Kraken vs Dick

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  1. Giant Dick     
  2. Slam right onto the balls! The Giant Dick land at the far end of the Colosseum. His single angry eye peering for its nemesis. The shaft meticulously swings left to right searching. Then it sees the behemoth floating in the air like some arrogant asshole. The dick's foreskin curls back exposing his razor-sharp fang, mouth with rows of teeth. In a voice that shook the Colosseum." I HAVE CUM FOR YOU KRAKEN!" he's skin flaps around the teeth would ripple when he growled. His balls are bouncy so he would hop across the arena pounding onto the terra hard with each bounce. Possibly even cracking under his massive weight. His size would on par with the Kraken. Angry that the Kracken electrocuted, burnt and ate his precious Giant Clit. This was Vengeance! He needed to kill this Kraken.
  4. Alexander Russo    
  5. Here we see the infamous Trouser Snake of prehistoric Australian lore. An elusive animal that comes in many shapes and sizes. The rare hooded trouser snake is more aware of its environment, but this snake likes to collect cheesy matter and keep it in its hood. Each snake carries a venom sack that produces a white venom when it reaches maturity. The snake's one eye also functions as its mouth and waste removal system. The snake does not like cold weather and will shrink in cold conditions. It thrives in warm conditions, such as the many burrows it spits into in order to mark its territory. When touched, the snake will swell up to twice its original size in order to frighten off predators and attract potential mates. This particular specimen appears to have found its way into the Colosseum, and now seeks to do combat with its natural rival: The Elder Kraken. Enemies since the dawn of time, the Snake's hatred for the Kraken can be justified by the tentacled creatures choice in prey: The Giant Clit, favored mates of the Trouser Snake species often hunted by Kraken for nourishment and sport. It would seem we live in a small jungle, as its very much possible this Snake tracked scent of the remains of its chosen mate, still staining the appendages of her slayer. This not just nature, ladies and gentlemen. It's personal.
  6. The Elder Kraken   
  7. -This is was the shit it had to deal with here. Back on Shear, it was tiny little bastard creatures from space ships, or other monsters trying not to be dinner. But here, in Fuck and Fuck Colosseum, it was giant genital monsters. Trying to fight him... Atleast Elder Kraken assumed it was fighting. Electrical charges ran along the surface of it's body, as 3 eyes, smaller. On either side of the giant eye opened, the main eye, remained unblinking. It's expressionless face, seemed annoyed, due to blood vessels engorging on the surface of the giant eye. It was levitating in the air, The sensory tentacles pulled back, revealing blue transparent teeth, as spikes formed upon the surface of the tentacles. If it was a fight the dick monster wanted. The Elder Kraken, it was willing to give it one. Giant Dick, vs Savage Tentacle monster begin. First move too Giant Dick.-
  9. Giant Dick     
  10. This Elder Kraken is in for a surprise his foe was not so weak as his poor Giant Clitorus. He would bounce, bounce, bounce picking up momentum, executing the energy-matter within. And when he'd built enough he' shoot up into the air higher than Kraken aiming ball first towards the Kraken. Now while he did this move he also curled his mouth head down to (hook shape) and from his gaping mouth he would project 8 spheres of organic white material that not only is venomous but it also is very sticky. These spheres would widen and pick up velocity as it closes in on the Kraken. Each would move to target each quadrant and center of mass. Upon contact it would produce an enormous amount of concussive force to possible slam the Kraken down onto the ground. Did his attack make contact? Did the Kraken take a fall to the cold hard ground?
  12. The Elder Kraken   
  13. - Eyes watched the bouncer, while it prepared to counter. Banshee missiles were launched to deflect the sticky white substance, each of the lesser eyes firing them off. Before the main eye illuminated, like a halogen lamp about to explode, a vortex of lightning erupted from the main eye, as well as the largest of the creatures tentacles. Aiming to displace the coming beast's downward strike, knocking off course. The Elder Kraken was not down to be covered in balls or baby batter. So the foe would have to try harder. The potent vortex was hard enough to knock it away, and hopefully increase it's downward speed, maybe adding it in bouncing on its balls would injure it. Balls were sensitive right?-
  15. Giant Dick     
  16. Balls could be sensitive and you'd think. But Giant Penis was used to having his balls pounded since he used them to get around. Bouncing being his primary mode of movement. Well, that and stretching the ball sack as he kind of did a slide style walk. But it was slow and steady. Not as useful in a fight. He would be knocked back and it would seem the Kraken deflected his Sticky Ball Attack. Now when the Kraken used his Vortex attack/defense he wasn't sure of this which. He'd absorb the energy used as he could manipulate all forms of energy and utilize it in various ways. Gaining some form of advantage. Could also drain the Kraken if he continued to use this mode of attack/defense, right? Now Dick's turn to attack. His shaft would bulge and a vein would begin to thicken, the pink vein along the side would throb and beginning at the base turn blue and run up the channels of the vein until it reached his mouth. A breath attack would be eminent. The Colosseum would no doubt be envoloped and effected by the smell of bad cheese. Now, this attack would no doubt affect everyone and everything within the arena its self. Especially if they were anywhere within the combat zone Kraken and himself. Shooting this attack at the Kraken in a cone shape upon reaching the place of his foe by 3x his size. An Energy Negation breath. Will this siphon the beast's energy weapons. So that they could continue this like men.. Hand to Hand. Well sorta.
  18. The Elder Kraken   
  19. -Rapid giant eyeball blinks, and the 6 lesser eyeball blinks. Watching the foe closely. It was absorbing energy, even if was a secondary effect. That was tricky, actually that was very annoying. First the clit had attacked it, wanting to rip the eyes from The Elder Kraken, and now this. This was also suddenly charging it's lasers, vaguely the elder was reminded of another beast, that did that. Only instead of atomic breath, this one was trying to spooge all over the elder. Sensory tentacles writhed, as it began to move, far swifter than before in the air, literally double jumping to get out of the way, even using the vortex energy it could produce to get out of the way, dodging to the right, and then using the pillars to break the stream of spooge fired at it, chopping the stream up, as it likely impacted against the pillars, steadily stealing the energy from the blast. Before twin red lines of lightning struck either of the cockbeasts head, Searing heat sent to cook either side of the cockbeasts head, Searing heat sent to cook either side of the beasts skull.-
  21. Giant Dick
  22. AHA! he is hiding! This cause the Giant Dick to laugh boisterously in his head. The Dick was on the move imploying his breath attack. As soon as he saw the Kraken go into hiding behind the pillars trying to break up his breath. He would continue with the cone breath for a full minute. His Dick Mouth wide open and spewing the Energy Negating spunk that could neutralize the Kraken's powers. No doubt the smell of overly ripe fruit, cheese and garbage had consumed the amphitheater. He was sliding on his balls, stretching the sack with each move. He was ready to absorb any energy the Kraken wished to send his way. He would kindly manipulate it and give it back as well. He was aware of the lightening bolts coming down on either side of his meatus. His eye saw and figured the Kraken would attack. He expected and welcomes the charges. It would only go to revamp him for further attacks. As he aborbed the enegry that came from the attack. A bit of blacking to the sides of his helmet.He was still trying to breath his negating breath upon his foe.
  24. The Elder Kraken   
  25. -The lightning bolts had struck, but creature seemed to enjoy this. Why did the elder always run into such things? It needed a vacation, any sort of vacation. Perhaps it needed to find a sandy, beach world, with no life. Could it be so lucky? Something would probably show up on the world, just as it did, or just after. Many of the pillars had taken damage, so, a primary tentacle wrenched one of the pillars down, making sure not to touch the nastiness of the dick monster's spray. Before another was wrenched away with the other primary tentacle, again making sure not to touch the spray of energy absorbing/negating jizz. It had shields now, and so it floated swiftly towards the foe, aiming to bludgeon the creature's face and eye with the large portions of pillar, attempting to blind the creature with it's own jizz.-
  28. Giant Dick     
  29. These monsters were on par with Godzilla. So the fight was massive. The Giant Dick didn't have arms or he would grab his own pillar to fight with his foe. Instead, he would use the energy he'd absorbed from the last attack. He would bounce on his testicles one, two, three times as the Kraken was breaking apart a pillar. Building up the energy in his testicles. It would again come flowing up through his vein, a blue light ( Like Godzillas tail, etc) and with his mouth, he would shoot a cutting wave of energy to cut the pillar from the Kraken's primary tentacle off. This ray would have the same time of a minute. The dick would use it wisely and try to cut his foe in two. His aim is from the head downward. Thus after, he'd aimed to cut the creature's tentacle off. His shaft shook and had he taken any concussive force from the pillar. IF! the Kraken did manage to bludgeon him then he would take the force and again that energy would only fuel him on. Also possible fly back and hit the Kraken in the noggin. Reason? Giant Dick's flesh is bouncy, hence why he bounced on his testicles.
  31. The Elder Kraken   
  32. -The Kraken had been on the assault, right after the second chunk of pillar was wrenched free, it came on fast, and juked the heavily pressurized stream of energy absorbing/negating jizz. This was starting to turn into some Demon Beast type of shit here. It used the pillar pieces that were covered in the dick monster's jizz as shields, negating the creatures own attack, until it got close enough to begin clobbering the shaft, and balls. Whatever looked like a weak spot, thats what would be bashed by the energy absorbing/negating jizz coated pillar chunks. Just think of them as boxing gloves, and the dick monster as a sandbag. Elder Kraken was doing work.-
  34. Giant Dick 2 minutes ago
  35. The Dick would be attacked by the pillars it would seem. So he'd ball up and get beneath the Kraken. So that he can't hit him. Like a child trying to escape a beating. There he'd bounce around maneuvering to escape his tentacle's attacks. Crouching down and bounding upward hard his aim is to bite with his razor like teeth into the Elder Kraken's stomach. hanging on and trying to drag him down onto the ground. His energy had been a bit negated by his own weapon it would seem. So he needed to stop the Kraken from beating him. His teeth would begin to charge and the venom he had in his semen was also being injected into the beast unders. Possibly envenomating him with a sleep inducement. Since the Dick had that kind of effect on most. He'd give them a pounding and put them in a restful sleep.
  37. The Elder Kraken   
  38. -Oh the creature was trying to escape! The Elder Kraken had 6 smaller eyes, and one giant eye, it was watching in detail as to what the dick monster was doing. So when the bite for the elder kraken's gut came, one jizz covered piller came to slam into the Dick monster's eye. The other pillar chunk came into to ram down the dick monster's throat. The Elder Kraken had had enough of this shit, and no it didn't want a nap. It wanted to end this creatures life, possible eat some of it, and then take a break. Did this place make tiki drinks in gigantic size? It'd have to find out, after it finished bludgeoning the dick beast to death!-
  40. Giant Dick     
  41. The Dick would see the pillar coming for his only eye. IT SAW EVERYTHING. He would protect it with a shield of sorts. As the hood came over in order to stop from being blinded. He'd dodge the other strike by bouncing around and moving to hide behind the same pillars that the Kraken had hidden behind. He'd bounce hard, and this was drawing up his power. Thrusting down over and over again. Building up the concussive force he needed for his next move. He was hiding or trying to hide from the Kraken while doing this behind the pillars. He had plans for his foe. Would the Kraken be ready for it? He couldn't see through the hood and he kept it down to prevent losing his only optic. He could hear the Kraken though. How could he not? It was huge, breathing like an asthma patient. Yes, Dick had ears. Well, he could talk too. but there was no time for conversation. NOT when he was here to destroy this monster who killed his precious Giant Clitorus and ate her!
  43. The Elder Kraken   
  44. -The Giant dick had an effect similar to that of a shark, a secondary lid to protect it's eye from debris. The Elder Kraken assumed that the giant dick was using it's foreskin to defend against the slam from the pillar chunk to it's eye, but The Elder Kraken was still force feeding the creature that second pillar chunk. Ramming the jizz covered chunk into the throat of the dick beast, while smacking it in the foreskin covered eye with the other pillar. Even if the eye was protected from being directly hit, it still probably hurt. If the Dick Monster bounced away after being forced fed it's own jism.- '' Why don't you just leave. I'm not sure how I feel about eating you anyway. Just don't come back, or I will kill you. '' - The Elder Kraken was trying to be nice here, and let the dick beast live. Also, the giant clit started that fight! Much like the dick beast had. Was the dick beast even alive after being forced fed that pillar chunk, covered it its own gravy?-
  46. Giant Dick 9 minutes ago
  47. He'd managed to bite off and spit out the piece of the pillar he'd been forced to try to swallow. Nothing was going down that hole! The Dick was angry about Clitorus being killed so viciously by the Kraken. He was bouncing behind those pillars and he'd built up his energy with each thrust to the ground. His balls were so engorged this was going to be a hell of a load. He would spew it and leave. If the Kraken survived then he would be back to fight him again. But if not then he would be back and eat his soul. As he wished the Master of the Colosseum would keep it for him. Either way, this fight would not be over by a long shot. SO! His shaft would quake and the head would swell to enormous proportions. The hood would retract and even though his eye hurt and was bloodshot, the mouth had suffered a broken tooth or two from the pillar being shoved down it. He was still alright. He'd stretch and release powerful omnidirectional energy waves at once in a wide area. That would hopefully cut the Kraken up into tiny pieces. Possibly killing him and an innocent bystander in the arena its self. He would be the only one protected because he was at the center and there was a small area uneffect by this attack and that was where The Giant penis stood directly and the space of a foot encapsulating him.
  49. The Elder Kraken  
  50. -So the eye that the dickbeast used to see, was hidden away behind foreskin, protected by it. Still it took a shot in the eye, just less damaging. Now the creature was trying to bite a bit of pillar, coated in it's own jism, that was attached to the large chunk of pillar that The Elder Kraken was using to bash its teeth in, and possible choke it. The moment first jism pillar trunk strike struck the protected eye, it followed up. Smashing again into the creatures soft, spungy head. While, the other jism pillar chunk was mashing in the creatures teeth. As for the Dick Monster getting away to erupt and cover everything in it's hell. The Elder Kraken wouldn't let it escape, to charge it's beams long enough for such a feat. The Elder Kraken offered it a chance at leaving, and it chose to fight to the death, so this was death. it was being beaten to death via stone, and the stones were covered in it's own dick juice. The Elder Kraken would not stop, until the creature was lifeless!!!!-
  52. Giant Dick 1 minute ago
  53. Beating him to death was not something that would be assumed or done. Since he was bouncing away and had bit off a piece of the stone and spit it out. He had not ingested any of the pillar. It may have not been able to shoot him with his omni attack so, for now, he would just escape by vanishing through a pink glowing rift that would open up beneath him. Still taking some smashing from the Elder Kraken he would coil up and jab his head down into the hole, pulling his balls through to get away from the Kraken. He would have to make mods to his body.. Perhaps grow arms?!" I will come back Kraken! I will have my vengeance! Bastard!" he would yell from the hole that closed up behind him. He was one beaten cock for now, just goes to show you how Kraken likes to beat dick.
  55. The Elder Kraken   
  56. -The Elder Kraken let the creature escape. The Elder Kraken wasn't sure it was keen eating a giant dick anyway. So this was good. As for the thing returning, all 7 of its eyes rolled.- '' I hate vacationing here. I just wanted a giant tiki drink, and a massage. '' - It muttered before watching all the jizz of the beast get sucked down into the same pink hole it escaped too. The Elder Kraken had won the battle, the war was still open though.-
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