Oct 10th, 2016
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  1. Download link:
  3. Upcoming V2 changelog
  4. Added Amazonia
  5. Adds 2 decisions and X events dealing with Amazonia
  6. Added Nowa Polska
  7. Adds 6 decisions and 17 events dealing with Nowa Polska
  9. V1.5 changelog
  10. Fixed Ostsiedlung decision for Krupp to actually work
  11. Fixed the fascist Krupp event chain
  12. Made sure Krupp can't unite or join Germany
  13. Krupp can use the Korean irredentist decision but only after the Korean Kaiser event
  14. Made Court the French decision for WAC put you in France's sphere
  15. Fixed United Africa Company decision for WAC to not cede any part of North Africa
  16. Fixed WAC monarchy events to fire more precisely
  17. Fixed the Sokoto wars CBs for WAC
  18. Changed the Cameroon Coast decision's requirement to any factory that needs timber, not just furniture factory
  19. Fixed WAC's capital
  20. Mekong now starts with a very short truce with Dai Nam, to give a chance for building an army instead of an instant DOW
  21. Removed the accepted cultures from Mekong, now the protectorate decisions give them + cores
  22. Added a decision for Mekong to become France when you own all French cores and have Napoleon III in exile
  23. Added 8 events for Mekong about the Siamese Civil War
  24. Napoleon III now brings some reactionary and a few conservative pops with him
  25. Fixed the Chinese war events for Mekong
  26. Added an event for Mekong to decide the government of the country when you have all accepted cultures but you are still a company
  27. Fixed wrong reforms for Mekong
  28. All companies have Productivity NV now
  29. Made sure companies can get ministers too
  30. Some new flags for Mekong, WAC
  31. Changed the setup event to a decision so now you can start without unpausing
  32. Added some starting pops
  33. Changed South American regions a bit
  34. Added decision pictures
  35. New loading screens
  36. Ported the mod to Blood and Iron
  38. Companymod version 1.0
  39. adds 3 new countries, the British West Africa Company in Nigeria, the French Mekong Company in Vietnam and the German Krupp Foundation in Korea
  40. adds 18 decisions and 74 events dealing with those countries
  42. Backstories:
  45. To play as them use the Welcome to Companymod decision and pick any country and wait for the setup event
  46. you probably shouldn't be using this mod if you don't want to play as one of the added countries (they're just bloat that won't be seen otherwise) but I won't stop you
  48. Based on Blood and Iron
  49. Includes the Big Flag Frames mod
  51. Loading screens:
  52. 1: Alfred Krupp in his home in Pusan
  53. 2: General Stonewall Jackson leads his men against the Brazilian forces in the Amazonian rainforest
  54. 3: The Tokugawa Shogunate surrenders to Captain Perry after the seizing of Tokyo Bay
  55. 4: British soldiers of the West Africa Company fighting against natives somewhere in Nigeria
  56. 5: Napoleon III in exile meets with the Siamese rebels
  57. 6: Original loading screen with Napoleon III, Alfred Krupp and Richard Lander
  59. Credits
  60. Everything but most graphical stuff done by me, Companyguy, I don't and probably won't ever namefag or use a tripcode, but if I do it's gonna be !CPa/GTpZWQ
  61. Most flags (the good ones) by Alternative Flag Pack Guy (you're my hero)
  62. Much thanks to all of /gsg/ for the assistance, feedback and ideas and antonius117 for Blood and Iron
  63. If you have any questions/comments/ideas/bug reports ask for me in /gsg/ and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it
  64. I will never post this mod or updates to it anywhere but /gsg/, I don't mind if you spread it around though
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