking us" remained an obstacle.
  543. 爲了解決那支主力部隊,想必自己與翔鶴依舊得出擊吧。
  544. >In order to deal with that main fleet, she'd most likely have to deploy as before with Shoukaku.
  545. 在那之前得想點什麽策略才行。瑞鶴不認爲自己的幸運能用來對付強大的敵人。
  546. >And before that could be done, some new tactics would need to be devised. Zuikaku did not believe her fortune would be enough on its own against such strong enemies.
  547. 「不過該怎麽說呢,感覺舒服多了。謝啦!謝謝你特地來爲我打氣!」
  548. >"But how should I say this...well, I feel a lot better now. Thanks! Thanks for coming here just to cheer me up!"
  549. 「我、我會給建議可不是爲了你喔!」
  550. >"I-I wasn't giving my advice for your sake!"
  551. 明顯一副狼狽樣的飛鷹擺了擺手。
  552. >Clearly embarrassed Hiyou waved the thanks away.
  553. 「這是爲了整個鎮守府……還有提督!」
  554. >"This is for the whole Naval District...and the Admiral!"
  555. 「提督?」
  556. >"Admiral?"
  557. 「畢竟以前他就交代過我,要我用自己的方式關照你嘛。我只是看見你跑出鎮守府後,想起了這件事而已……」
  558. >"After all, he asked me in the past to take care of you in my own way. I just happened to see you run out of the naval district and remembered this...."
  559. 「這樣啊……」
  560. >"Is that so..."
  561. 瑞鶴在感到意外的同時,心裏也有股歉意。
  562. >For all her surprise, Zuikaku also felt slightly apologetic.
  563. 或許,提督就是預見到這樣的狀況,才命令飛鷹關照自己也說不定。
  564. >Perhaps the Admiral had long since forseen this situation and had dispatched Hiyou to deal with this istuation.
  565. 就連剛才的口角,或許也是提督爲了讓自己抓住現在的結論,才會刻意用嚴厲的口吻。或者,他是希望自己能改變翔鶴那種自我犧牲的覺悟──
  566. >Perhaps he had spoken earlier with such a harsh tone in order to help her grasp this current line of logic. Or perhaps he had hoped he could personally change Shoukaku's sense of self-sacrifice--
  567. (不過,那種事我怎麽可能曉得啊!如果不講清楚……)
  568. >(But how could I have figured something like that out?! If he had said it clearly...)
  569. 「更何況,我跟隼鷹也被派去沖之島近海啦。」
  570. >"Moreover, Junyou and I are being deployed to the Okinoshima waters as well."
  571. 「飛鷹跟隼鷹也是?」
  572. >"Hiyou and Junyou too?"
  573. 瑞鶴吃驚地問道。看樣子,提督是真的想放棄炮雷擊戰,而要用航空戰對付那支可怕的主力部隊。
  574. >Zuikaku gaped in astonishment. It seemed like the Admiral had abandoned surface combat and had resolved to deal with the enemy's fearsome main fleet with air power.
  575. 「沒錯。所以啦,要是同艦隊的夥伴一直消沈下去可就麻煩了吧?因此這也是爲了我自己,絕對不是爲了你喔!畢竟新生一航戰跟新生二航戰也是競爭對手,我可沒打算跟你相親相愛!」
  576. >"That's right. As such, wouldn't it be a problem if a fleet comrade were all depressed? That's why it's for myself too--definitely not for your sake! After all, the New 1stCarDiv and the new 2ndCarDiv are rivals, and I'm not about to get all lovey dovey with you!"
  577. 「這、這樣啊……」
  578. >"I-is that so..."
  579. 飛鷹氣沖沖地盤起手臂。瑞鶴察覺飛鷹是在掩飾害羞,因此露出苦笑把話題帶過。
  580. >Hiyou huffily crossed her arms. Zuikaku, figuring that Hiyou was trying to hide her embarassment, (note: no shit, does this author know what subtlety means?) broke into laughter as she tried to move on.
  581. 「算了,這些事先不管,得想點什麽策略才行呢……」
  582. >"Whatever, let's not worry about that for now--we need to think of some strategies..."
  583. 飛鷹再度將目光轉向海洋。
  584. >Hiyou's eyes turned once more to the oceans.
  585. 「我已經看過你們的戰鬥報告了。敵方主力的核心是四艘RU級戰艦,其中一艘是力量在精銳型之上的旗標型。一旦落入敵方的連續射擊之中就會束手無策,所以得想辦法靠開場第一擊解決大部分敵人。不過……」
  586. >"I've already seen your battle report. The enemy main fleet's core are the four Ru-class battleships, one of which is a flagship-type that's stronger than the elite-type. Once caught in the enemy's continuous fire the situation deteriorates dramatically, so we must devise a way by which we can eliminate the vast majority of the opponents within the opening air attack. However..."
  587. 飛鷹講到這裏就停了。瑞鶴想像得到後面是什麽,不禁感到懊悔。
  588. >Hiyou stopped at this point. Thinking of the unspoken implications, Zuikaku could not suppress a pang of regret.
  589. 跟敵方主力戰鬥時,自己與翔鶴放出的第一波攻擊隊,盡管全數抵達敵艦隊上空,依舊碰到了猛烈的防空炮火而無法給予敵人打擊。
  590. >During the battle with the enemy main force, she and Shoukaku had both launched a first wave. Though all had reached the enemy's airspace, fierce AA fire had prevented them from inflicting any significant damage.
  591. (從防空炮火的猛烈程度來看,即使用上據說正在開發的次世代新型機──彗星艦轟與天山艦攻,可能還是無法突破彈幕……)
  592. >(From the intensity of the AA fire, it's possible that even the next-generation Suisei dive bombers and Tenzan torpedo bombers currently in development would be insufficient to break through the barrage)
  593. 「雖然我很想認爲提督有什麽好主意,不過……」
  594. >"While I'm sure the Admiral has some good ideas..."
  595. 飛鷹以夾雜著期待與不安的聲音嘀咕。
  596. >Hiyou whispered with a mix of anticipation and unease.
  597. 如果無法靠空襲給予敵人決定性的打擊,下次很可能還是我方敗北。這麽一來,不但使敵方主力有機會接近本土──最糟糕的情況下,鎮守府甚至會遭受攻擊,而戰爭的勝負恐怕將在那一刻分曉。
  598. >If it was impossible to obtain decisive victory through the air, the next time may well still end in a defeat. Not only would this defeat give the enemy main fleet a chance to approach the homeland, but it could also make possible the worst-case scenario of an attack on the Naval District, a battle which could decide the progress of the war in a single moment.
  599. 就在這時,許多陌生的發動機運轉聲,傳到了沈默不語的瑞鶴與飛鷹耳邊。
  600. >At that moment, an unfamiliar engine rumble reached the silent Zuikaku and Hiyou.
  601. 「這個發動機聲……難道說?」
  602. >"That engine sound...could it be?"
  603. 瑞鶴聽過這個聲音。因爲在馬裏亞納海戰前,自己收容的母艦航空隊就有少量搭載這種發動機的機體。
  604. >Zuikaku had heard this sound before--at the Marianas, her own air complement had included planes that had bore these engines.
  605. (我記得,那是新型偵察機彩雲的……可是,這個數量不像偵察隊……!)
  606. >(Ahh, these were the engines of the new model recon Saiun...but, those numbers are too large for a recon team....!)
  607. 「瑞鶴,你看那個……!」
  608. >"Zuikaku, look...!"
  609. 瑞鶴轉往飛鷹所指的方向──接著,她明白自己聽到了什麽。
  610. >Zuikaku turned to where Hiyou's finger pointed--and immediately understood.
  611. 這種艦載機擁有華麗的流線型機身,以及外觀特殊的倒海鷗式機翼──從機身往外延伸時會在中途彎向上的主翼。架數約有兩艘航母的搭載量那麽多,回蕩的發動機聲則屬于小型但馬力強的譽發動機。飛機編隊正以高速掠過兩人的上空。
  612. >These carrier planes bore a graceful streamlined shape and a distinctive inverted gull-wing layout, wings that tapered up from the fuselage to the tip. There were enough planes to mount two carriers, and their reverberating engine sounds belonged to the scaled down but high-powered Nakajima Homare engine. The plane squadrons shot over the two at high speed.
  613. (我曾經在「那場戰爭」裏聽過那種機體的傳聞……!)
  614. >(I once heard rumors of that fuselage during "That War...!)
  615. 性能比優于九九艦轟和九七艦攻的機種──彗星艦轟和天山艦攻還要好,而且統合了艦轟、艦攻兩邊功能的革新艦攻,據說最高速甚至贏過零戰二一型。
  616. >Capabilities surpassing the Type 99 Dive bomber and the Type 97 Torpedo Bomber--or even the Suisei Dive bomber and Tenzan Torpedo bombers; a plane that combined dive bombing and torpedo bombing capabilities in a new revolutionary design allegedly fast enough to outstrip the Type 21 Zero.
  617. 這項夢幻決戰兵器,自己在「那場戰爭」裏無緣搭載,但曾想過或許有機會在這場戰爭如願。夕張口中「因爲性能實在太好所以不能透露」的新兵器,可能就是這個也說不定。
  618. >She had never mounted this decisive-battle, blueprint weapon in "That War", but she had one day hoped for that chance. The weapon "So advanced that it had to remain classified" Yuubari mentioned, maybe it was this.
  619. 它的名字是──
  620. >It's name is--
  621. 「流星改……!」
  622. >"The Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Line Fighter...!"
  623. 瑞鶴想起提督的話。若是航母就能對那四艘RU級進行視距外攻擊。鎮守府與工廠正爲了確保資材和裝備奔走──確實,流星改以艦載機來說性能十分傑出,若能送出兩艘標准航母份量的流星改,即使是具有強大防空能力的敵方主力──也有給予致命傷的可能。
  624. >The Admiral recalled the Admiral's words--if it were Carriers, they would be able to attack the four Ru-class from outside their range. The Naval District and Factories had been working at double speed to churn out the necessary supplies and equipment--indeed, the Ryuusei-kai was a standout design. If two standard carrier's worth of Ryuusei Kai could be manufactured, even the enemy main fleet, with its powerful AA suite, might still take mortal damage.
  625. 若再加上自己的幸運,說不定──
  626. >Combined with her own luck, perhaps--
  627. (所以需要五航戰,所以需要我……)
  628. >(That's the 5thCarDiv is needed, and that's why I am needed...)
  629. 瑞鶴看著飛向遠方的流星改編隊,感到內心熱血沸騰。
  630. >Watching the Ryuusei Kai squadrons flying into the distance, Zuikaku felt a surge of hot blood rush through her veins.
  632. 4
  634. 在那之後不過數小時,瑞鶴就接到了正式的出擊命令。
  635. >Several hours later, Zuikaku received the official sortie order.
  636. 「接下來,我要通知各位有關新作戰的事。」
  637. >"I will now explain the details of the new operation."
  638. 提督的聲音在鎮守府辦公室裏回蕩。窗外已是一片黑暗。
  639. >The Admiral's voice reverberated through the Naval District Office. The skies framed in the window had long since gone black.
  640. 辦公室裏,集結了事前便收到通知要參加作戰的瑞鶴、翔鶴、飛鷹、隼鷹等四名航母。
  641. >Inside the office were assembled the four carriers notified about their role--Zuikaku, Shoukaku, Hiyou and Junyou.
  642. 瑞鶴跟翔鶴保持距離──因爲她還不曉得該怎麽面對姊姊。然而,翔鶴似乎也同樣在意她,兩人的目光不時相交。
  643. >Zuikaku kept her distance from Shoukaku--she was not quite sure how to face her elder sister. Shoukaku, it seemed, was of a similar sentiment, and both of them made sure their eyes would not meet.
  644. 「正如各位所知,我們鎮守府上一次對沖之島近海深海棲艦泊地的攻擊失敗了,主力大半遭對方擊破。我們認爲,目前部署于泊地的主力部隊正准備侵略本土。」
  645. >"As everyone is well aware, our naval district's last assault on the Okinoshima Anchorage was an abject failure, with well over half the main fleet heavily damaged by the enemy. We now believe that the enemy main fleet anchored until now at the anchorage is preparing for an invasion of the mainland."
  646. 妖精們將表示戰況的地圖貼在辦公桌前的白板上。
  647. >Several fairies promptly suck a strategic map onto a whiteboard standing on the workdesk.
  648. 「如果就這麽讓敵人囂張下去,本土與鎮守府多半會遭受攻擊,我們無論如何都得阻止這種事發生。因此,我軍將派出以你們爲主力的機動部隊,向沖之島近海發動第三次攻擊。還有,本次作戰的名稱訂爲『阿號』。」
  649. >"If we leave the enemy free rein, our homeland and this Naval District will most likely come under attack. We must prevent this from happening at all costs. As such, we will be deploying with you all serving as the main fleet in a Carrier Task Force capacity to the Okinoshima Waters for a third attack. This operation will be referred to as 'Operation A-go.'"
  650. 瑞鶴咽下口水。因爲這是個耳熟的作戰名稱。
  651. >Zuikaku gulped. The name of this operation was familiar.
  652. (我記得馬裏亞納海戰時的作戰名稱,也叫「阿號」作戰……)
  653. >(The Operation that led to the battle at the Marianas was also called Operation A-go.)
  654. 「那場戰爭」與這邊和深海棲艦的戰爭,都選擇了「阿號」當成意圖決戰的詞語。
  655. >In "That War" and in this war, A-go represented the commitment to a decisive battle.
  656. 「這回,我們爲了將敵方主力的管制炮擊無力化,因此將一切希望賭在四名航母的先發制人上面。」
  657. >"This time we will be betting our hopes on you four carriers preemptively neutralizing the enemy in order to nullify the enemy's suppressing fire."
  658. 提督加重語氣說道:
  659. >The Admiral explained in a heavier voice.
  660. 「多虧了工廠那邊事前的開發,得以將新型艦攻流星改的試作機增産到足以湊滿兩艘航母的份量。翔鶴、瑞鶴兩位標准航母,將搭載流星改與零戰五二型,擔任對艦攻擊的主力。此外,由于零戰五二型的數量不足,因此瑞鶴那邊將以零戰六二型補齊缺額。」
  661. >"Thanks to previous developments at the factories, we have manufactured sufficient quantites of the prototype Suisei Kai to outfit two carriers. Standard Carriers Shoukaku and Zuikaku will mount these Suisei Kai, along with Type 52 Zeroes, as the fleet's primary striking force. Due to the limited number of Type 52 Zeroes, however, Zuikaku's remaining supplement will be equipped with Type 62 Zeroes."
  662. 瑞鶴點點頭。正如在工廠從夕張與龍骥口中聽說的,零戰六二型是零戰五二型爲底,只要能忍受性能稍微低落這點,一樣能用來爭奪制空權。在跟主力部隊戰鬥時,也可以將它當成戰鬥轟炸機攻擊船艦。
  663. >Zuikaku nodded slightly. As Yuubari and RJ had said in the factories, the Type 62 Zeroes were variations of the base Type 52 Zero model--if you could deal with their slightly inferior specs, they were more than capable of seizing air superiority. When it came to battle against the main force, they would also be able to serve in a dive bombing capacity.
  664. 「飛鷹、隼鷹跟往常一樣,裝備零戰二一型、九九艦轟、九七艦攻。不過,九九艦轟只搭載少量用來索敵,戰鬥時以九七艦攻爲主。九九艦轟的俯沖轟炸很可能對RU級無效。」
  665. >"Hiyou and Junyou will deploy as always with Type 21 Zeroes, Type 99 Dive Bombers and Type 97 Torpedo Bombers. However, we will be limiting the numbers of Type 99s, which will be primarily used as scouts. In combat, we will rely on the Type 97s. The Type 99's dive bombs may be ineffective against the Ru-class."
  666. 飛鷹、隼鷹回答「了解」。
  667. >Hiyou and Junyou both responded with a crisp "understood."
  668. 「至于敵方主力周圍的警戒部隊,也盡可能全部靠空襲解決。從警戒部隊的編制來看,應該能確實地掌握制空權才對。只要敵方停止動作,立刻脫離戰鬥也無妨。」
  669. >"As for the enemy patrols and pickets, please remove them with preemptive air strikes to the best of your ability. Looking at their composition, you should have more than enough to wrest air superiority. As long the enemy is disabled, it is acceptable to disengage and move on."
  670. 目標終究是敵方主力,別管小喽啰──提督以眼神這麽表示。
  671. >The enemy's gate is down--that was what the Admiral's gaze said.
  672. 「遭遇敵主力後,將注意力集中在第一擊上。即使對方是RU級,只要用魚雷打亂船艦的步調,就會難以進行管制射擊。第一目標是疑似敵方旗艦的RU級旗標型。就跟先前的戰鬥一樣,一旦擊沈旗艦,敵軍往往會變得無人指揮、陷入混亂。」
  673. >"Once the enemy main force is encountered, focus everything on the first attack. Even if the enemy is Ru-class, breaking the enemy's formation with torpedos should help to inhibit their suppression fire. Your primary target is the Flagship Ru-class that appears to be serving as flagship. As before, sinking the flagship should plunge the leaderless enemy into confusion."
  674. 妖精們將好幾張級旗標型在戰鬥中的俯瞰照貼在白板上。伊勢與日向放出的水上偵察機之中有少數順利生還,這些照片似乎就是他們帶回來的。
  675. >The fairies promptly affixed several photos of the flagship type (taken during the battle, no doubt) on the whiteboard. A few of Hyuuga and Ise's observation seaplanes had managed to survive, and theses photos appeared to have been brought back thanks to their actions.
  676. 正如提督所言,RU級旗標型站在艦隊前方,看起來是在主導炮擊。
  677. >As the Admiral said, the Flagship Ru-class had indeed stood in front of the enemy fleet; it seemed like that she was indeed the coordinator.
  678. 「一旦先發制人矢敗,你們多半會因爲失去封鎖管制射擊的手段而敗北。這麽一來敵軍將逼近本土。在這個狀況下,鎮守府將在本土近海等待敵軍,與其一決死戰。」
  679. >"In the case that a preemptive strike fails, chances will be that you will lose the ability to inhibit their suppressing fire and thus suffer defeat. If that happens, the enemy will close in on the homeland. If this happens, the Naval District will deploy into Home Waters in preparation for a last-ditch defense."
  680. 不用想也知道那有多麽無謀。一旦自己失敗,鎮守府的戰力頂多只剩重巡和其他小型船艦。而且在那個時間點,戰爭計畫與海上交通網都會化爲泡影。
  681. >It didn't require much thought to realize that there was no plan at that point. If they failed, the Naval District's home fleet would consist of Heavy Cruisers and other smaller vessels. At that point, the battle plan would be encroaching on the nation's vital naval trade network.
  682. 「這次的旗艦也由翔鶴擔任──就跟先前一樣。有什麽問題嗎?」
  683. >"The flagship this time will be Shoukaku--as before. Are there any questions?"
  684. 提督邊問邊打量四名艦娘。似乎是要讓她們自己想像在本土近海戰敗後會如何。
  685. >The Admiral looked to the four shipgirls. It appeared he wanted each of them to imagine the consequences of the failure of their last stand.
  686. 「只有一點。」
  687. >"Just one."
  688. 翔鶴舉手。她的臉上沒有以往的微笑,只剩嚴肅。提督則點點頭催促她問。
  689. >Shoukaku raised her hand. There was no smile on her face now, only grimness. The Admiral tipped his head lightly, beckoning her to speech.
  690. 「身爲旗艦,有件事我想先確認──對于這次出擊,提督您打算以『我們生還』優先,還是以『消滅敵主力』優先?」
  691. >"As the flagship, there is something I would like to confirm with the Admiral in regards to this operation: when it comes down to it, is our priority 'our survival,' or 'the elimination of the enemy main fleet?'"
  692. (翔鶴姊……)
  693. >(Shoukaku-nee....)
  694. 瑞鶴十分難受地看著翔鶴與提督。飛鷹與隼鷹也無比緊張地看向兩人。
  695. >Zuikaku gazed at Shoukaku and the Admiral uncomfortably. Similarly, Hiyou and Junyou also eyed the two with tension written across their faces.
  696. 「……當然,以消滅敵主力爲優先。」
  697. >"....of course, our priority is to eliminate the enemy main fleet."
  698. 提督的聲音低沈卻清晰。
  699. >The Admiral's voice was low, but clear.
  700. 「一旦這場決戰敗北,我們就等于輸掉了戰爭。身爲指揮官,如果能用你們的命換來擊破敵主力,我會容許這種事發生吧。」
  701. >"If we fail this battle, we will have lost the war. If the price for destroying the enemy main force is your lives, I, as a commanding officer, am prepared to pay."
  702. 他以苦惱的語氣接下去。
  703. >His distress was palpable in his voice as he continued.
  704. 「但是,我不准你們從一開始就抱著這種念頭戰鬥。你們很可能成爲往後作戰的關鍵,一定要戰勝敵方主力並且回到這座鎮守府。你們只要全力與眼前的敵人戰鬥就好,責任──全部由我來扛。」
  705. >"However, I forbid any of you from entering battle with this resolve. There is a high likelihood that you all will be integral to our battles in the future; as such, I demand (however unreasonably) that you defeat the enemy and return to this naval district. Fight, fight with every ounce of your soul against the enemy against you. Whatever the result, I am prepared to take full responsibility."
  706. 「我明白了。謝謝您。」
  707. >"I understand. Thank you."
  708. 翔鶴輕輕點頭。瑞鶴則感到愧疚。
  709. >Shoukaku nodded lightly as Zuikaku felt a pang of guilty.
  710. 姊姊想必是爲了讓自己明白提督的心思,才會提出剛剛的問題。提督沒打算將艦娘們當成戰爭道具,就算有些決定看起來像是這樣,但那對提督來說依舊是個苦澀的選擇──
  711. >Her sister had doubtlessly brought up this question to make sure Zuikaku understood the Admiral's thoughts. The Admiral had no plans to use the shipgirls as weapons. Given, some decisions may have seemed the opposite, but for the Admiral, this remained a heart-rending decision--
  712. (這種事我曉得啦……可是,翔鶴姊……)
  713. >(I understand this kind of thing....but, Shoukaku-nee...)
  714. 「還有,艦隊剩下的兩個位置……」
  715. >"Moreover, regarding the remaining two ships..."
  716. 「這點我接下來才要說明。你們兩個,進來吧。」
  717. >"I was just about to explain that. Come in, you two."
  718. 辦公室門隨著沈重的聲響開啓。從門口現身的嬌小艦娘身影,令瑞鶴瞪大了眼睛。其中一名驅逐艦艦娘身穿看似白色水手服的連身裙,脖子上挂著大型雙筒望遠鏡。另一名艦娘則穿著以黑白爲底的水手服,晶瑩的白發讓人印象深刻。
  719. >The office door swung open with a heavy clack as from it came the shapes of two rather small shipgirls. Zuikaku's eyes widened--one of the two destroyers wore a white sailor uniform as a large dress, with a pair of large binoculars hanging from her neck. The other shipgirl wore a black-on-white sailor uniform, her hair an opulent, striking white.
  720. 瑞鶴咽了一口口水。因爲她曾經見過這兩名驅逐艦艦娘,也找到了她們與自己的共通之處。
  721. >Zuikaku gulped. She had seen these two destroyers before, and found what she had in common with them.
  722. (該不會,她們兩個是……)
  723. >(It can't be, these two are...)
  724. 提督的聲音在辦公室裏回蕩。
  725. >The Admiral's voice echoed through the office.
  726. 「驅逐艦雪風和響。她們倆是這個鎮守府中戰技最純熟的驅逐艦,相信一定能順利達成護衛你們的任務。」
  727. >"Destroyers Yukikaze and Hibiki. They are this naval district's most seasoned destroyers, and I am confident they are upt to the task of escorting you all."
  728. 提督頓了一下後環視六名艦娘,接著半是懇求地說道:
  729. >The Admiral paused for a moment before regarding the six shipgirls before speaking a half-plea, half-order.
  730. 「拜托你們,請你們以艦娘的力量帶給人類未來。」
  731. >"Please, use your power as shipgirls to give us humans a future."
  733. 5
  734. >5.
  735. 沖之島近海還是老樣子晴朗。
  736. >The skies above the waters around Okinoshima were as clear as always.
  737. 瑞鶴等人以最大戰速在陽光普照的海洋上航行。
  738. >Zuikaku and company sailed under the dazzling sun at full speed ahead.
  739. 從鎮守府出發已過了十來小時,自待機船只出擊算起則過了約兩小時。截至目前爲止遇敵三次,全都只受到輕微損傷,如今主力就在眼前。看樣子,這回的進擊路線似乎也受到上天眷顧。
  740. >Ten hours had elapsed since their departure from their naval district, and it had been two hours ago that they had left the transport ship and officially began their deployment. They had encountered the enemy three times and taken only scratch damage--and now only the main fleet was ahead of them. It appeared that someone out there had been looking out for them on this route as well.
  741. 艦隊分成兩部分。由驅逐艦雪風和響組成的前衛,以及瑞鶴、翔鶴、飛鷹、隼鷹構成的主力。前衛負責于進擊時探路,以及在遭遇敵主力後擔任誘餌。
  742. >The fleet was split into two units, with destroyers Yukikaze and Hibiki forming a vanguard for Zuikaku, Shoukaku, Hiyou and Junyou's main force. The vanguard served as both an advance force and, on enemy encounter, bait.
  743. 六名艦娘都沈默不語。或許是逼近敵方主力帶來的壓力所致吧,就連隼鷹也噤若寒蟬。飛鷹、翔鶴就更別提了。
  744. >The six shipgirls remained silent. The impending approach of the enemy main fleet seemed to bring about a pressure that lapsed even Junyou into silence. Hiyou and Shoukaku did not need mentioning.
  745. 瑞鶴也屈服于這樣的氣氛之下。
  746. >Zuikaku, too, had yielded to this pervading feeling.
  747. (這樣實在不太好耶……)
  748. >(This is kind of bad...)
  749. 她感覺胸中有股悸動。在這種沈重的氣氛下,即使與敵方主力對峙,能否發揮原來的力量也很難講。
  750. >She felt a throb in her chest. Under this atmosphere it was questionable whether they'd be able to make use of their full power even if they met with the enemy.
  751. (可是,我哪有辦法解決啊……)
  752. >(But I don't know how to solve this...)
  753. 她看向翔鶴──翔鶴就跟先前的戰鬥一樣,以緊繃的表情盯著前方。
  754. >She looked to Shoukaku--Shoukaku, as in the battle before, gazed forwards, her expression tight.
  755. 到頭來,瑞鶴直到出擊都沒跟翔鶴好好說過話。一來是因爲她仍舊不曉得該怎麽開口,二來就像她先前所擔心的那樣,想不到該怎麽改變翔鶴的信念。
  756. >Looking back, Zuikaku had not said a word to Shoukaku through deployment--partly because she didn't know what to say, and partly because she still did not know how to change Shoukaku's resolve.
  757. 想必現在的翔鶴依舊會爲了解救自己而不惜犧牲。畢竟這次的「阿號」作戰,對于鎮守府來說是擊潰沖之島近海敵方泊地的最後機會,再加上這一戰的結果會決定本土的命運,事情就更嚴重了。
  758. >Doubtlessly, the current Shoukaku would willing sacrifice herself for her. After all, this was operation "A-go," the last chance for the Naval District to take out the Okinoshima Enemy Anchorage. Given the fact that the fate of the homeland would be determined by the results of this battle, the situation could not be more serious.
  759. (可是,我實在不想一直看翔鶴姊這樣啊……)
  760. >(But I really just don't want to see Shoukaku-nee like this...)
  761. 她發現自己不知不覺間已握緊了右手裏的短弓。
  762. >Zuikaku noticed that she gripped the shortbow in her right hand abnormally tightly.
  763. (我也希望翔鶴姊幸福……希望她的微笑不是爲了讓我安心,而是發自心底。不然……)
  764. >(I wish fortune to Shoukaku-nee too...I wish that her smile is not just a reassurance for my sake, but from her heart. Or else...)
  765. 『──那個,瑞鶴姊。』
  766. >"--Umm, Zuikaku-nee."
  767. 某處傳來無線電通訊──是驅逐艦雪風。從翔鶴毫無反應看來,雪風似乎有些話只想跟瑞鶴說。
  768. >A wireless transmission from somewhere--it was destroyer Yukikaze. From Shoukaku's complete lack of response, it seemed as if Yukikaze had words for Zuikaku only.
  769. 「我在。請說,雪風。」
  770. >"I read you. Go on, Yukikaze."
  771. 爲了避免翔鶴發現,瑞鶴回答時嘴唇幾乎沒動。她隱約猜得到雪風想講什麽。
  772. >Zuikaku's lips barely moved, to avoid attracting Shoukaku's notice. She could secretly guess what Yukikaze wanted to talk about.
  773. 「沒關系,這邊大家都很沈默,我正覺得無聊。反正目前還沒發現敵方主力。」
  774. >"Don't worry about it, everyone over here is really quiet, and I'm pretty bored. After all, we haven't discovered the enemy main force yet."
  775. 實際上,艦隊早已朝四面八方派出索敵機,什麽時候發現敵人都不奇怪,但瑞鶴不想制止雪風。
  776. >In reality, the fleet had already launched scouts in all directions--it would be unsurprising if the enemy was found at this very moment. Nevertheless, Zuikaku didn't want to silence Yukikaze.
  777. 『──謝謝你。這個通訊響姊也聽得到,沒問題吧?』
  778. >"--thank you. Hibiki is also listening to this transmission, is that alright?"
  779. 「沒問題。啊,還有,抱歉還沒跟你們打招呼。今天就請多指教啰,雪風、響。」
  780. >"No problem. Ah, also, sorry I didn't greet you guys yet. I'll be in your care today, Yukikaze, Hibiki."
  781. 『──好、好的!雪風會加油的!』
  782. >"-Y-yes! Yukikaze will do her best!"
  783. 『──了解。也請你多指教。』
  784. >"Understood. Likewise."
  785. 兩名驅逐艦反應天差地遠,害得瑞鶴差點笑出聲來。
  786. >The bipolarity of the two destroyer's response almost caused Zuikaku to burst into laughter.
  787. 「那麽,你要跟我說什麽?」
  788. >"Well then, what do you guys want to ask me?"
  789. 『──好的。其實,我們有件事一直瞞著瑞鶴姊,我覺得非得向你道歉不可……』
  790. >"--Okay. To be honest, we've been hiding something all this time from Zuikaku-nee, and we ought to apologize to you about it..."
  791. 「你們一直在觀察,我是否真的是擁有掌握最佳命運之力的『幸運航母』,對吧?」
  792. >"You two were observing me to see whether I was the 'Lucky Carrier' that could grasp the most fortunate outcome, right?"
  793. 『……!爲什麽你會……?』
  794. >"....! How did you...?"
  795. 「要不知道很難吧。」
  796. >"It'd be hard not to know."
  797. 聽到雪風狼狽的聲音,瑞鶴臉上微微浮現苦笑。
  798. >Listening to Yukikaze's embarrassment, Zuikaku broke into a bitter smile.
  799. 「剛到任時與加賀學姊的戰鬥,你們就在赤城學姊身旁觀看,而且演習與初陣也看得見你們的身影嘛。啊,所以赤城學姊也跟你們串通好了是吧?唉,畢竟赤城學姊比翔鶴姊還要早到任,或許算得上理所當然吧……」
  800. >"You two were watching with Akagi-senpai during my inaugural battle with Kaga-senpai, and I saw you guys during drills and exercises too. Oh, so Akagi-senpai is in on this too then? Ehh, she's even higher up in seniority than Shoukaku-nee. I suppose it was expected."
  801. 『──呃,說中了……』
  802. >"--Ehh, you got us..."
  803. 「而且,雪風你也跟我一樣,被人認爲有掌握最佳命運的力量對吧?我在『那場戰爭』中就聽說過你是『幸運驅逐艦』,再加上你一直活到最後,所以隱約猜得到……」
  804. >"Plus, isn't Yukikaze like me, a ship people figured would be able to grasp that most fortunate outcome? In 'That War' I also heard you being referred to as the 'Lucky Destroyer.' You survived until the end, too, so I figured..."
  805. 最後那部分比較接近直覺。在鎮守府裏偶爾會碰面的雪風,有種跟其他驅逐艦不太一樣的氛圍。該說沒有包袱嗎──這種說法有點暧昧,不過那種感覺跟其他人都不一樣,反倒是跟自己比較接近。
  806. >That last part was more instinct. From her occasional run-ins with Yukikaze, Zuikaku had noticed that she carried herself with an air unlike those of the other destroyers. An unburdened feeling, maybe. It was a vague term at best, but it was simultaneously different from the other shipgirls and similar to herself.
  807. 正因爲這樣,瑞鶴才認爲雪風或許也是跟自己有同樣因果的艦娘。當然,那是上次出擊回來以後的事了。
  808. >It was exactly because of this that Zuikaku figured that Yukikaze might be a shipgirl with similar abilities. Of course, this revelation came after the last sortie.
  809. 赤城也一樣。她是鎮守府最資深的標准航母,也是立場最接近提督的艦娘,不可能不曉得自己和雪風的事。
  810. >Akagi was the same. She was the Naval District's most senior standard carrier, and the shipgirl closest to the Admiral; there was no way she did not notice Zuikaku and Yukikaze's situation.
  811. 『──這、這也說中了……真不愧是瑞鶴姊呢……』
  812. >"--t-that's expected of Zuikaku-nee..."
  813. 大概是正中紅心的部分太多吧,雪風佩服地低語。她的口氣,令瑞鶴再度苦笑。
  814. >Perhaps Zuikaku had been on target too many times, for Yukikaze responded with a tone of admiration that caused Zuikaku to again break into a crooked smile.
  815. 「還有,響一定也在『那場戰爭』中活到了最後,知道這個鎮守府裏的某人擁有幸運的因果……所以,你才會跟雪風一起戰鬥吧?所以,赤城學姊才會拜托你關照我……對不對,響?」
  816. >"Also, Hibiki must have also survived to the end of 'That War', and thus have known who in the naval district possessed the fruits of fortune....that's why you fight with Yukikaze, correct? And that's why Akagi-senpai asked you to take care of I correct, Hibiki?"
  817. 響保持沈默。不過,瑞鶴認爲她是以沈默表示肯定。
  818. >Hibiki remained silent, but Zuikaku took that as affirmation.
  819. 「……所以,我不會在意這些事,雪風也沒必要道歉。這是我跟翔鶴姊的問題……雪風跟響只是盡忠職守而已。不是嗎?」
  820. >"...that's why I'm not concerned about this kind of thing. Yukikaze doesn't need to apologize, and neither does Hibiki--both of you were simply doing your jobs, right? This is an issue between Shoukaku-nee and I."
  821. 『──你不會覺得難過、害怕嗎?』
  822. >"--Don't you feel sad sometimes? Scared?"
  823. 雪風試探性地問道。從這句話可知,「幸運驅逐艦」這個稱號以及被人認爲擁有「掌握最佳命運的力量」,讓雪風感覺壓力十分沈重。
  824. >From Yukikaze's tentative question, it seemed that the name of "The Lucky Destroyer" and the alleged ability to Grasp the Most Fortunate Outcome sat heavily on her shoulders.
  825. 「當然,不怎麽愉快。可是,我不會在這裏停下腳步。」
  826. >"Of course, it's nothing to be happy about. But I won't stop here."
  827. 『…………』
  828. >"........"
  829. 「如果真的有那種力量,我就會用在自己需要的地方。我想保護翔鶴姊,想一直和她並肩作戰。所以,我會像之前一樣全力以赴──現在我是這麽想的。」
  830. >"If this power really exists, then I will use it where I need to. I want to protect Shoukaku-nee and stand beside her in battle. That's why I will do my best with all I have as before--that is how I feel."
  831. 『──瑞鶴姊……』
  832. >"--Zuikaku-nee...."
  833. 「雪風也是這麽想的吧?」
  834. >"That is what Yukikaze thinks as well, right?"
  835. 『……是。』
  836. >".....Yes."
  837. 沈默數秒後,雪風猶豫地回答。這短短的間隔,讓瑞鶴感覺到雪風「幸運驅逐艦」這條路走得有多沈重。
  838. >Yukikaze responded hesitantly after several seconds of silence. That brief emptiness allowed Zuikaku to feel just how grim the road of the "Lucky Destroyer" was for Yukikaze.
  839. (想必雪風也跟我一樣……)
  840. >(Yukikaze is most likely like me...)
  841. 『──說「所以」或許很奇怪,不過……翔鶴姊就拜托你了。』
  842. >"--it might be strange to say 'because of this', but...I'll be leaving Shoukaku-nee to you."
  843. 朝遠方前進的雪風,回頭瞄了瑞鶴一眼並說道:
  844. >From her position advancing into the distance, Yukikaze turned around to regard Zuikaku for a moment before continuing.
  845. 『──我跟響姊都活過了「那場戰爭」,之後也有很長一段時間還是現役,所以記得一些戰後的事。』(注:雪風在戰後移交中華民國海軍,更名爲「丹陽」;而響則移交前蘇聯,更名爲「Верный」。)
  846. >"--Hibiki and I both survived 'That War,', and continued serving on active duty for a significant period afterwards, so we remember a bit of what happened after the war." (note: Yukikaze was transferred to the Republic of China Navy as Tan Yang, whereas Hibiki was transferred to the Soviet Union as Verniy)
  847. 「…………」
  848. >"........."
  849. 『──所以,看見翔鶴姊那樣鑽牛角尖的艦娘,讓我們很難受……確實,不管是對我們來說還是對乘員們來說,「那場戰爭」都是非常辛酸的回憶;可是,似乎沒有什麽人嫌棄、痛恨戰敗的我們。想必翔鶴姊乘員的幸存者也是這麽認爲,所以……』
  850. >"--that's why it pains us to see a shipgirl as stubborn as Shoukaku-nee. True, 'That War' was a painful memory, both for us and our crews; even so, few hated or resented us, even as the losers. Shoukaku-nee's surviving crew probably felt the same, which is why..."
  851. 雪風沒辦法繼續說下去。而瑞鶴也不願催促她。
  852. >Yukikaze could not continue, and Zuikaku didn't want to push her.
  853. 自己和雪風都知道,即使跟現在的翔鶴說這些也沒意義。對翔鶴來說,「那場戰爭」的不幸經曆如影隨形,就算提起在那之後的事,大概還是很難讓她擺脫過去吧。
  854. >Both she and Yukikaze knew that saying this to Shoukaku would accomplish nothing. Shoukaku lived in the shadow of her misfortunes from 'That War;' bringing up the events that followed would not bring her out from there.
  855. 「我知道了,多謝你的好意。」
  856. >"I understand. Thank you for your concerns."
  857. 瑞鶴對逐漸語帶哽咽的雪風說道:
  858. >In an increasingly choked voice, Zuikaku spoke to Yukikaze.
  859. 「雪風跟響、總之你們先把注意力放在戰鬥上。在你們回避攻擊的時候,我們會想辦法解決敵人。」
  860. >"At any rate, Hibiki, Yukikaze, focus on the battle. Just keep dodging, and we'll think of a way to defeat the enemy."
  861. 『──好的,那就拜托了……因爲雪風絕對不會沈!響姊,這次也一起加油吧!』
  862. >"--Alright, then we'll leave it to you...because Yukikaze will never sink! Hibiki-nee, let's do our best together!"
  863. 『──說得也是呢。』
  864. >"--sounds about right."
  865. 雪風彷佛要鼓舞士氣般喊道,面無表情的響則以帶有暖意的聲音回答。
  866. >Yukikaze shouted rousingly, while Hibiki responded with a hint of warmth, expressionless as ever.
  867. 響是第六驅逐隊的一員,跟雷、電、曉等驅逐艦感情很好,但她或許在別的意義上跟雪風心有靈犀也說不定。
  868. >Hibiki was one of the 6thDesDev and got along well with destroyers Ikazuchi, Inazuma and Akatsuki--but perhaps on another level, she had a certain connection with Yukikaze as well.
  869. 這部分先不管,跟雪風和響的對話,讓瑞鶴覺得自己似乎得到了某種提示般的東西。
  870. >That aside, through her conversation with Yukikaze and Hibiki, Zuikaku felt that perhaps she had reached some kind of realization.
  871. 恐怕要改變翔鶴的意志不能靠言語,只能用行動──
  872. >Perhaps the way to change Shoukaku's resolve was not through words, but actions...
  873. (想必這就是我所相信的最佳未來……)
  874. >(So maybe this is that most fortunate result...)
  875. 五分鍾後,艦隊派出的索敵機之一捕捉到敵方主力的身影。
  876. >Five minutes later, one of the fleet's scout planes finally caught sight of the enemy main fleet.
  877. 這架索敵機屬于標准航母瑞鶴。
  878. >This scout plane belonged to Standard Carrier Zuikaku.
  880. 6
  882. 不知是因爲天候惡化,抑或是深海棲艦察覺攻勢而産生騷動,沖之島近海的水面開始劇烈起伏。
  883. >Whether it was because the Abyssals sensing the oncoming assault or a natural deterioration in weather conditions, the surface of the Okinoshima waters began to stir and roil.
  884. 然而,四名航母就像要劈開波濤一般,以最大戰速在海上沖刺。
  885. >Even so, the four carriers advanced at maximum battle speed, splitting the waters with their advance.
  886. 「艦首保持在上風處,全艦,開始起飛!」
  887. >"Keep your prows upwind; all ships, begin launch!"
  888. 翔鶴高聲發號施令,同時自己也舉起短弓。
  889. >Shoukaku shrilly spoke above the din as she raised her own shortbow.
  890. 「空中集合完畢後,攻擊隊朝西前進,打擊瑞鶴發現的敵方主力!敵主力規模跟先前一樣級戰艦旗標型一、級戰艦精銳型三、艦種不明的驅逐艦二!全艦正以單縱隊形朝我方接近!」
  891. >"Once the air group has assembled, send your attack teams west and target the main fleet that Zuikaku detected! The Fleet composition remains as previously--one flagship BB, three elite BBs and two unidentified DDs! All ships are currently advancing on our position in line ahead formation!"
  892. 「「「「「了解!」」」」」
  893. """""Understood!"""""
  894. 「這一擊將決定一切──各位,拜托了!」
  895. >"This one attack will determine it all--everyone, I'm counting on you!"
  896. 「「「「「了解!」」」」」
  897. """""Understood!"""""
  898. 在命令與應答來回的期間內,六名艦娘也沒忘記備戰。翔鶴、瑞鶴、飛鷹、隼鷹分別以射箭或式神讓艦載機起飛,並讓他們在空中集合組成編隊。兩名驅逐艦爲了盡可能地妨礙敵方瞄准,一邊讓輪機部位的煙囪放出煙幕一邊朝四艘RU級戰艦突擊。
  899. >Between the order and the response, the six shipgirls had not forgotten to prepare. Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Hiyou and Junyou each loosed their arrows or launched their Shikigami and allowed them to fall into formation. Meanwhile, the two destroyers popped a smokescreen via their turbines as they moved into engage the Ru-class battleships in an attempt to draw fire from the carriers.
  900. (這一擊將決定一切……!)
  901. >(This attack decides it all....!)
  902. 瑞鶴在內心複誦翔鶴的台詞,同時連續射箭。
  903. >Repeating Shoukaku's line in her mind, Zuikaku continued firing her arrows.
  904. (這場戰鬥是改變翔鶴姊內心的機會──不過,在那之前非得勝利不可……!)
  905. >(This battle is a chance to change Shoukaku-nee's heart--but, before that happens, we must win above all...!)
  906. 她一邊留心開始紊亂的呼吸,一邊持續不斷地放箭。箭矢在空中帶著光芒分裂,化爲數量衆多的零戰五二型與流星改,逐漸組成陣型。零戰六二型留下來作爲不時之需,流星改全數裝備魚雷。
  907. >She continued shooting, even as she started to notice her ragged breathing. Each arrow split into the air in a burst of light, transmuting into the Type 52 Zero and Ryuusei Kai before forming into position. The Type 62 Zeros remained behind as a contingency plan, while the Ryuusei Kai all carried torpedos.
  908. 瑞鶴瞄向其他航母──她們同樣讓艦載機起飛、集合。翔鶴跟瑞鶴一樣是零戰五二型與流星改,飛鷹與隼鷹則是零戰二一型與九九艦蟲、九七艦攻。
  909. >Zuikaku glanced at the other carriers--they, too, were also launching their carrier planes and then consolidating them. Shoukaku, like Zuikaku, carried Type 52 Zero and Ryuusei Kai, whereas Hiyou and Junyou carried the good ol' Type 21 Zeroes, Type 99 Dive Bombers and Type 97 Torpedo Bobmers.
  910. 空中集合的機體瞬間激增,最後成了兩百機以上的大編隊。規模如此巨大的編隊,即使是在「那場戰爭」裏,瑞鶴所屬的機動部隊也只組過幾次而已。
  911. >The cloud of planes assembled in the air continued to swell into one large air group of some two hundred planes. Zuikaku had only seen an air group of this size once or twice even in "That War."
  912. 起飛完畢的同時傳來炮聲──四艘RU級開始對雪風和響炮擊。
  913. >With the last launches came the sound of guns--the four RU-class had began opening fire at Yukikaze and Hibiki.
  914. 「拜托啰,雪風、響……!」
  915. >"We're counting on you, Yukikaze, Hibiki....!"
  916. 隼鷹看著自己組隊中的艦載機與冒出黑煙的水平線彼方,同時輕聲說道:
  917. >Eyeing both her own air group and the smoke-wreathed horizon, Junyou softly murmured.
  918. 「因爲要是你們被擊破,目標就變成我們啦……!」
  919. >"Because once you're destroyed, the targets become us....!"
  920. 瑞鶴感到全身僵硬。正如隼魔所言,一旦雪風和響遭到擊破,就輪到航母群承受管制炮擊了。
  921. >Zuikaku felt her body clench. As Junyou had said, if Yukikaze or Hibiki were destroyed, it would be the carrier group's turn to endure the suppression shelling.
  922. 遠方響起巨大的爆炸聲。水柱自水平線上竄起。一想到上次戰鬥中瞄准伊勢與日向的炮擊對准了那兩名纖細的艦娘,就讓人想立刻沖去救援。
  923. >A great explosion in the distance, followed by a great pillar just over the Horizon; just the thought of the accurate barrage that had straddled Ise and Hyuuga now focusing on those two slender shipgirls made Zuikaku want to rush to their rescue.
  924. (可是,她們倆一定……!)
  925. >(But, those two must....!)
  926. 瑞鶴壓抑住這股沖動,以祈禱般的心境這麽想。下一秒──
  927. >Zuikaku forcibly suppressed these impulses. her thoughts a prayer. A second later--
  928. 「全攻擊隊,開始突擊!」
  929. >"All air groups, begin your attack runs!"
  930. 待空中集合完畢,翔鶴便下達命令。
  931. >Having waited until the air assembly had completed, Shoukaku gave the order.
  932. 「目標,敵RU級戰艦群!拜托你們,去吧!」
  933. >"Your target is the Ru-class Battleship Group! We're counting on you, go!"
  934. 「希望可以……靠視距外攻擊搞定!」
  935. >" attack that'll finish them out of our visual range!"
  936. 瑞鶴配合著翔鶴大喊。飛鷹、隼鷹也跟著下令。
  937. >Zuikaku shouted along with Shoukaku as Hiyou and Junyou also laid down their orders.
  938. 「好,要替赤城學姊和加賀學姊報仇啰!對吧,隼鷹!」
  939. >"Alright, let's get revenge for Akagi-senpai and Kaga-senpai! Right, Junyou?"
  940. 「對!拿出全力修理他們──去吧!」
  941. >"Yeah! Let's give it our all and give 'em a beating--Off you go!"
  942. 總數達兩百機以上的第一波攻擊隊,隨著四名艦娘的號令一口氣沖向敵艦隊。這幅光景就連送他們出去的瑞鶴都看呆了──可說是不折不扣的全力出擊。
  943. >In total over 200 planes formed the first attack wave; at the four shipgirls' order, they shot as one towards the enemy fleet. The sight left even Zuikaku, who had sent them, gaping--this was doubtless an all-in, all-out assault.
  944. 其中看上去最爲雄壯的,就是翔鶴與瑞鶴的流星改編隊。他們張開了巨大的倒海鷗式機翼,在零戰五二型的掩護下,用顛覆過去艦攻常識的速度突擊。
  945. >Among the most magnificent among them were Shoukaku and Zuikaku's Ryuusei-Kai attack teams. Protected by the Type 52 Zeroes in a vast inverted gull-wing formation, they advanced as a subversion of the past fast attacks of the past.
  946. 「來自響的通訊──敵戰艦群防空炮火開始射擊!」
  947. >"Report from Hibiki--enemy battleships have opened up with AA guns,"
  948. 隼鷹單手抵在耳邊報告。
  949. >Junyou reported with a hand to her ear.
  950. 「不過效果薄弱──流星改的速度似乎讓每一艘戰艦都不知所措!」
  951. >"But the effect seems limited--the Ryuusei-kai seems to be too fast for each battleship to cope!"
  952. 「既然這樣……!」
  953. >"In that case....!"
  954. 就在翔鶴抱著期待喊叫的瞬間,攻擊隊開始俯沖,朝四艘級發動攻擊。
  955. >In the time that Shoukaku uttered her shout of anticipation, the attack teams began to separate, beginning their individual attack runs.
  956. 機體先後墜落。一如預期,四艘RU級的防空能力壓倒性地強大,上空瞬間充滿了防空炮火的黑煙。然而就跟響的報告一樣,敵方無法適應流星改的速度,損傷率比先前的戰鬥來得低。
  957. >Planes began to fall. As expected, the four Ru-class' AA power was overwhelming; within mere seconds, the air was filled with the black puffs of AA fire. And yet as Hibiki reported, the enemy could not quite adjust to the Ryuusei Kai's speed--losses were significantly lighter than in previous battles.
  958. 于是,攻擊隊先後投彈──數秒後,四艘RU級周圍先後爆出水柱。
  959. >And so, each of the attack teams launched their torpedos--moments later, the four Ru-classes were bracketed by water pillars.
  960. (這樣如何啊……!)
  961. >(How's that....!)
  962. 瑞鶴握緊拳頭,盯著敵艦隊的方向。戰果會由接近敵艦隊的響和雪風負責報告。
  963. >Zuikaku clenched her fist as she stared in the enemy fleet's direction. It would be up to the closer Hibiki and Yukikaze to report the results.
  964. 數十秒後,雪風以悲痛的聲音報告:
  965. >Presently, Yukikaze reported with a tone of regret.
  966. 『──不行!盡管四艘有兩艘大破,但剩余兩艘安然無恙!其中一艘是旗艦級!』
  967. >"--no-go! Out of the four, two have been heavily-damaged, but the other two aren't hurt at all! One of them is the flagship class!"
  968. 「意思是落空了……?」
  969. >"So they missed....?"
  970. 翔鶴難以置信地詢問。
  971. >Shoukaku pressed with a voice of disbelief.
  972. 『──不是!兩艘敵驅逐艦成了旗艦的盾……兩艘驅逐艦沈沒!但是……!』
  973. >"--No! The two enemy destroyers acted as shields...both those destroyers have sank! But....!"
  974. 瑞鶴當場愣住。雖然大家都知道深海棲艦跟我方一樣會主動保護旗艦,卻沒想到會在這種時候──
  975. >Zuikaku stood dumbstruck. While everyone was aware that the abyssal were, like the shipgirls, capable and willing to act autonomously to protect the flagship, nobody thought that it would be at this time that--
  976. 但是,瑞鶴的認知還是太天真了──緊接著,飛鷹放聲大喊:
  977. >But Zuikaku now admitted that they had been far too naive. Right after, Hiyou spoke up.
  978. 「全艦回避!幸存的RU級朝這邊開炮了……!」
  979. >"All ships, begin evasive maneuvers! The surviving Ru-classes are now firing in our direction!"
  980. 「居然在這種時候?」
  981. >"At this time?!"
  982. 就在全員震驚得說不出話時,接連不斷的爆炸席卷現場。
  983. >Even as the others responded incredulously, a seemingly unending chain of explosions bracketed the field.
  984. 瑞鶴並未失去意識。無數炮彈在身邊引爆,隨之而來的沖擊震飛了她──撞上海面後,她立刻起身。
  985. >Zuikaku had not yet lost her bearings. Countless shells exploded around her with shockwaves that smashed her onto the water surface.
  986. 「嗚……!」
  987. >"Ugh....!" she murmured as she stood back up.
  988. 她忍著痛環顧四周──由于水柱崩落,使得周圍霧氣彌漫。
  989. >Enduring the pain, she looked around her--as the waterspouts collapsed, they left a cloud of mist in their wake.
  990. 接著,她認出了三名冒黑煙的艦娘──頓時臉色蒼白。
  991. >Squinting, she made out the silhouettes of three shipgirls, each emitting smoke--and her face whitened.
  992. (怎麽會──!)
  993. >(How--?!)
  994. 三人之中,飛鷹與隼魔呈現大破狀態。飛行甲板半毀,其他裝備也幾乎全遭到破壞,兩人只能咬牙跪在海面上。
  995. >Of the three, Hiyou and Junyou showed clearly heavy damage. With their flight decks half ruined and their other equipment virtually wiped out, the two could only grit their teeth as they knelt on the ocean surface.
  996. 翔鶴受到的打擊沒有飛鷹型那兩人嚴重,正搖搖晃晃地站起身子。可是,她身上的裝備多處受損,戰力顯然會受到影響。
  997. >Shoukaku's damage was not as severe as those of the Hiyou-class--even now, she stood up, tottering gently. Even so, her equipment also bore significant damage--her combat ability would doubtlessly be affected.
  998. 敵方對這裏的炮擊──不知道爲什麽並未連續不斷。只能認爲是雪風與響再度吸引了敵艦的注意。
  999. >The enemy's barrage in this direction had inexplicably halted instead of chaining. The only explanation was that Yukikaze and Hibiki had once more caught the enemy's attention.
  1000. (艦載機呢……?)
  1001. >(And what about the carrier planes?)
  1002. 瑞鶴朝頭上望去──在視線的彼方,結束攻擊的第一波攻擊隊正在返航。總數約五十,而且幾乎都是流星改與零戰五二型。飛鷹與隼鷹放出的機體似乎全被擊墜了。
  1003. >Zuikaku looked to the sky--from the horizon, the spent first wave was now returning. They numbered around fifty, virtually all of whom were the Type 52 Zeroes and Ryuusei Kai. Hiyou and Junyou's planes had been slaughtered, nearly to the last fairy.
  1004. 兩百架的攻擊隊,只有四分之一返航──損失極度嚴重,幾乎讓瑞鶴絕望。而且,還健在的航母只剩她和翔鶴。
  1005. >Of the two hundred attack planes, only one in four had returned--the losses were exceedingly heavy, far beyond Zuikaku's worst fears. And now, the only carriers that remained were she and Shoukaku.
  1006. (可是,非得靠這些剩下的戰力挽回局勢才行……!)
  1007. >(But, we have to regain the initiative with these remnants...!)
  1008. 敵方依然有兩艘健全無恙的RU級。如果不想辦法解決,就無法取得勝利。
  1009. >The enemy still had two unharmed Ru-classes. If they didn't find a way to deal with this, there would be no chance of victory.
  1010. (可是該怎麽做……?)
  1011. >(But what should I do...?)
  1012. 「瑞鶴,快點收容艦載機。連我的份一起。」
  1013. >"Zuikaku, hurry and retrieve those carrier planes. Take my portion too."
  1014. 好不容易才站起身的翔鶴,以激昂的眼神瞪著敵艦隊,同時對瑞鶴說道:
  1015. >Standing uneasily, Shoukaku glared at the enemy fleet with a simmering anger as she spoke to Zuikaku.
  1016. 「我們要發動第二波攻擊。你解決級精銳型,我會想辦法應付旗標型。」
  1017. >"We are launching a second wave. You deal with the elite, I'll find a way to deal with the flagship type."
  1018. 「想辦法應付……要怎麽應付!」
  1019. >"Find a way....what way is there?"
  1020. 瑞鶴疑惑地大喊。因爲翔鶴將自己的艦載機交給瑞鶴,卻宣告要發動第二波攻擊。一般航母做不到這種事。
  1021. >Zuikaku loudly voiced her doubts. Shoukaku was giving her own carriers to Zuikaku and simultaneously calling for a second wave--a normal carrier couldn't do this.
  1022. (不,我們是艦娘──只要想做就做得到那種事……)
  1023. >(No, we are shipgirls--as long as there's a will, there's a way....)
  1024. 「翔鶴姊,你該不會想逼近RU級旗標型自爆……?」
  1025. >"Shoukaku-nee, you're not planning on closing in on the Flagship Ru-class and detonating yourself, are you....?"
  1026. 瑞鶴瞪大了眼睛。翔鶴依舊盯著敵艦,這等于肯定了瑞鶴的質疑。
  1027. >Zuikaku's eyes widened. Shoukaku continued to glare the enemy vessel as before, confirming Zuikaku's suspicions.
  1028. 艦娘也有輪機部位。如果在貼近敵人的狀態下讓鍋爐自爆,就能以自己的性命爲代價帶給敵方重大打擊。
  1029. >Shipgirls had turbine systems as well. If they could close in on the enemy and then blow up their turbines, they could deal devastating damage--at the cost of their lives.
  1030. 在「那場戰爭」裏,一般來說不會考慮讓航母主動接近戰艦。然而,她們是艦娘,有人以刀、槍、巨錨等肉搏武器戰鬥,也有人靠體術進行格鬥戰。從這一點看來,翔鶴的戰術並非荒誕無稽。
  1031. >In "That War", one would normally never consider allowing a carrier to close in on a battleship. Even so, they were shipgirls--there were shipgirls who fought with sword, spear and anchor in CQC--there were even some who fought with bare hands and technique. From that standpoint, Shoukaku's strategy was neither particular outlandish or impractical.
  1032. 可是,這麽一來翔鶴必定會死。
  1033. >But this strategy meant that Shoukaku would definitely die.
  1034. 「不行!要是這麽做的話……!」
  1035. >"No! If you do that--"
  1036. 「可是,除此之外沒有收拾剩下兩艘RU級的辦法了。」
  1037. >"There are no other ways to finish the remaining two Ru-classes,"
  1038. 翔鶴斬釘截鐵地回答。
  1039. >Shoukaku responded bluntly.
  1040. 「從敵方的防空能力來看,以剩余艦載機解決兩艘RU級的可能性很低。但如果用這個戰術,就能將兩艘都收拾掉。」
  1041. >"From the enemy's AA abilities, the likelihood of finishing the remaining two Ru-classes with our remaining complement is low. If we use this tactic, we can finish both vessels."
  1042. 「可是……!」
  1043. >"But....!"
  1044. 「再說,提督直到現在還沒有下達撤退命令……這表示提督信任我們。所以,我們也得回應他的信任才行……!」
  1045. >Moreover, the Admiral has not given the order to retreat....that means the Admiral trusts us. That's why, we have to respond to that trust...!"
  1046. 說完,翔鶴便轉向瑞鶴,露出一如往常的溫柔微笑。
  1047. >With that, Shoukaku turned to Zuikaku as she broke into her usual smile.
  1048. 「瑞鶴,你是『幸運航母』,一定能靠掌握最佳命運的力量引發拯救大家的奇迹。所以,不管這場戰役有多艱辛、多痛苦,你都有活到最後挽回一切的義務──我想,我的任務就是替你開辟這條道路。」
  1049. >"Zuikaku, you are the 'Lucky Carrier'--you will definitely be able to use your ability to grasp the best possible outcome to bring everyone a miracle. No matter how hard the battles get, no matter how painful, you have to survive for that reason--so that you can reach out and retrieve it all--and I believe that it's my job to open that road for you."
  1050. 「……!」
  1051. >".....!"
  1052. 「對于背負『不幸艦』宿命的我來說,這既是心願也是救贖……所以,讓我去吧。」
  1053. >"For me, the one who bears the fate of 'the unlucky ship', this is both my desire and my please, let me go."
  1054. 瑞鶴無言以對。翔鶴的覺悟貨真價實,這套戰術也符合理論。如果不在此時擊潰沖之島近海的主力部隊,本土和鎮守府就會暴露在危險之下,甚至可能讓人類輸掉這場戰爭。
  1055. >Zuikaku could find no retort. Shoukaku's resolve was doubtlessly genuine, and this tactic was also logical. If the Okinoshima Main Fleet was not destroyed now, the homeland and the Naval District would be endangered such that it was possible that mankind would lose altogether.
  1056. 而且提督說「消滅敵主力比生還優先」。翔鶴的主意,在各方面都得到了肯定。
  1057. >The Admiral had also said that "Destruction of the enemy holds precedence over survival." Shoukaku's idea was backed on each front.
  1058. 除了瑞鶴無法接受以外。
  1059. >Apart from the fact that Zuikaku couldn't accept it.
  1060. (沒錯。這種作法絕對有問題……!)
  1061. >(That's right. This kind of tactic is definitely flawed!"
  1062. 瑞鶴咬著嘴唇,再次確認自己心中的結論。
  1063. >Zuikaku bit her lip as she once more confirmed her own reasoning.
  1064. (我們是艦娘──來這裏不只是爲了贏得戰爭,更是爲了擺脫「那場戰爭」的記憶……提督應該也不希望翔鶴姊這麽做才對……!)
  1065. >(We are shipgirls--we came here not only to win this war, but also to confront the memories of 'That War'...I'm sure the Admiral doesn't want Shoukaku do to this either....!)
  1066. 那麽該怎麽辦──一想到這裏,數段記憶接連自瑞鶴腦中蘇醒。
  1067. >What should be done instead--at this point, several memories surfaced in Zuikaku's mind.
  1068. 提督對自己說過的話。飛鷹對自己說過的話。飛鷹丟往海面那顆石頭的下落──
  1069. >The words the Admiral had said to her. The words Hiyou had said to her. That stone that Hiyou had hurled at the sea--
  1070. (對了,就是這個。)
  1071. >(THat's right. That's it.)
  1072. 瑞鶴發現,自己還有勝利的機會。
  1073. >Zuikaku had found a chance to win.
  1074. 她握緊拳頭,忍著竄過全身的劇痛站起身,然後乘勢開口:
  1075. >Clenching her first and enduring the pain, she righted herself and spoke:
  1076. 「我沒有翔鶴姊認爲的那麽懂事。」
  1077. >"I don't understand as much as Shoukaku-nee thinks I do."
  1078. 「瑞鶴……?」
  1079. >"Zuikaku....?"
  1080. 「這種事我絕對不接受!我不打算爲了這種事活下去……那既不是我的心願,也不是我的救贖!」
  1081. >"I can't accept something like this! I don't plan to live on for that kind of thing...that is neither my wish nor my salvation!"
  1082. 少女瞪著遠方的兩艘RU級。炮聲仍未止歇──雪風和響還在戰鬥。她們相信同伴,將幸存帶來的哀傷藏在心底。
  1083. >She stared at the two Ru-classes in the distance. The sounds of shelling had not yet ceased--Yukikaze and Hibiki were still fighting. They trusted their comrades, carrying their survivor's guilt with them.
  1084. 「這次我一定要跟翔鶴姊並肩作戰到最後──這就是我的心願、我的救贖!如果有人想妨礙,就算這人是翔鶴姊你,我也不會放過!」
  1085. >"This time around, I will definitely fight with Shoukaku-nee until the end--that is my wish and my salvation! And if anybody wants to stop me, even if that person is you, Shoukaku-nee, I won't let them!"
  1086. 「瑞鶴!可是,要讓作戰成功只能這樣……!」
  1087. >"Zuikaku! But that's the only choice if we want the operation to succeed....!"
  1088. 「不,還有辦法!翔鶴姊,你看著。我一定會修理那兩艘戰艦,抓住逆轉的機會!所以──拜托你也別放棄,助我一臂之力!」
  1089. >"No, there's another way! Shoukaku-nee, look. I will definitely take down those two battleships and secure a chance to turn the tables! That's why--please don't give up and help me!"
  1090. 在兩人爭論的期間,參加第一波攻擊的機體已經收容完畢。爲了讓這些艦載機和預備機出擊,瑞鶴舉起手裏的短弓。
  1091. >In the course of this debate, the survivors of the first wave had successfully landed. In order to prepare them once more, Zuikaku raised her shortbow.
  1092. 「因爲我瑞鶴──『幸運空母』可不是浪得虛名!」
  1093. >"Because I, Zuikaku-- 'The Lucky Carrier,' did not base my nickname on a lie!"
  1094. 接著,瑞鶴連續射出艦載機──飛機在沒先集合的狀態下,一架接一架地飛向剩余的兩艘RU級。
  1095. >Next, Zuikaku continued to shoot out carrier planes--without assembling, plane after plane flew peacemeal towards the remaining two Ru-classes.
  1096. 「去吧────!」
  1097. >"Go-----!"
  1098. ◇◇◇
  1100. 許多發動機聲響急速接近──聽到這些聲音時,響感到十分困惑。
  1101. >The buzz of motors and propellers closed in--hearing it, Hibiki felt a sense of bemusement.
  1102. (在這種時候進行第二波攻擊……不是等于叫人家擊墜他們嗎?)
  1103. >(To launch a second wave at this time...aren't they just asking to be shot down?)
  1104. 「……!」
  1105. >".....!"
  1106. 此時,周圍噴出了許多水柱──響咬著牙回避。
  1107. >At that moment, another cloud of waterspouts surrounded her--clenching her teeth, Hibiki began evading.
  1108. 四航母的第一波攻擊結束後,雪風跟響就一直在回避兩艘RU級的炮擊。因爲翔鶴沒有下達新的命令,而且響認爲不管要逃要戰,自己和雪風都該負責吸引炮火。
  1109. >After the conclusion of the four carriers' first wave, Yukikaze and Hibiki had been actively dodging the shelling of the two Ru-classes. Shoukaku, after all, had not given any new orders--moreover, Hibiki reckoned that she and Yukikaze would be in charge of drawing fire, whether they were retreating or fighting.
  1110. 響在「那場戰爭」裏,明白半吊子的空襲對具備強大防空能力的敵人毫無效果。這點在「那場戰爭」後勝者之間漫長而冰冷──但雙方都沒有流血的戰爭裏也是一樣。因爲自己間接地跟戰事扯上了關系。
  1111. >In "That War", Hibiki had understood that half-assed air strikes would have no effect on an opponent with a strong AA complement. This point had come long and hard upon the winners of "That War"--but this was the case even in mutually bloodless conflicts. Because it had long since become indirectly related to military affairs.
  1112. 盡管如此,幸存的標准航母依舊這麽做了。她們有什麽主意嗎?還是說,她們決定最後再賭一把呢──
  1113. >Even so, the surviving Standard Carrier was still doing this. Did she have an idea? Or were they simply making one last gamble--
  1114. (瑞鶴,你……)
  1115. >(Zuikaku, you...)
  1116. 水柱再度林立。響在回避的同時,看向同樣也在回避水柱的雪風,以及瑞鶴她們放出的攻擊隊──
  1117. >The shell splashes were everywhere once more. As she evaded, Hibiki glanced at Yukikaze (who was doing the same) and the Attack Teams Zuikaku and company had released--
  1118. (……原來如此。這種作法倒是不壞。)
  1119. >( that's how it is. That's not a bad way to go about it.)
  1120. 她察覺了瑞鶴的意圖,嘴角勾起了信賴的微笑。
  1121. >Having figured out Zuikaku's plan, Hibiki's smile curled up into a trusting smile.
  1122. ◇◇◇
  1124. 瑞鶴的攻擊隊在途中分成了零戰五二型、零戰六二型、流星改三個集團,並且按照這個順序朝兩艘RU級前進。
  1125. >Zuikaku's attack teams were divided roughly into Type 52 Zeroes, Type 62 Zero Fighter-Bombers, and the Ryuusei-Kai, and flew towards the two Ru-class in that order.
  1126. 兩艘RU級停止對雪風和響開炮,重新張開彈幕。大量兩用炮、機槍噴出火光,將領頭的零戰五二型一架接一架地擊落。
  1127. >The two Ru-class immediately stopped firing at Yukikaze and Hibiki as they opened up again with AA fire. Under the fire of both their main guns and their AA guns, the leading Type 52 Zeros withered, falling one after the other.
  1128. RU級判斷零戰五二型載有炸彈,因此將火力集中到上方。轟炸機要不是水平轟炸就是從高高度進行俯沖轟炸,因此這種舉動完全符合理論。
  1129. >The Ru-class had become convinced that the Type 52 Zero carried bombs, and had thus focused their fire on the skies above. Whether the bombers was launching into level bombing runs or dive bombing runs, this response was reasonable.
  1130. 但是,五二型背後的零戰六二型突然帶著炸彈降到低空,就像企圖投擲魚雷的攻擊機一樣貼著水面。
  1131. >And yet, the Type 62s behind the Type 52s descended to near sea-level, hugging the surface as if they were about to launch torpedoes.
  1132. 這種舉動對RU級來說似乎是意料外,因此彈幕不斷從零戰六二型的上方掠過。接著─零戰六二型就這麽穿過了彈幕,並在逼近兩艘尺以級的同時朝海面丟下炸彈。
  1133. >This attack appeared to have taken the Ru-classes by surprise, and their AA fire flitted only intermittently above the Type 62 Zeroes. The Type 62s now flew clear of the barrage, dropping their bombs onto the surface as they closed into the two vessels.
  1134. 按照物理法則,炸彈一邊在水面彈跳一邊朝兩艘RU級逼近。
  1135. >Following the laws of physics, the bombs bounced across the surface as they closed in on the Ru-classes.
  1136. 炸彈的前方,則是RU級身上看似雷達的部位。
  1137. >In front of the bombs were what looked like the Ru-class' radar systems.
  1138. ◇◇◇
  1140. 「看到了嗎!這就是跳躍轟炸的威力!」
  1141. >"See that?! That's the power of Skip Bombing!"
  1142. 瑞鶴的聲音中滿是喜悅──聽在耳裏的翔鶴,啞口無言地看著發生在遠方兩艘RU級身上的連續爆炸。
  1143. >Zuikaku's voice was full of jubilation--hearing it, Shoukaku gaped wordlessly at the explosions racking the Ru-class battleships.
  1144. 她曉得瑞鶴做了什麽、想做什麽──跳躍轟炸,Skip Bombing。
  1145. >She understood what Zuikaku was doing, or what she had wanted to do--Skip Bombing.
  1146. 讓帶有炸彈的機體像魚雷機那樣貼著水面逼近目標,再于近距離投彈,利用打水漂的要訣讓炸彈順著海面前進攻擊。這種方法需要訓練精良的駕駛與回避性能優秀的機體,但能讓命中率有顯著提升。跳躍轟炸由于炸彈的動能較低,因此威力不如俯沖轟炸和魚雷,但只要命中裝甲薄弱的區塊就能造成十足的打擊。
  1147. >A bomber would close in on a target on the water's surface, not unlike a torpedo bomber. Launching at short distances, the bombs would hydroplane across the water's surface towards the target. This kind of attack required piloting, evasion and planes of the highest class; if done correctly, though, it dramatically improved hit rate. Since the velocity of the bombs themselves were rather low, their damage could not compare to that of dive bombers or torpedo--but if it could penetrate somewhere relatively weakly armored, it would be more than enough to deal a devastating blow.
  1148. 跳躍轟炸是「那場戰爭」裏敵軍對我方使用的招式,但瑞鶴因爲某個契機想起了這招,並且用在攻擊上。
  1149. >Skip Bombing was a tactic that had been employed by the enemies of "That War" against them, and Zuikaku had somehow managed to remember this tactic and use it in practice.
  1150. 瑞鶴以零戰五二型當誘餌,零戰六二型爲主攻,成功做到了這招。而且,零戰六二型瞄准的是雷達──在防空戰鬥跟炮擊都扮演了重要角色的機件。
  1151. >Using the Type 52s as a decoy and the Type 62 for the attack, Zuikaku had pulled it off. Moreover, the Type 62's targets were the radar FCS--a major player in both shelling and AA coordination.
  1152. 一如預期,兩艘RU級張開的彈幕出現破綻──流星改沖進空隙,在降低高度的同時接連丟下魚雷。
  1153. >--as predicted, the wall of fire put up by the Ru-class began to show cracks--cracks which the Ryuusei-kai rushed into, dropping their torpedos as they descended.
  1154. 連續爆炸再度出現,RU級想必遭受重創。就算尚未沈沒,應該也無法像之前那樣進行管制炮擊──
  1155. >A new set of explosions appeared--the Ru-class were surely taking heavy damage. Even if they didn't sink outright, they would not be able to maintain their suppressing barrage--
  1156. (瑞鶴……我妹妹做到了……?)
  1157. >( sister did it....?)
  1158. 目瞪口呆的翔鶴,看向對攻擊隊成果喝采的瑞鶴。
  1159. >Staring Speechless, Shoukaku glanced at Zuikaku as she cheered on her attack teams.
  1160. 在這之前,自己一直認爲瑞鶴是必須保護的存在。自己一直認爲,必須藉由保護她來取得戰爭的勝利,才能讓自己的犧牲有意義。自己一直認爲,只要能達成這個目的,就算背負「不幸艦」的因果也無妨。
  1161. >Before this, she had always seen Zuikaku as an existence that had to be protected. This whole time, she had believed that protecting her until the war's end would give her self-sacrifice meaning. If that could be achieved, she believed that she could bear the fate of "The Unlucky Ship" without question.
  1162. 但是,瑞鶴以自己的力量否定了這一切。不,或許這個結果也是多虧了「幸運航母」的力量──即便如此,如果沒有瑞鶴的意志與想法依舊不能實現。
  1163. >But Zuikaku had managed to invalidate that with her own strength. No, perhaps that result was due to the power of "The Lucky Ship"--even so, this could not have succeeded without Zuikaku's will.
  1164. (瑞鶴她希望像這樣戰鬥、像這樣保護同伴……)
  1165. >(This is how Zuikaku wishes to fight, to protect her comrades...)
  1166. 瑞鶴心目中的救贖,並不是自己心目中的救贖──這點翔鶴打從一開始就知道。但是,她一直認爲不這麽做就贏不了這場戰爭。
  1167. >The Salvation Zuikaku sought was not the same as the one Shoukaku sought--Shoukaku had known this from the start. And yet, she had always believed that this was the only way to victory.
  1168. 這個信念,如今已開始松動。
  1169. >That belief, now, had begun to unravel.
  1170. 瑞鶴沒有仰賴「幸運航母」這個因果──她並未對擁有這種境遇的自己死心,而試圖以自身的意志和才華開拓未來。
  1171. >Zuikaku was not relying on the destiny of the "Luckiest Ship"--she had not yet resigned herself to that power. She was still trying to grasp the future with her own strength and will.
  1172. (說不定,我也能活得像她那樣……?)
  1173. >(Perhaps I can live like that as well....?)
  1174. 翔鶴抱著淡淡的期待──但是,她內心深處很快就湧出了對自己的不信任。因爲自己是「不幸艦」,所以能做到最大的貢獻,就是以受害者的身分背負別人的不幸──
  1175. >Shoukaku felt a flicker of hope--but it was buried almost instantaneously by a wave of self-mistrust. Since she was the "Unlucky Ship," her biggest contribution would be to serve as the scapegoat for the misfortune of others--
  1176. 「來吧,翔鶴姊,收容第二波攻擊隊,送出第三波攻擊隊!」
  1177. >"Come, Shoukaku-nee, bring in the second attack wave and let's launch the third one!"
  1178. 瑞鶴幹勁十足地奔到翔鶴身旁握住她的手。
  1179. >Zuikaku ran and clutched Shoukaku's hand with hands of energy.
  1180. 「兩人一起收容攻擊隊再發動新一波攻勢,比較不容易讓敵人有喘息的機會!那兩艘級還健在,我們還沒勝利……但是,我們一定做得到!」
  1181. >"If the two of us launch a new wave together, it'll make it harder for the enemy to catch a break! Those two ships are still there, we haven't won....but, we can definitely win!"
  1182. 瑞鶴堅定的話語和雙手,讓翔鶴的心爲之動搖。
  1183. >Zuikaku's confident words and her grasp began to shake Shoukaku's heart.
  1184. 瑞鶴相信自己。她相信自己能跳脫因果的死結,跨越這一切──相信自己無論如何都能繼續努力。
  1185. >Zuikaku believed in herself. She believed that she could escape the grasp of destiny and surpass it all--she believed that she would be able to work hard no matter what.
  1186. 就像在替瑞鶴的推測背書一般,遠方的兩艘RU級已重整態勢,朝瑞鶴與翔鶴前進──雪風與響在一旁炮擊,試圖阻止他們。即使第三波攻擊沒能擊沈那兩艘敵艦,只要雪風和響還活著,或許還是能靠雷擊收拾對方。
  1187. >As if to confirm Zuikaku's conjecture, the distant Ru-classes had regained the initiative, advancing towards Shoukaku and Zuikaku, in spite of Yukikaze and Hibiki's attempts to stop them with gunfire. Even if the third wave did not succeed in finishing those two battleships, it was possible that, with Hibiki and Yukikaze's survival, that they be finished with torpedos.
  1188. 「怎麽能忘了我們呢……!」
  1189. >"Did you forget about us....?"
  1190. 「好處被撈走了呢~不過,接下來才是認真的時候!」
  1191. >"We've taken the advantage~ but now is the time to be serious!"
  1192. 背後傳來說話聲──飛鷹與隼鷹搖搖晃晃地站起身。她們攤開半燒焦的卷軸,叫出所剩不多的式神。
  1193. >Words from behind them--Hiyou and Junyou shakily stood up. Laying out their half-burnt scrolls, they began calling out what Shikigami they had left.
  1194. 「飛行甲板還剩一半,那麽勉強還能送出用來吸引防空炮火的零戰──必要的話,就由我們來當誘餌!」
  1195. >"We've still got half a flight decks, so we can at least send out some Zeroes as decoys--if it's necessary, we'll be your bait!"
  1196. 「飛鷹、隼鷹……!嗯,上吧!」
  1197. >"Hiyou, Junyou...! Mm, let's go!"
  1198. 瑞鶴用力點頭,接著看向翔鶴。
  1199. >Zuikaku nodded vigorously before regarding Shoukaku.
  1200. 「所以,翔鶴姊也一起上吧!」
  1201. >"So come along too, Shoukaku-nee!"
  1202. 「不行,瑞鶴姊!」
  1203. >"No-go, Zuikaku-onee!"
  1204. 雪風的吶喊響徹戰場,彷佛要打斷瑞鶴一樣。緊接著連番炮響又蓋住了雪風的聲音。
  1205. >Yukikaze's shout echoed from the battlefield, as if to cut off Zuikaku. The sound of gunfire once again covered her voice.
  1206. 「RU級旗標型再度炮擊!似乎所有艦炮都沒事!」
  1207. >"The Flagship Ru-class is firing again! It seems that her guns are undamaged!"
  1208. 「……居然還能動?明明雷達已經毀了……明明已經沒辦法精准射擊了耶!」
  1209. >"....She can still move? Even when her radar's been ruined....she shouldn't even be able to fire accurately!"
  1210. 瑞鶴大爲震驚──翔鶴則明白RU級旗標型的目的。榴彈。敵人想必是認爲,對付已經受損的四航母不需要精確瞄准的穿甲彈,用能夠廣範圍攻擊的榴彈就夠了。對方畢竟是防禦力有所強化的RU級旗標型,所以即使受到那麽嚴重的打擊,依舊認爲自己的炮火保有一定的精確度。
  1211. >Zuikaku's shock was palpable--but Shoukaku understood the Flagship Ru's goal. HE. The enemy had no doubt decided that four damaged carriers did not need precisely-aimed AP shells--area damage HE shells would be sufficient. The enemy, after all, was the defense-enhanced Flagship Ru-class--even if it had taken some severe hits, it was certain that its own shells would be accurate enough.
  1212. 物體飛行聲急速逼近。距離著彈已不到十秒──從聲音聽來,這發鐵定是瞄准瑞鶴。考慮到榴彈的破壞半徑,瑞鶴實在不太可能閃得掉。
  1213. >The whine of shells closed in. They would impact in less than ten seconds--from the sound, these were doubtlessly aimed at Zuikaku. Given the AOE of a HE shell, it was unlikely that Zuikaku would be able to dodge.
  1214. 「怎麽會……!」
  1215. >"How...!"
  1216. 瑞鶴絕望地看向上空。
  1217. >Zuikaku stared hopelessly at the sky.
  1218. 然而,翔鶴立刻有了動作。
  1219. >And yet, Shoukaku immediately launched into movement.
  1220. (如果這時挺身替瑞鶴擋下榴彈,那麽我會沈沒,而瑞鶴必定能活下來……可是,既然瑞鶴這麽相信我,那我也……!)
  1221. >(If I were to take this shell for Zuikaku, I'd definitely sink, and Zuikaku would definitely survive....but, if Zuikaku believes i me, then I, too....!"
  1222. ◇◇◇
  1224. 雪風的報告打散了升高到極點的興奮之情。飛行聲逐漸逼近──事態急轉直下,令瑞鶴陷入絕望。
  1225. >Yukikaze's report had instantly dispelled the reveling atmosphere. As the whistle of shells closed in, the sudden reversal in situation had plunged Zuikaku into despair.
  1226. 一旦自己無法起降艦載機,就會失去反擊的希望。這麽一來必定會敗北──
  1227. >If she lost her ability to launch her carrier planes, they'd lose all hopes of a counterattack. That would make things a definite defeat--
  1228. (都到了這一步……!)
  1229. >(And we got so far....!)
  1230. 仰賴的艦載機還在返航途中,預備機也已全部出動。自己已經無計可施──
  1231. >The carrier planes she relied on were still returning, and all her ready air group had already been dispatched. She was out of options--
  1232. 下一秒,瑞鶴看見了某個景象。
  1233. >A moment later, Zuikaku saw a certain sight.
  1234. 翔鶴將預備箭矢──裝了炸彈的九九艦轟──搭上短弓,接著舉弓對著頭上俯沖而來的大量炮彈。
  1235. >Shoukaku had nocked an arrow--a Type 99 with a bomb on board--onto her shortbow, and now now raised it towards the descending shells.
  1236. 「翔鶴姊……?」
  1237. >"Shoukaku-nee...?"
  1238. 「相信我,瑞鶴……!」
  1239. >"Trust me, Zuikaku....!"
  1240. 翔鶴的聲音──她的語尾在顫抖。因爲她對自己即將要做的事感到害怕。然而,翔鶴依舊沒停下動作。
  1241. >Shoukaku's voice trembled ever so slightly at the end. She was scared, after all, of what she was about to do. Even so, Shoukaku continued moving.
  1242. 「爲了跟你一起走下去,我就試試看吧……!」
  1243. >"In order to continue with you, I'm going to give it a shot....!"
  1244. 短弓發出尖銳的聲音,將九九艦轟朝天射出。箭矢瞬間分裂成許多九九艦轟──就這麽沖向墜落的炮彈。實際的效果姑且不論,這種事在「那場戰爭」裏不可能發生,唯有艦娘這種超乎常理的存在才有辦法做到。
  1245. >A sharp whistle from the shortbow as the type 99 shot into the sky. A moment later, the arrow separated into multiple Type 99's--charging at the descending shells. The effects were unknowable--this kind of thing couldn't possibly happen in "That War," after all--this was something only shipgirls and their logic-defying existence could do.
  1246. (可是,我從沒聽過用艦載機阻止炮彈這種方法……)
  1247. >(But, I've never heard of using carrier planes to stop shells...)
  1248. 這對艦娘來說是完全未知的戰術。最糟的情況下,兩人會因爲戰術失敗而一起沈沒──翔鶴像之前那樣挺身擋炮彈大概還好得多。
  1249. >For shipgirls, this was a completely novel tactic. In the worst-case scenario, both of them would sink from the failure of this tactic--it would have been safer for Shoukaku to just take the shells.
  1250. 即使如此,翔鶴依舊想用這個戰術讓兩人一起活下去。而且在這麽做的同時,她心裏也抱著「如果自己的不幸在這時産生影響」的恐懼。
  1251. >Even so, Shoukaku used this tactic in the hope that the two of them would survive. And in the meantime, she bore in her heart fear--fear that "my misfortune would trigger now."
  1252. 數秒後,瑞鶴與翔鶴的頭上連續出現爆炸──因爲炮彈碰到九九艦轟後引爆了上頭的炸彈。又過了數秒,兩人周圍也發生了爆炸。
  1253. >Seconds later, multiple explosions racked the skies above Zuikaku and Shoukaku--the Type 99s had impacted the shells and triggered their bombs. Several more seconds later, explosions appeared around the two.
  1254. 由于九九艦轟的爆炸,使得榴彈的彈道産生了些許偏移。而炮彈離兩人還有一段不小的距離,因此少許偏差就會導致落點大幅改變。
  1255. >Due to the explosion of the Type 99s, the HE shell trajectories had been slightly altered. Furthermore, the Shells had still been a significant distance away from the two shipgirls--even a small alteration in angle had huge effects.
  1256. 接連不斷的爆炸──其中大概有運氣的成分在吧,也有很多發炮彈如RU級旗標型所想的在瑞鶴身旁爆炸。但如果翔鶴沒出手,應該全都會對准瑞鶴才是。
  1257. >Next up, a string of further explosions--most of it was luck, but there were still many shells that exploded next to Zuikaku as planned. If Shoukaku had not acted, they might have all hit Zuikaku.
  1258. 又過了數秒之後,盡管瑞鶴與翔鶴全身上下都冒出黑煙,仍舊成功地在保有戰鬥能力的情況下挺立于原處。
  1259. >Several moments later, though now smoking, Zuikaku and Shoukaku still stood in combat-capable condition.
  1260. 「翔鶴姊……!」
  1261. >"Shoukaku-nee.....!"
  1262. 瑞鶴一副難以置信的樣子。她身旁的翔鶴則喘著氣看向天空。
  1263. >Zuikaku bore an expression of disbelief. Next to her, Shoukaku sighed as she watched the sky.
  1264. 「勉強……撐過去了……?」
  1265. >"We got through....somehow....?"
  1266. 我也掌握住了幸運──話語中流露出這樣的感情。
  1267. >I, too, can grasp my own luck--that was the feeling that pervaded those words.
  1268. 「雖然我不覺得能做到第二次就是了……」
  1269. >"Even though I felt that I couldn't do it a second time...."
  1270. 此時,第二波攻擊隊的艦載機接近四航母──再度化爲箭矢與式神讓她們收容。
  1271. >At this moment, the carrier planes of the second air group closed in on the four carriers, returning into arrow and shikigami form for recollection.
  1272. 兩艘RU級再度遭受雪風與響的攻擊。雙方距離比先前貼得更近──這是不理眼前兩人而對四航母炮擊的代價。他們遭到雪風和響如雨般的炮擊,根本抽不出空動用主炮。
  1273. >The two Ru-class now engaged Yukikaze and Hibiki once more. Both sides were engaging at unprecedentedly close ranges--this was the price of engaging the four carriers with no heed to the two ships in front of them. Under fire from Yukikaze and Hibiki's constant rain of shells, they struggled in vain to find an opportunity to fire with their main guns once more.
  1274. 只要繼續這樣下去,一定可以──瑞鶴帶著確信大喊:
  1275. >As long as that continued, it could definitely be done--with that conviction, Zuikaku shouted,
  1276. 「翔鶴姊,動手吧!我們一定做得到!」
  1277. >"Shoukaku-nee, do it! We can definitely do it!"
  1278. 「……是啊。」
  1279. >"...yes."
  1280. 翔鶴不好意思地點點頭。接著,她用自己的方式向許多思緒道別──收起臉上的松懈,以嚴肅的聲音下令:
  1281. >Shoukaku nodded in embarrassment. Saying goodbye to many of her old beliefs and tightening her expression, she solemnly gave her next order:
  1282. 「第三波攻擊隊,准備起飛!」
  1283. >"The Third Attack Team, prepare to launch!"
  1284. 「「「了解!」」」
  1285. >"""Understood!"""
  1287. 7
  1289. 在沖之島近海巡航的艦娘待機用船與護衛它的艦娘們,散發出些許緊張的氣息。
  1290. >There was a palpable sense of tension on board the Command Ship used by the shipgirls deployed to the Okinoshima Waters as a rest stop, and around the shipgirls protected it.
  1291. 因爲以翔鶴爲旗艦的艦隊開始與主力交戰後,就跟後方失去了聯絡。有權限將戰況即時顯示在螢幕上的只有提督,這些情報就連負責護衛的艦娘也無法得知。而且,這次提督爲了避免出現意外狀況,選擇待在鎮守府指揮。
  1292. >Since the Fleet led by Shoukaku had begun engaging the main fleet, all communication had ceased. The only person with the authority to watch the battle on screen was the Admiral; some reports were secrets even to the shipgirls defending the Command ship. In order to avoid accidents this time around, the Admiral had chosen to command from the Naval District.
  1293. 負責護衛的是吹雪型驅逐艦們。旗艦由吹雪擔任。
  1294. >The Escort Fleet consisted of the Fubuki-class destroyers, with Fubuki herself serving as teh flagship.
  1295. 或許是承受不住這裏的氣氛吧,矶波輕聲嘀咕:
  1296. >Perhaps unable to bear the tension, Isonami whispered,
  1297. 「翔鶴姊她們應該沒問題吧……」
  1298. >"Shoukaku-nee and company should be fine, right...."
  1299. 「一定沒問題!」
  1300. >"It'll definitely be fine!"
  1301. 吹雪就像要替矶波打氣似地回答。
  1302. >Fubuki responded as if to reassure Isonami.
  1303. 「瑞鶴姊也跟著艦隊!另外還有雪風、響、飛鷹姊和隼鷹姊……」
  1304. >"Zuikaku-nee's with the fleet! Plus there's Yukikaze, Hibiki, Hiyou and Junyou-nee..."
  1305. 盡管她自己也知道沒有根據,但還是得這麽回答。
  1306. >Even if she knew there was no basis to her argument, she still responded.
  1307. 「如果是她們,一定……!」
  1308. >"If it's the, they'll definitely...!"
  1309. 「喂,你們看!」
  1310. >"Oy, you guys, look!"
  1311. 深雪指著水平線。出現在那裏的是──
  1312. >Miyuki pointed towards the horizon, where--"
  1313. 「艦隊的各位?」
  1314. >"Is that everyone from the fleet?"
  1315. ◇◇◇
  1317. 「我們似乎成功回來了呢……」
  1318. >"We seem to have made it back..."
  1319. 瑞鶴輕聲咕哝。她用右肩撐住大破的飛鷹,相對地翔鶴則用左肩撐住同樣大破的隼鷹。雪風與響雖然遍體鱗傷,但在歸途中依舊替四航母擔任前衛。
  1320. >Zuikaku mumbled. She carried a heavily-damaged Hiyou on her right shoulder, while Shoukaku used her left shoulder to support an also heavily-damaged Junyou. While Yukikaze and Hibiki were unhurt, they had served as before as the four carriers' vanguard.
  1321. 跟敵軍主力部隊的戰鬥,由于瑞鶴她們的第三波空襲與之後雪風和響的雷擊都奏效,因此以瑞鶴她們的勝利告終。一直到最後都讓瑞鶴她們身陷險境的RU級旗標型,在遭受雪風和響的雷擊而起火燃燒後又撐了一陣子,最後終于力氣放盡,緩緩沈進海裏。盡管名爲深海棲艦,卻拒絕沈進深海裏──她臨終的樣子,就像在表示這樣的意志。
  1322. >In the course of the battle with the Enemy Main Fleet, Zuikaku and company's third wave assault and Yukikaze and Hibiki's torpedoes had proved effective, sufficient for a victory. Even after Yukikaze and Hibiki's torpedos had lit her up, the Flagship Ru-class that had put Zuikaku and company in the danger zone had held on a little longer before ultimately succumbing and gently subsiding under the waves. Refusing to sink back into the abyss from whence she came--that seemed to be the impression given in her last struggle.
  1323. 沒人回應瑞鶴的話語──因爲看見送自己回本土的待機用船時,每個人都安心了。即使是身爲姊姊的翔鶴似乎也不例外──她臉上浮現打從心底松了口氣的表情。
  1324. >Nobody responded to Zuikaku's words--on seeing the command ship that would take them back to the mainland, each of them was flooded with relief. Even Shoukaku, as the older sister, was no exception--her expression suggested she had let out a breath of air she had held for a long, long time.
  1325. (不過,這下子本土得救,我們守住了戰局。而且……)
  1326. >(But now the mainland has been protected, and we've maintained our initiative. Plus...)
  1327. 「瑞鶴。」
  1328. >"Zuikaku."
  1329. 突然,翔鶴呼喚妹妹的名字。
  1330. >Suddenly, Shoukaku called her sister's name.
  1331. 翔鶴用一如往常那般溫柔──卻顯得百感交集的表情說道:
  1332. >Shoukaku spoke with her usual gentle expression--albeit one that betrayed mixed feeling underneath.
  1333. 「之前真對不起……還有,從今以後也請多指教啰。我也會爲了能跟你一起戰鬥而竭盡全力的。」
  1334. >"I'm sorry for before...also, from here on out, I'll be in your care. I, too, will do all I can so I can fight alongside you."
  1335. 「翔鶴姊……」
  1336. >"Shoukaku-nee...."
  1337. 喜悅如泉水般湧出──因爲瑞鶴認爲,這是自己第一次聽到翔鶴發自內心的話語。當然,她無法證明自己的猜想,而翔鶴或許也還在迷惘。
  1338. >Zuikaku's joy bubbled up like a fountain--this was the first time she had heard Shoukaku say what was in her heart. Of course, she had no proof for this guess, and Shoukaku perhaps was still at a loss.
  1339. 即使如此,瑞鶴依然很開心。自己在翔鶴眼中,似乎已不再是戰爭道具「幸運空母」,而是她的妹妹──是一名獨立的艦娘。
  1340. >Even so, Zuikaku remained overjoyed. In Shoukaku's eyes, she no longer appeared to just be the weapon known as "the lucky carrier", but as her sister--a shipgirl of her own.
  1341. 所以,瑞鶴用力點頭並回答:
  1342. >And so, Zuikaku nodded vigorously before replying:
  1343. 「謝謝你,翔鶴姊!今後我也會以艦娘的身分……爲了成爲翔鶴姊你們那樣的主力而拚命努力!」
  1344. >"Thank you, Shoukaku-nee! From here on out, as a shipgirl, I'll do my I can become part of the main fleet like you!"
  1345. 翔鶴露出「都這時候了還在說什麽」的苦笑。
  1346. >Shoukaku grinned awkwardly with a "are you still talking about that, even now" kind of smile.
  1347. 「雖說有許多王牌輔助,但既然締造了那麽優秀的戰果,代表你已經成爲主力啰。就跟我一樣……不,比我更優秀……」
  1348. >"Even though we were helped by a lot of trump cards, in the end we made such an excellent result. As far as I'm concerned, you are already part of the main fleet. Just like me....rather, beyond me...."
  1349. 「就算這樣,我依然跟大家一樣是艦娘……不僅如此,我還想成爲能讓每個人都幸福的『幸運空母』!只要還有艦載機,我就不會輸……!」
  1350. >"Even so, I am a shipgirl just like everyone else....not just that, but I want to be a "Lucky Carrier" that can bring Luckiness to everyone! As long as I still have planes, I won't lose....!"
  1351. 在遙遠的前方,負責護衛船只的吹雪等人就像要祝福六人歸來似地揮著手,並且朝她們靠近──
  1352. >In the distance, Fubuki and the other shipgirls on escort duty waved their hands as if in blessing as they closed in--
  1354. *
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