Get Cutter Get butter 5 (NSFWish)

Jul 15th, 2016
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  1. >Be Rarara
  2. >It had been an... interesting day
  3. >Perhaps not the most interesting day that you've ever had-- not by a long shot-- but it was the most interesting day that you've had in awhile
  4. >"Yeah... Yeah, right there, Nonny. Yeah~ Just like that..."
  5. >You honestly didn't think that you'd be helping to quell a stallion riot when you woke up this morning
  6. >Go out and take a stroll around the park possibly, or make your merry way down to the market to see if any exotic fabrics had made their way into town could have been a realistic activity as well
  7. >"Yeah~ Really work those wigglers of yours. Momma likes it rough~"
  8. >You might have even taken Sweetie and her friends out for ice cream in a bout of serendipitous fancy...
  9. >Sighing softly to yourself, you looked up at the cloudless, deep blue sky
  10. >The sun was at its apex, making it warm, but not so warm that one would begin to sweat the moment that they went outside
  11. >"Right there, right there, right there, rightthererightthererightthere. Lower... Loooooower... Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh~"
  12. >A faint breeze caressed your face
  13. >Your nostrils flared, taking in the smell of wild flowers, cut grass, and sweat
  14. >The smells of summ--
  15. >You twitched as Pinkie began to... RUB herself against you
  16. >Frowning gently, you scooched away from your pink friend
  17. >But, alas, the couch that you were sitting on was a rather small one, and with Twilight, as tense and uncomfortable as you've ever seen her, sitting to your right you weren't able to move very far at all
  18. >In no time at all you could feel Pinkie's rump once again brush against yours as she wiggled, cooing and groaning as if she was the only one to hear such noises
  19. >Your frown deepened
  20. >Just look ahead, dear
  21. >If you just keep those eyes forward you'll be able to ignore the--
  22. >You jumped in place as you felt Pinkie's hoof lightly hit your knee
  23. "Pinkie! MUST you take up half of the couch?!" you demanded, your gaze snapping over toward the pink party pony
  25. >She was quite a sight
  26. >Lying on her back, her tongue lolled out with a far off look in her eyes as one of her back legs slowly kicked
  27. >And not only kicking but kicking YOU
  28. >Pinkie was lying in Anonymous's lap, lost to everything in the world except one of the human's hands, which was scratching her stomach
  29. "Pinkie!" you barked, trying to get her attention. "Pinkamena! Restrain yourself!"
  30. >The far-off, misty look in Pinkie's eye dissipated as she looked at your frowning face
  31. >"Whatzat? Huh?" she muttered, picking her head to look at you. "Rarity? Did you say something?"
  32. "Of course I said som--"
  33. >Your eyes darted to Anon, who was looking at you with a raised eyebrow
  34. >Realizing that you were about to lose your temper, in front of a stallion no less, you quickly coughed into a hoof to collect yourself
  35. "What I MEAN to say, Pinkie dear, is that I don't think having Anonymous rub your stomach--"
  36. >"Tummy."
  37. "--STOMACH will get those stallions out of that gym."
  38. >Pinkie looked over at the gym in question before she looked down at Anonymous's hand, which was now hovering just above her stomach, with a small frown
  39. >"I don't know about that, Rarity. One of those meanies over there looks like he'll come out ANY minute if we just keep--"
  40. >"You've been making Anon do that for the past hour and a half, Pinkie," Twilight snapped, a blush on your face. "Nopony's coming out that gym for Celestia's sake! Now stop flashing us and SIT UP!"
  41. >Your eyes nearly wandered toward Pinkie's... genitalia, but you stopped just shy of her teats
  42. > N-No Homo
  43. >You didn't need to see THAT
  44. >Pinkie might as well have been shaking it in your face for half the afternoon but you did NOT need to see that
  45. >...Sweet Celestia, did that filly have no sense of decency?!
  46. >Pinkie lifted her head up a little more so that she could look down at herself
  47. >"...Oh... oops," she said, FINALLY closing her back legs with an apologetic expression. "Sorry, I didn't--"
  49. >"It's fine," Twilight said
  50. >It really wasn't
  51. >Mares didn't present themselves to mares for hours at a time, even if they didn't realize that they were doing such a thing
  52. >...
  53. >...But Pinkie Pie was your friend
  54. >And you didn't hurt your friends' feelings
  55. >...
  56. >Even if you wanted to slap her upside head every once in awhile
  57. "It's fine, Pinkie darling," you lied, leaning over a hair to pat her on the wither. "We are all forgetful sometimes..."
  58. >Pinkie looked up at Anonymous, who simply patted her on the head
  59. >"It was worth a try, Pank, but I don't think we're gonna get any takers with belly rubbing," he said, picking her up and setting her onto the ground
  60. >As Pinkie awed you looked down at the mare
  61. >Why did Anonymous set her on the ground?
  62. >There was more than enough room to--
  63. >"Alright, you're next, Rare."
  64. >Your eyes widened as the big stallion, still wearing the extremely lewd ensemble that you had made for him, slide toward you
  65. >Though you had made it in the span of twenty minutes, you had to admit that it looked quite fetching on him
  66. >You would have very much preferred to have a little more time on it, since it seemed that you had made everything a SMIDGE too small
  67. >Despite yourself, you let your eyes wander the human's body
  68. >Down his bare chest and stomach to his thick, powerful legs
  69. >You could see the cock sleeve that you had made for him STRAINING against his stallionhood as he wiggled over toward you
  70. >Anonymous hadn't let you take any measurements of... THAT area, so you were forced to guess the proper measurements
  71. >You tried to take into account Anonymous's stature when guessing but you had been off
  72. >Very, very off...
  73. >In fact, you couldn't for the life of you figure out how he even managed to squeeze--
  74. >A pair of rough, calloused hands snaked under your rear legs, bringing you out of your thoughts
  75. >A bit of red came to your cheeks as your gaze snapped up to Anon's face
  76. >...
  77. >He hadn't noticed where you gaze had settled had he?
  79. >Seeing Anonymous's raised eyebrow, you could help but wince slightly
  80. >Oh goodness...
  81. >He had...
  82. >"Getting an eyeful there, Rare?" he casually asked as he picked you up as if you were a filly
  83. >You squirmed in his grip, your face reddening
  84. "My apologies, Anonymous. I was simply--"
  85. >A soft grunt escaped your lips as Anon sat you in his lap, making sure to move your tail out of the way so that you didn't sit on it
  86. >Ignoring the slightly emareculating feeling of sitting in a stallions lap, you couldn't help but marvel at the feeling of the human's thighs against your rump
  87. >You could feel short, slightly coarse hairs over every inch of his legs, though it wasn't nearly as thick and plentiful as your fur
  88. >Because of this you could feel Anonymous's oddly soft skin
  89. >It was an odd, odd sensation, one that you had never felt before
  90. >It was so odd in fact that you, with wide eyes, gasped, placing a hoof against your chest
  91. "Oh my goodness..."
  92. >You could feel the rumble in Anon's chest as he chuckled, giving your head a pat
  93. >While you usually didn't appreciate that-- it took AGES to coerce it into shape-- you were still too shocked to even register it
  94. >"Alright. The belly rubbing didn't work," Anonymous said, far more causal than he should be at the moment. "So we're gonna have to try something else..."
  95. >Anonymous looked at the three of you
  96. >Pinkie was looking up at you with envy and a bit of mirth in her eyes and had once again Twilight had chosen to keep her gaze fully glued to the edge of the couch
  97. >Her wings were ruffling against her sides, you couldn't help but notices, and that blush on her face was getting deeper and deeper
  98. >Twilight, bless her soul, was a mare that had a certain picture of what a stallion was and how they were to act
  99. >Oh, she'd deny that until she was as blue as Rainbow Dash but you knew better
  100. >That was just something that all mares, and stallions for that matter, had had beaten into them since before they had gotten their cutiemarks
  102. >Even you, a VERY open-minded mare, had an idea of what a stallion did and did not do, as did you have a mental image of what a mare was and wasn't supposed to do
  103. >A mare was supposed to act like this, a stallion was supposed to say and do this, and this and that and some such thing happened whenever the two came together
  104. >No stallion, be they pony, gryphon, or what have you, willingly dressed up in the outfit that you had provided
  105. >A stallion didn't pluck a mare out of her seat and set her in his lap
  106. >A stallion's legs weren't supposed to feel this ODD
  107. >Yet here Anon was, as calm and collected as you had ever seen him, dressed up in attire reserved for a mare's most depraved private fantasies
  108. >That was what was making the poor girl so flustered
  109. >And your thoughts on the matter...
  110. >...
  111. >Well...
  112. >You knew that Anonymous was... different; he walked differently, he talked differently, he carried himself in a different manner from others that you've met
  113. >And even with that in mind, you knew that this wasn't a common activity of Anon's
  114. >He was only doing this for the sake of his place of business and the reputation of said business
  115. >This was truly a once and a lifetime occurrence, something that you were positive would never happen EVER again...
  116. >"Do you ladies have any suggestions? Or do you want to let it be touch and go?"
  117. >That being said...
  118. >There was something delightly thrilling about how casual he was about all of this
  119. >He had never been shy about touching ponies-- treating them like overly large dogs if you were being honest with yourself-- but that, coupled with that outfit...
  120. >With that sleeve that fit not at all and a ball bra that could barely contain his orbs...
  121. >You found yourself wiggling your hips against the human's lap as you bit your lip
  122. >You couldn't help but shiver at the foreign feeling of his bare skin rubbing against your coat
  123. >Gentlemare
  124. >You are a GENTLEMARE, Rarity
  125. >REMEMBER
  127. "As we said b-before, Anonymous: the girls and I-I do not wish to make you uncomfortable in any w-way," you quietly insisted, pressing your back against his chest
  128. >There was even less hair on Anonymous's chest you noticed
  129. >You, for the life of you, had never felt anything like it
  130. >You couldn't even bring anything to mind that came close to the feeling
  131. "You d-do what is comfortable, Anon. I shall simply sit here and let you have your-- do what you will."
  134. >Mustering what courage you could, you looked up at Anonymous
  135. >You could feel Twilight's gaze upon you, you knew that Pinkie was staring at you with those devious blue eyes of hers
  136. >You couldn't look at either of them
  137. >If you did you'd have to get out of Anonymous's lap, apologize, and a whole mess of other silly things
  138. >So you looked up at Anonymous
  139. >The human was staring down at you, a thoughtful look in his eyes
  140. >He was tugging at his beard, which he had refused to let you even touch
  141. >Though you had complained that it threw off his entire outfit now, looking up at it, you couldn't help but feel that it looked... fitting
  142. >It gave him a...
  143. >...
  144. >Not kingly; it was too wild to be called that...
  145. >Not wizened; there wasn't nearly enough gray, and besides, one of Anonymous's stature couldn't be called wizened...
  146. >Your nose scrunched as you searched for a word that would fit his... persona
  147. >As deep in thought at you were, you didn't notice Anon placing his hands on your hips with surprising tenderness, his fingertips lightly brushing up against your cutiemarks
  148. >Though you couldn't see it, neither Pinkie nor Twilight were looking at you
  149. >Their hesitant, unblinking gaze was settled on Anonymous and his hands
  150. >The human's eyes snapped over to his gym
  151. >You could see them narrow slightly as his fingers reached the top of your thighs
  152. >You squeaked, finally realizing that he was touching you, jumping slightly
  154. >One of your back legs twitched as you felt his body rub up against yours from the unexpected movement
  155. "A-Anonymous?..."
  156. >You could feel his fingers tapping against your legs, playing out some unknown tune that only he knew
  157. >Now thoroughly embarrassed, you tried to close your back legs to protect your modesty
  158. >But Anonymous, with that herculean strength of his, not only held your legs apart but spread them a little
  159. "A-Anonym--"
  160. >"Shush, I'm thinking..."
  161. "But--"
  162. >"Shush."
  163. >...
  164. >You couldn't use your tail to cover yourself, and Anon had your legs in his grasp
  165. >You were exposed
  166. >Just like Pinkie had been a few minutes prior, your marehood was on full display to any that cared to look
  167. >Your eyes snapped to Pinkamena, who, with a red face, had turned to look at you
  168. >You then looked down toward your teats and your marehood, exposed as they were
  169. >A low whine escaped your throat
  170. "A-Anonymous, I must insist--!"
  171. >"I can see you fuckers looking," Anonymous growled, teeth bared. "Yeah, you keep looking."
  172. >One of his hands left your right leg, it's fingertips tickling your fur as it went up toward your stomach
  173. >You tried to snap your legs shut once more, to protect your dignity if nothing else, but, to your horror, you found that both of your legs were immobile
  174. >Even your free leg, unhindered by anything, did not so much as twitch
  175. >It was like you were under a spell
  176. "Hah~ A-Anonymous," you panted, squirming in his lap as you felt his warm, coarse hand touch your stomach
  177. >Your heart was pounding in your chest
  178. >Embarrassment and helplessness was filling your entire being
  179. >But there was another emotion
  180. >Another powerful, all-encompassing feeling that was making your heart race and your breath quicken
  181. >Sucking in a lungful of air, you closed your eyes
  182. >Just breath, Rarity old girl
  183. >Just breath and--
  184. >You felt the air leave your lungs as Anonymous's fingers began to drum against your stomach
  186. "A-ANON! WHA--"
  187. >"Shush."
  188. >Those hands of his were rather low on your belly you noticed
  189. >Just a hair's breadth away from your teats
  190. >If he simply moved his hand a little lower...
  191. >Another whine escaped your throat as you looked back up at Anonymous
  192. >There was a calculating look in the human's eyes
  193. >Since he had set you in his lap he hadn't looked at you a single time, you realized
  194. >Or had he?
  195. >...
  196. >You couldn't even recall at this point
  197. >All you knew now was that he had you lying there, totally under his power, and the activity hadn't even required his full attention
  198. >You could hear your heart pounding in your ears as the blood rushed to your face
  199. "A-Ano..."
  200. >Thoughts of chivalry and nobility evaporated from your mind each time that one of Anonymous's fingers tapped against your stomach
  201. >You could feel Twilight's gaze on you as well as Pinkie's intensify
  202. >They were no longer trying to be subtle about it; staring at the two of you out of the corner of their eyes as they muttered disapproving words
  203. >They were looking full on in disbelief, enraptured by what was happening right before their eyes
  204. >A stallion did not do something like this
  205. >They couldn't...
  206. >They mustn't...
  207. >Such a thing was unheard of...
  208. >You bit your lip, grinding yourself a little more firmly in his lap
  209. >You could almost feel it
  210. >It was tucked in between those thick, powerful thighs, but perhaps, with a little effort, you migh--
  211. >A shiver ran up your spine as Anonymous's warm, moist breath washed over your neck
  212. >"Rara," he said, his voice booming in your ear. "I think I have an idea on how to rile those fuckers up."
  213. >His hand pressed a little more firmly against your stomach
  214. >You wiggled, finding that you were trapped against him
  216. >You opened your mouth to say something
  217. >Demand that he release you
  218. >But you couldn't...
  219. >...
  220. >You couldn't...
  221. >"I heard them talking about horns a couple of times before they went and fucked up my gym," Anonymous continued, acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary. "Now, this might get a little weird but just roll with it. If it gets too weird though the safe word is onomatopoeia?"
  222. >Onomawhata?
  223. >What on earth was this stallion on about?
  224. >What did you need a saf--
  225. >Your eyes shot open as you felt Anonymous nuzzle the top of your head
  226. >He was taking long, deep breaths, as if savoring your scent
  227. >His other hand left your other leg, traveling up your stomach, past your chest, and finally resting under your chin
  228. >With a single finger, he slowly lifted your head up
  229. >You could see him looking at your horn
  230. >...
  231. >Why on earth would he--
  232. >Your eyes widened when you saw him licking his lips
  233. >What?
  234. >...
  235. >He wouldn't...
  236. >Even he had to...
  237. >...
  238. >Not out here in front of your FRIENDS...
  239. >He--
  240. "A-Aha~"
  241. >Your entire body convulsed as Anon wrapped his lips around the tip of your horn
  244. >"ANONYMOUS!"
  245. >For a few long moments you could do nothing but stare
  246. >Anonymous's brow was furrowed as he began to gently suckle
  247. >From the expression on his face you could tell that he had no idea what he was doing
  248. >...
  249. >This was his first time doing something like this...
  250. >A loud, throaty moan escaped your lips as you felt his tongue swirling around your horn
  251. >You could feel the pink muscle teasing your ridges, lubricating your bony appendage
  252. "B-Buck~"
  253. >...
  254. >Buck it
  255. >Being a lady was out the window
  256. >Rarity wanty horn sucky
  257. >You tried to lean up, to force more of your horn into the human's mouth, but he simply pushed you back down into his lap
  258. "Anon~" you whined
  259. >Anonymous didn't seem to even hear you, so focused on his task was he
  261. >You whined again, your nostrils flaring as you squirmed against the giant stallion
  262. >You could smell the sharp, masculine scent of a stallion in the air
  263. >You could also smell the stink of an aroused mare mixing in with the summer grass and sweat
  264. >Another groan escaped your lips as you began to rub your back against Anonymous's chest
  265. >...
  266. >That was your musk...
  267. >Your scent...
  268. >Your arousal...
  269. >Hugging yourself, you rubbed your back legs together, trying and failing to relieve the heat building there
  270. >You could feel a wetness dripping down your legs
  271. >If Anonymous kept it up that wetness was going to no doubt start to soak his hips
  272. >...
  273. >It might get between those thighs of his...
  274. >Breathing hard, you began to grind yourself against him a little harder
  275. >Etiquette was forgotten
  276. >You couldn't find a horse apple to give for the fact that two of your best friends were right there watching you, just as Pinkie had been
  277. >But Anonymous hadn't done this to her...
  278. >He didn't have his way with her in such a way...
  279. >Your reputation, your shame, everything was forgotten
  280. >The only thing that you recognized now was that warm, wet mouth around your horn and that heat between your legs
  281. "A-A-Anonymous," you gasped, looking up at him, forcing your eyes to focus. "P-P-Please..."
  282. >You craned your neck, rubbing your horn against his lips
  283. "M-More..."
  284. >Anonymous raised an eyebrow at your pleading expression
  285. >For a horrible, heart-wrenching moment, you thought he was just going to tease your tip, sentencing you to squirm and gasp against him without any sign of relief
  286. >But then you felt your sensitive horn tap against Anon's teeth
  287. >OhmyCelestiaOWOWOWOWOWO
  288. >You winced in pain as Anon frowned around your horn
  289. >"Swothy," he said, giving your chest an apologetic scratch
  290. >Nose scrunching up, he pulled back until the very tip of your horn was in his mouth once more
  291. >You could see him rolling his jaw
  292. >...
  293. >Oh goodness...
  294. >Oh goodness...
  296. >Oh sweet Celestia above
  297. >You opened your mouth to say something, but words were lost to you as Anonymous began to slowly swallow your horn
  298. >He took inch after inch, his tongue teasing your ridges, until he had taken about half of your horn into his mou--
  299. >erbfekjbfekjbekj!
  300. >You expected him to begin to pull back but he didn't move
  301. >Instead he started to suck hard, his cheeks concaving
  302. >kejfhwlefbxwlehxfbwkhebsnfhjfjhdbfksdhvfxs,dhnsndf,hvk!
  303. >The sight stole your breath away, and the wave of pleasure that erupted from your horn made you see white
  304. >Your mouth opened and closed as your hips bucked
  305. "D-D-Darl--"
  306. >Your back legs clutched as you felt Anonymous finally pull back, keeping the incredible suction around your horn all the while
  307. >He was using his tongue a lot more now, slathering every inch of it with his saliva
  308. >It was wonderful, heavenly
  309. >But you needed more
  310. >NEEDED IT
  311. >And, to your delight, you got more
  312. >With each moan that escaped your mouth he'd switch up his technique
  313. >Sometimes he'd bob his head, taking more and more of you into his pink cavern each time
  314. >Sometimes he'd just have the tip of your horn in his mouth, sucking harder and harder
  315. >Sometimes he's just use his tongue
  316. >His wonderful, wonderful tongue
  317. >You could feel a thin sheen of sweat coating your body as you panted and gasped and groaned
  319. >His form might have been sloppy and unsure but his eagerness more than made up for it
  320. >It, this, felt like a dream
  321. >A dream that you very much didn't want to wake up from
  322. "A-Aha~"
  323. >The heat in between your legs had risen up to your belly and chest
  324. >You couldn't, for the life of you, catch your breath
  325. >Though your eyes had wanted to close, to truly savor the feeling of having a stallion so lavish your horn, you forced them to remain open
  326. >To watch each suckle
  327. >Each lick...
  328. >Your legs were kicking and your hips were bucking
  329. >You were close...
  330. >So terribly close...
  331. >Just a little more...
  332. >Just a little...
  333. >Anonymous's bright green eyes gazed into yours as he lazily lapped at the tip of your horn
  334. >He was taking deep breaths through his nose
  335. >He was readying himself
  336. >Getting ready to do something
  337. >"ANONYMOUS!
  338. >"ANON!"
  340. >"PIG! RAPISTS! CUNT!"
  341. >Your eyes widened as he once again opened his mouth and swallowed your horn
  342. >Inch after inch he took, keeping a firm grip on your chin as you squirmed
  343. >You expected him to stop halfway again...
  344. >But he didn't
  345. >He took more and more and more of you, inch by delicious inch, until his lips were resting against your forehead
  346. >And then he started to swallow
  347. "Ohmygoodnessdarlingwhatareyou--AHA~!"
  348. >Stars exploded across your vision
  349. >Your body went stiff save your hips, which were furiously bucking
  350. >It felt as though your heart was about to burst in your chest
  351. >Your breath completely left you
  352. >It felt as if you were walking on clouds
  353. "Buuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk~!"
  354. >You could feel yourself coating Anonymous's legs as you came
  355. >Each time you bucked your hips your now wet rump would slap wetly against his lap
  357. >Forcing your cum all over him
  358. >Marking him with your scent; your stink
  359. >As you moaned and bucked, Anon continued to swallow your horn, drawing your pleasure out for as long as possible
  360. >It was only when you had gone limp against him, sticky and sweaty and grinning like a mad-mare, did he slowly, carefully pull away
  361. >"Jesus Christ," he said with a cough, rolling his jaw. "That was a hell of a lot gayer th--"
  362. >With a growl, you spun yourself around in the human's lap
  363. >You could hear stallions shouting, guards flying around, screaming, sounds of struggling, but you paid no mind to them
  364. >Instead, before Anonymous could open that DIRTY little mouth of his, you wrapped your hooves around his neck and pulled him roughly into a kiss
  365. >Anonymous's eyes widened in shock as your tongue forced its way into his mouth
  366. >His was a tiny thing compared to yours; thinner and smaller and weaker in every way
  367. >It made so much easier to dominate his mouth
  368. >A hungry groan escaped your lips as you deepened the kiss
  369. >You were in control now
  370. >You were in charge
  371. >Anonymous was powerless against you as you had your way with him
  372. >Lifting your rump into the air, you slammed it against his lap
  373. >Yes~
  374. >You liked the sound of that...
  375. >You held the kiss as long as you could, until your lungs were burning and their were tears in your eyes from lack of oxygen
  376. "Hah!' you gasped, sucking in a lungful of oxygen
  377. >To your delight Anonymous was breathing as hard as you were
  378. >And did you detect a hint of a blush in those cheeks of his?
  379. >A smile came to your face as, holding the human close, you pressed the tip of your horn against his throat
  380. "Oh you dirty colt," you cooed. "You dirty, dirty colt~"
  381. >Such an act might have meant nothing to him but to Twilight, who you could hear gasping, and any other unicorn that witnessed it they'd understand the gesture immediately
  382. >It was a declaration of ownership; an old custom that hadn't been used since the three tribes had formed into one nation
  384. >Another furious clamor erupted behind you
  386. >"GET HER!"
  388. >You grinned as you felt the fire rekindle in your stomach
  389. "Twilight... Pinkie," you panted. "Could you both... be dears and... come closer? The three of us... have a VERY... naughty stallion... to see to."
  391. >Be a very unhappy camper; otherwise known as Anonymous
  392. >You were lied to...
  393. >Horns didn't shoot out magical soda pop when you sucked on them long enough
  394. >...
  395. >FUCK
  396. >...
  397. >You didn't even say no homo...
  400. <(0I0)>
  402. >"Twilight... Pinkie, could you both... be dears and... come closer? The three of us... have a VERY... naughty stallion... to see to..."
  403. >Each word was a struggle
  404. >You could hear it in Rarity's voice as she did...
  405. >The horn...
  406. >Anon's neck...
  407. >...
  408. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  409. >You were uncomfortable; as uncomfortable as you've ever been in your entire life
  410. >Though you were pretty sure that you had said something like that already today THIS was the true discomfort
  411. >Every single breath you took you could smell... RARITY
  412. >Her sweat, that fancy perfume that she always wore, her... her...
  413. >Her... JUICES...
  414. >You could hear her panting, you could hear her rump wetly rubbing against Anonymous's legs as she grinded herself against his lap
  415. >You could hear Pinkie, who was still sitting in front of both Rarity and Anon, whining quietly under her breath
  416. >You could also hear your ragged breathing as well
  417. >Other than that everything was quiet
  418. >Nopony was making jokes, nopony had anything smart to say
  419. >There was absolutely no teasing, no joking around, no trying to make light of the situation
  420. >Anonymous had basically held down Rarity and sucked on her horn
  421. >... Not basically; he HAD held Rarity down and sucked her horn
  422. >No if's, and's, or but's
  423. >And not only had he sucked on her horn-- something that stallions only did in your doujins-- he had swallowed the thing in its entirety
  424. >Now, Anon was a BIG stallion, sure, but Rarity's horn was a pretty good size
  425. >N-No Homo
  426. >You were SURE that even with somepony as big as Anon that taking ALL of it would have meant that he had to deepthroat the thing
  427. >...
  428. >And not only had to taken it, with ALL of you watching, but you had been able to see him swallowing again and again as he did it
  429. >...
  430. >You could hear a commotion going on a few feet from you
  431. >It sounded like Anon's little... stunt had managed to get some stallions out of his gym
  433. >How many you had no idea
  434. >You couldn't bring yourself to turn your head the few inches to look
  435. >You were looking at the thin sheen of sweat on Rarity
  436. >You were looking at her frazzled mane
  437. >You were looking at the smile on her face, and the hunger in her eyes, as she lovingly rubbed the tip of her horn against Anon's exposed throat
  438. >The human didn't know what the gesture meant; you were almost positive that he didn't
  439. >But you did; oh sweet Celestia above you did
  440. >And because you knew what it meant you should have started yelling at your friend, yank her off Anon, possibly even battle for his honor
  441. >A mare didn't DO something like that to a stallion
  442. >Especially a stallion that had no bucking idea what it meant
  443. >You opened your mouth to say something, to yell, to make demands, to protect Anon's honor like the gentlemare that you were...
  444. >But no sound came
  445. >Your nostrils flared, taking in your friend's musk
  446. >The fashionista was still grinding herself into Anonymous's lap, trying to coax the stallion into hardness
  447. >She was licking her lips, staring back at you with hazy, half-lidded eyes
  448. >When did she...
  449. >"Twilight, dear," Rarity cooed. "If you were to stare at the two of us any harder you might set both Anonymous and I ABLAZE."
  450. >You jumped, the blush on your face deepening so much that you felt lightheaded
  451. "S-Sorry," you mumbled, finally tearing your gaze away from the two. "I w-was just, I mean you were, I was--"
  452. >You sunk into yourself as Rarity let out an airy, amused giggle
  453. >"Anonymous? Twilight looks terribly uncomfortable. Might you be a dear and see to it that she is calmed?"
  454. >Your eyes widened as Rarity, giving Anonymous's cheek a tender nuzzle, climbed off the human's lap and the couch so that she was standing next to Pinkie
  455. >That just left you and Anon, who was as nude as you've ever seen him and SOAKED with Rarity's cum, sitting on Roseluck's couch
  456. >...
  457. >A couch that you were probably going to have to replace...
  458. >You didn't want--
  460. >...Wait
  461. >What did she mean?
  462. >What was Anon going to--
  463. "Eep!"
  464. >Your wings began to flap as Anon leaned over and reached out for you
  465. >You tried to get away from those big arms of his but the couch was too small and his arms were too long
  466. "Anon! You don't, I can't, you don't need to--"
  467. >Without letting you finish, Anon managed to get ahold of you, picking you up in the air and lifting you over to him
  468. "Anon! Put me down right--"
  469. >"Shush."
  470. "B-But--!"
  471. >"Shush."
  472. >There was a look of confusion on his face as he sat you down in his lap
  473. >Not shock, not lust, not indignation, just confusion, as if he didn't know what to make of what was going on
  474. >...
  475. >Did...
  476. >Did he not know what he just did?
  477. >Was...
  478. >Was Anon a virgin?
  479. >YOU were a virgin, but that didn't mean you didn't know what horn sucking was about
  480. >It didn't take a dummy to figure out that it was an intimate and sexual act
  481. >...
  482. >Did Anon even know about sex?
  483. >...
  484. >Oh sweet Luna... he didn't, did he?
  485. >He was as pure as the driven snow and Rarity, and by extension Pinkie and you, had corrupted him like the ne'er-do-well's that you--
  486. >"Twilight."
  487. >Your eyes darted up to Anon's face
  488. >His mouth was set in a thin line and his brow was furrowed
  489. >You wiggled back and forth in his lap, your heart skipping a beat when you realized that you were sitting in Rarity's... excitement
  490. "Y-Yes, Anon?" you asked, a little too loudly, fidgeting with your hooves
  491. >Anon looked over your shoulder at Rarity, who was whispering something in Pinkie's ear with a mischievous glint in her eyes
  492. >He stared at her for a few moments, his eyes narrowing, before he looked back at you
  494. >He was quiet for a few moments, milling over his thoughts, before he opened his mouth
  495. >"Did I just molest Rara?" he asked
  496. >Twilight.exe has stopped working
  497. "U-Um, I, w-well, I don't think that you, um, you see," you shimmered
  498. >Your mind raced, trying to think up an answer to his... difficult question
  499. >He HAD pulled Rarity into his lap against her will
  500. >But she could have gotten out of his grasp with her magic at any time you were sure
  501. >He had also just started licking and s-sucking her horn without permission
  502. >But who the buck was going to say no to something like that?
  503. >If the dirtiest, smelliest, ugliest stallion in the world offered to suck your horn you wouldn't even have to think about it
  504. >...
  505. >Could stallions even rape mares?
  506. >If Rarity wanted to, hypothetically, take Anon to court for rape would the jury even believe her?
  507. >You were sitting there WATCHING and you could barely believe it!
  508. "I... I think so, Anon."
  509. >The human's face scrunched up as he leaned back against the sofa
  510. >Your ears perked up as the couch's wooden frame strained to hold itself together under his mass, groaning loudly
  511. >"I fucking knew it," he grumbled, not sounding very happy. "That's the last time I listen to Lyra when--HEY!"
  512. >You yelped as Anon, his eyes wide, picked you up and lifted you over his head
  513. >"The fuck's going on down there?!"
  514. "SFvkdjfbdkfjbd!"
  515. >Hooves kicking frantically in the open air, you looked over your shoulder
  516. >Pinkie and Rarity were sitting at the foot of the sofa
  517. >Rarity's magic had forced the human's legs open
  518. >What?
  519. >What were they...
  520. >Your eyes widened when you saw Rarity lean down and nuzzle Anon's inner thigh while Pinkie, wetting her lips, leaned forward and--
  521. "Pinkie! Rarity! What the buck do you think you're doing?!"
  522. >Anon twitched as Pinkie's tongue lolled out of her mouth and licked the tip of his cock, the only part of his stallionhood that wasn't covered by that sleeve of his
  523. >You still had no idea how he managed to fit into that thing
  525. >You could hear the fabric screaming in protest each time he moved
  526. >It was so tight, in fact that he--
  527. >skdfjbvdkjfbvdkjbk!
  528. >Your eyes bugged out of your head as his grip on you tightened significantly
  529. >OhsweetCelestiahe'sgoingtosqueezeyoutodeath!
  530. >"Yeah," Anon cried, not realizing that he was now KILLING you. "What the FUCK are you two doing down there?!"
  531. "Urgh... Anon."
  532. >"Do you always go around licking shit you're not supposed to, Pank?!"
  533. "A... Anon..."
  534. >"You don't know where that's been!"
  535. "A... Ano..."
  536. >"For all you know that--"
  537. >Black teasing the edges of your vision, you did the only thing that you could do
  538. >Rearing back one of your back legs, you swung it as hard as you could toward Anon's face, connecting solidly with his chin
  539. "Glu.. ur..."
  540. >Owowowowowowowowowowo!
  541. >Just like when you had slapped his rump, it felt like you were hitting a block of stone
  542. >But instead of slapping it you had kicked it as hard as you could
  543. >You squirmed in pain, your vision darkening, but, as luck would have it, your little stunt had garnered Anon's attention
  544. >Immediately, his grip on you lessened, allowing you to take a deep, deep breath
  545. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
  546. >"Goddammit, Twilight!" Anon snapped, setting you back down in his lap where you promptly slumped against him. "Why didn't you say something?!"
  547. "You... were... squeezing... too... hard..." you answered, savoring the feeling of the various gases in the air filling you up
  548. >You're one hell of a sis, oxygen
  549. >And you're muh zigger nitrogen
  550. >Even you, Argon, you're my zigger till the end
  551. >You let out a quiet groan as Anon began to gently, apologetically rub your lower back
  552. >"Are you alright there, Twi?" he asked, concern in his eyes as he stared down at you
  553. >Though your chest was still heaving, you forced yourself to nod
  554. "Yeah... just... give me... a few... seconds... and I'll... be alright," you said, resting your chin on his shoulder and closing your eyes
  556. >Bucking Rarity...
  557. >Bucking Pinkie...
  558. >What the BUCK were those two doing?!
  559. >You continued to breath deeply, focusing on the feeling of Anon's fingers running through your fur
  560. >It felt... nice
  561. >Even though you were sitting in Rarity's cum and Pinkie had just licked Anon's dingaling and Rarity was doing Celestia knows what it felt nice
  562. >You could, just this once, let Anon deal with Rarity and Pinkie
  563. >He'd chew them out, they'd say they were sorry, and you'd get your pets
  564. >Everypony would--
  565. >Ohmygosh!
  566. >"Don't you give me that look, Rara," Anon growled as your eyes snapped open. "What the hell are you telling Pinkie to go and lick my dick for?"
  567. >You felt Anon's hand, the hand that was scratching your back, rise a few inches, then a few inches more
  568. >"Pinkie and I just thought that you'd appreciate it if we returned the favor of you lavishing us so thoroughly, dear."
  569. >Anon's hand jumped a few more inches on your back until you could feel his fingertips tickling your flight muscles
  570. >Your eyes widened even further as you went stiff in Anon's lap
  571. >Gasping, you wiggled a bit, your wings half-opening before you forced them to shut
  572. >Y-You had to say something
  573. >He didn't know!--
  574. >You wings!--
  575. "Anon, you could reall--eep!"
  576. >"I don't need anyone to LAVISH me," Anon insisted, digging his fingers into the muscle right under your wing joint. "I was just rubbing Pinkie's stomach--"
  577. >"Tummy."
  578. >"--STOMACH, and..."
  579. >Your back arched as you heard a puff of air leave Anon as he went silent for a few moments
  580. >"... Well, shit... Rarity, I'm sorry for kind of--"
  581. >"There's nothing to be sorry about, darling," Rarity insisted
  582. >Your wings flapped again as Anon began to absentmindedly knead the--
  583. >rtgoiernldkfndlknl!
  584. >Your eyes crossed, and for a few seconds you forgot how to breath
  585. "A-Ano--"
  587. >Anon's other hand joined its brother, scratching you under your left wing pit
  588. >Despite your best efforts, your wings extended slightly as you twitched again
  589. >"Yeah, there is," Anon retorted. "I should have asked before, well... sucking on it like I did."
  590. >"Will it make you feel any better if I told you that what you did felt WONDERFUL?" Rarity asked, her head cocked to the side
  591. >If you would have turned your head, you would have noticed that there was a smile on her face
  592. >A happy, pleased smile; the kind of smile that one forgiving friend gave another
  593. >But you didn't see it, because, at that moment, Anonymous was tracing a finger up and down the middle of your back, right between your wings
  594. "H-Hah~"
  595. >Your legs slapped against Anon's stomach as you tried to close them
  596. >You were breathing hard now and it was getting difficult to form thoughts
  597. >Anon shrugged as you whimpered quietly, curling into yourself as another burst of pleasure made your head swim
  598. >"It really doesn't make me feel all that much better, Rara," the human admitted as you buried your face into his neck.
  599. >"Remember that we're supposed to put on a show for those stallions, Anonymous. And besides, I do remember telling you that you could do what you will with me."
  600. >Your nostrils flared as you nuzzled Anon's collar bone
  601. >You could smell his sweat, along with Rarity's musk, but you could also smell something else
  602. >Though you had thought it impossible-- you must have been about as red as big Mac at this point-- your face became even redder when you realized what you were smelling was YOUR excitement
  603. "A-An... A-Anon... d-do--"
  604. >His hands were roaming all along your back now
  605. >Every single one of your sensitive flight muscles were touched, kneaded, rubbed, and even pinched without a second thought
  606. >"There's doing whatever you want and then there's doing whatever you want, Rare."
  608. >"Anonymous, dear, if you think I am upset that a stallion like as yourself had your way with me you are very much mistaken."
  609. >"It's still shitty."
  610. >You bit back a groan as Rarity sighed loudly
  611. >"If you are truly so put out by your own behavior then might you allow me a boon?"
  612. >Your whole body shifted as Anon sighed
  613. >For a second, you felt his hands leave your back, making you sigh in relief
  614. >Oh thank Celestia...
  615. >A little more of THAT and you might have made a mess...
  616. >Taking a few deep breaths, you did your best to rub your back legs together to relieve some of the heat
  617. >As long as Anonymous kept his grabbers away from your wings and back you'd be fine
  618. >You'd be fine...
  619. >Just breath...
  620. >In...
  621. >Out...
  622. >In...
  623. >Out...
  624. >There's no dirty thoughts here...
  625. >You're a gentlemare
  626. >The gentlest gentlemare that's ever gentled
  627. >...
  628. >Sweet Celestia were you sweaty...
  629. >The sounds of the couch groaning could be heard over your ragged breathing as Anon leaned back a bit more
  630. >"A boon? What the hell do you want, Rara?" Anon asked, curiously
  631. >Though you didn't see it, your face still buried in Anon's neck as you tried to remember how to pone, Rarity leaned down toward Anon's lap
  632. >The fashionista's nostrils flared as her muzzle hovered over his stallionhood
  633. >She hummed, looking up and winking at the human before dipping down and placing a loving kiss on the tip of his member
  634. >Luckily for you, Anon didn't try to squeeze you do death this time
  635. >He simply grunted in surprise, looking down at the white unicorn with scrunched up nose
  636. >"If you truly wish to make it up to me than I must insist that you lie back and let Pinkie and I have our way with you as you've had your way with us."
  637. >Her gaze snapped to your sweaty, slightly shaking form
  638. >"And if you'd be a dear and see to Twilight as well I'd very much appreciate. Though seeing the state that you have her in now..."
  640. >Frowning, Anon looked down at you
  641. >"...Twilight? You alright there?"
  642. >Not trusting your voice, you simply nodded and hoped that your answer would be sufficient
  643. >It, of course, wasn't
  644. >"Twiggles... what's going on with your wings? And why are you so sweaty? Twilight, look at me."
  645. >When you felt his hands on your withers you pressed yourself against him further, trying your hardest to collect yourself
  646. >You flapped your overly sensitive wings, tried to calm your breathing, tried to wipe the drool from your face
  647. >You could do it
  648. >You could--
  649. >"The muscles on the back of a Pegasus are sensitive, Anon dear," Rarity said, her blue eyes dancing as she rested her head on Anon's leg. "Sensitive enough that if somepony, say a stallion like yourself, were to TOUCH such muscles for an extended amount of time it would be VERY pleasureable."
  650. >Anon stopped trying to push you back to get a better look at you
  651. >You could feel his gaze on you
  652. >...
  653. >BUCK
  654. >Rarity chuckled again as she nuzzled Anon's leg
  655. >"While Twilight is an alicorn, not a pegasus, I am positive that the same thing applies to her, darling."
  656. >Anon looked down at Rarity, then at Pinkie, who's mouth was watering as she eyed Anon's stallionhood, then back down at you
  657. >Mentally cursing Rarity, the bucking tattle-tale, you forced yourself to look up at Anon
  658. "A-Anon it's really not as--"
  659. >"Did I just fucking molest you too?" Anon asked with exasperation, making a face. "God-fucking-dammit."
  660. "You didn't know, Anon," you blurted you. "It's really my fault that I didn't say anything while you were--"
  661. >"I know every fucking joint in a pony's body but I don't know what happens when you poke at their backs and play with their horns?" Anon muttered to himself, covering his face with a hand as he shook his head. "Motherfucking, shit, shit, cunt, fuck..."
  662. >Oh no!
  664. >Because you had sat on your big bucking flank Anon had a sad now!
  665. >You didn't want to give him a sad!
  666. >You had to do something!
  667. >You had to make Anon feel better!
  668. >But what could you do?
  669. >Think!
  670. >THINK FILLY!
  671. >Your wings, still half-erect, gave a little flap as you frantically looked around
  672. >ThinkofsomethingthinkofsomethingsomethingofsomethingthinkofsomethingCelestiadammit!
  673. >Your eyes snapped back to Anon as he sighed
  674. >"Twilight, Anon's being such a silly man. Be a dear and calm him down will you?" Rarity called
  675. >What the buck does she think you're trying to do?!
  676. >"Come on Twilight, you can do it!" Pinkie said with a little hop. "Perk him right up!"
  677. >But how though?!
  678. >How the buck were you going to--
  679. >Your ears perked up as the sound of a spell being cast came to your ears
  680. >Magic?
  681. >Who was using magi--
  682. >An invisible force grabbed the back of your head
  683. >At the same time as it did that you saw a blue aura encasing Anon's hand
  684. "...Wha--"
  685. >Before you could finish your thought you were pushed forward
  686. >As that happened Anon's hand was pulled away from his face
  687. >Your wings flapped again as your lips came crashing against Anon's
  688. >Somehow, by the grace of Celestia, neither of you had banged your noses or teeth or anything like that together
  689. >Your kiss had been perfect, almost like your lips were made for each--
  690. >...
  691. >YouwerebuckingkissingAnonymous!
  692. >Your eyes widened as you mewled into Anon's mouth, your back legs twitching
  693. >Anon, who looked confused once again stared back at you
  694. >The two of you just stared at each other for a few moments, both of you shocked
  695. >...
  697. >Anon's lips were really soft...
  698. >"There we go," Rarity cooed with smile. "Isn't this better than all of that fussing?"
  702. >WHAT?!
  703. >NO YOU WEREN'T!
  705. >YOU WERE!
  706. >YES YOU WERE!
  707. >With a yelp, you broke the kiss
  708. >As you did that you jerked backward, your wings frantically flapping as you lost your balance
  709. >If it wasn't for Anon, who was quick to grab you, you would have definitely fallen out of his lap like the biggest putz in the world
  710. >"Easy there, Twilight," he said, guiding you back against his chest
  711. >You were breathing hard, absolutely FURIOUS about what Rarity had just done, and your wings were now fully erect once more
  712. >But you didn't resist Anon, simply resting your chin on his shoulder as you tried to catch your breath
  713. >...
  714. >You were going to get out of Anon's lap after you had calmed down and you were going to punch Rarity
  715. >You were going to sock her in the snozzle harder than you had ever socked anything in your life
  716. >That mare was cruisin' for a bruisin', and you were sure as a honey seed going to give her that bruising
  717. >Swear on me mum'
  718. >"Now it appears that you owe a "debt" to two mares, my dear human," Rarity sing-songed, looking up at him with those blue eyes of hers
  719. >Anon was looking down at her, eyes narrowed slightly
  720. >He then looked over at his gym
  721. >To his surprise, dozens upon dozens of stallions were STILL being dragged away from the gym, kicking and screaming and bound in chains
  723. >"Twilight?"
  724. >Your ears perked up but you kept your head on his shoulder
  725. >"Did what I was doing to your back feel good?" he asked quietly as Pinkie leaned over and rested her head on his other thigh
  726. >Both her and Rarity were smiling up at Anon, licking their lips like a couple of hungry wolves
  727. >But you couldn't see that
  728. >You were just staring ahead
  729. >Still breathing in Anon's scent
  730. "Y-Yeah," you muttered. "It f-felt good..."
  731. >You could almost hear the gears churning in Anon's head as he went silent once more
  732. >His hands were lightly touching your sides, right under your forelegs
  733. >You could feel his fingers drumming against your ribs
  734. >"Huh..."
  735. >Suddenly, his hands began to wander toward your back
  736. >"Would you, hypothetically, be alright with me... poking at your back some more?"
  737. >Your eyes widened as Rarity and Pinkie's grins began absolutely wolfish
  738. >This couldn't be real
  739. >It was a dream
  740. >You were dreaming
  741. >Stallions didn't ask mares to do something like that
  742. >And they especially didn't do something like that out in the open
  743. >...
  744. >It wasn't right
  745. >If other ponies found it they'd call Anon a slut behind his back for YEARS
  746. >You couldn't do something like that to Anon
  747. >You had to say no
  748. >You had to look him in the eye and tell him no!
  749. "W-Well, if you want to..." you shyly muttered. "I m-mean, if you're c-comfortable with it an--epp!"
  750. >You twitched as Anon traced one of the muscles around your right wing
  751. >As he did that, Pinkie gave his leg a lick, cooing to herself
  752. >Anon looked at all of you
  753. >There was a bit of hesitation in his eyes but there was also steely resolve
  754. >And rage
  755. >Lots and lots of rage
  756. >"Fuck it. Let's do it ladies," he said, giving your back a squeeze
  757. >You whimpered, your hips bucking at the stimulation
  758. >"Let's crank this shit up to eleven."
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