Our garbage Ooptions for Werribee

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  1. Our garbage Ooptions for Werribee
  2. If no party specified, they're Independant:
  4. Pratibha Sharma:
  5.     No real policy, just divert funding to werribee public services at least tho, no mention of bootlicking for cops thus far but I'm not sure what she means by 'improved safety'
  6.     Unknown preferences, seen signs to do with social justice around, but nothing on her page?
  7.     She's highly qualified an all that, knows computers, involved in immigration services.
  8.     I mean she's PoC, but without any real policy that doesn't mean shit to me.
  10. Dr Joe Garra:
  11.     Same policy as above, more police tho, so putting him lower down
  12.     Unknown preferences, seems to be trying to avoid specifying them?
  13.     Medical background.
  15. Rachel Carling-Jenkins:
  16.     I mean she has a fancy website, more cops, seems conservative cashed up old lady, putting her lower than Joe tbh, hell, she's probably worse than the libs
  17.     Totally the kinda Karen to call cops on black kids and speak to the manager.
  19. Tanya Ly:
  20.     fucking nothing, no information online I can find
  22. Greens - Jay Dessi:
  23.     Normal greens shit, wants to stop the pokies and posts a decent amount about it which is fair enough
  24.     Bring refugees here, posted about the shitty mental health system needing improvement, would be in support of royal commission into mental health
  25.     Posting shit against banks being scummy porkies, pro-whistleblower, increase newstart
  26.     Reneweable energy, better public transport, agaisnt the erosion of civil liberties/police state by the libs
  27.     Pro safe injecting rooms. wants container deposit scheme (getting 5cents for bottles/cans, ect).
  28.     Generally v pro recycling in general.
  29.     I really don't wanna put the greens first, but apparently I've got no damn choice here because the competition is garbage or has no/totally spineless policy
  31. Labor - Tim Pallas
  32.     Posted about free tampons/pads in schools, that's kewl I guess
  33.     Will fund public IVF, Renewerable energy (doubt in any real amount), school breakfast clubs, more roads, transport, more station car parks
  34.     Royal Commission into mental health apparently
  35.     Posted wishing a happy Diwali, at the very least virtue signals for PoC
  36.     Apparently Labour wants to open 7 new public schools in Whyndham, similar fancy shit that they can afford bc they have power
  37.     get rid of level crossings, as a side-note, basically everyone is doing this so we don't have those
  38.     dodgy crossings where accidents frequently happen round here
  40. Liberals - Gayle Murphy
  41.     She's a liberal, no posting or anything, she's just there, I don't think they're even trying, articles say Werribee is generally a safe seat with Labor
  43. Democratic Labor Party - Kathryn Breakwell
  44.     Tram driver currently
  45.     Apparently for workers
  46.     Wants to end homelessness (supposedly)
  47.     Aaaaaaand also for more cops.
  48.     Wants to remove safe schools aaaaaaand into the trash she goes
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