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Aertyr Deflie

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  3. [IMG]http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/1904/soarcopy.png[/IMG]
  5. Your name is Aertyr Deflie and today. Is. SPLENDIFEROUS. After all another day where you can work on getting closer to FLYING HIGH IN THE SKY. And then FALLING IN THE SKY IN A BLAZE OF GLORY, PROBABLY LANDING IN A HABITITED AREA AND DESTROYING COUNTLESS LIVES, just like your ANCESTOR ICAERUIS. You’d think it was ironic but FATE IS A FUNNY LITTLE THING LIKE THAT.
  7. But its all good, I mean it’s not like YOU HAD A CHOICE EITHER WAY. You are a fan of a few things, it never really seemed to bother you to get into things because everything DIES SO QUICKLY.
  9. That’s what is so AMAZING ABOUT THE SKY, its ETERNAL, the you may change the weather, you may fly in it, but that CELESTIAL CEILING is always there. It’s really the only RELIABLE THING YOU KNOW.  Oh that and the future, which is always RELIABLY INTERESTINGLY MISERABLE.
  11. You're pretty CHILL or at least you like to THINK SO. You try not to be AFFECTED BY EMOTIONS LIKE YOUR COMPANIONS, you LIKE THEM AND ALL but they have the wrong idea, WHY LOVE ONLY TO LOSE, WHY HOPE ONLY TO FEEL HURT? They are all setting themselves up to HORRIBLE DISAPPOINTMENT and if you WERE THAT TYPE OF TROLL you would PITY THEM ALL SO MUCH.
  13. Oh course that would be KINDA CREEPY so you JUST PITY PEOPLE FROM AFAR, like a TOTAL CREEP, that is sort of THE FUN PART ANYWAY.
  15. In addition to being GOD AWFUL STALKERISH. You enjoy the finer POINTS OF ART, like BRUTAL DESTRUCTION. You specialize in BUILDING THINGS DESIGNED TO BREAK OTHER THINGS, something you occasionally MARKET TO OTHERS FOR PROFITS. Destruction is KINDA FUN but not as fun as PERPETUATING THE CYCLE OF DESTRUCTION.
  17. You however seek to ESCAPE THIS FATE through the one place where peace PRETENDS TO EXISTS, and that is the DEAD OF SPACE, THE ULTIMATE SKY. This kinda makes you A BIT OF A HYPOCRITE THOUGH so you tell NO ONE OF YOUR DREAMS OF FLIGHT.
  19. Dreams are a TERRIBLE THING, and you’re a bit EMBARRASSED that you believe in HOPELESS CAUSES like that.
  21. Sure you can probably make something FLY but you will NEVER ESCAPE YOUR FATE OF SERVING THE ARMY but you suppose one cant help DREAMING, even though you know the dreams only HURT.
  23. Oh not that you really MIND your FIN[-, really, I mean why WORRY ABOUT INEVITABILITY? All you do is try to enjoy what little time you HAVE BEFORE FATE STEALS IT FROM YOU.
  25. At least that is what your Lusus told you, the dear Carpacedscuttler, he taught you how to BUILD THINGS  so you could make BEAUTY THAT LASTED.
  27. Then he died and proved that NOTHING EVER DID.
  31. You're FIN[- though, you’ve always been fine, its not like YOU HAD ANY OTHER OPTION.
  33. You just sit up here now, watching the stars and using your Infurnace Lighter to watch the flames just before the WORLD ERUPTS IN THEM. Which you have NO DOUBT IT WILL.
  35. Your trolltag is[COLOR="lime"] imprisonedCraftsman (IC) [/COLOR]and [COLOR="lime"]you try to b[- positiv[-[/COLOR]
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