Sunny I Shrunk the Dork (NSFW, Ongoing)

May 28th, 2018
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  1. >"...What does this thing do again Twilight?"
  2. >A petite, purple girl with lab gear on turned her head away from the device she was tinkering with.
  3. "It contracts the space between an object's atoms."
  4. >Her sunlight yellow lab assistant sat on the sidelines.
  5. >Trying to understand what they need such a device for.
  6. >"So it'd make the object...square-like?"
  7. >An annoyed grunt came from the dorky girl's mouth.
  8. "No Sunset, it'd make the object condense to a smaller mass"
  9. >She pinched the bridge of her nose with her fingers and sighed.
  10. >"Easy Twilight, I was just asking" Sunset put her hand on Twilight's shoulder comfortingly.
  11. >In response, Twilight's body tensed slightly.
  12. "I know, I know, I just really really want to get this thing working"
  13. >The poor stressed out girl tightened up a few more bolts on the body of the device.
  14. >"Well it looks like you've almost got it ready for a few tests anyway." Sunset tried to lift Twilight's spirits.
  15. >But Twilight was in her own world.
  16. >Whenever it came to building crazy new science gizmos, Twilight was the master.
  17. >Even masters need to honor the basics however.
  18. "Ahhh!" Twilight let out a panic-filled scream.
  19. >Sunset felt her defensive instincts kick in.
  20. >"Twilight, what's wrong?" she leapt to her side.
  21. >Meanwhile Twilight was scavenging through boxes nearby like a feral raccoon.
  22. >Her hair bouncing every which way in her self-made hair bun.
  23. "The power convertor!" desperation clung to her words.
  24. "I literally just had it!" she groaned as she kept digging through boxes.
  25. >Sunset looked over at the ray-like device.
  26. >And back to Twilight.
  27. >A glinting, silver object was sticking out of the side pocket on her lab coat.
  29. >"Uhh, Twilight?"
  30. >She was ignored as Twilight practically emptied box after box of junk, bolts, and screws.
  31. >Rolling her eyes, Sunset tapped Twilight on the shoulder.
  32. >Reactively, she shouted once more.
  33. >Turning towards Sunset with wide, fear-filled eyes.
  34. >Sunset pointed towards the pocket of her coat.
  35. >Looking very unamused.
  36. >Twilight patted the side of the coat.
  37. >And grabbed the object.
  38. >Practically bursting with glee.
  39. >She ran past Sunset back over to the device.
  40. >And before anyone knew it, Twilight held the master power switch in her hands.
  41. >Twilight's face oozed anticipation.
  42. >Her mouth wide with a beaming grin.
  43. >A very quiet squeak came from her throat.
  44. >Sunset didn't know if she was smiling at the finished project or how adorable Twilight was acting.
  45. >Before she could say anything else though, Twilight had flipped the power to the on position.
  46. >A whirring noise started out low.
  47. >But steadily became faster until it was consistent.
  48. >The pointer at the end emitted a bright, yellow-orange light.
  49. >"Good choice on the color" Sunset smirked over to Twilight.
  50. >Blushing slightly, Twilight hid her face behind a clipboard.
  51. "T-Test number one of the atom condensing r-r-ray" she managed to stutter out.
  52. >Sunset carefully pointed the device towards a chair with an apple resting on the seat.
  53. "And...n-now!" Twilight gave the cue to Sunset as she pressed the red buttton on the side.
  54. >An arcing stream blasted out of the front end at the apple
  55. >It concentrated everything just on that one fruit.
  56. >After a minute or so, Twilight yelled over to Sunset.
  57. "Alright, that's enough!"
  58. >Carefully, Sunset lowered the stream and powered the gun off.
  60. >Excitement in her eyes, Twilight skipped over to the chair to see the results of her machine.
  61. >All Sunset saw was the back of Twilight's head as she leaned forward to inspect the apple.
  62. >"Well?" Sunset asked as her curiosity piqued.
  63. >A dissappointed groan came out of lab girl's throat.
  64. >She held up the apple in her hand as her head hung in failure.
  65. >Sunset squinted her eyes and didn't see anything different at all with their test subject.
  66. >She brought her hand up to her chin.
  67. >Twilight placed the apple back down in the chair and instanteously threw herself back at her device.
  68. >"It didn't do anything to that apple?" Sunset asked trying to figure out what was going on.
  69. >Twilight just shook her head lazily in response.
  70. >"Hmm, that is odd"
  71. >A noise from her stomach threw off her train of thought.
  72. >"But I can't think on an empty stomach"
  73. >"Want anything while I'm up Twilight?" Sunset asked over her shoulder as she was almost out the door.
  74. >But Twilight just shook her head again.
  75. >Sunset's smiled deflated a little.
  76. >"Oh...alright"
  77. >"Be back in a few" Sunset told the not-listening Twilight.
  78. >Closing the door behind her.
  79. >Sighing, Sunset walked towards her kitchen.
  80. >And made a small snack tray.
  81. >Apples, chips, grapes, and some little snax cupcake bars.
  82. >She set her phone on her kitchen table as she grabbed a bag of popcorn.
  83. >But before she could even set it in the microwave.
  84. >Her phone buzzed with the sound of a text.
  85. >She glanced over as her eyes read the following, "HELP"
  87. >Sunset's heart was pounding furiously as she saw it was from Twilight no less.
  88. >Sprinting into action, she ran back down towards her room.
  89. >She grabbed a firm hold of the door handle, and gently pushed it open.
  90. >Keeping her eyes peeled, Sunset made a note of everything in the room.
  91. >Her bed, her posters near her bed, her dresser, guitars, and closet.
  92. >There in the middle of the room was Twilight's ray gun, but without a Twilight.
  93. >"...Twilight?
  94. >Sunset could feel tension all throughout her body.
  95. >Taking a small step forward, she made sure to keep a sharp eye out for her best friend.
  96. >She stopped and listened for a moment.
  97. >Practically silence, not even the machine was whirring like it did.
  98. "..u...et" a high pitched squeaking like noise caught Sunset's attention.
  99. >"Twilight?!" her eyes darted around the room.
  100. >Trying to find the source of that sound.
  101. "Su...et..." it sounded again.
  102. >Oddly enough it sounded like it came from the floor of Sunset's room.
  103. >Sunset concentrated her sights around the smooth carpet of her room.
  104. >Over by the device, a familiar looking white lab coat grabbed Sunset's eye.
  105. >The still panicking girl stepped over to where the coat was thrown on the floor.
  106. >Crouching down, her eyes inspected the coat as if to see if there was any kind of clues left behind.
  107. >Something that would hint what happened to Twilight.
  108. "Suns..t" the squeak became more clearer by the device.
  109. >"...What the hell?" Sunset saw Twilight's favorite pair of Mary Janes beside her coat.
  110. >As if they were tossed aside.
  111. >She leaned forward towards the shoes and as she did, she heard the squeak one more time.
  112. "Sunset!"
  113. >This time it was clear what the noise was, it was saying her name.
  114. >Taking deep breaths, Sunset's eyes fell to the area beside Twilight's discarded clothes.
  115. >And there, right beside her cell phone, was a small purple form.
  116. >Moving down closer, she saw the form take on a very familar shape.
  117. >It was her best friend, Twilight Sparkle, and if Sunset had to guess she was only about four inches tall .
  119. >Still in panic mode, Sunset put a hand in front of her mouth and gasped to herself.
  120. >"Twilight?" she made her face almost level with the tiny girl.
  121. >"Is that you?" Twilight's hair was thrown back slightly by the force of Sunset's own words.
  122. >Twilight nodded back furiously so Sunset could see.
  123. >"Did..." she nodded her head over to the smoking ray gun in the room.
  124. >Twilight once again nodded in response.
  125. >"Well...at least you got it working?" Sunset said shrugging her shoulders with a sigh.
  126. >"That's a plus right?" Sunset couldn't see it, but she was pretty sure Twilight was giving her the glare of a lifetime.
  127. >Moving back down close to Twilight's diminunitve stature, Sunset confirmed that to be the case.
  128. >Back down by Twilight, Sunset also learned another thing about condensing objects.
  129. >Apparently clothing doesn't condense with the owner.
  130. >Twilight wasn't the busiest girl at CHS, but the boob fairy did not skimp out when it came to her.
  131. >At her normal height she'd be a D easily.
  132. >Sunset felt her face grow hot as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of her head.
  133. >The shrunken girl was trying her best to cover herself with just her hands from Sunset's giant, peering eyes.
  134. >Embarrassed, Twilight turned away from Sunset, but instead now she was showing off her butt.
  135. >The frizzled dork's brain was trying to figure out how to cover all parts of her body at once.
  136. >Sunset moved her hand in front of her eyes as she grabbed to her side for Twilight's lab coat.
  137. >Shielding her eyes to just focus on the lab coat.
  138. >Sunset tore off two slightly even pieces of fabric.
  139. >One slightly wider than the other.
  140. >She scooted closer to the still nude, and still embarrassed Twilight.
  141. >"Calm down Twi, I think I have an idea" Sunset said while slightly peeking through her fingers.
  142. >Moving her hand slowly over to Twilight.
  143. >The small girl reacted as anyone would, frightened out of their mind.
  145. "Sun-Sunset, what are you doing?!" Twilight squeak shouted as Sunset's fingers held onto Twilight's shoulders.
  146. >Delicately she manuvered her other hand to keep Twilight's hips from moving too much.
  147. >"Try not to think about what you're holding" Sunset repeated to herself as she took the wider piece of cloth in her hand.
  148. >Then wrapped it around Twilight's chest.
  149. >Ending it with a knot resting against Twilight's back.
  150. >Sunset let go of Twilight's shoulders.
  151. >But she still continued to struggle against Sunset's fingers.
  152. >Her hips rubbing the pads of Sunset's thumb and forefinger as they slightly pinched her between them.
  153. >"Twilight, c'mo-" Sunset stopped as Twilight slipped free from her grip.
  154. >Landing on the carpeted floor.
  155. >Bouncing on her butt.
  156. >She rubbed her neck and turned to look back at Sunset.
  157. >Who had a thousand yard stare, and cheeks colored burning pink.
  158. >Her stare was focused on Twilight as she gulped very audibly.
  159. "What?" she looked from her arm to arm, and looked down her body.
  160. >The piece of fabric covering her breasts as discretely as possible.
  161. >But past that Twilight remembered that her bottom was uncovered.
  162. >Leaving her crotch exposed.
  163. >Which Sunset had apparently been staring at for the last minute or so.
  164. >Awkwardly, the tiny Twi crossed her legs and hid her blushing face from the mountainous pervert.
  165. >"Twi-Twilight, I'm so sor-"
  166. "Just wrap the other piece around me please" Twilight grumbled as her cheeks were the same color as Sunset's
  167. >Feeling her heart beat through her hand, Sunset grabbed the other piece of cloth.
  168. >She bit her lip as she saw Twilight stand up out of the corner of her eye.
  169. >"...Is...is it okay if I-"
  170. "Please just do whatever you have to so we can move on from this" Twilight covered her eyes with her hands.
  171. >The movement caused the fabric around her chest to jiggle slightly.
  172. >Making Sunset's knees wobble slightly.
  174. >Taking another dry gulp, Sunset's shakey hands took the fabric and wrapped it around Twilight's crotch area.
  175. >Turning it into a makeshift skirt.
  176. >The tip of Sunset's finger accidentally grazed Twilight's left buttcheek.
  177. >Immediately Twilight's face turned as red as a tomato.
  178. "Su-Su-Sunset" she choked out as her throat dried up.
  179. >Finishing up the skirt by tying it in the same knot as the chest piece, Sunset moved her hands away from Twilight.
  180. >Sweat was beginning to drip down Sunset's brow.
  181. >If she bit her lip any harder she was sure she'd draw blood.
  182. >A urge was growing inside Sunset's chest.
  183. >As if a whole colony of butterflies were flapping in her heart.
  184. >"We-We" she coughed.
  185. >"I should move you someplace higher." she said as her hand rubbed the back of her head.
  186. >"Wouldn't want to find you flat under my boots." A soft tingle in heart appeared as those words left her mouth.
  187. >The mouse sized girl was still crossing her arms over her chest.
  188. >But from what Sunset could see, she reluctantly nodded.
  189. >Gingerly, she placed her hand palm side up on the floor right next to Twilight.
  190. >Sunset could only imagine how her hand must look to Twilight.
  191. >The creases looking deep as wells.
  192. >The fingers towering over her like skyscrapers.
  193. >Twilight carefully stepped onto the warm flesh of her best friend.
  194. >Her dainty feet sinking slightly into the skin.
  195. >With the precision of a bomb squad, Sunset lifted Twilight into the air.
  196. >And casually walked her over to her dresser nearby.
  197. >Gently she set it down by some discarded leather gloves and a hair brush.
  198. >Sunset saw that Twilight was even smaller than her own hair brush.
  199. >The tingle in her heart was moving south towards her stomach.
  200. >Like her body was turning into a pile of goop.
  201. >She tightened her thighs together as a wave of bliss crashed against her.
  202. >A quiet moan escaped her lips.
  204. >Her eyes drifted back down to her small friend.
  205. >She was looking around the dresser.
  206. >Exploring.
  207. >Seeing how much the world around her has grown.
  208. >It was almost too much for Sunset to bare.
  209. >"T-T-Twi, I left...uhh...something on...in the kitchen" her throat was like a desert.
  210. >She slipped out of the bedroom and shut the door quietly behind her.
  211. >Feeling her knees grow even weaker, Sunset slid against the door with her back against it.
  212. >Her breathing picking up the pace.
  213. >They were turning into pants.
  214. >The image of Twilight sitting without her legs crossed burned into her mind.
  215. >How she felt so tiny in between her fingers.
  216. >The softness, her curves, everything.
  217. >It was too much.
  218. >Sunset fell forwards, belly first on her hallway floor.
  219. >Still moaning, she grinded herself with her hand underneathe.
  220. >Teasing to a full release.
  221. >It didn't have to wait long.
  222. >Within seconds another crashing wave of pure euphoria fell upon Sunset's body.
  223. >She felt her eyes roll up her head as her panting turned into a low moan.
  224. >Her body trembled with pleasure.
  225. >Then finally she felt a release between her thighs.
  226. >"Ahhh." with a sigh of content Sunset picked herself back up and leaned against the door to her room once more.
  227. >Exhausted, she tried to catch her breath.
  228. >Her eyes drifted down to her pants.
  229. >Suddenly her breathing slowed.
  230. >For on the crotch of her jeans was a wet spot to end all wet spots.
  231. >Her head looked back up at the lights of the hallway.
  232. >Thinking about what had just occurred.
  233. >"...Huh" was all Sunset could think to say.
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