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Apr 26th, 2019
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  1. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 12:00 PM
  2. im at school
  3. i can talk in 35
  4. MerzLast Wednesday at 12:31 PM
  5. jus lmk
  6. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 12:35 PM
  7. i can talk now
  8. not vc
  9. just rext
  10. text
  11. MerzLast Wednesday at 12:35 PM
  12. Id rather discuss over voice when ur out of school
  13. Kinda a sensitive topic and i have a lot to say
  14. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 12:36 PM
  15. i know what its probs gonna be about
  16. MerzLast Wednesday at 12:38 PM
  17. Im sure you do
  18. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 12:38 PM
  19. yup
  20. MerzLast Wednesday at 12:39 PM
  21. But i just want to explain from our side and also see if i can figure out why exactly, im not mad i just really wanna know wassup
  22. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 1:01 PM
  23. im in robbies pharmacie ill be here for a bit
  24. im lagging rn
  25. i can hear u kinda
  26. but Idk
  27. I mean shody bought a 3 month thing for development
  28. if i leave its gonna just make them hate me i guess
  29. MerzLast Wednesday at 1:11 PM
  30. Youre doing the same to us
  31. And i took you back with no questions the first time
  32. I think its a mistake. But obviously you are gonna do what you want and i cant stop you.
  33. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 1:12 PM
  34. Dude i dont know what im doing anymore like everything that happened last night i clearly wasn’t thinking
  35. If i thought actually about it, its a dumd decision
  36. MerzLast Wednesday at 1:12 PM
  37. I just have a bad feeling about it
  38. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 1:13 PM
  39. Same last night i was just tired and wasnt thinking clearly
  40. i guess ill stay
  41. can i help them out tho? if they need anything
  42. MerzLast Wednesday at 1:16 PM
  43. i cant have you playing both sides, the way djp left last night was very toxic
  44. that's the problem
  45. that's why i have SUCH a bad feeling about this tbh
  46. he blew up on kermit when like bruh
  47. he wasnt active at all dude
  48. he hopped on for an hour at most some times
  49. and then would dip
  50. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 1:17 PM
  51. Do i just leave(edited)
  52. MerzLast Wednesday at 1:17 PM
  53. put loas up to play
  54. rust and dayz
  55. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 1:17 PM
  56. what do i say to them
  57. MerzLast Wednesday at 1:17 PM
  58. I have a duty to stay at NSN
  59. as I am already staff there
  60. something to that effect
  61. and we obviously need the help
  62. as i told you brother
  63. i was so happy you came back
  64. i am super happy you came back.
  65. you are invaluable to us
  66. one of the best staff I've had.
  67. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 1:18 PM
  68. yeah djp kinda just gained my trust way too fast
  69. im usually not that vulnerable idk
  70. MerzLast Wednesday at 1:19 PM
  71. i have a feeling him and shoddy arent going to do it correctly
  72. if you want your own server, have it under NSN
  73. and ill pay for it
  74. and if you wanted it for money
  75. or anything
  76. work on it and ill give you a percentage
  77. we have a population
  78. we have really great staff already
  79. it's really hard to start from scratch.
  80. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 1:20 PM
  81. Yeah
  82. MerzLast Wednesday at 2:04 PM
  83. im talking to djp now.
  84. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 2:04 PM
  85. Ok
  86. MerzLast Wednesday at 2:05 PM
  87. i may be willing to bring him back if he reconsiders
  88. if he wants to dev like i said
  89. i have two servers collecting dust
  90. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 2:05 PM
  91. What servers?
  92. MerzLast Wednesday at 2:05 PM
  93. and we have people who are actively knowing what they are doing
  94. and not big shoddy
  95. the basewars and the drugrp
  96. but they can be changed at any time.
  97. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 2:05 PM
  98. i can help out djp but ill mainly stick to playing darkrp
  99. MerzLast Wednesday at 2:08 PM
  100. we need you
  101. and like i said if i talk to smt and they can agree on this
  102. then it would be for the best
  103. because i cant do a competition rn
  104. or a piss fight
  105. id rather now
  106. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 2:09 PM
  107. Ok
  108. MerzLast Wednesday at 2:09 PM
  109. not*
  110. like NSN is getting bigger and bigger every day.
  111. look at the applications and let me know how you feel about them too!
  112. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 2:10 PM
  113. Ill put some feedback here in a sec
  114. MerzLast Wednesday at 2:10 PM
  115. thank yew
  116. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 5:19 PM
  117. You said u wanted to talk after schcool? I just got home
  118. MerzLast Wednesday at 5:20 PM
  119. yeah
  120. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 5:20 PM
  121. Ok im loading into discord on my pc
  122. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 5:29 PM
  123. I'll be in robbies pharmacy
  124. Actually just dm me when ur ready
  125. Also, he said that kerrmit is possibly being demoted?
  126. MerzLast Wednesday at 5:39 PM
  127. probz
  128. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 8:50 PM
  129. You haven't took out the Prototype Gun Hook Yet
  130. MerzLast Wednesday at 8:50 PM
  131. yeah
  132. you right
  133. doing it rn
  134. done
  135. i had a long talk with kermit
  136. i made him big sad
  137. im still trying to talk to each SMT member
  138. about dj
  139. but most likely he will have another chance
  140. but i trust you a lot orbital
  141. i appreciate you telling robbie and i hope you communicate to us more because i fuckin love you
  142. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 8:51 PM
  143. Thx
  144. MerzLast Wednesday at 8:51 PM
  145. and as i said i was gonna give you HA today but i wanna wait another week for now
  146. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 8:51 PM
  147. Yeah
  148. MerzLast Wednesday at 8:51 PM
  149. just so we can figure everything out
  150. but thank you for everything.
  151. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 8:52 PM
  152. I might be taking an loa in like 2 weeks
  153. MerzLast Wednesday at 8:52 PM
  154. really kinda need you atm and you're a great role model for other staff
  155. that's more than fine
  156. OrbitalLast Wednesday at 8:52 PM
  157. I wanna start playing more darkrp
  158. I haven't been on as much as I used to
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