Sayaka Miki's Magical Girl Story

Jan 22nd, 2018
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  1. Sayaka Miki's Magical Girl Story
  2. translation by Minunlike
  4. Chapter 1: Magical Detective Sayaka
  6. Part 1
  7. ------
  9. (Sayaka) 'And so!
  10. Today we've arrived in Kamihama City~!'
  12. '... Eh? How did that come about, you're asking?
  13. This time, I'm going shopping with Kyosuke!'
  15. '"But a man and a woman alone together, is it a date?"
  16. That's not how this feels at all, though...'
  18. 'He just came to look around the shops in Kamihama for a music CD by one of his favorite violinists, that's all.'
  20. 'Huh? If that's the case...
  21. Why am I here in Kamihama City today, you're asking?'
  23. 'Of course, I came looking for fancy clothes!
  24. Or something along those lines, basically.'
  26. Sayaka: "Alrighty, where should I start looking..."
  27. ???: "nGaaah!!!!!!"
  28. Sayaka: "Huh, what!? That scream just now!?"
  29. Sayaka: "I heard it coming... from over here? Could it be a witch?"
  30. Sayaka: "Is this... an elementary school?"
  31. Sayaka: "There's no school today, so there's nobody here. Maybe there's a teacher around somewhere...?"
  32. Sayaka: "I'd expect something like baseball club practice in the playing field, but it looks like nobody's here at all..."
  33. Sayaka: "But I could've sworn I heard that scream coming from over here..."
  34. Sayaka: "There's no witch barrier here, and I don't sense any presence either."
  35. Sayaka: "Was it just my imagination?"
  36. Hinano: "Ugh..."
  37. Sayaka: "Hyaa! Huh, who's there!?"
  38. Hinano: "Uugh..."
  39. Sayaka: "Wh, hey you! Are you okay!?"
  40. Hinano: "Uugh... ow."
  41. Sayaka: "Are you alright? Still conscious? Can you think clearly?"
  42. Hinano: "U-Uugh... I'm okay, I'm conscious and clear-headed."
  43. Hinano: "Uh... and you are?"
  44. Sayaka: "Ah, me? I'm Sayaka Miki!"
  45. Sayaka: "I just sorta happened to pass by this school or something like that, but..."
  46. Hinano: "Just happened to pass by... but still, you came to help me?"
  47. Sayaka: "I heard a scream coming from over here, so I kinda got worried..."
  48. Hinano: "I see, sorry about that. You're a pretty swell person, Sayaka..."
  49. Hinano: "I'm Hinano Miyako. Nice to meetcha."
  50. Sayaka: "Yep! For now I'm just glad it was nothing serious."
  51. Hinano: "Uh... I wouldn't say nothing serious."
  52. Sayaka: "...Hm?"
  53. Hinano: "I got a bump on my head, somewhere in the back of it."
  54. Sayaka: "Oh no, what? Did you take a tumble?"
  55. Hinano: "No, that's not it. I got bashed by somebody!"
  56. Sayaka: "Hmmm......"
  57. Sayaka: "Hmmm...... wh, Ehh!? Really!?"
  58. Hinano: "No doubt about it! Or rather, I can't think of it being anything but that."
  59. Hinano: "I was setting things up in the Chemistry Lab for all the kids."
  60. Hinano: "When suddenly! I was bashed really hard in the back of the head!"
  61. Hinano: "The culprit who hit me and ran is still around. He's around here for sure!"
  62. Sayaka: "I see, that really sounds like a problem. Mmm... Alrighty!"
  63. Sayaka: "Great Detective Sayaka-chan! I'll help you in the search!"
  64. Hinano: "For real!?"
  65. Sayaka: "Of course! We'll track down the culprit together!"
  67. Part 2
  68. ------
  70. Sayaka: "Ahem! With that, I will now summarize this case!"
  71. Hinano: "Ooh, how detective-like."
  72. Sayaka: "Ahem! The victim of this case is Hinano Miyako, age 18..."
  73. Sayaka: "Wait, age 18!? W-Wow..."
  74. Hinano: "So what!? What's weird about that!?"
  75. Sayaka: "No, nothing really...? ... Now, let's start from the beginning!"
  76. Sayaka: "Ahem! The victim of this case is Hinano Miyako, age 18..."
  77. Sayaka: "She was making preparations all by herself inside this elementary school's chemistry lab..."
  78. Sayaka: "And then from behind, someone went Wham! and struck her... or something like that, correct?"
  79. Hinano: "Yup, sounds about right! It came out of nowhere while I was setting stuff up!"
  80. Sayaka: "Was there anybody else around at that time?"
  81. Hinano: "Nope, there was nobody."
  82. Sayaka: "Nobody? So you were all by yourself?"
  83. Hinano: "Today's an off day, so there aren't any teachers or students or any other people around."
  84. Hinano: "And the kids who come to the chemistry lab wouldn't be here so early in the afternoon..."
  85. Hinano: "So... I really don't think anyone was here."
  86. Sayaka: "I see... so there was no one in the general vicinity."
  87. Hinano: "Hm... a witch... though that's kinda hard to believe..."
  88. Sayaka: "Huh, a witch?"
  89. Hinano: "Nah, don't worry about it. Just talking to myself."
  90. Sayaka: "Hey, you wouldn't by chance happen to be a magical girl, Hinano-san?"
  91. Hinano: "If you know about that, then that means, you too...!?"
  92. Sayaka: "Yeah, that's right. What a super weird coincidence..."
  93. Hinano: "So then... you came here because you were chasing after a witch's presence..."
  94. Hinano: "So the thing that bashed me... was actually some kind of witch...?"
  95. Hinano: "No, but I seriously didn't sense the presence of any witch."
  96. Sayaka: "Right, it wasn't a witch."
  97. Sayaka: "But when I heard that scream, I also came here thinking it might be a witch."
  98. Sayaka: "Still, I don't sense any witches here at all."
  99. Hinano: "So that really was it."
  100. Hinano: "So what you heard wasn't just some witch who hit me and then ran."
  101. Hinano: "But if it's like that, we still haven't gotten any closer to figuring out the culprit..."
  102. Sayaka: "Hmmm, but when I first got here, the door was closed."
  103. Hinano: "The door should have been closed the whole time I was preparing stuff, too."
  104. Hinano: "And I didn't hear the door open or close, so the culprit didn't come in through the door."
  105. Hinano: "At least, that's what it seems like, but... how do you think it happened? Magical Detective?"
  106. Sayaka: "Magical Detective? That has a nice ring to it, it's kinda cool!"
  107. Sayaka: "Ahem! If they didn't enter through the door, then..."
  108. Sayaka: "The culprit's entry point... must have been through the window!"
  109. Hinano: "Ooh! Of course, this is the first floor! So there'd be no problem having the windows open!"
  110. Sayaka: "And when I first came in, the curtains were fluttering from the wind!"
  111. Sayaka: "That... proves without a doubt that the window was open! And even now, they're still open!"
  112. Hinano: "If the culprit's entry point was the window, that means we're not restricted to just teachers or students."
  113. Hinano: "We've got plenty of evidence showing it was someone from outside that came in here and hit me!"
  114. Sayaka: "Exactly! Though, if it was someone from outside, then..."
  115. Sayaka: "That means hey've already escaped through the window. Catching them will be kinda difficult now..."
  116. Hinano: "But that also means we've got a lead on them!"
  117. Sayaka: "Huh!? What!?"
  118. Hinano: "My scientific prowess! From here, we're gonna shoot fire!"
  119. Sayaka: "...Uh? How are we gonna do that?"
  121. Part 3
  122. ------
  124. Hinano: "Oops, be careful not to step in this area here!"
  125. Sayaka: "O-Oh? Hm? What are you doing?"
  126. Hinano: "I'm preserving the crime scene!"
  127. Sayaka: "Eh? Ah, to protect the evidence?"
  128. Hinano: "Right! Preserving the crime scene is the most important part of forensic investigation!"
  129. Hinano: "In short, if it means I can use this blacklight, whatever!"
  130. Hinano: "It'll show us the footprints that were left behind on the floor!"
  131. Sayaka: "Eeh!? Amazing! It can do something like that?"
  132. Hinano: "When I put my scientific prowess to use, doing these things is no problem!"
  133. Sayaka: "Woow, that really is amazing."
  134. Hinano: "Heheh! Now, turn off all the lights in the room."
  135. Hinano: "With that, I'll shine the light from this blacklight on the floor and..."
  136. Hinano: "There!"
  137. Sayaka: "... Nothing happened?"
  138. Hinano: "Just wait!"
  139. Sayaka: "Okay! ... Ah! Something showed up on the surface!"
  140. Hinano: "Heheh! This is science! The wisdom of all mankind!"
  141. Sayaka: "But there's a ton of footprints here. Which footprints are the culprit's?"
  142. Hinano: "I can tell from this school's indoor shoes whose footprints don't belong!"
  143. Hinano: "Yeah, and that's these ones!"
  144. Sayaka: "I see. So the one whose footprints don't match those is our outsider."
  145. Sayaka: "... Or something else? Maybe they're a teacher's footprints..."
  146. Hinano: "Of course, we can't rule that out. But there aren't any other strange footprints..."
  147. Hinano: "So these footprints are the culprit's!"
  148. Sayaka: "But we've figured out the footprints, and... that's about it..."
  149. Hinano: "Mmm. What do we do now..."
  150. Sayaka: "... Uh?"
  151. Hinano: "Hm? What's the matter?"
  152. Sayaka: "This mark. Ah, it's leading over that way."
  153. Sayaka: "This is..."
  154. Hinano: "Hm? What is it?"
  155. Sayaka: "... Heh."
  156. Hinano: "Heh?"
  157. Sayaka: "Heheheheheheh!"
  158. Hinano: "Uh, what's with you? Sayaka, did you break or something?"
  159. Sayaka: "It's all good! I've figured it out!"
  160. Sayaka: "The culprit who attacked Hinano-san!"
  161. Hinano: "You figured out the culprit... for real!? Sayaka!"
  162. Sayaka: "I have the answer! I've pieced everything together!"
  163. Hinano: "... So, the culprit!? Who is it!?"
  164. Sayaka: "Right... the culprit is..."
  165. Hinano: "Gulp."
  166. Sayaka: "The culprit is..."
  167. Hinano: "The culprit is...?"
  168. Sayaka: "Here! A baseball!"
  169. Hinano: "... Huh?"
  170. Sayaka: "Pretty reasonable response. But that's the truth...!"
  171. Sayaka: "The culprit was this baseball. This is what hit you, Hinano-san."
  172. Hinano: "How do you figure that...?"
  173. Sayaka: "See, in the middle of all the footprints that showed up, there's one single circular mark."
  174. Sayaka: "This size, and more importantly these stitch marks, are from a baseball!"
  175. Sayaka: "Right in the spot where Hinano-san was struck down, there's a mark from a baseball!"
  176. Sayaka: "And from there, it looks like it kept rolling until it ended up in the corner of the room."
  177. Hinano: "But, why a baseball?"
  178. Sayaka: "The Baseball Club is out practicing on the playing field. Even now, you can hear the kid's voices from here."
  179. Sayaka: "And also, this room... is directly facing the playing field!"
  180. Sayaka: "So basically, the ball was hit by one of those kids and entered through the window, completely by coincidence!"
  181. Sayaka: "And then, it hit Hinano-san clean in the back of the head, or something to that effect!"
  182. Hinano: "... So that's how it happened! That means the culprit wasn't a person!"
  183. Hinano: "But... was it really the ball that did it...?"
  184. Child: "Ah, um... Excuse me!"
  185. Hinano: "Huh?"
  186. Child: "Our ball flew up into this room just now, but..."
  187. Hinano: "Here, your ball. Just try and be careful from now on."
  188. Child: "Yeah, thanks a bunch! See ya!"
  189. Sayaka: "Awh~, so mature. Even though you both look like grade school students."
  190. Hinano: "...Hm? Did you say something?"
  191. Sayaka: "Nope, not a thing! Ahaha..."
  192. Sayaka: "At any rate! That means this case is officially solved!"
  193. Hinano: "A baseball, huh... right in my blind spot..."
  194. Sayaka: "Ahahaha, it's a good thing it wasn't a witch."
  195. Sayaka: "Well then, I think it's about time for me to head back."
  196. Sayaka: "Tomorrow I plan on going shopping and trying on some Western-style clothes!"
  197. Hinano: "Western style... are you going on a date or something?"
  198. Sayaka: "Eh!? Huh!? No, it's nothing like that!"
  199. Hinano: "You're so easy to read! Alrighty, if that's how it is..."
  200. Hinano: "As thanks for solving the case, I'll give you a small present!"
  201. Sayaka: "Present?"
  202. Hinano: "Truth is, I've prepared a few different fragrances to use in today's experiments."
  203. Hinano: "Just mix this and this together, and... here's a perfume you can't buy in any store!"
  204. Hinano: "Tadaa! What do you think?"
  205. Sayaka: "What's this... it smells really really nice!"
  206. Hinano: "It's a deluxe perfume! And it's also safe for use on the human body, of course."
  207. Hinano: "Now then, when you use this, you and your guy will be falling all over each other!"
  208. Sayaka: "Really now! Thanks so much! I'll be sure to use it with care!"
  209. Hinano: "Um! Good luck on your date!"
  210. Sayaka: "I told you, it's not a da... Oh well, whatever! See you around!"
  211. Hinano: "Mhm, knock 'em dead!"
  213. Sayaka: 'Because I helped someone out, an unexpectedly cool thing happened.'
  215. 'I scored some really nice-smelling perfume!
  216. Next order of business is going clothes-shopping around town!'
  218. Sayaka: "Leave it to Magical Detective Sayaka-chan! You can come at me with any problem you've got!"
  220. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  222. Chapter 2: The Cuteification Plan
  224. Part 1
  225. ------------
  227. Sayaka: 'Welp... here we are!
  228. It's the Shopping District!'
  230. 'This seems like the ideal spot for finding nice outfits, but... let's see, which shop should we try?'
  232. '... Whatever! Let's just go around and look at a whole bunch of different shops!'
  234. 'If there's something I really really like, it'll be fine if I just go ahead and buy it!
  236. 'LET'S GO~!"
  238. Sayaka: "Ah, that one-piece swimsuit sure is cute. Of course, aqua blue would be a fitting color to go with, huh."
  239. Sayaka: "Oh, and this long skirt looks really mature! But it's brown, isn't that kinda plain...?"
  240. Sayaka: "Ooh, this skirt over here has frills on it! S-So cute..."
  241. Sayaka: "... Aaagh! I can't choose any of them! Which one would look the best on me?"
  242. Sayaka: "Hmmm..."
  243. ------
  244. Emiri: "Sniff sniff... sniff sniff..."
  245. Emiri: "This fragrance... sniff sniff..."
  246. Emiri: "Myaako-senpai!"
  247. ------
  248. Sayaka: "Gyaah! Huh!? What the heck!?"
  249. Emiri: "Myaako-senpai, I Fooound you! ...wait, huh? You're not senpai?"
  250. Sayaka: "Who the heck are you!?"
  251. Emiri: "Likewise, who're you!?"
  252. Emiri: "This fragrance, it's the same as the ones Senpai makes when she mixes perfumes together in her experiments."
  253. Sayaka: "Fragrance...? Aah! That perfume!"
  254. Sayaka: "So then, are you... friends with Miyako Hinano-san?"
  255. Emiri: "Yep! Myaako-senpai!"
  256. Emiri: "Have you met Myaako-senpai? You must have if you've got her perfume!"
  257. Sayaka: "I just kinda ran into her a little while ago, but... Ah, are you friends with that girl?"
  258. Emiri: "I have a very... unique relationship with Myaako-senpai, you could say!"
  259. Sayaka: "H, Huuuuuuh!?"
  260. Emiri: "I'm just joking!"
  261. Sayaka: "Oh, you're just joking! Ahahaha, jeez..."
  262. Sayaka: "If you just mistook me for her, then I guess that mystery's solved!"
  263. Emiri: "Eh? What~?"
  264. Sayaka: "Oh no, it's nothing. Just kinda letting out my inner detective, I guess."
  265. Emiri: "Ahaha! You're so weird!"
  266. Sayaka: "I guess I am, huh. But I gotta get to shopping now..."
  267. Emiri: "Shopping? For what?"
  268. Sayaka: "Uh, just clothes?"
  269. Emiri: "Hahaaa. Right on the money! It's dating attire, isn't it?"
  270. Sayaka: "W-What makes you say that!?"
  271. Emiri: "I'm just that super-perceptive, yeah!"
  272. Sayaka: "Okay then... but it's not actually a date, though..."
  273. Emiri: "A Date! Heck Yeah! Alrighty then, leave it to meee!"
  274. Emiri: "As I aim to be the Cutest in the World, I will coordinate your wardrobe!"
  275. Sayaka: "H, huh...? Did you even hear what I said!?"
  276. Sayaka: "Speaking of which... we didn't even introduce ourselves yet, did we!?"
  278. Part 2
  279. ------------
  281. Sayaka: ‘I came to Kamihama City hoping to buy outfits for a date, and ran into a certain girl.'
  283. 'Kisaki Emiri, who’s apparently aiming to become the Cutest in the World.
  284. She offered to help me pick out clothes, and we’re doing that together now, but…'
  286. 'When she introduced herself, it quickly led to a shocking revelation!’
  288. Sayaka: “Huh!? A Magical Girl!?”
  289. Emiri: “Yaay! Right you are~”
  290. Sayaka: “For real… Meeting two of them in one day…”
  291. Emiri: “It's not unusual when you're in Kamihama. There's tons of magical girls here~”
  292. Sayaka: “Heh, you don't say… Kamihama’s a pretty awesome place.”
  293. Emiri: “Hey, hey! Now how do you like this one-piece!?”
  294. Sayaka: “Ooh! That one’s super cute!”
  295. Emiri: “Right, right? Incidentally, it's this year's new color!”
  296. Sayaka: “New color… isn't it Salmon Pink?”
  297. Emiri: “NO! It’s not Salmon Pink!”
  298. Emiri: “It's Sweet Pink!”
  299. Sayaka: “Sweet Pink… is just this kinda color?”
  300. Emiri: “It’s this year’s new commodity. I’ve watched it grow super popular.”
  301. Sayaka: “This sweet pink color?”
  302. Emiri: “It’s for Sweet girls~! It’s the fashion of little devils!”
  303. Sayaka: “Huh… but still, I… don’t feel like pink looks that great on me…”
  304. Emiri: “I’m telling you, that’s not true.”
  305. Emiri: “See, put this hat and… this bag together…"
  306. Emiri: “And you’ve got the total Sweet Pink look!”
  307. Sayaka: “That's pretty bold, isn't it!?”
  308. Emiri: “It looks really nice on you! Sayakyan, you’re so super cuuute!”
  309. Sayaka: “You think so…?”
  310. Emiri: “Let’s go get you some pink shoes! And then lipstick, and nail polish!”
  311. Emiri: “It’s already turning into a Sweet Pink Festival!”
  312. Sayaka: “I think I’m better off with an outfit that’s more… subdued.”
  313. Emiri: “Something subdued…”
  314. Emiri: “I gotcha~. That gives me an idea~.”
  315. Emiri: “Alrighty, come over here!”
  316. Emiri: “This one!”
  317. Sayaka: “It’s just more Sweet Pink!”
  318. Emiri: “No, no! This is Bitter Pink! A more subdued, adultlike sort of pink!”
  319. Sayaka: “Eeeh!? I don’t get what the difference is…”
  320. Emiri: “Come on, put it on put it on! The path to Cuteness is a trying one!”
  321. Sayaka: “Uugh… this is a little Too trying…”
  323. Part 3
  324. ------------
  326. Sayaka: 'Somehow, Kisaki Emiri-chan talked me into trying on a bunch of things, one after another.
  327. But they don't look good on me at all...!'
  328. Sayaka: "Sorry, Emiri-chan... I give up."
  329. Emiri: "Huh!? Why, why!?"
  330. Emiri: "We've still got loads of outfits left to try on?"
  331. Sayaka: "Mmm, even if you say that, it's just that for me..."
  332. Sayaka: "I can't help but think that cute just isn't my thing..."
  333. Emiri: "I told you that's not true at all~."
  334. Sayaka: "Still, telling me something nice like that... made me pretty happy!"
  335. Sayaka: "But if I can't truly get myself into it, I'll just be restless and uncomfortable all through my date..."
  336. Sayaka: "And besides..."
  337. Emiri: "Besides?"
  338. Sayaka: "The person I love..."
  339. Sayaka: "Isn't into fancy Western clothes... or outward appearances..."
  340. Sayaka: "Because I believe they prefer to see people for who they genuinely are inside..."
  341. Emiri: "... I see! They sound like a nice person!"
  342. Sayaka: "Yup, and they're a real music-loving music nerd! Ah, but that part of them is really cool."
  343. Emiri: "Kyaaa! Lovey-dovey Sayakyan is so Cyuute!"
  344. Sayaka: "Hey, don't make fun of me...!"
  345. Emiri: "Sorry, sorry."
  346. Emiri: "Then to wrap this up, I'll take you to a secret, special place!"
  347. Sayaka: "Special?"
  348. Emiri: "When you're talking dates, don't you think the location's a big part of things too?"
  349. Emiri: "So, take 'em to a place where a girl's purity erupts and totally knocks the guys dead!"
  350. Emiri: "When two people go there together... it'll make guys fall head-over-heels in love!"
  351. Emiri: "When I take you to this spot, you'll be all like Wow!! So Gorgeous!!"
  352. Sayaka: "D-Does that kind of place really...!?"
  353. Emiri: "Yep! This Super Romantic spot is the real deal!"
  354. Emiri: "You wanna know it? Huh? You wanna know it?"
  355. Sayaka: "I do wanna know it! Please, you've gotta tell me!"
  356. Emiri: "Aye Aye Sir!"
  357. Emiri: "For Sayakyan's sake... I'll spill the info on this secret spot!"
  358. Sayaka: "Secret... spot?"
  359. ------
  360. Sayaka: "Hold on... how far are we going...?"
  361. Emiri: "The top of that tower."
  362. Sayaka: "T-Tower?"
  363. Emiri: "Okay, from here you gotta close your eyes!"
  364. ------
  365. Sayaka(?): 'H, Hey, wai-!'
  367. Emiri: 'We're heeeere!'
  369. Emiri: 'Now, try turning back around!'
  370. ------
  371. Sayaka: "Back around...?"
  372. Sayaka: "Ah, wow..."
  374. [a lovely view of the nighttime cityscape]
  376. Emiri: "This is the number one spot in Kamihama! You can get a great view of the beautiful night sky from here!"
  377. Sayaka: "Number one... Whoa! It really is beautiful!"
  378. Emiri: "Right?"
  379. Emiri: "Come up to this Romantic spot together as a couple and..."
  380. Emiri: "Your guy won't have any choice but to fall head-over-heels in love with you!"
  381. Sayaka: "... Heheh."
  382. Sayaka: "Really, whether they fall in love with me, or they don't..."
  383. Sayaka: "I already thought to myself that I want to see it with them, even without that kind of relationship."
  384. Sayaka: "... Thank you, Emiri-chan. I'll bring them here with me for sure."
  385. Emiri: "You really are pure, Sayakyan! Good luck out there!"
  386. Emiri: "Sayakyan's Cyuteness is up to standards! I give you my Quality Assurance!"
  387. Sayaka: "Mhm, thanks! I'll be trying my hardest!"
  388. Sayaka: "... Wait, is it this late already!?"
  389. Sayaka: "I seriously need to get back ASAP!"
  390. Emiri: "Okeydoke."
  391. Emiri: "Well then, I'll take you back to the station."
  392. Sayaka: "You sure!?"
  393. Emiri: "But of course!"
  394. Emiri: "An adorable lady requires an escort, doesn't she?"
  395. Sayaka: "Emiri-chan... thanks a ton!!"
  396. Emiri: "Welp, let's get going!"
  397. Sayaka: "Mhm!"
  398. ------
  399. Sayaka: 'The perfume from a magical girl I met in Kamihama ended up leading me to another encounter.'
  401. 'And I met a new magical girl who told me about a beautiful place.'
  403. 'With my love supported by the magical girls of Kamihama, I... I'll do my very best!'
  404. ------
  405. Sayaka: "Even though I told them that it wasn't anything like a date...!"
  407. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  409. Chapter 3: Heart of a Magical Girl
  411. Part 1
  412. ------
  414. Sayaka: 'And just like that, the day I promised to spend with Kyosuke has arrived!'
  415. ------------
  416. Sayaka: "Aah, I'm so nervous. My hands are all sweaty..."
  417. ------------
  418. Sayaka: 'We bought a CD today... and after we'd wandered around for a while, he sent me something...'
  419. ------------
  420. Sayaka: "Ah, a message came in. It's from Kyousuke."
  421. Sayaka: "Nnn, what's this now?"
  422. Kyousuke: [Sorry, Sayaka.]
  423. Sayaka: “... Huh!?”
  424. Kyousuke: [The train is running on a huge delay and it’ll probably be late by an hour or more.]
  425. Sayaka: “... Aah, no way… if that’s the case, um…”
  426. Sayaka: “[Got it, no need to worry. I’ll be waiting right here, so don’t come too frazzled.]”
  427. Sayaka: “... Aand that should do it. Sending!”
  428. Sayaka: “Now then, what the heck am I gonna do? I’ve got an entire hour to myself.”
  429. Sayaka: “For now, I guess I’ll just check out the cafe and get myself some tea to drink…”
  430. Sayaka: “......!?”
  431. Sayaka: “Is this a witch’s presence!?”
  432. Sayaka: “My soul gem, too… it’s reacting! So I was right, it’s somewhere nearby.”
  433. Sayaka: “What do I do… Kyousuke’s on his way, and I can’t call Madoka and the others for help…”
  434. Sayaka: “...Gh! I’ll just take care of it before Kyousuke gets here!”
  435. Sayaka: “............”
  436. Sayaka: “Okay! Over here!”
  437. ------------
  438. Sayaka: “Where… where is it…”
  439. [barrier appears]
  440. Sayaka: “Found it! The Witch’s Barrier!”
  441. Sayaka: “No time to hesitate. I’ll take you down by myself!”
  442. ------------
  443. Sayaka: “Now where’s the witch…?”
  444. Kokoro: “Now where’s the witch…?”
  445. Sayaka: “Huh!?”
  446. Kokoro: “Hueh!?”
  447. Kokoro: “Are you by chance, a magical girl…?”
  448. Sayaka: “Ah, yeah, that’s right. And you are… too, huh?”
  449. Kokoro: “Yes, I am Kokoro Awane. Pleasure to be working with you.”
  450. Sayaka: “I’m Sayaka Miki. Same here, nice to meet you!”
  451. Sayaka: “Man, thank goodness there’s another Magical girl here to help out!”
  452. Kokoro: “Thank goodness?”
  453. Sayaka: “You could say I was a little anxious about fighting this thing alone…”
  454. Sayaka: “Since I’m used to fighting them with my friends all the time, I guess that helped me relax…”
  455. Sayaka: “Aah! Sorry for dumping this stuff on you out of nowhere!”
  456. Kokoro: “Not at all, it’s a relief for me as well. So let’s fight it together!”
  457. Sayaka: “Yeah! Absolutely!”
  459. Part 2
  460. ------
  462. Sayaka: “Ngaaaaaaaah!”
  463. Kokoro: “Nice one, Sayaka!”
  464. Kokoro: “I’ve got your back, so finish it off immediately!”
  465. Sayaka: “Roger that! Here comes the finishing blow!”
  466. Kokoro: “Now, Sayaka!”
  467. Sayaka: “Take thaaaaaaat!”
  468. Witch: ‘.........!’
  469. ------------
  470. Sayaka: “All right, we beat it.”
  471. Kokoro: “Good work…! You did it!”
  472. Sayaka: “Yep! Well, I had some pretty strong competition.”
  473. Kokoro: “It probably would have been much more difficult alone. For both of us…”
  474. Sayaka: “Right… ah, a Grief Seed.”
  475. Sayaka: “... Here you go!”
  476. Kokoro: “Huh!? Uh, but, we both earned…”
  477. Sayaka: “Truth is, after this I’ve got plans to meet up with a very special person.”
  478. Sayaka: “No matter what, I just had to get rid of that witch before then.”
  479. Sayaka: “And thanks to your help… I was able to do that, so…”
  480. Sayaka: “So here! This is my thanks! Please take it and don’t be modest about it!”
  481. Kokoro: “I see… well then, I’ll take it without reservation.”
  482. Kokoro: “Thank you.”
  483. Sayaka: “Same here! Thanks for all your help!”
  484. Sayaka: “Alright then, I’ve gotta go back and meet up with that person.”
  485. Sayaka: “...well, I say that, but I actually have another hour to kill before then.”
  486. Kokoro: “If that’s the case, would you be alright with going out for tea or something?”
  487. Kokoro: “It’ll be my treat, so if you need to kill time, how about it?”
  488. Sayaka: “Eh, but! I couldn’t…”
  489. Kokoro: “It’s my thanks for the Grief Seed.”
  490. Sayaka: “Alright! “Well then, why not! Maybe I’ll order something super expensive.”
  491. Kokoro: “Eeh!?”
  492. Sayaka: “Hahaha, I’m just joking!”
  495. Part 3
  496. ------
  498. Kokoro: “... Eh!?”
  499. Kokoro: “You became a magical girl to heal the injury of someone you loved!?”
  500. Sayaka: “Ssh! You’re a little loud!”
  501. Kokoro: “Ah… sorry. That just shocked me, is all…”
  502. Sayaka: “Well, I guess it is shocking… It wasn’t something I wanted just for my own sake.”
  503. Sayaka: “Sometimes I wondered if things would really be okay like this…”
  504. Sayaka: “But then I saw him playing the violin, and…”
  505. Sayaka: “From the bottom of my heart, I felt that yeah, this was how everything should be.”
  506. Kokoro: “How wonderful…”
  507. Kokoro: “And this person is the one you’re meeting today?”
  508. Sayaka: “Yeah, we’re going out together to buy a violin music CD.”
  509. Kokoro: “You really have a deep love for music, huh.”
  510. Kokoro: “Heheh. Sayaka-chan, do your best out there.”
  511. Sayaka: “Of course!”
  512. Sayaka: “So hey, Kokoro-chan… what did you wish for when you became a magical girl?”
  513. Kokoro: “I… My wish was to bring my family together again.”
  514. Kokoro: “I wanted my broken family to come back together so we could all live happily again.”
  515. Sayaka: “... I see. So then, would you say you’re happy now?”
  516. Kokoro: “... To be honest, I don’t know. When I think about it, maybe I’m not happy.”
  517. Sayaka: “Huh?”
  518. Kokoro: “Because even after bringing my family back together, there were still more enormous problems that got in the way…”
  519. Kokoro: “People’s hearts aren’t things you can manipulate any way you want, are they…”
  520. Sayaka: “... Yeah, you’re right. I think so too.”
  521. Kokoro: “But right now, I’m okay with that.”
  522. Sayaka: “Really?”
  523. Kokoro: “Yes. In the past, I would always worry and mope over it…”
  524. Kokoro: “I felt that perhaps my wish had been a mistake, and other such things.”
  525. Kokoro: “But I’ve already said farewell to that past me.”
  526. Kokoro: “I won’t allow my wish to be in vain. I’ll bring my family’s hearts together too.”
  527. Kokoro: “That’s what I’ve decided.”
  528. Sayaka: “... That’s incredible. You’re really strong, Kokoro-chan.”
  529. Kokoro: “N-No I’m not! I spent a whole lot of time sulking over everything!”
  530. Kokoro: “Just recently, I decided to finally step up and start thinking positive, is all…”
  531. Sayaka: “Thanks to you, I feel like I can think more positively too from here on out.”
  532. Sayaka: “With your own power, you can change another person’s heart!”
  533. Kokoro: “Yes, that’s it! That’s exactly it! That’s what I… believe in.”
  534. Sayaka: “Thanks so much! Somehow I feel way more courageous!”
  535. Sayaka: “I’ll also treasure the wish I made, and I’ll believe in the me who became a magical girl!”
  536. Kokoro: “Yeah, that’s the spirit! Make your date today a super success!”
  537. Sayaka: “... You bet!”
  540. Part 4
  541. ------
  543. Sayaka: “Ah, I got an e-mail.”
  544. Sayaka: “It’s Kyousuke, looks like he’s gonna be there soon! Well then, I should get going!”
  545. Kokoro: “Yeah, I got it. It was fun talking about these things with you.”
  546. Sayaka: “Yeah, I had a blast too!”
  547. Sayaka: “We should go for tea again someday soon! Next time it’ll be under
  548. more peaceful circumstances…”
  549. Kokoro: “Yeah, definitely! We’ll make plans the next time you come to Kamihama!”
  550. Sayaka: “Of course!”
  551. Kokoro: “Ah, by the way though, that perfume smells incredibly nice.”
  552. Sayaka: “For real!? Thanks!”
  553. Sayaka: “I got it from a magical girl. I’m really taking a liking to it myself~.”
  554. Kokoro: “I see! It’s a very refreshing and wonderful scent.”
  555. Kokoro: “It’ll level up your first impression stat, without a doubt.”
  556. Sayaka: “Ahaha, wouldn’t that be nice. We’re talking about a guy whose only passion is music.”
  557. Sayaka: “Pffhahaha…”
  558. Kokoro: “Once you and that person get done buying your CD together, what do you plan on doing after that?”
  559. Sayaka: “After that, huh…”
  560. Sayaka: “Actually, another magical girl taught me something for that too…”
  561. Sayaka: “There’s a scenic spot where you can catch a perfect, unobstructed glimpse of Kamihama’s nighttime skyline.”
  562. Sayaka: “I’m gonna go there and bring that person along, is the basic plan, or something.”
  563. Sayaka: “Though how that’s gonna make the mood more romantic, I really have no clue.”
  564. Kokoro: “... beautiful. I think that’s absolutely beautiful!”
  565. Sayaka: “Yeah, thanks.”
  566. Sayaka: “Ah, it really looks like he’s gonna be here any minute. Well, I’m gonna head for the station!”
  567. Kokoro: “Yeah!”
  568. Kokoro: “If it’s Sayaka-chan, it’ll all turn out okay.”
  569. Kokoro: “Since you’re working with this much charm, beauty, and all-around cuteness.“
  570. Kokoro: “Any boy you meet from here on out, without a doubt! They’ll fall head-over-heels for Sayaka-chan!”
  571. Sayaka: “Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice…”
  572. Kokoro: “Huh?”
  573. Sayaka: “... Ah, sorry! Nothing, it's nothing!”
  575. Sayaka: “Aaaalrighty, I'm gonna give it my best shot! Well, see ya later!”
  576. Kokoro: “Yeah, see you later…”
  577. ------
  578. Sayaka: ‘Dashing out of the cafe, I run toward the station.’
  579. Sayaka: ‘My legs feel light as air. Somehow, today…’
  580. Sayaka: ‘Feels like it’s gonna have good things in store!’
  581. ------
  582. Sayaka: “Alriiiiight, for just this one day, I’m gonna have the time of my life---!”
  583. ------
  584. Sayaka: “It’s a surprising feeling, seeing my magical girl life turn out like this.”
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