Mario Kart Wii - Real-time Start Y Modifier (for CT making)

May 28th, 2018
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  1. This code helps you find the correct Y coordinate for your custom track's start position by letting you easily modify it in real time. You need Dolphin Emulator on Debug Mode (add "-d" as an argument) or a USB Gecko and use it by going to the address "0x80001200" writing a hex 32-bit float to it. Alternatively, you can add "04001200 YYYYYYYY" to the code and replace YYYYYYYY with the Y coordinate you want. So an example is setting it to "448DD06D" and entering Mario Circuit will set the start position to 1134.51 which is just under the finish line in the tunnel. It doesn't matter when you enter this, as it will not change unless you change it.
  3. Start Y Modifier [TheLordScruffy]
  5. NTSC-U
  7. C0000000 0000000B
  8. 3D20809C 39298F28
  9. 81490000 2C0A0000
  10. 41820040 814A0008
  11. 2C0A0000 41820034
  12. 814A0000 2C0A0000
  13. 41820028 814A0000
  14. 2C0A0000 4182001C
  15. 814A0000 2C0A0000
  16. 41820010 3D208000
  17. 81291200 912A0004
  18. 4E800020 00000000
  20. The code doesn't define any Y coordinate, so it will simply send you to 0 unless you put one at "0x80001200"
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